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5 Rare Facts about Columbus Day you might Not know

5 Rare Facts about Columbus Day you might Not know

Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas on October 10th, 1492 and this we all are aware of. However, there are some facts that are still not known by the majority of people. Did you know that Christopher Columbus started his sail on August 3rd, 1492? If you do, you are among the 12% of people who are well aware of the history of the world.

How did we reach this conclusion?

Well, a closed study was conducted with 50 learned people were quizzed on how well do they know the history of the world and that’s exactly how we reached this conclusion. Well, without beating around the bush anymore, let us look at the unknown or lesser known facts about Columbus Day.

1. Columbus came as a ray of hope: You might know that in the 19th century more than 3.5 million Italian migrants came to the U.S. for survival, shelter, food, and employment. However, back then, citizens of the country looked down up the Italians as the backward class. It was after the discovery when the communities started to build cordial relations (Italian-American). Hence, it is a remembrance of all the hardships and trials.

2. Names of the ships: Most of you know that Columbus had around 115 men in his crew for the journey, but did you know what were the names of his three ships? Well, if you didn’t know, the names of his ships were the Pinta, Santa Clara, and the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was the biggest and the slowest of them all, Pinta (the Painted One) was about 20 meters in length (about 65 feet) and about 7 meters wide (22 feet) approximately, and Santa Clara (popularly known as Nina) was about 45 feet long.

3. It is not only the U.S.: Well, you might find that the second Monday is always celebrated as the day in the United States but there are other countries also which observe it as a festival. Some parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and some cities in Italy, as well as Spain, are the places that too find the legacy worth celebrating.

4. Columbus was not the first to explore: If you still think that Christopher Columbus was the first man who explored the New World, you need to look again. Africans and Europeans were already inhabiting in some parts of America. Eventually, Vikings from Europe and fishermen from the Iberian peninsula came into the picture. After them, it was Christopher Columbus who finally explored the New World.

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Did you know any of the above-mentioned facts? Do let us know which one or if there’s something that you would want out readers to know about Columbus Day in the comments below.

Black Friday Sale – Facts You Must Know

What is Black Friday?


Black Friday is the name of Friday that immediately follows American Thanksgiving, which is held on the fourth Thursday of November. It is also counted the unofficial marking for beginning of Christmas season in USA since the inception of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924.

The term “Black Friday”, however, was not coined until the 1960s, where it was used by the Philadelphia Police to describe the day of “massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks.” These crowds often line up outside stores for hours before the doors actually open in order to be sure they are able to get the item they are searching for.

On Black Friday, holiday shopping kicks off. Various stores in countries like USA and America offer great deals and discounts on their products. They also often open extended hours in order to accommodate shoppers who are willing to be at the store to make sure they get the best deals. These stores often encourage shoppers to shop and purchase products that drive profit.

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and deals here are expected to be intensely sought after. It has moved on to the world of web as well. The following Monday, many online stores offer great deals to entice the customers that decided to stay home or missed getting the item they were looking for on Black Friday. The name for this day was coined “Cyber Monday” by the National Retail Federation’s Shop.org division, and is known as the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Shopping on Black Friday- Is It Really Worth?


Black Friday counts for the biggest shopping day of the year and most of the holiday shoppers are often motivated by the sales that occur during the official holiday shopping season. They believe that they are purchasing products at bargained prices. However, it is unlikely that retailers will offer the lowest prices during a time that is prime shopping season, though shoppers will definitely find some bargains.

Black Friday begins the Christmas shopping season. Christmas shopping season is of enormous importance for U.S. retailers. Black Friday stores like Walmart, Sears, Target, Toys R Us opened early and promotional offers for the shopping season.

Last year, Amazon reported its busiest ever sales day on Black Friday with more than 3,000 deals being launched. As per the data, “last year Amazon sold more than 4 million items on Black Friday”.

According to reports from Channel Advisor, “Amazon recorded far higher sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving last year, which has come to be known as Cyber Monday.”

Black Friday 2014 set another record, as “95.5 million” people surveyed said they would shop on Black Friday itself. This is up from the “92 million in 2013”, “89 million in 2012” and “85 million in 2011”.

How to Prepare Yourself for Black Friday Shopping?


Black Friday is almost here, so are you ready to get into the right place and the right time? Here are some tips that will help you get the most bang for your buck-


Customer reviews are of great help when shopping online for a specific product, so make sure to read them.

Browse the deals-

Knowing which retailers are going to have what on sale and when before the big day will help you decide where and when you want to go, will help with budgeting, and will help you see who you have left to shop for. As you browse the deals, make a list with the product, who it’s for, the price, the location, and any special hours for the sale.

