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What takes to Pull off a Suit Look?

What takes to Pull off a Suit Look | Skiviez

The possibility of margin errors counts big ones for you when it comes to a well-fitted suit. It takes a lot of effort to sport the right fit of a suit when it the festival time or your best friend’s wedding. Few of us are blessed to have a physique that resembles models but what about the others? What does it take to get the suit look right and spot on for various occasions?

There are numerous factors that build or break the formal look and that’s what we’ll be looking forward to in this blog.

1.The fit of the suit: The very first aspect and the most delicate one too is getting the fit of the suit right. Getting it tailored is the key because ready-made suits can be faulty in several places sometimes. Hence, get it tailored! Tailoring too can be tricky sometimes if the tailor doesn’t take the measurement too seriously. Everything counts when it comes to the fit. From the shoulders to the chest, body, collar to the legs, waist, and the seat, every part of your body is essential. One mistake can spoil the entire look. So, be wise and get it done from a well-known place.

2.Underneath fashion: What you wear on the outside is defined by what you put on inside. For example, if you wear men’s boxers shorts (conventional style) and suit one that, you’d find the bunching effect from your pants which is definitely a no-no for your personality. Hence, if you seek a perfect look with the pleasing outcome, go for a men’s underwear style that defines your legs and shows no lines on the outside. Any fashion underwear style would do for you.

3.Right accessories: Right accessories would embody everything from the tie to cuff links and pocket square and even the belt. Go about searching the different online stores that would be able to provide you the look that you desire. Choose the right footwear style to complete the gentleman look.

4.The hair style: Suit with a Mohawk is what would not go hand in hand unless you’re on the experimenting spree and a runway model. Go for a haircut that suits your face cut and personality, and trust me, you wouldn’t go wrong with the suit. Go for a slicker style that keeps your hair down or sometimes wavy but perfect for the suit look.

With these tips, you wouldn’t have to look back while trying to figure out the suit look ever. Do leave in your comments in the space below.

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7 Signs to Prove You’re in for a Long Term Relationship

7 Signs to Prove You’re in for a Long Term Relationship | Skiviez

There comes a point in everyone’s life that makes them of something or the other. For example, there are times in your relationship with your partner that you feel things won’t work out and you separate your ways. Likewise, to know whether you are in for a long-term relationship, there are signs too.

Are you looking for those signs in your relationship? In order to introspect your bonding, you need to look at the habits, aspects, and behaviors of the significant other. This blog would highlight the aspects and behaviors that would prove that you’re in for a long term relationship.

1.You need not meet every day: When you are stable in your life and you’re just working on the emotional front with your partner, it is not important to meet every day and see each other. What matters is that you know that the other one is happy and safe. If you or your partner is being there for the other rather than being clingy; you’re up for a long run.

2.Pets are the central conversation: The pet owners would know how it is to describe their feline’s or dog’s behavior and what he did the other day. When you’re comfortable with the other and are not too lovey-dovey about it, pets are the center of conversation for both of you. You would tell her your pet’s story and she’ll describe hers. Hence, you both are perfect for each other.

3.Morning breath is not an issue: When you know it deep in your heart that she’s the one, you wouldn’t think twice about kissing her straightaway in the morning when she’s not up yet. You wouldn’t mind her morning breath and vice versa. It would be more like good morning sunshine and kiss her and you’re cool about it.

4.When she’s not your girlfriend anymore: What?? Did you mean that we broke up?? No, I meant that when you see her as more than just a girlfriend is when you’re ready. You would find your friend, guide, and companion in her who doesn’t accept all your tantrums and gives you objective replies rather than being biased.

5.She wears your underwear: Coming to the most basic, she wouldn’t mind stepping in your men’s underwear. She won’t have a problem wearing your most basic clothing article that is your boxers or any men’s novelty underwear in order to feel comfortable.

These are the aspects which would prove whether you are in for a long term relationship or not. Do let us know if you have any other ideas that would help our readers find their soulmate in the comments section.

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How to keep a check on your mental health?

How to keep a check on your mental health | Skiviez

You must have heard a lot about the importance of having a healthy body, but have you heard about the healthy mind? Do you know that your physical health is directly as well as indirectly dependent on your mental health? Well, if you didn’t, then you know it now. Hence, if you are looking forward to getting that perfect body that you’ve always desired, work on your mental health and get that right first.

