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What does it take to be an underwear model?

Underwear model

Are you the sexy beast that loves himself being just in the skivvies? Have you subscribed to men’s underwear models on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms where you can be inspired and find your interests at? You might just think that clicking your snapshots and sending across to the various agencies that would further help you find the right spot and give your career a big break with a modeling project. However, it is not a bed of roses to land up in your dream job. It is dark clouds, struggles and a lot of continuous hard work to get where you want to be.

Talking about male underwear in specific, you have to do a lot apart from just shedding your clothes and posing in front of the shutterbugs. Are you still up for it? If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to do all it takes to be a men’s underwear model, this blog is just meant for you.

Take all the possibilities into concern

You aren’t heading for a profession where you can be shy (the first thing). You have to be the daring one who finds it quite easy to strip off to any extent. After all it is not a cake walk being an underwear model. Where you would be heading for shoots in lounge pants, conventional boxer briefs and more whereas; you would also strip everything to men’s g-strings or not even that. You should have this in mind. Moreover, the criticism will be the most difficult part to handle.

Stay in shape

Stay in Shape

When you are planning for the skimpiest situations, you need to make sure that you look stunning with everything as well as nothing at all. Hitting the gym would be your best bet with a personal trainer who knows you well in terms of what you should have, what kind of exercises you should work upon and more. Don’t miss out on these or give excuses of not heading to the gym.

Eat right foods

Staying in shape might make you a stronger person with all kinds of exercises, but having the right food will fulfill the gaps that are left because of them. Strictly following the diet provided by the dietitian/instructor will not only help you stay in shape but will also make your skin glow, brighten your eyes and other such minute details.

Be confident

You need A LOT..of confidence when it comes to posing half-naked or naked in a room full of strangers or the technical team. When you confident on the inside, it will certainly help you get into your tighty whitey briefs or even male thongs which can make you feel uncomfortable. After all, this is all new to you and all you did before was to stand in your sexy underwear style in front of the mirror. But, this is different. Build up your confidence, it will help you raise the bar of your happiness.


Comfortability is certainly not the easy part to achieve when it comes to having nothing or minimal down there. When you feel uncomfortable, think how appealing you are in own skin, how in love you are with your underwear and everything that good is happening around you. The level of comfort will step in without any doubt.

Reach out in the right places

Once you’re done focusing on yourself, you need to start working on looking for agencies that will get you in the right place. Start looking for contacts (it’s always better to have contacts) and people who can get you through. A little struggle will also be beneficial for your experience.

Do you want to be an underwear model? What do you think they need which is not mentioned on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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The 5 below the belt Problems Learned the Hard way

below the belt Problems

Do you know what is more hurting than a breakup? The infections that occur below the belt region. It makes it difficult for any sort of activity throughout the day. You can’t sit, stand, walk, bend or do anything. The usual walk changes into a disgusting one that creates embarrassing moments as well. However, the moment the skin starts to recover, we tend to repeat the same mistakes again. I’ve been a hard learner of such mistakes that I learned the hard way. Below listed are five such infections and the solutions to them.


Everyone assumes that the main reason behind chafing is the sweat on the groin area. However, apart from this problem also lies on the type of underwear that you wear.  I started noticing that wearing a tight undergarment was the main reason behind this because they rarely allow an air circulation down there. This resulted in the sweat to stay back which caused chafing down there.

Solution – One of my friends suggested that fabrics like lace, mesh, and sheer could save me from such mishaps and he was actually right!

Men's g-stringThe materials were very light in weight that allowed a heavenly breath to my assets. They kept them dry and ventilated which avoided chafing problems.  I also tried skimpy attires like men’s g-strings that just had a pouch to envelope the genitals leaving the rest exposed. This provided a good breathability that kept my assets sweat-free down there.

Bladder infections

Why bladder infections? Shapewears are the reason behind the bladder infection. When you wear those tight wears that come with the underwear section, you tend to hold the nature calls as the attire stays too tight on the waist. This can result in serious health conditions.

Solution – Instead, you can opt for Men’s vest body shaper that comes just for the body unlike the other ones. This controls and reduces the abdomen to keep the body in a good posture.

