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5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

thing you didn't know about mens bikini

Introduced as swimwear, the bikinis for men is now one of the sexiest styles of underneath article. The intimate apparel is one of the basic staples for building an entire wardrobe. Having the right pair of underwear allows you to stay ready for any and all occasions. While the ladies accepted this quite early, men are catching up. Men are a bit conservative when it comes creating the base layer of clothing. Leave aside the traditional guys even the fashion-oriented ones hesitate in ditching the tighty-whiteys and trying something that is less conventional. Men’s bikini underwear is the most practical way of giving your base layer some spotlight to your underneath fashion and aid as a shortcut for everyday confidence.

Here’s a compilation of a few things that every man needs to know about this contemporary style of men’s underwear. Have a look.

#1 Bikinis are sexy, not outrageous

The skimpy apparel features minimal fabric. The barely-there underneath apparel offer at par sex appeal, but makes sure that the basic essentials of the wearer are covered. The bikinis for men, despite their modern approach, are not at all outrageous. People do have a notion that modern undies are outrageously revealing. However, if you hesitate in trying anything that is way too erotic than expected, then, this is a perfect option for you.

#2 Ample variants

This underwear style comes in a number of variants. So, you can choose the one that suits your style as well as your comfort level. Listed below are some of the options available in this category of bikinis.

Bikini brief

Bikini brief

The perfect mixture of exotic bikinis and subtle briefs is ideal for men who seek sex appeal coupled with ample support and comfort. The fabric at the back and front stretch a bit more to cover the assets. The hybrid between the traditional and modern cut is flattering as well as versatile. Right from the workplace to the date night, bikini briefs complete your ensemble for all occasion.

String bikini

String bikini

The string bikini is somethings confused with men’s g-string. The skivvy features a tiny pouch in the front supported by a string waistband. It supports your manhood but allows a lot of skin show at the back. The tricky style of the underwear is like 'business in the front and party at the back'. The sleek waistband adds to the sexiness but keeps everything supported and in the right place.

Brazilian bikini

Brazilian bikini

The Brazilian Bikini is a perfect combination of sensuality and functionality. The Brazilian cut showcases at par sex appeal and the fabric at the backstretch a bit more to cover the butt-crack. While the pouch in the front elongates and provides enough space for the manhood to breathe.

Sheer bikini

Sheer bikini

Bikinis + Sheer = Electrifying appeal. Some bikinis are crafted in see-through fabric that leaves little to the imagination. The revealing undies cover nothing at all, but still aid support and comfort.

#3 They are not just worn as swimwear

Men's bikini the very word creates an impression of a guy standing on a beach. However, this is to be noted that this underneath article is not just used as swimwear. Bikinis are underwear as well that can be used for any occasion, event or season. Whether you are heading for meeting at the office or for a date with your partner, this underwear style is a staple for you.

#4 Makes laundry cinch

While the jeans and trousers can be used multiple times, undergarments have to be cleaned after every use. This is what annoys men the most. Bikinis solve this problem for you. With minimal fabric, the laundry is easier than it was ever. The tiny and lightweight are easy to wash and dry, regardless of the season. Making laundry a cinch, this underwear makes your life easier.

#5 Supportive approach with minimal coverage

Some of you may think that bikinis may be sexier, but they are not as supportive as it should be. Well, you need to reconsider. Despite the minimal coverage, the underwear offers ample support to the package of the wearer. No matter which type of underwear you choose, you don't have to compromise your comfort.

Were you aware of these facts about men's bikini underwear? Share your views in the comments below.

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