Now the question is- How do you keep your mental health in check?

Let us look at the aspects that can actually help you keep your mind calm and composed.

1. Eat healthily: There is no rule book that talks about health and doesn’t include healthy eating habits. If you want your mind to work as it should and keep away from the stressing factors, eating healthy food is a must. You can choose from the fruits and vegetables that you like the most and have it in quantities. In addition, sometimes you should also gorge on junk food to keep your taste buds happy.

2. Run for your health: You might be thinking that all these steps talk about keeping the physical health in check. However, you must know that physical health and mental health work together and if one is not treated properly, the other would also get affected. Exercising is a source of relaxing your body and mind for the better. Don’t you feel fresh the entire day once you go for a jog early morning? That’s exactly why you should spend time running, jogging or exercising.

3. Sleep well: Sleep patterns play a very important role when it comes to de-stressing you mind from all the problems. It is like a temporary fly-away situation where you don’t have problems to handle. There are many advantages of having sound sleep including relaxation to the body and mind, reduces anxiety and more. So, sleep well guys!

4. Dress to make yourself happy: If you want to feel happy from within and want to feel the same in your mind, dressing the way you want is one solution. According to psychology, if you pamper yourself or do anything makes you feel happy, do it. Whether you like to dress up as a gentleman on a regular day or buy yourself a new pair of men’s underwear that gives you the adrenaline rush from within. For example, something sexy and revealing like men’s thongs or g-string underwear that makes feel sexier about yourself.

5. Have positive thinking: Meditate, think good about yourself and indulge with people who bring positivity in your life with their presence. This does not mean that you wouldn’t have to deal with people whom you don’t like but the more the positive energy, the better your mind feels. Give time yourself and have quiet time when you can introspect and ponder on things that you need to change to bring about happiness.

Following these steps would surely bring good health to your mind and if you continue to do so, you’ll eventually have a happier personality overall.

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Ways To Dress In Order To Impress

Ways To Dress In Order To Impress | Skiviez

You might see men as the same boring sorts when it comes to fashion quotients and realize that the variety available for them is limited to suits or casual tees and denim pants. However, it is totally a misconception that men don’t have options in clothing articles. With the passage of time and the emergence of brands, you’d find men becoming more aware of their style statements. If you’d remember, I wrote a similar blog with the same name earlier, check here. Nope! Don’t worry because this is going to talk about something different in this one.

This blog would not talk about what you must actually have, but would list out the ways that can be adopted to make your impression go up a notch.

Don’t ignore the wrinkles:

The very first aspect what others notice on you is the wrinkled shirt or even pants. Oh yes! When you don’t iron your pants and wash it as if they were the dirtiest pairs, you would surely end up getting creases or wrinkles as they say. They look nasty and I bet you won’t be able to stand any chance if you don’t get over them.

Say no to old clothes:

Well, you must have seen me talking about classics being the best options to be worn. However, I never mentioned that old pieces should be worn. The charm that the new clothes would have is not available in the old ones. The numerous washes, harsh detergents, splashes of water as well as sweat and more make the fabric look dull, and we all know that dull clothes make no impression.

Keep your nails and hair clean:

Everyone notices your hair and nails without asking. If you don’t keep a check on it, you don’t stand a chance to impress. Make sure your hair and nails are properly cut and cleaned in order to set out a clear message.

Dress according to the interviewer:

Before you end up looking like a completely different person at the interview, make sure you check up the company’s profile and some photographs (if they have any) on the site to make sure that everything is pitch perfect in terms of dressing.

Accessorize well:

Accessorizing here would mean that you keep all your stationary items accordingly without missing out anything as well as in terms of your clothing outfit. Starting from the basic men’s underwear style which matters the most to the shoes, tie, and other items. Wear the right pair of men’s brief underwear if you are comfortable with that or a pair of functional thong underwear that doesn’t let the nasty lines protrude from the slim fit trousers.

Your first shot will be the only chance that you’ll have (for that particular interview) to impress. Hence, do it well! Do let us know if you have any suggestions to make here.