Groin Infections

If breathable underwear is good, is wearing no underwear better? Certainly not, going commando is not appreciated as the privates are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Protecting them with a soft fabric is important as they might get hurt or prone to infections. The natural moisture produced by the manhood has nowhere to go when you’re not wearing underwear which makes the skin sweaty down there. This can also irritate you and the skin which makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Solution – Opt for soft fabrics like lace, mesh and sheer.

Men's g-stringThey are so light in weight that you almost forget that you are wearing something down there.

Yeast infection

Wearing the same pair of jock strap for more than two days or dirty habits as such can be the root cause for yeast infection. It causes unwanted pain and rashes near the shaft that makes it difficult for day to day activities.

Solution – Frequent change of underwear is recommended in such cases.

Internal injuries

This happens when you wear a flat front underwear. Such undergarment are just like a blanket over the assets that does not provide any support or comfort down there. They are prone to injuries or damages when you are at the gym or any kind of sports activities. Genitals need an appropriate attire that can protect them from injuries.

Solution – Some of the examples can be men’s jockstraps that are specially crafted for athletic purposes, Pouch underwear for men that presents a separate pouch to envelope the shape of genitals. This keeps the anatomy protected as the construction keeps things in place. This also avoids chafing as they keep the intimates away from the body which provides space for breathability.

Above are some of the problems and the solutions to them that I learned the hard away. If you are also one of the crowd who is facing similar problems please, follow the tips mentioned in them. Hope it helps you too.

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Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Underwear is an essential part of the day to day life. It protects us from the various problems like infections, dangling feeling, awkward moments and much more. So, when we say that, an underwear is important, it doesn’t mean that you should buy a branded one and preserve them for three to four years. The inner wear should be replaced regularly with new ones to avoid unwanted health problems or infections. It’s true that they do not come with an expiration date, but according to a scientific study, the undergarments are to be replaced at least once in a year. Additionally, if you are not good at counting or remembering the time period then below listed are some of the signs and reasons that indicates a change. Read on to find out.

1.When you start seeing underwear holes.

underwear holesContinuous usage and washes makes the material very soft. Each time you stretch yourself, the fabric gets damaged down there which are prone to tiny holes in the garment. This indicates that it’s time to visit the local store or online shopping websites for new bunches.

2.When the waistbands starts to ride down the butt crack line.

waistbands starts to ride down the buttUsually, you do not face this problem in a branded underwear for men because they use quality waistbands. However, some of them which are not up to the mark tends to lose its life after some six to seven months. They become sloppy which can cause embarrassments like pulling up the pants in public. This is the second sign of change.

3.You start developing infections on your groin area.

infections on your groin areaNo one can deny the fact that the old underwear gives the best comfort as it becomes soft after repeated washes but it has equal side effects as well. Many experts have proved the fact that the usage of the same underwear for years are prone to fungal infections. So, with the comfort, you are inviting problems as well. Dr. Lisa Ackerley, professor of environmental health at the University of Salford, stated that underwear should be changed every day while replacing them every year as well. She also suggested similar items that should be updated on regular basis.

4.The underwear is filled with dirty stains.

dirty stainsUndergarment stains are very common but, they can be embarrassing when you wear the same for hot date nights. Obviously, you won’t! What if you partner drops in suddenly while you are relaxing at your home? I don’t think that she’ll love to see the stains when you guys will be getting naughty.

Apart from this, the discolorations are disgusting as they give a dirty look to the overall attire. Clean attires keep your intimate area protected, clean while making you feel fresh as well.

5.Upgrade to new styles

Now, this a valid point right? With the enormous development of men’s underwear styles, it is fun to switch to new fashionable styles rather than sticking to the same tighty-whities. Though, they don’t look the same as your old briefs but, none of them compromise on the comfort and support. Hence, you can refresh your closet to new varieties and get the best of men’s fashion.

Above are some of the signs which indicates that it’s the right time to change the undergarments. Keep it as a rule to change the articles at least once in a year. You can gift yourself a pair on regular intervals to keep yourself updated with the fashion and yes, to avoid embarrassments as well.