Price Comparison-

Shop around to see what the average retail price of an item is, before you leave, so you can go to the store that is offering the best deal. Check to see what usually comes with the item you are looking for, and what the store is offering.

So, prepare yourself for the Black Friday Sale so that you don’t miss out this opportunity.


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Cyber Monday Sale – What is it All About?

With the festive season approaching, there are so many things you need to prepare yourself for and shopping is one of them. Festivals always come together with great deals and discounts for all those shopaholics who have been waiting for a long. Cyber Monday Sale is an exciting opportunity which lets people shop from the convenience of their homes. It is the only time when people do not need to stress out and shop with huge savings.

Here are some important aspects which you need to know about Cyber Monday. Starting with the history, I have something interesting to share with you all. Let’s take a look-



In November 2004, retail industry researchers identified unusual online sales activity on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Specifically, researchers found that Internet shopping on this day increased by 78% in 2004 over the previous year. To create extra buzz and publicity, Shop.org, a division of the National Retail Federation, coined the term “Cyber Monday” in 2005.

Celebrated on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday works on the same principle as Black Friday, except that it occurs online only. The sale/ discounts promote people to shop online instead of shopping from brick and mortar stores. One of the first things shoppers do is hunting for the best deals. Many of them have been saving their pennies to splash out on some great and exciting Cyber Monday Deals.

The quest for the best online shopping deal really took off in earnest in the middle of the first decade of this century. During that time stores began to notice a drop off in holiday traffic. By the end of the season, large retail chains found that their profits weren’t affected by the drop in holiday traffic. Upon analyzing the data, those retailers came to realize that shoppers were beginning to avoid the mall, opting instead to use their computers to locate the best buy. Cyber Monday was born.

What is Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday (a day after Thanksgiving). People go shopping this day and as a result there are many great deals offered by many shopping websites. Cyber Monday Deals gives shoppers a great opportunity to grab attractive deals on any of their most liked products which they might have missed during Black Friday. Cyber Monday sale brings exciting opportunities for people who avoid standing in long lines. This year Cyber Monday sale falls on November 30 when all online stores get ready to roll out deals on hourly or first come- first serve basis.

Cyber Monday is biggest US shopping day ever


In the US Cyber Monday online sales grew 15% compared to 2013, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history. The concept of Cyber Monday originated in the year 2005 and spread across countries as UK, Canada and Germany. It is estimated that about 100 million Americans shop on Cyber Monday. Various online stores including Skiviez.com offer great deals by celebrating Cyber Monday festival.

Holiday Shoppers Switching To Cyber Monday Sales


Cyber Monday shoppers are very clear about why they like the day. More than 40% of time-strapped shoppers said the 24-hour convenience is their highest priority. Many other listed their desire to avoid the crowds on Black Friday as their primary reason for shopping online. Nearly a third of online shoppers said they like the ability to easily compare prices. A few online shoppers said they would buy less, thanks to expensive shipping charges, not being able to see or handle their purchase ahead of time, and having to wait for it to be shipped.

Shoppers are using social media more than ever. Nearly one third said they would go to a company’s Facebook page to get additional information about Cyber Monday sales. Twice as many would look at customer reviews on the company’s website before buying any products or services.

Shopping on Cyber Monday Sale


A report from comScore has recorded an expenditure of $ 1.735 billion from last year’s Cyber Monday online holiday shopping alone. Sale on this day is expected to grow by 15 percent. Amazon UK and Adobe have made a similar prediction, with the former claiming it “will be the biggest day ever for online retailers”.

4 Reasons to Shop Cyber Monday


  1. It’s easier and faster.
  2. If you were busy with family or travel on Thanksgiving Friday and missed the in-store sales, Cyber Monday gives you another opportunity to take advantage of reductions.
  3. You can easily compare prices online.
  4. You can shop in anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready?


All those out there, now you need to make sure to take the advantage of Cyber Monday Deals by signing up for email alerts on money saving deals. Get a jumpstart on the holiday shopping season by making a list, setting a budget and visiting your site.

This year, the holiday shopping extravaganza is going to be much bigger with great deals on different products at stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Skiviez, NewEgg, Tiger Direct and so on.

There is another important point to note about Cyber Monday Sales which you must take care of.  Although the Cyber Monday is limited for that specific day but you must understand that the peak timing to shop are from 6am in the morning, lunch breaks and evenings after you finish your task and before you leave from work.

So, if you are ready to grab the best, then it’s time to prepare yourself for the shopping season with Cyber Monday Sales.

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Save 25 Percent During Our Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

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Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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