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Valentine’s Day- Pre-Date Grooming Guide

So, you’ve known the facts about the day of love as well as about the various symbols that you’d find all around you during this time, it finally time to focus on yourself. If you really want to make a bolder mark and leave a lasting impression, you must start a grooming regime now to be prepped by the Valentine’s Day.

Beauty regimes also take the time to bring out the best in you. Hence, start early to get the best glow for the important day on the calendar.

This blog would lay out the grooming tips that will make you shine like a daisy on the day when it is essential.

Work on the oily skin

This is not a hidden fact that men’s skin is two-times oilier than women’s. Moreover, the stress of making the day actually work would enhance the oil production in the skin and that can be a mood-buster for you. Hence, scrub it, use the right toner and anti-oil tonic for your face to keep you shining without the actual shine on your face.

Facial hair is the new best trend

If you’ve been the one who finds it quite sexy having the stubble on your face, avoid going for a clean shave. Use the trimmer to give a new look to your beard and mustache (experiment prior to the day or else you’ll not be able to do anything). Even women love men with the stubble for all the good reasons. That’s not it! Once you’re up with the beard, you need to make sure that you keep it clean. Apply face wash to the facial hair as well without being too harsh on it.

Carry a perfume with you

Valentine’s Day falls in the mid-week this year and you ain’t on a holiday. Hence, going out with your partner after work can be the cause of your spoilt look. Hence, it is better for you to carry a few things in your bag while you head to work. Out of them, one of the most important is carrying a perfume. It’ll make you feel fresh and also let your partner feel better coming close to you.

Clean the body hair

Oh yes! It sounds too on-the-spot but the truth is that you might not know when she’s in the mood to have the whole of you. Not clean- you are not going to end up anywhere and she might leave you right there. Clean- you have chances of scoring some good points by you ability. Don’t forget to sport a passionate red men’s underwear to hint her that this was on your mind.


Last but not the least is practicing smile! After the day long work, it might be hard for you to carry on with the smile but if you don’t smile, your partner wouldn’t feel the comfort. Hence, it would affect the date. So, smile because you are somewhere where you’ve wanted to be- with your beloved.

With all things done, you just have to dress well, pick up the flowers and be prepared to woo your partner.

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Valentine’s Day- What do the Symbols Mean?

Have you heard about the different symbols of love? Hearts?? Cupid?? Anything else?? Well, love itself is a symbol of your relationship. However, the day of love i.e., Valentine’s Day has a number of symbols with their specific meanings as well.

This blog is more or less a continuation of the blog we wrote about the facts of Valentine’s Day. This one talks about the various symbols of the day of love that’ll enlighten you with the day in a better way.


The very symbol that you’ll see around yourself specifically throughout the Valentine Week is hearts. Whether you head towards the busiest streets of your town or the most remote areas, hearts are visible. Why so? Well, this has a legend attached to it! It was a long time ago when people felt that all the emotions- good, bad, which also includes love. Hence, that’s where the hearts follow.


You might see a lot of lace in the market these days including the men’s underwear industry. However, it all started in the olden days when a Knight rode in the battlefield with a lace handkerchief for the woman he loved. It is believed that woman (years later) dropped the lace handkerchief in the way of the man that she adored. Interesting isn’t it? Now it is more about lace lingerie for women and lace underwear for men.


Now that’s what we all know!! Cupid is a legendary God that is believed to be the love and attraction between a man as well as a woman. If you imagine, you’ll find a young bubbly boy with wings flying with a bow and an arrow in his hands aiming at couples to make them fall in love with each other. You might have seen the figure in movies like Love-Struck, Cupid, and others.


This is probably the inevitable symbol that is part of celebrations that has love in them. The word ROSE if juggled makes EROS which is the name of the God of Love. Followed are the different colors of roses with their meanings.

  1. Red & white: Together means unity
  2. Pink: Grace and gentility
  3. Yellow: Joy
  4. Orange, Coral: Communicate your desire.
  5. Burgundy: A compliment to your sweetheart’s unconscious beauty
  6. A single rose: Signifies simplicity and purity
  7. White: Heavenly, purity, innocence
  8. White rosebuds warn that you’re too young for love


You might have seen it in the old movies that doves are sent with the love message and if the dove returns, it is good news. That’s not it! It is believed doves chose their partner on 14th February and stayed with them throughout their life. Hence, being a symbol of loyalty, and love.

Do you agree with these? Which is your favorite symbol? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Novelty Underwear- Perfect for Valentine’s Day?

Florists probably are the luckiest on either Christmas or Valentine’s Day because that’s exactly when they are the richest. With the day of love not quite far, both men and women would have started preparing for the big celebration. If gifts are on your mind (which should be), male underwear is what you should consider.