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Men’s Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

Men's Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

The face of men’s fashion is changing. The wardrobe of the modern male population has gone from the classic grey to the extremely alluring floral patterns. When it comes to wearing the bold and vibrant floral print, the art of pulling off this edgy look is something every man needs to learn. For all the men who are planning to go floral this bikini season, listed below are tips that may come handy for you. Have a look.

Contrast the patterns with solid shade

Men's FashionThe floral appearance from head to toe is a bit tricky to pull off. Not every man can look dapper in the bold and vibrant patterns. Thus, it is advisable to contrast the shade with solid colors. Either wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the sassy print. You can even pair the button down with denim shorts. Nothing can beat the look of a man sporting a dress shirt with the white shorts. Floral printed shirt looks best with black jeans. Other than this, even you are wearing a floral coat, then, make sure that the shirt features solid color. The combination that contrast each other will make you stand out from rest of the mass.

Match the texture

Men's FashionWhile the shade should contrast each other, the texture of the fabrics should match. This doesn’t mean that the material should be exactly the same. It is the look and feel of the clothing that should match. For instance, the shiny bottoms won’t look good when paired with the cotton dress shirt. The trousers teamed up a classic button down will create a simple and aesthetically stylish combination.

Find a match for your personality

Men's FashionNo matter which pattern and shade you choose, the attire should match your personality. There is no limit to fashion, but the attire you wear should match your real self. Moreover, the color selection should complement your skin tone instead of making you feel over-the-top. The attire that you are wearing should add confidence to your personality instead of making you conscious. Along with this, consider the occasion. The floral suit is the boldest statement for guys and should not be worn on formal occasion. You can keep it in reserve for the casual parties and other such occasion.

Accessorize properly

Men's FashionJust making the right choice of attire is not enough. You need to do justice with the floral apparel. Selecting the right ensemble is the apt way to pull it off in style. Sneakers and lace up shoes are ideal footwear to be paired with the casual attire. An aviator glasses can add a flair of attitude to your snazzy appearance. Since the attire is eye-catchy, go for the subtle styles of bracelets, wristwatches, and pendants. Avoid the bedazzling beaded jewelry. A sleek style of the scarf will look exceptionally stylish. Even the pair of men’s underwear matters when it comes this look. Try the seamless patterns of men’s thongs or even men’s brief. Keeping the ensemble subtle is the key.

Layer sensibly

Men's FashionPut on a jeans jacket and it will add a masculine flair to the tender floral patterns. As mentioned above, matching the texture is the key. You can even go for solid colored suits. Conventionally, the color of suit and shirt should be contrasting. However, when the shirt is floral the color of the suit should match. On the other hand, if the coat features the prints, then, the shirt should be of plain color. Just layer up sensibly and you’ll be able to set your own style statement. Even the lowest layer of clothing can be stylish. The designer underwear are in vogue. You can try them designer underwear for men and go floral from head to toe.

Choose the floral pattern according to your body type

Men's FashionEven the print should be according to your body type. For instance, the plus-sized men should not go for the big floral patterns. While men who are very skinny can try the sassy print. In case, the huge options are confusing you, then, it is advisable to try the subtle ones. Keeping it simple is always the best option to don a stylish look when you are baffled.

Ditch the summer style taboos and try the aesthetic dressing styles this season. Were these points helpful? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo

Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo

In the world full of trends, a tuxedo is an option for men who likes to stay classic. As quoted by Dean Martin, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody”. This is one attire that never fails to complement the personality of a man. At the same time, this is one of the trickiest looks to pull off as even the slightest mistake never goes unnoticed. you must be thinking, “Some white here and some black there”, how can anyone go wrong in it? The major mistake committed by men is in the way they carry themselves.

Do you find it hard to pull off tux at times? Stick to the thumb rules listed below and you’ll be on the right track to looking stirring.

Step 1: Get the fitting right

The tuxedo is a luxury clothing style and trying to be economical in it is the biggest mistake. The very thing you need to do is to buy one instead of renting. This way you can get it tailored and customized as per your wish. The formal appearance is all about getting the right fit. Try the entire outfit before the event and get it tailored accordingly. Getting the right fit of suit and trouser will give a finishing touch to the entire appearance. The pads at the shoulder of the suit should not jut out. While the sleeves of the same should end a couple of inches above your wrist. The trouser should stay close to the body, but not very snugly. Moreover, make sure that the length of the pants does not bunch up above the shoes.

