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Enhance Your Rear With Intymen Boxer

Enhance Your Rear With Intymen Boxer

You must have seen, experienced or even worn men’s underwear styles that keep the complete focus on the masculinity. However, have you ever experienced underneath fashion that keeps the butts in the focus and is designed in a way that it lifts the rear for enhanced visibility. The Intymen Butt Boost Boxer at Skiviez is a fashion underwear style that surely comes in handy when the idea is to uplift the overall personality.

Intymen Boxer | SkiviezWith the basic fabric composition of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the respective boxer brief underwear keeps a perfect balance of comfort, support, enhancement, breathability, and durability. Talking about is like discussing the most favorite thing which we all have an idea about. The ratio of spandex in the enhancing underwear is kept less in order to prevent the fabric to lose its shape.

The extended coverage provides a defining fit on the legs and keeps everything supported. Coming to the center of attraction of the pair, you’d find jockstrap underwear- like bands that go under the butts to give them a boost. This doesn’t mean that the manhood is left bare in the front, the pouch is designed to elevate the shaft as well.

Hence, you get a lot of benefits in the single pair of men’s apparel style. Check it out at

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