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Rock this Halloween with 4 Different Themed Parties

Hope you’re all set with the preparations for the upcoming Halloween on 31st October? Have you finalized your Halloween costume and the kind of makeup you’d want to sport on...

Hope you’re all set with the preparations for the upcoming Halloween on 31st October? Have you finalized your Halloween costume and the kind of makeup you’d want to sport on the spooky festival? Well, if you are still looking forward to having a party at your place and invite your friends and family members to same, what would be your kind of theme party?

This blog would specifically help you out with the theme of your party and layout the what would you need to get the party rocking this Halloween.

Monster theme

Well, Halloween is all about monsters and witches after all. So, this would be the perfect theme for your party. Who all will you be expecting at your door? You’ll have Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, goblins, mummies, Dracula and all the other. Send out the invitation in a cranky, wicked voice asking all the monsters to join you. Switch off the lights and set up monster statues in different corners. Serve monster fingers, mummy eyeballs, and other delicacies for your guests. Being the host sport the sexy Dracula costume that is perfect for the occasion. The short men’s underwear costume would make others know where the attention must be.

Haunted House theme

Let your guests dress as they want and you do your part of the hard work. Darkness is an essential aspect when it comes to Halloween. So, diminish the lights, fill the house with fog, place goblets, UV lighting, skeletons, zombies and other statues where they should be. Decorate your house with spider hangings, cobwebs, peeping ghosts and more to add to the effect. Be the Dark Lord as the host and let your guests be the dead people.

Carnival theme

    Traditionally, a carnival is a place where you’ll find swings, food, and fun. Let your carnival theme be the place where zombies reside and the creepy crawling ghosts that are waiting to attack the people coming closer to the games. Let the monsters lurk all over to attack their prey. Do you know the Zombie Apocalypse? Something of that sorts with appropriate decorations and the right food. Games is an essential aspect because the carnival is incomplete without games. Face painting, escape hunt, count the candies in the jar, tossing beanbags in the zombies are some of the fun games. Be the zombie hunter if you want to be different from your guests.

    Superhero theme

    Well, Halloween is not only about the scary and the spooky; it is also about the dressing up in the best way and having fun. Superheroes is another theme that your guests would love. Send out the invites in a way that your house is under attack by the alien force and you gotta come save it. Let them be Superman, Batman, Thor, or even a supervillain like Joker, Two-Face or even Ultron and Loki. You be Hulk and be the mighty one but keep your physique in check.

    There are other themes as well that branch out of these ones. For example, Graveyard, Mummy’s curse, and even Harry Potter or Star Wars. You can choose the one that you’d be able to handle. If you’re not thinking of hosting the Halloween party, see what the festivals actually talks about here.

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