Get the fitting right

Step 2: Choose the color combination

The classic black is the standard for all occasion. However, there are other options available as well. While most of the men will be in their black and white, you can make a standout appearance by trying something new. Most fashion connoisseurs are against colored tuxedo. So, if you have the fear of going wrong with your color selection, then, stick to the basic black or midnight blue. Avoid wearing a white tux and there are chances of it getting stained. The other subtle, yet smoking options available are blue, purple, burgundy and others. Choose the one that suits your personal style as well as personality.

Along with this, the trouser should match the color of the tux. Choose the dark-colored suit and light-colored shirt. It should not be the other way round. Moreover, the make sure that the shade of the suit and shirt is not the same.

Step 3: Learn how to wear it

The suit should be single-breasted with only one button. The double-buttoned jackets are very rear. Try both the style and compare them. Choose the one that suits you more and see if you can pull it off.  You need to be very careful about the texture of the clothing. Make sure the texture and fabric of the entire ensemble is same. Along with this, there is a basic thumb rule for making the knot of the bow-tie.

Learn how to wear it

Step 4: Select the right accessory

Once you have got the right attire, it is time for you select the ensemble that you need to pair with it. The very first rule of donning this look is to avoid wearing a belt with it. You can instead use a cummerband for covering your waist. While on other occasions, you accessorize your look, in this stern appearance, you need to accessorize the suit. Here are some of the things that you need to consider.

The pocket square is a must. You can go with subtle patterned once, but the solid shades are the most acceptable choice. The color of the pocket square should contrast tux, so that, the piece is highlighted.

Select the right accessory

The brooch can provide you an added benefit of sophistication, but it is optional. So, you can pair one if you find the right piece. However, make sure that it is not very shiny and snazzy. Keep it as simple as possible.

The cuffs of the shirt will be visible from the suit. So, teaming it up with an elegant pair of cufflinks is advisable.

Along with this, a wristwatch is a must. The timepieces crafted in stainless steel are the most acceptable ones.

Be careful about the lowest layer of your clothing

Step 5: Consider the footwear selection

Lace-up leather shoes are ideal for this attire. You can even go with the Oxford shoes. Keep the selection simple and sleek. Remember, to polish it well. The footwear should be neat and shining as this is the first thing that is noticed in a man. Wear the pair of socks that blends with the color of trouser and shoes.

Step 6: Be careful about the lowest layer of your clothing

The undergarment should not be visible through your shirt. Along with this, ensure that there is no visible underwear line down there. The trousers are fitting and there are chances of visible lines. The seamless style of men’s underwear like men’s thong are ideal options.

Were these points helpful? Share your tips to pull off a suit look in the comments below.

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5 Common Grooming Mistake every man should Avoid

5 Common Grooming Mistake every man should Avoid
  • Attire for the day? Check!
  • Footwear? Check!
  • Wristwatch? Check!

Wait a minute…. what about self-grooming?

“The ‘Queer Eye’ effect, or the Beckham factor, taught men that good grooming and having a fashion sense are an acceptable and important part of a certain kind of lifestyle.” – Tom Julian

Grooming is one of the most neglected aspects in men. Even the most stylish and fashion oriented guy fails to give it the due importance. Regardless of the reason and occasion, every guy should ensure to take this aspect seriously. Very rightly said, “Good things happens to those who groom.”

Not only this, some do know the importance of self-grooming, yet there are certain common mistakes that are overlooked. Are you making such mistakes? Check them out yourself. Listed below are some of the grooming blunders that fail to catch your attention.

Poorly groomed stubble

Poorly groomed stubbleBeards are for sure the sign of masculinity, but at the same time, it is a driving force for your style quotient. Leaving your beards and mustache to grow carelessly is the biggest mistake of committed by most men. While others do the blunder of sporting unkempt stubble. The very thing that you to consider is that the beards should complement the shape of your face. Thus, it is important that you take the advice of an expert once in a while. Visit a salon and get the stubble trimmed properly. Make sure that either shave or trim the beards regularly. You know how guys without beards look scruffy if they skip shaving for more than a day. Same is the case with the stubble.

