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Agacio Brief Underwear

Agacio has been a popular men’s underwear ever since its establishment. Since then, the guys have known the brand to be the most comfortable brand. Designers at Agacio are constantly working on designing briefs which are appealing and provocative on the look and serve their true purpose. They are available in multiple designs, patterns, cuts, and rise.

Traditional briefs were designed to cover everything till the upper part of the thigh on one end and till the navel on the other. Those were called as ‘full rise’ or ‘full cut’. Agacio has some of the most functional and tasteful assortment of modern men’s brief underwear that is made for the modern male population. The brand’s range incorporates a delightful combination of classic style (support and fit) with modern enhancing techniques.

Agacio men’s briefs have some unique aspects, such as:

Sack Lifting Technology:

The briefs by the designer brand imbibe a unique sack lifting technique that provides a subtle yet visible lift to the manhood for more impact.


The briefs by the brand are equally functional as they look. Handsome stripes and manly solids complement the forming fit on the body.

These men’s designer underwear by Agacio are great for every day to wear as well as when the idea is to show off what’s inside. They bring out the best of you while putting the abs to the display.

At Skiviez, you’ll find the most exotic and vibrant collection of men’s briefs by Agacio at best prices. Stock them up to keep it comfortable and stylish down there.

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