Talking about underneath fashion, not the regular apparel styles would do because it is no ordinary day. What is that makes it perfect for the occasion? The collection of men’s novelty underwear is what completes the actual meaning of gifting or even buying for yourself (you know where it all ends after all).

What is novelty underwear?

Novelty pieces are those which are not meant to be worn every day. They’re made in a way that only special occasions deserve them. With a collection of varied designs, you’d find a lot of reasons to show off your skin in the products.

This blog lays down the reasons for which novelty pieces make it ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Can make you look like a million bucks

Have you ever noticed the difference in your looks when you wear regular clothes and when you switch to something made for the occasion? Well, that’s because you take out more time looking for something that that actually looks good on you. Likewise, the sexy underwear styles that are worn particularly for fewer occasions is what makes you look like a superstar.

Feels like spending less than a dime

Where the first reason talked about the increasing value, this one is more about the opposite. A pair of sexy novelties would cost you lesser than $20 to be approx. Depending on how much you are ready to spend, the quality and the sex appeal of the products increase while they come in handy if you keep a watch on your pocket. In addition, if you are expecting them to stay longer, don’t make regular pieces and that’ll increase their shelf life.

A gift worth keeping

This might sound a lot like for the women lingerie pieces, but little do you know that when men are serious about a relationship, they’ll cherish gifts. Well, when something so intimate is given as a gift, it is very well cherished for a long time. Don’t you keep card made by your partner or the shirt she gave you on your birthday? That’s exactly how you’re going to keep it in a way that it stays longer with you.

Is a powerful message for the opposite sex

You don’t give g-string underwear or sheer underwear to the person you meet a month back. Do you? You don’t because you’re not very certain about how strong the relationship is. However, when you’re too into each other and are desperately in love, it makes perfect sense. While giving a male thong to your partner, the clear message that you convey to him is that you want something in return- a night of passion or to get naughty between he sheet or something else.

Would you have anything else to add up here? Do you let us know in the comments below.

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5 Facts about Valentine’s Day worth knowing

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.”
– Leo Tolstoy

The day of love is not very far and with the date approaching quick, you must be all prepared with the list of gifts that you’ll be picking up. However, do know where Valentine’s Day actually started? Well, it started back in the Roman time when a Martyr named Valentinus, in who’s memory the day was celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine’s.

Well, there are many other did you know facts that you must know about the Valentine’s Day. We’ve come up with 5 facts that can be an eye opener for you all. Let’s see them below.

Valentine’s Day is time for highest number of wedding proposals

Did you propose your partner on Valentine’s Day? Well, if you did so, you’re not alone because around 20,000 (on an average) men propose to their partners on the same day. In addition, some also go ahead and get married on the 14th of February to club the celebrations of both the occasions.

Women buy gifts more than men

Please don’t stare at the statement again and again because this won’t change the fact. Women all over the world buy more gifts in comparison to men because men spend on their partners in specific while Valentine’s Day calls for gifts for family, friends, and partner (of course) for women. Hence, women spend more money on the day of love for their loved ones in comparison to men.

Number #1 holiday for florists

Well, flowers are the best gifts on Valentines Day and probably the most picked up option when you run short of gifts. Around 200 million flowers are sold every year in the US alone making it the most profitable holiday for the florists. Rose Day is excluded in this just so you know. In addition, around 70 per cent males love to give flowers, roses in specific to their partners.

“To wear your heart on the sleeve” is more than a phrase

You must have heard this phrase in many songs by popular artists like Calvin Harris and more, but did you know that men and women in the Middle Age picked up names from a bowl that had chits, wrote them on hearts and stuck it on their sleeves to figure out their Valentine.

It is not the top holiday for exchanging cards

According to Greeting Card Association, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day for exchanging cards with your loved ones. The top position is still with Christmas.

It is also the time when a large number of men buy themselves new male valentine underwear styles just to look appealing when things get naughty. Do you have any other fact to share with us? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Spotted! – Tori Spelling with 2(x)ist!

Daily NewsAccording to NY Daily News and OK Magazine, it looks like Tori Spelling got her hubby, Dean, a sexy little something from 2(x)ist for Valentine’s day.  I wonder she gave him a set of these…

Slightly NSFW…See my thoughts after the jump.

I think he can pull them off. 😉

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V-Day 2011 – What’s your flavor?

Men's Underwear

It’s that time of year again.  Where love, lust, and all things in-between are in the air.  Soon gifts will be purchased, reservations will be made, champagne will be chilled, and candles will be lit.  But, do you know what you’re going to wear (down there)?  Well, Skiviez has you covered.  Whether you’re going on first date, anniversary dinner, or singles night out… we have the perfect pair of skivvies for you this Valentines day.

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