Fuzzy eyebrows

Fuzzy eyebrowsMen with a uni-brow or fuzzy eyebrows are not acceptable anymore.  Men, in general, don’t know what to do with their eyebrows. They usually pluck or shave the stray hairs in the middle. However, you should be trimming them on the regular intervals. I’m not asking you visit a parlor and get the threading done every fifteen days, but there is nothing wrong in getting it trimmed in a Salon. Removing the extra facial hair will give you a neat and clean look. In the process, make sure that you get rid of the nose and ear hair as well.

Ignoring skincare

Ignoring skincareSkincare is one of the most important aspects of self-grooming. Most men confuse skincare with washing the face. The texture of the skin differs from person to person. The products should be according to the texture of your skin. The oily skin calls for products with oil-control balance property. While the dry skin needs to be moisturized. Shaving should be chosen carefully. Shaving gels are usually accused of drying the skin too much. Use an appropriate aftershave lotion as the skin dies instantly after shaving. Apply a thick layer of sunscreen lotion before leaving home during Summer. Wash your face at least twice a day and keep it clean.

Wrong fragrance of men’s cologne

Wrong fragrance of men’s cologneThe biggest blunder committed by men is choosing the right fragrance of cologne. Body odor is one of the worst drawbacks in the personality of a guy. Unfortunately, the body of men is more prone to sweating and bad odor. Thus, choosing the right perfume is essential. Even for the ladies, perfume is the most intense form of memory. So, make sure that you smell good all day long. Keeping it subtle is the key to finding the perfect fragrance. Your perfume should not be very hard instead it should transform you into a gentleman.

Ignoring below the belt issues

Ignoring below the belt issuesIt is not just the visible skin that requires grooming, taking care of the body organ below the belt is equally important. Remove the forest in the crotch area. This is one reason of sweat retention and manhood odor. Wear the right style and right fit of men’s underwear. If you face the problem of the sweaty scrotum, then, wear the skimpy style of men’s brief underwear or bikinis for men. The high cuts provide ventilation and wicks away the moisture keeping your genital dry.

Do you wanna look better? Then, make sure that you groom yourself appropriately. What are your grooming hacks? Share with us in the comment below.

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6 Underwear habits that may annoy your partner

Underwear habits that may annoy your partner | Skiviez

Studies have shown it time and again that the underwear habits of men are not very inviting. Some men really don’t care about their underwear while others have become so habitual of these habits that do not even realize that it’s disgusting their partner. Regardless of the reason behind this attitude, these unrated aspects definitely needs consideration. The type of the underwear that you choose and the below the belt hygiene has a big impact on your health as well as relationship.

Here a list of some of the annoying habit of men that may be annoying partner even if she’s not complaining about the same. Check them out and see if you’re guilty of any such mistakes.

Habit #1

Going commando

Going commandoThe breezy feel of not wearing anything down there is relaxing and may even be a turn for your partner at times. However, not wearing an underwear everyday has some consequences. Leaving the manhood exposed for longer period of time leads to bacterial infection that is hygienic as well as disgusting for people around you. So, free-balling on special evenings is good, but not always.

Habit #2

Not changing the underwear daily

Not changing the underwear dailyHealth experts say that wearing the same underwear for men more than once without washing increases the risk of fungal infection. Even if you leave the expert comment aside, this is one aspect that can really prove a turn off your in your relationship. Personal and below the belt hygiene is as important as your partner as essential it is for you.

Habit #3

Wearing sweaty and untidy underwear

Men sweat a lot. The most effected part of your body is the arm pits and crotch area. Thus, it is not just important to wear a fresh pair of underwear everyday, but it is even important to wear a clean pair all the time. Some men stay in their sweaty gym undies all day long. There is nothing as disgusting as sweat retention and manhood odor. So, make sure that you change your undergarment after working out. If you sweat buckets than remember to change them before going to bed. A healthy lifestyle can lead to healthy relationship.

Habit #4

Sticking to the old style of undies

A person who’s ready to explore new things and embrace the current trend will always invite compliments. Men, in general, have a habit of being obsessed to the tighty-whitey that their mother used to buy. This is another aspect that need reconsideration. Tantalize your spouse by showing off the sexy side of your personality. Ditch your favorite boxers and try the erotic styles of men’s bikini or thong and let the sparks flying in your relation.

