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Being an Underwear fanatic – 8 things Novelty Underwear can give you

8 things Novelty Underwear can give you

Who is an underwear fanatic?

A true definition of a fan to me is no matter what your record is and how you’re doing, they’re supportive of the team.

Well, in the case of being a men’s underwear fan (or fanatic), the true person would always be having a good selection of pieces that support, enhance, and comfort. If you consider yourself to be the one, you’d have every possible fashion underwear to raise the bar of your happiness.

Being a fan myself, I have learned a lot from the variety of styles that are available online for us and our underneath. Every style has its own beauty and some of them must actually be included in your wardrobe to keep you feeling good about yourself. One such category that must be there in your closet is of novelty underwear.

What is novelty underwear?

Novelty underwear for men is a category of apparel that is not meant to be worn on a regular basis and is designed for special purposes only. With revealing cuts and tasteful designs, you’re sure to feel the uniqueness below the belt.

However, did you know what can your novelty pieces can give you? If you don’t, go on and read it to the end.

The visual appeal

You must have heard about – love at first sight! When you find your kind of sexy underwear in the category, it’ll be the same feeling all over again. The visual treat to the eyes is how the brand has crafted the piece to make your junk and your personality to look a lot more appealing than it actually would look in a regular pair of underwear.

For example, compare between a regular pair of boxer brief underwear that covers to the full as well as supports to the full and a mesh underwear that reveals tiny parts leaving the rest covered. I don’t think I need to tell more.

The sex appeal

This is an obvious aspect that is picked up from where it lying down to a place where others too can notice it just like you do. Sex appeal is something that you feel within and the results are visible on the outside. All you have to do is choose the pair that defines your sexiness and comfort quite well.

The comfort

Comfort is a big word that incorporates numerous smaller terms that add up together to provide you the feeling that you want to experience. One of the most important features that makes you and your junk feel comfortable is the kind of fabric you look out for. Novelty pieces go as far as you think of with compositions including cotton, nylon, microfiber blends, silk, leather, mesh and a lot more that comfort your manhood like no other.

The kick/adrenaline rush

This has to be one that men look out for in a pair. Who doesn’t want his underneath to make him feel the adrenaline rush within? Well, I want thong underwear or lace jockstraps or something else that can give me the boost from within to go and get what I am looking for.

The visibility

Whether you take visibility in the literal sense of the enhancing underwear types, novelties are novelties. With brands like Good Devil, Miami Jock, and others, you’d definitely be visible in the most literal sense. On the other hand, the pouches made to level up your manhood’s visibility by lifting the same with various techniques is the next best part of having such pieces. Intymen, Agacio, Joe Snyder are some of the brands.

The love-you-back feeling

You love your partner and your partner loves you back, and that’s how your relationship blooms. Likewise, when you love your underneath fashion, don’t you want the fabric below the belt to love you back? If you do want that – choose the pieces that will help you make you feel the same. With the cuts, coverage and the fabric (of course), this feature creeps in and you won’t even know.

The support

This aspect might be optional but you would find mesh briefs or lace boxers that offer just the right amount of support that your manhood needs. Even the single string put in the right place can do this task for you and on the other hand, loads of fabric wouldn’t fulfill it if the intention is to not-to-support. You can choose what your idea of the occasions calls for.

The confidence

When all the above things/features are kept in the right place, confidence comes complimentary for you. As a result, you have a better outlook towards the world and the world looks up to you as a pleasing personality.

Now, do you want to experience novelty apparel styles? Do let us know your comments below.

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Novelty Underwear- Perfect for Valentine’s Day?

Florists probably are the luckiest on either Christmas or Valentine’s Day because that’s exactly when they are the richest. With the day of love not quite far, both men and women would have started preparing for the big celebration. If gifts are on your mind (which should be), male underwear is what you should consider.

Talking about underneath fashion, not the regular apparel styles would do because it is no ordinary day. What is that makes it perfect for the occasion? The collection of men’s novelty underwear is what completes the actual meaning of gifting or even buying for yourself (you know where it all ends after all).

What is novelty underwear?

Novelty pieces are those which are not meant to be worn every day. They’re made in a way that only special occasions deserve them. With a collection of varied designs, you’d find a lot of reasons to show off your skin in the products.

This blog lays down the reasons for which novelty pieces make it ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Can make you look like a million bucks

Have you ever noticed the difference in your looks when you wear regular clothes and when you switch to something made for the occasion? Well, that’s because you take out more time looking for something that that actually looks good on you. Likewise, the sexy underwear styles that are worn particularly for fewer occasions is what makes you look like a superstar.

Feels like spending less than a dime

Where the first reason talked about the increasing value, this one is more about the opposite. A pair of sexy novelties would cost you lesser than $20 to be approx. Depending on how much you are ready to spend, the quality and the sex appeal of the products increase while they come in handy if you keep a watch on your pocket. In addition, if you are expecting them to stay longer, don’t make regular pieces and that’ll increase their shelf life.

A gift worth keeping

This might sound a lot like for the women lingerie pieces, but little do you know that when men are serious about a relationship, they’ll cherish gifts. Well, when something so intimate is given as a gift, it is very well cherished for a long time. Don’t you keep card made by your partner or the shirt she gave you on your birthday? That’s exactly how you’re going to keep it in a way that it stays longer with you.

Is a powerful message for the opposite sex

You don’t give g-string underwear or sheer underwear to the person you meet a month back. Do you? You don’t because you’re not very certain about how strong the relationship is. However, when you’re too into each other and are desperately in love, it makes perfect sense. While giving a male thong to your partner, the clear message that you convey to him is that you want something in return- a night of passion or to get naughty between he sheet or something else.

Would you have anything else to add up here? Do you let us know in the comments below.

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