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Steps To Power Dress To Impress (For Men)

Steps To Power Dress To Impress (For Men) | Skiviez

If you’d notice, power dressing has lost its charm because of the constantly changing current fashion trends. Well, you’ll also find many celebrities from all genres of life wearing common and ordinary clothes day-in-day-out without putting forward the idea of showing their position. For example, Mark Zuckerberg and his consistent clothing choices. Well, he is a celebrity and people already know him very well. However, when it comes to you and me, it is very important to dress in order to impress with your personality in which dressing is what counts.

What to do in order to get things right to put forward in the best way possible? Let us look at the steps that you must follow in order to impress others with your power dressing.

  • A suitable blazer:

The very first clothing article that you require here is a perfect fitting, tailored for you and killer suit. Please don’t overdo your style because all it takes is that you get the right measurement with the correct dimensions and you’ll get what you’re looking for. With sharp shoulders (not literally!! You know what I mean here), elbows, cuffs, and edges, you’ll surely be set with the right beginning.

  • Formal footwear:

It is not the time when you wear anything and you’ll be considered a fashion God. You have to choose every article that counts to be the perfect pair for your personality. In this case, it is your footwear because it tells a lot about your personality. Make sure they of good quality, stitched (not glued), with clean cuts and lastly should look polished. The ones in trend these days are suede shoes, Derbies and a few more that look sharp.

  • Matching men’s underwear:

There’s no question of freeballing when you have a very important meeting coming up. The other I came across a question at Quora about going commando in a suit. The majority of men replied with a ‘no’ and also gave valid reasons for the same. Hence, it surely is essential for you to choose the right pair of fashion underwear that you wear under whatever you wear. Ranging from conventional briefs to sheer thong underwear and many more. What matters is that you dress sharp and right. If you want to check out more mesh underwear pieces, click here.

  • Accessories:

Accessories play an important role when it comes to dressing appropriately. Just like a suit is incomplete without a tie or square pocket, the sharp dressing is half-done without the true accessories. A classic timepiece on your wrist, a matching tie, belt, and socks together become the right accessories for your personality.

I guess all the above aspects have covered what counts for your sharp dressing. If you have any other suggestions to make here, do let us know in the comments below.

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Commandments for Men with Dry Skin

Commandments for Men with Dry Skin | Skiviez

Someone rightly said, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Why did I say this here? Well, men with oily skin are the ones that find the dry skin personalities way better while the dry skin guys find their counterparts better. However, men with the oily skin type are still on the advantageous end because of the numerous things they get to benefit while the guys with dry skin suffer. One of the biggest disadvantages of dry skin is early aging.

Scared already?


If you take care of your skin whether it is your face or body or even your assets, you’ll have the opportunity to delay the things or even avoid them from happening in comparison to the ones who do not take care of themselves. Let me lay down a few habits that can save your skin from getting damaged.

  • Hydrate your skin:

The very first of everything starts with the basic routine that needs to be incorporated and followed religiously. The basic of avoiding dryness is to hydrate your body to the core. There are many things which leave you skin dehydrated such as alcohol. Hence, in order to compensate the loss of water level in the body, you got ti drink a lot of water. While experts say you must intake about 7-8liters, I would say a glass every hour would do the work for you.

  • Avoid hot water bath:

This is as simple as it can be in order to make you understand the concept of dryness. When you take hot water baths, it eventually sucks up all the moisture that you’ve stored in your skin. This aspect, in particular, creates a problem for the manhood and the adjacent areas. The manhood gets dry and flaky and rubs with the underneath fashion and causes pain. Wearing the right fashion underwear style, taking proper care of the manhood and other things are done in order to get it back to shape.

  • Apply moisturizer:

If you are someone who is low on applying moisturizers on the body (which includes your face, privates, and the actual body), it is the time you start taking a handful and gently apply it all over. It is very important to keep you skin moist in the various conditions.

  • Wear the right kind of clothes:

Nope! I won’t ask you to wear something that generates a lot of sweat on the body or something that keeps the skin covered with sweat. However, I would suggest you wear outfits as well as men’s underwear that doesn’t let you make you uncomfortable and leave your skin bare to the outside.

With these tips, you’re surely going to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for a longer while and this, in turn, would prevent dryness all over the body.

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Grooming Hacks For Men

Grooming Hacks For Men | Skiviez

Men no longer wait for the doom’s day  in order to get things right in the first place when it comes to dressing up a top notch for any event. However, there are things which are still done wrong and adversely affects their personality as well as their skin in specific.