Habit #5

Wearing the baggy undergarments

Wearing the baggy undergarmentsAre you still using the ancient style of baggy boxer shorts? It is high time that you stop it. You may thing that people around you are least bothered about your undergarment, but it really does matter. Sure you feel free in the loose fit apparel, but this is one of the greatest fashion blunder of all time. The old school style can turn any one off. The current trend is all about snug fit and body-defining styles.

Habit #6

Holes in the boxers

Holes in the boxersThe usual habit of using the underwear over and over again for a very long period of time leads to visible holes. The worn out undies and the assets popping out of the undergarment is one of the last sight that anyone wants to see. If you really what to flaunt your derrieres, there are better ways of doing it. Change your undergarment at regular intervals. Don’t use it for than four months. Once the undergarments start showing wears, replace it with new ones.

Did you know these habits of yours was annoying your partner? Are you guilty of any of them? Do share with us in the comments below.

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Do you know the Importance of your Underwear?

Do you know the Importance of your Underwear | Skiviez

Recently I was having a conversation with one person (acquaintance) who believes in going commando. Well, I got to know about this when I told him that I am a fashion blogger and I write about men’s underwear. He was quite happy going bare below the belt and I couldn’t digest the fact because after all, I am an underwear fanatic who loves everything about the underneath and dressing it well.

We had a long discussion about how important fashion underwear is but he was happy with his decision. Well, it was then I realized that making someone understand your point is not an easy task. I even tried stepping in his shoes but wasn’t able to because I was all about having different pairs for different times and having lots of them.

Hence, we ended the discussion without any conclusion. It was then we decided to compile a list of the importance that your underwear has in your life. Moreover, if you find someone like I did, you can always show him the list and let him believe his own eyes.

It was made for a purpose

There’s nothing in this world that is made for no reason. Everything has its own purpose and importance. Likewise, your underneath was made to make you feel the support down there. Who would want to see the drooling you after all? Would you like to see a pant’s pouch that just doesn’t seem to stay in place? If you new the facts about the male anatomy, you’d know the purpose of the underwear as well. In order to keep everything in one place, there are numerous enhancing underwear styles available which give you the desired profile.

It provides you a defined fit

Men with bulgy skin and the ones on the heavier side (including me) would understand how difficult it is to figure out the ways to pick up all the weight and still look appealing. A defining pair of boxer brief underwear or men’s shapewear underwear is designed to take up all you have and give a pleasing outcome which is defined and supported. On the other hand, if you are lean, you can opt for styles like g-string or jockstraps that support the front and lift your back for a pleasing view.

It adds to your confidence level

When in doubt of what should you wear while going for an important meeting or on a date, just pick your favorite sexy underwear and you’ll be able to decide better what outfit to choose with the same pair. I do it all the time and it gives me clear solutions as well. What matters is which style makes you feel confident and supported below the belt keeping up your mental health. A pair of well-maintained, fashionable, form fitted apparel will unintentionally provide all the confidence you’ve been looking for while you smtep out of your house. On the other hand, the dirty looking, ill-fitted ones will collapse your profile.

It prevents you from various health issues

Who likes to scratch eminently in the privates when sweat accumulates? Do you like doing it? It is definitely a feeling that you’d want to avoid at any cost. There are other problems which are graver and more problematic than just rashes. Chafing, crotch rot, stains, the skin between the zipper and a lot more like a bacterial infection and fungal infection are the probabilities. If you wear a clean pair every day and something that suits your skin sensitivity, these problems can be avoided.

Is there any other importance which we missed out on? Do let us know in the comments below.

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4 Effortless ways to raise the bar of your happiness

4 Effortless ways to raise the bar of your happiness

Life is not always about sunshine and rainbows but there’ll always be gray clouds of anxiety, sadness and stressful days. What matters is how you tackle those dark times and come out with that big smile on your face. We know that every situation bring along a lot of side effects that take away your smile and that boost of energy but that’s what we all call life. It is all about how you combat your day-to-day problems and come out as a sole survivor from them.

