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2xist Trunk Underwear

2xist Trunk | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

The quality, level of comfort and sophistication which the brand incorporates in each of its men’s underwear collection has made it a top class brand. The line of 2xist underwear is the one that puts a little contrast in every guy’s life, with bold color options and contrast waistbands and trim. The 2xist underwear collection has the right pair designed for every man based on their style and mood.

Skiviez has a great selection of 2xist Trunk Underwear which is styled with perfect profile enhancement with a classic designer style. From classic cuts to more innovative square-cut trunks featuring racing stripes and original fabrications, 2xist Trunk Underwear is made for every guy who appreciates quality and originality.

Trunk styles of men’s underwear are a lot like the boxer briefs except the leg length is shorter.

Important aspects of 2xist Trunk Underwear :-


Contour Pouch for Supportive Uplift- The perfect pouch for men lifts the package upfront as well as keeps it steady and at comfort throughout the day without the need of adjusting it after intervals. 2xist Trunk Underwear is the dependable and highly supportive. They prevent your masculinity from chafing and rubbing against the thighs.

Comfort- When we’re talking about 2xist Trunks, it is not possible to ignore this aspect. Keeping it comfortable underneath is the most important aspect of any underwear. Let’s face it!! If the apparel looks extremely appealing and does not provide comfort, will we wear it for more often? I don’t think so.

Super Soft Fabric- 2xist Trunk Underwear is crafted with high quality fabrics to keep minimal stretch and making the product smooth, soft and breathable.

Waistband- With low rise and fabric on the front and back, the waistband holds the underwear together with everything in it.

Shop the exclusive assortment of 2xist trunk at Skiviez available in variety of fabric, colors and sizes.

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Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear

Calvin Klein Square Cut | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

The collection of Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear at Skiviez is featured with lots of classic styles to choose from the briefs, boxers and bikinis under the square cut category. The different styles of Square Cut Underwear at Skiviez are featured with quality control fabrics which are moisture wicking and offer an extreme level of comfort. Each and every style has been designed keeping in mind the comfort level.

Featured with a square cut, Calvin Klein men’s underwear styles are designed to offer the required amount of coverage. Skiviez has an extensive range of square cut underwear styles in different colors, sizes, patterns and fabrics to suit the personality of different individuals.

Features of Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear :-


Some of the important features of Calvin Klein Square cut underwear are-


If you are a guy who needs little more coverage with classy looks, then try Calvin Klein Square cut underwear which are available in bold colors and offer a sexy taste on this sporty classy men’s underwear style.


Square cut underwear by Calvin Klein works for everyday wear because of its being extremely comfortable in the legs. With full rise on the waist and high quality fabrics, they act as highly functional and comfortable styles.


Created from high elastic waistband, they offer a snug fit and tend to be very supportive.

With so many features combined under a single category, Skiviez offers a great array of Calvin Klein square cut underwear, featuring style with comfort.

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2xist Additions And Over 100 Clever Styles!!

2xist Underwear

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see the hot new designs from 2xist! Optic is the latest line from the always popular 2xist brand. Optics is the science of light and its interaction with matter.

2xist Underwear Styles:

2xist has perfected this science with their Optic Trunk, Brief, and Tank in four eye catching and mix-and-match friendly colors. The waistband resembles a color spectrum with bright, vibrant colors fading into each other (kind of like a Fruit Rollup). Optic comes from “appearance” or “look,” and it’s going to be hard to keep others from looking at your stunning appearance in this underwear! 2xist has also updated their Liquid Cotton line to include three new, but limited edition colors: Radiant Pink, Frosted Blue, and Pebble Grey. Available in a Square Cut No-Show Brief, a Square Cut Brief, and a Square Cut Trunk. Make sure you don’t miss out on these great colors and styles! The Contrast Line from 2xist has also been expanded with two new, limited edition color combinations: Pebble/Pink and Dusk/Lead. These are available in all of the styles you have come to love from the Contrast Line: a No-Show Brief, a No-Show Trunk, a Pouch Brief, and a great Square Cut Tank. Not to be outdone 2xist has added two new colors to their Retro Line. The Retro Jock, No-Show Brief, and Trunk are now available in blue and green. These are also limited edition and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Last, but certainly not least, 2xist has also expanded the color selection in the Track Line. Now available in limited edition Gold and Green, the Square Cut Trunk, the Sport Brief, and the No-Show Brief will make a great addition to any underwear drawer!

Clever Underwear Style:

Skiviez is proud to offer over 100 in stock styles from Clever. With such devilishly cute styles and designs, let your naughty side run free in the Good and Evil Trunk or the Diabolical Splendor Trunk. With so many new and stylish designs to choose from, it’s going to be tough to narrow down your options to just one!

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