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Men’s Bikini Underwear- Do’s and Dont’s

You might think that choosing bikini underwear is no task, but then it is definitely not a cake walk for first timers. You need to have knowledge about all its...

You might think that choosing bikini underwear is no task, but then it is definitely not a cake walk for first timers. You need to have knowledge about all its aspects and features including how it looks and much more than that. Since it is considered to be the shorter version of men’s brief underwear, men take it too lightly and pick up anything without knowing if it’ll suit them or not.

This blog would lay out the do’s and dont’s every man must take care of while shopping the respective men’s underwear style.


Pick the right variant

With a variety of variants available at, you must choose something that suits your body type. Variants refers to the variety of cuts available in the sexy underwear style. Whether you choose the string bikini or low rise bikinis, is it Brazilian cut right for you or pouch enhancing ones, pay attention while choosing your style.

Think about your physique

While you must have heard a lot about the fact that only the fit men must wear bikinis because of the short construction. Well, it is just a matter of understanding which style suits you. Whether you exercise the entire year to fit in your favorite pair of fashion underwear style or buy something that actually complements your body, both the decisions are respected. After all, you don’t want to look indifferent and weird wearing something that isn’t meant for you.

It should fit you right

My blogs have talked about it innumerable time and have stressed upon the fact that fit is very important. If you don’t buy the right size, the fit is not within your reach. However, if you really want to have the right proportion of support and sex appeal below the belt, choose the right size.

Clean the intimate area before stepping out

If your intention is no to scare the hell out of others in disgust, make sure you take a good amount of time cleaning your bare essentials. Get rid of the hair down there cause the jungle is not what others want to see. It is always more pleasing to see a clean, shaven intimate area than not to see anything at all.


Don’t lack confident

If you think that the designer underwear doesn’t suit you or you are confident about how you’re gonna carry the look, avoid wearing it. Make sure you wear it at home before you end up feeling all worried when you step out. Gain the confidence first by wearing it home and feeling comfortable in it and then sport it wherever you want.

Don’t forget to apply SPF to avoid sunburns

Yes! SPF is an essential item on the list if you are planning to sport bikini on the beach. Short fabric can cause your delicate skin to burn but if you want tanning that doesn’t harm your body, apply SPF.

So, are you ready for the sexy apparel to be sported? What else must be done or avoided? Do let us know in the section below.

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