Who doesn’t look out for happiness in their life?

The straightforward answer to this would be ‘yes’! However, what do you do in order to attain that level of happiness?

We’ve compiled some tips to raise the bar of your happiness without putting in a lot of effort.

Make out

Make OutHaving a sizzling love life is helps a lot on the different grounds of life. Don’t just settle down for the ordinary moves! Make sure you explore new ways and places to get cozy with each other. It doesn’t bother anyone else anyway, so why not have fun with your partner. Did you know that having sex or getting physical with the person you love charges up the happy hormones aka serotonin which lead to a happier you? Well, if you didn’t know this, you can thank us later!

Go for a spa

Go for a spaDon’t just go to any spa! You all must have planned as well as started packing for your beach holiday, you can visit a spa there. Spas situated near the beaches offer better services and are quite relaxing as well. After all, you’re heading to that destination for that purpose apart from running around in your men’s swimwear and relaxing while sipping beer. Spas have their own feeling and it’s just indescribable. More than that, you can sign up for pedicure and manicure to take the feeling to a whole new level.

Have a journal

Have a JournalWe all have the constant rush of feelings which sometimes we need to cherish even after they’re over. Hence, keep a journal where you can put in pictures, quotes, small notes, wishes and even reminders of being thankful to others for so many things. Journals go a long way when it comes to jotting down one’s feelings and important things. It was a clear depiction of one’s personality.


MeditateHas ever someone been adversely affected by meditating? Well, as far as I know, it is one natural source of welcoming love, happiness, contentment and peace of mind into your life. Hence, you should practice it day-in-day-out to be a happy person inside out. It’s perfect for those whose schedule is a little bit hectic considering the convenience of the practice. Meditate in the morning and you needn’t go anywhere else when you can practice it at home. In fact, if you find it hard to wake up a little early, you can do it before hitting the bed at night as well. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Summers are approaching and all the sweat, hectic schedules and stress will make you feel quite irritated. These steps come in handy for those time. All you got to do is practice happiness and wear summer fabrics to keep yourself cool & comfortable.

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Tips to make your Men’s Underwear Style last Longer

As tricky as it is to think about buying from the various men’s underwear styles, it is also confusing how to keep them last longer with us. Don’t you think so? They are bought, worn for like hundreds of times and then they are either the dusting rag or probably in worse case scenarios find their way to the dustbin. Whether it is the facts about your male anatomy or about the clothes for the same, who doesn’t desire it to be in the good shape.

It is the high time when we understand the true worth of spending money on your underneath fashion and get to experience the luxury for a while and then it is time to switch to the next one. However, we’ve compiled a few tips that can make your designer underwear last longer than you think it would.

Go gentle on the pairs

You might some XYZ detergent for your outfits because they make your clothes shine like they’re new. However, little did you know that outfits are made with stronger fabric that takes the time to wear and tear. Hence, your sheer underwear or conventional briefs being lightweight as well as tiny fall apart when you throw them all together in the machine. Use a gentle detergent to soak the pairs and then opt for gently rubbing them with hands. Being gentle, the fabric will not get affected and keep the threads together.

Avoid wearing them every alternate time as well as at a stretch of two or more days

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t change your fashion underwear for two or more days, there seems to be a certain patch on the fabric where your shaft ends? Well, that is your body fluid which passes through and stays on the pouch. Hence, it gradually fades the fabric and also speeds up the tearing process. Another angle to it would be, when you wear your skimpy apparel styles like thong underwear or men’s bikinis too often, you got to wash them frequently. So, the fabric is pushed to die out sooner than you think.

Do not throw them in the dryer

The dryer of the washing machine is like throwing yourself into a pit where your bones are crushed. The same happens when you throw your unmentionables in the dryer and let them go through the push and pull which results in loose threads. Hence, loose threads are easily torn apart. In addition, it also snatches away the smoothness of the fabric which in turn leaves rashes on your body.

Abstain from bleach

Bleach is a chemical that is used to whiten the fabric. However, the side effect of the same is that it leaves the fabric weak over time. If you need the extra disinfecting power of bleach, keep usage to every other wash to keep your underwear in tip-top condition.

With these things kept in mind, you can make your undergarments durable and appealing.

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