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6 Reasons men's g-string didn't work for you

The current era is one of the best times for men’s fashion. Going beyond the conventions and trying something new has always been a taboo amongst the male population. Not...

The current era is one of the best times for men’s fashion. Going beyond the conventions and trying something new has always been a taboo amongst the male population. Not any more! The modern gentleman is open to embracing all the hots and happenings in the world of fashion with an open arm. Despite the fact, there is one aspect that still remains untapped. The mens underwear category has more options these days than it ever had. Yet, men hesitate in trying anything that is new. The men's g-string is one such cuts followed by men’s bikinis and thongs for men that have gained popularity but has got a long way to go.

A g-string underwear is all about having a tiny piece of fabric in the front which might or might not provide enough support to your manhood (depending on what you want it to do) and provides the right coverage. With a two-string design, one counts as the waistband, the other one connects the lower part of the pouch with the waistband/string in the back. They are the apt way to flaunt your well toned body. Some of the underwear have in-built C-ring for the extra enhancement and better confidence. They are highly erotic and great for those special provoking moments. Besides being provocative and skimpy, they are practical and functional. For guys who have a collection of tight trousers and denims, these undergarment avoid the visibility of lines.

Along with the hesitation and stigmas of the society, there are some other factors that restrict men from trying the outrageously sexy g-strings for men. Most men complain that they tried the skimpy underwear for men and didn’t like it and then there are those who do everything to look stunning in g-strings for men. For men who fall in the former category and believe that mens g-string underwear,  here’s a compilation of the reasons that may be the reason why the sexy underwear style didn’t work for you.

#Reason 1

Ordered the wrong size of mens g-strings

We talk a lot about size when it comes to the most basic and the most important factor in male underwear. In addition, size matters a lot when it comes to something as sleek and skimpy as men’s g-string underwear. With just one string going all the way from the pouch to the back via your butt crack, you don't want it to be a constant pain by riding up the space. It can be very disturbing for sure. Also,  choosing the wrong fit may lead to chafing, rashes and other inconveniences. The size for different brands and varied shopping sites differ. This is one reason why we end up choosing the wrong fit in g-strings for men. So, the next time to shop online make sure that your check the size chart provided on every product page and order a perfect pair of mens g-strings to get the best of it rather than facing troubles. If you really want to justify a good fit of mens g-strings, you can read the steps here.

#Reason 2

You bought/wore mens g-strings for/on the wrong occasion

The collection of mens g-string underwear offer ample support and comfort to the wearer. Yet, there are certain occasions when choosing it as your underneath fashion companion is not a perfect option. G-strings for men is a male underwear style which is considered to be kind-of novelty underwear. Hence, it should be kept in reserve for special occasions such as date nights, romantic evenings and other such events. The revealing undergarment will adorn your intimate affairs. Talking about the wrong occasion, you would certainly not want to wear your fashion underwear to the gym because you would not like the pouch to rub against your skin when you’re working out. Likewise, you would want to avoid wearing them to work as well.

#Reason 3

You pair mens g-strings with the wrong outfits

G-strings for men are perfect to be teamed up with skinny jeans and trousers as they do not have any underwear line. However, there are certain precautions that you need to take while pairing mens g-string underwear with your clothing options. It should not be worn with running shorts and swim shorts. The rear of the underwear covers nothing at all. Hence, it may lead to an embarrassing situation when you bend down. In fact, the main purpose of having g-strings for men is to be clubbed with body-hugging options and not the loose-fitted clothes. Moreover, there are chances of you getting a wedgies in the undergarment. So, be very particular about the clothes that you wear with the sexy underwear for men.

#Reason 4

You use g-strings for men as daily wear

As mentioned above, this is a novelty underwear and should be treated like one. Considering mens g-string underwear as daily wear is one reason why it fails the first-time users. You just can’t wear this style while working out or undergoing any sort of strenuous activities. Most men use them as nightwear. This is one of the biggest mistake committed by them. The barely-there apparel is breezy and as good as going commandos. Yet, it should not be worn while sleeping as it increases the risk of fungal and bacterial infection. Using them on a regular basis would also diminish the whole idea of ‘feeling fabulous’ because wearing them daily will take away the charm for sure.

#Reason 5

Fabric matters in g-strings

The collection of mens g-strings is crafted in various fabrics that includes cotton, nylon, polyester and even lace, sheer as well as mesh. Only go for the materials that are airy and comfy. The sheer underwear fabric are cozy and perfect for all occasion and season. However, there are some erotic underwear pieces that are made from fabrics like leather and others. When you are new to this erotic piece, sticking to the conventional fabrics like cotton, nylon and others are advisable. You can later explore the options when you get used to it.

#Reason 6

The duration of wearing it was too long

Avoid wearing anything of this sort in the beginning. The g-strings are very comfortable, but not in the starting. Hence, wearing it for long time duration is not a recommended thing. The minimal fabric allows air circulation and keeps your crotch dry. Still, wearing it all-day long and during long office hour should be avoided initially. Try to get used to the skimpy styles initially and then you can wear it whenever and wherever you want to.
To know more about mens sexy underwear brands, check here
Have you committed any such blunder in the first try? Share your experience with g-strings in the comments below.

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