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Show Off Your Wealth With DMK RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief

In today’s time, who doesn’t want to be wealthy and show off his money? Well, everyone does and just make your manhood look exactly like that, DMK designed RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief. The brand has always been very clever and innovative in designing sexy underwear styles that are functional, stylish and over the edge. Perfect to be worn on romantic evenings or confident mornings (office), the Retro collection is the best.

DMK RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief | Skiviez

The very first aspect that strikes your eyes is the part sheer part solid combination. Leaving the pouch solid, the sides are for the show whereas; a wide horizontal strip of sheer in the back and rest is covered with the fabric. While there are many more sheer underwear pieces at Skiviez, click here to find out more. The next big attraction is the U.S. Dollars print of various amounts in the front as well as the rear. I wish I could spend them all!

Made in Los Angeles, the respective men’s brief underwear comprises fabric composition of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Well, with this ratio you can wear it as fashion underwear as well as men’s swimwear. Know more about it at

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