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Best Traditions of Christmas

Christmas might be celebrated in a different way in every family with their own unique customs and traditions but there are some traditions that are an integral part of the holiday. It can be a trip to the nearest holiday destination or hosting a buffet supper for all the near and dear ones, these activities bring people together in the spirit of Christmas. The ones celebrated by one and all is what lights up the holiday spirit.

What are those Christmas traditions?

Decorating Christmas tree

Decorating the evergreen trees has been a tradition for a very long time and is done by every family. Some say decorating them is welcoming the winters and others relate it with Christmas, but what matters is that you’d find the same in every family around this time. Whether you cut down a fir/pine tree and bring it home to decorate it or buy the fake/artificial ones available in the market, decorating it with your family and friends is indeed a joyful task.

The properties used to decorate the tree can include miniatures of Santa Clause, stars, candy canes, pinballs, gift boxes, snowflake hangings and a lot more.

Christmas Carols

“Felis Navidad”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “Away in the Manger” are some of the many carols sung by families all over the world on Christmas. Once done with Thanksgiving, you’d find the decorations changing to that of Christmas and you’d hear carols being sung at every nook and corner as well as on retail stores to put you in the Christmas mood.

Once December starts, every family would brush up on their singing talents and spend days singing the songs for the birth of Jesus Christ. Church choirs go out for carol rounds at night proclaiming the good news.

Which is your favorite Christmas carol?

Gifts exchange

Oh, that’s the best part of the entire holiday season. Kids, youngsters and even adults patiently wait for the time to come when they get gifts from their loved ones. Christmas being the center of gifts and sharing, this is a customary practice that you’ll find in every family. Where kids get games from their parents, oldies get something that they can use, wives get beauty kits or jewelry pieces and men get male underwear or something that they fetish, it is a fun day for one and all.

Have you decided the gifts that you’ll give your loved ones this Christmas?

These traditions are followed worldwide and surely bring you in the festive mood. What are your plans this year? Add excitement to your preparations by reading this post.

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