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Add Pep down there with Intymen Brief

Did you just check out the Intymen Rocket Brief at It surely came across as a delightful male underwear that is pleasing by looks and functional by nature. Intymen being one of the sportiest labels in the men’s fashion industry provides ample options for guys who love to keep their junk solid and smart. This is yet another product by the brand that makes you a sensible wearer who knows his needs and wants.

76.95% Cotton 11.62% Polyester 3.88% Nylon and 7.55% Spandex is the delectable combination that provides you with everything. When I say everything, it means comfort, breathability, support, moisture wick, stretch, and durability. Comfort and airy features are the highest because of cotton as the base fabric. You’re surely going to love how the sexy underwear will make you feel.

Coming down to the construction, you’d find the conventional coverage of men’s brief underwear and I really wish it was available in different styles too, like men’s bikini underwear or any other too. The solid fabric covers all but the mesh panels on the sides of the pouch let air free flow and keep you sweat free. The bold piping has always been an integral part of the products. You’d find it on the legs as well as around the pouch. Talking about the pouch, you’re sure to get a feeling of a rocket preparing to launch because of the construction that lifts the manhood.

Bold colors, subtle appeal and comfortable approach are the factors you must adopt this piece and other styles by the label at Skiviez.

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