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How Men’s Sexy Underwear makes You Feel Good?

How Men's Sexy Underwear makes You Feel Good | Skiviez

Special times are just special times and they don’t come by every day. What one needs to do is to be prepared for the moment that calls for it. You know what I am talking about, don’t you? Well, if you are the person who makes sure that he’s ready for all the situations, then this is an addition to your preparation whereas; for others, you must make the most of what you get and transform it into something that lasts.

I know it is way too philosophical but what we intend to say here is your underneath fashion play an essential role when it comes to getting lucky with your partner or having your first date. There are different occasions like romantic evenings, date nights, anniversaries and other occasions that call for something unique and different from every day men’s underwear.

What you need is a pair of men’s sexy underwear that can make your day and fulfill your desires.

Now the question is- how can sexy underwear make you feel good? Let us take a look at the reasons below.

Availability of styles

When it comes to sex appeal or the feeling of sexiness, there’s no bar to what your style calls for. Whether you’re a conventional men’s briefs guy or the male thong types, there are a plethora of erotic underwear styles available specifically engineered for the bedroom activities. You can fulfill your fetish with the variety of sheer underwear styles that lay out your desires on the table.

Men's Sexy Underwear | Skiviez

The softness of the fabric

When do you feel sexy when your partner sports something sexy? Is it the looks? Yeah!! For sure!! However, don’t you fall in love with her lingerie when you get to touch it? Hence, touch is very important and sexy, exotic underwear is perfect for the occasions. Fabrics like nylon, satin, cotton, leather-like, sheer, mesh and others are available for your choice.


It is not very important that every pair is comfortable and for that, you got to take a look at the fabrics or else you won’t be feeling sexy. In fact, when you have to adjust the entire day, it is not what you signed up for. Hence, you must take proper care of what goes under because that’s what counts in your comfort.

With these aspects, sexy pieces make you feel absolutely sexy. Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Men’s G-String Underwear- Top 5 of 2016

The year 2016 has been quite a fashionable year talking about style, trends and options. Talking specifically about underneath fashion, Skiviez has been providing men some really sexy, exotic and functional pieces that worked quite well for the male anatomy as well as the overall personality. The collection of men’s g-string underwear too had been loved by men worldwide and hence, we were compelled to reveal the top 5 products of 2016 that created a buzz among the male population.

This blog will be a guide for you to reach the top 5 sexy underwear products available at the men’s underwear online store.

Good Devil G-String

One of the most erotic and popular piece that comes across as the most outrageous thing is the Good Devil G-String that features a cylindrical pouch that holds the manhood vertically upwards for an erected position. While the front gets covered, the lower part of the manhood has cock holder straps that reveal it. The rear is a typical g-string rear. Can you ask for more??

Good Devil G-String | Skiviez

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String

Coming down to fashion underwear that is perfect for men who seek undeniable support, style and sex appeal in their below the belt, the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz g-string is worth the try. The triangular pouch with a geometrical print in the front and everything else for the show, this is an absolutely stunning piece. Thin string waistband and the same width rear string leaves nothing to the imagination while the pouch does hide everything under covers.

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String | Skiviez

Cover Male Power G-String

Talking about Cover Male, the style has to be unique with the undying support to the assets. With a front that has a lot of fabric as inserts held together with thick piping all over the edges as well as the cut-outs on the pouch sides feature outlining. The contouring pouch hangs low but provides the support needed support to the shaft. On the first look you might get confused it to be a thong underwear but the rear reveals that to you in detail. The thin width of the back strings make sure it is a g-string.

Cover Male Power G-String | Skiviez

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String

The name itself says a lot about the purpose and design of the erotic underwear. With the name Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String, who wouldn’t love to sport an erotic piece when romance and teasing is on the mind. With a shiny waistband, a couple of strings hold the pouch leaving the top of the manhood for the visibility. The shiny pouch lifts but it is all till the time the pair doesn’t come off.

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String | Skiviez

Intymen Pea Cock G-String

Entering in the field of g-strings, Intymen has finally reached the point where men would be able to wear sporty cum sultry g-strings. With complete wrapped front (not forgetting the support and enhancement), the thong-like rear features a broad waistband with an additional layer of fabric below it and conventional g-string back that passes through the butts.

Intymen Pea Cock G-String | SkiviezIf you think your favorite is not mentioned here, please inbox its name in the comments below.

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Explore the Halloween World at Skiviez

Halloween Day Sale

Celebrate in style with the colorful costumes we have for you this Halloween at Skiviez. Yes, you have heard it right, this year we have got something much better and special for our customers. With our vast and amazing selection of costumes, we help our audience transform into a bewitchingly convincing Halloween style. From sexy costumes to something scary, we have everything that will definitely give you a festive feel this Halloween.

We have come up with an exciting Halloween Sale, i.e. “Up to 50% Off” on our top brands including Joe Snyder, Cover Male, Candy Man, Gigo, Male Power, Miami Jock, Zylas, Marcuse, Clever, Otzi, Pikante, Good Devil, Agacio, Intymen and many others.

This sale is applicable on all different underwear styles we are offering. Starting from the men’s briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstraps, bikinis and several others, you can take opportunity to grab your favorite style at the minimum price rates.

The best part about shopping via this Halloween Sale is that you are going to save a lot of money. Every penny counts so why pay extra? We invite you to explore our trendiest collection and find your perfect costume at unbelievably low prices.  By offering such interesting deals, we will make sure that you have fun in anything you wear and save all year round. Don’t delay; newly reduced products won’t stay at these amazing prices forever! Whether you’re looking for affordable costumes for fun night, or trying to find costumes for some special moment, Skiviez is here with its budget friendly costumes that you will definitely love.

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