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Lay it On the Table With Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini

There’s no doubt in the fact that Good Devil has always been more on the revealing side rather than conforming the assets in the fabric itself. Being sexy and free, the men’s underwear brand has always been there to make you feel confident in the minimal piece of fabric, sexy in open pouches and comfortable in barely there cuts. The Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini is one of the sexiest pairs offered by the brand at Skiviez.Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini | SkiviezThe sheer underwear features complete see-through fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination and lays it all on the table for the show. Well, that’s exactly how you would be able to express better in times of need. The sexy underwear is a superb combination of sheer fabric, high Brazilian cuts and minimal construction that together aim at revealing yourself better.

Featuring a broad funnel-like pouch, this bikini underwear for men lets your manhood feel comfortable and roomy in the big space. The low rise fit on the body lets you ride low and the colored piping that outlines the apparel style adds glamor to the same. With 95% nylon and 5% spandex, you wouldn’t need anything else to feel absolutely stunning down there.

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