This is because men have always seen their fathers shaving and combing hair, while they never saw them exfoliating the dead skin or even coloring their hair. That’s exactly the reason why these basics have loopholes whereas; the surface is spotless and shining.

Talking about the hack, I would also put forward their fixes which will help you figure out things in a better way.

Being picky with the ingrown hair

The ingrown hair is bumps that have sprung on your face and look like pimples but are nothing like them. While other hair come straight out of the skin, the ingrown ones round off within the skin itself. All you need to do is stop being poky and picky with the ingrown hair on your face. The more you try to get rid of them, the longer they stay and the experience is more painful.

Fix: There are home remedies that can help you fix it but do not poke it. Tea tree oil, aspirin, salt and black tea bags are very useful for this problem.

Hot showers

Now you must think, how can hot water bath be a problem? Well, there are times, when the hot showers become really hot and can cause a lot of problems for your skin, specifically for your privates. I have mentioned this before in my blogs that privates should be washed with cold water (Causes and Prevention Tips for Dry Manhood).

Fix: Opt for cold water (not literally cold) or lukewarm water to clean yourself properly. You can use mild shower gel instead of soaps that contain a lot of harsh chemicals.

You use soap instead of face wash

It has been passed on from our forefathers when they did not have the option of cleaning the face with face washes or any such cleansers that actually cleaned the face properly. However, with the emergence of technologies and advancements, men still prefer to go back and use the harsh soaps instead of gentle face washes. Soaps surely clean, but with that comes many other side effects like dry skin, tightness and more.

Fix: Use gentle face washes that suit your skin type.

Sleep with briefs underwear on

We were always taught that the tighty whiteys are the only thing to look up to when it was men’s underwear. However, no one told us that the snug fit or the tightness of the pouch on the manhood makes the manhood dysfunctional. It basically lowers the sperm count.

Fix: You have numerous options from thong or g-string to loose boxers to sleep in during the nights. They don’t offer a lot of support (you need that in any case when you sleep) and is perfect for the breathability issues. You can ever opt for erotic underwear styles that are no-support, but excellent feeling.

With these, what else do you seek that can keep your face, personal hygiene and the privates healthy? Nothing much I guess! Do let us know in the comments below if you have any other hack that will be beneficial for our readers.

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Some Clothing Pieces To Avoid In Your Wardrobe

Some Clothing Pieces To Avoid In Your Wardrobe

Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that men can be very lazy sometimes and to an extent that they know that their wardrobe needs a makeover, but wouldn’t even care about it. Likewise, there are men’s clothing articles in your wardrobe that have probably been there forever now and need to be stopped wearing right away.

T-Shirts with slogans:

Have you ever been disgusted with people wearing different kinds of slogans on their t-shirts? I get a lot more than just disgusted at times with all the nasty saying men wear without even understanding its true meaning. You need to stop wearing them (if you have) right away. They make themselves a part of the fun where the joke is on them. Hence,  you can rather opt for solid tees that do not offend anyone who you pass by or even make you feel embarrassed. So stop being a fashion disaster and get yourself some solids.

Bell bottoms:

Also called as boot-cut jeans, this style is bygone since I don’t know when. Originally made for the sailors in 1850s, the cut helped them fit comfortably with the boots. So, until and unless you have a fancy dress competition coming up sometime soon, do not wear them. It is a fashion sin! The thing that is “in” this time is the slim fit or straight-cut denim which define your legs.

Glitter shirts:

If you don’t have any plans for the Friday night or the current night, avoid wearing glittery or shimmery shirts. They can be quite embarrassing when people around will give the ‘why so shimmery’ looks. It is that time of year when subtle fashion speaks louder than the tacky one. All you need is a subtle dress shirt that is versatile by nature and can be worn with either denim as well as chinos.

Bulky men’s underwear:

It is as simple as common sense, that men’s stylish underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. However, every style is made for a specific purpose. Summer does not call for fabric-loaded styles such as boxer brief underwear, or the tighty whiteys. In fact the more revealing and see through it is; the better chances of breath-ability and comfort. Know more about sheer underwear here. Go in for thongs or lacy jockstraps if you seek something extra.

Hence, I hope you know that these styles are the perfect way to be a fashion disaster. The only way to not be one is to adopt the substitutes mentioned in the same points or something that you think is more appropriate.

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Ways To Keep the Privates From Chafing

Ways To Keep the Privates From Chafing

It is that time of the year when the warmth, beach, ice creams are the most loved. What we hate is chafing in the thighs as well as the privates. You sweat your heart out at the beach, playing games and cry out of pain caused because you skin rubbed against each other and resulted in rashes. It makes me sick and so do you! Don’t you?

Well, that’s not the situation where you can get caught up with the painful experience because there are countless places where you sweat. Thankfully, there are solutions available that can heal the insane occurrence in no time and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself like nothing happened.

Let’s list out the solutions and spread awareness for men who are still in the darkness. Just kidding!

Lubricating balm:

Chafing can happen anywhere on the body where you have the chances of accumulating sweat. So, it is prescribed that if you keep the affected area moisturized and dry with the help of lubricating balm that is well absorbed in the skin. It will be less prone to getting affected.

Wear the right men’s underwear:

The situation occurs mostly when you are sweaty and your skin rubs against each causing friction. It leads to rashes that can go from bad to worse if neglected. Hence, we should do something to prevent the entire situation by wearing the right pair of comfortable underwear that breathes exceptionally well and is neither too loose nor too tight. Also, make sure they stretch well to prevent problems in moving around. Know more about the right men’s underwear here.

Apply Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is very popular for its healing properties. Used for anti-tanning purposes, it is also one thing you should incorporate in your weekly skin regimes for healthy skin. In this context, the inflammatory and soothing properties help the already-affected area. Make sure you buy the Aloe Vera gel or grow it yourself in garden for easy access and you would not regret your decision.

Clean the area:

It is always suggested that daily bathing is what you need to stay healthy, but when we’re talking about men; that sounds way too far. So, if you’ve not had a bath for God knows since when, let me tell you that unclean areas are affected sooner in comparison to the cleaner ones. So, at least you can clean the area with gentle wash that maintains the “ph” level.

These are the best ways to keep yourself from enjoying all the fun in the sun without chafing your privates or even the other areas that are sweat-prone.

My advice is wear cotton outfits, pouch thong underwear made out of cotton and covers more in the rear for an exceptional feeling. Underwear that sticks does not feel good, but your trousers would do the needful for you. So enjoy summers and stay healthy!

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Cause and Prevention Tips for Dry Manhood

Cause and Prevention Tips for Dry Manhood

Summers come along with a lot of joy, but there are problems too. Nobody enjoys dry skin and when it comes to the male anatomy, things get worse because of its sensitivity and health issues. Dry shaft and the adjacent areas come along with the constant urge to rub, skin flakes and consistent pain with irritation are what combines to be dry manhood.

This blog talks specifically about the situations that can cause dryness in the privates as well as their solutions that will help you get rid of the problems.

1. Going commando:

Whatever be the kind of clothes you wear, if you abstain from wearing men’s underwear and directly wear denims or trousers; your manhood is prone to getting dry because of constant rubbing. The fabrics used in mens low rise briefs or any sexy underwear for men and the pants are too different. The latter does not feature soft fabric and hence, it is very important to wear under clothing articles to avoid dryness.

2. Hot water bath:

I have known some men that just love to soak themselves in a hot water bath in order to get relieved from the day long stress and tiredness. This is all okay, but you must understand that hot water dries the sensitive skin of the shaft and scrotum that lead to the series of problems mentioned in the first place. Make sure you use some cold water at the end and use it on the manhood itself. Additionally, use oils or moisturizing cremes that will keep it subtle and moisturized.

3. Use of soaps:

Soaps can be really harmful for the skin of the body as well as the manhood. With all the chemical and fatty ingredients, they can prove bad together for the health of the treasure.

4. Psoriasis:

This is a skin condition that occurs when the immune system stops working properly and produces more skin cells than the normal. These form plaques of skin that are dry and often very itchy. If a man has psoriasis on other parts of his body, it may affect the shaft as well. Moisturizers and consultation with the doctor can help you here.

These are some of the problems faced by the littlest member of your body during the hot months. Make sure you do not avoid the symptoms and take necessary precautions before the privates are harmed. Check out the collection of men’s designer underwear here.

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