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Why your wardrobe should include these underwear styles?

Why your wardrobe should include these underwear styles

If you take a look at my closet, you’ll find everything in place when it comes to outfits. However, my thongs, briefs, and even socks are all in together in one drawer. You can call it laziness or a secret to being a creative person, but I find my stuff easily and that’s exactly what I want from my top drawer in return.

Whatever I am looking for is easily available in the same place- no matter if it is my sexiest g-string underwear for my erotic moments or boxers for the trip to the grocery store (yes!! I cook myself).

However, there are still some men’s underwear styles that make him prepared for every situation.

Don’t they?

Well, that’s why we’re here for you and below mentioned are your fashion-armory for every situation.

Lace underwear

Fancy tank tops might get a bad review from some but see through underwear never killed anyone? Have they? After all, showing some skin in sexy lace underwear is everything a man wants when pampering the assets is on your mind. When you’re trying to make a fashion statement even underneath, lace should be adopted for stunning results.

Sheer underwear

When we talk about see through underwear, lace is definitely an option but can we set aside the conventional sheer fabric? Well, you have worked really hard at the gym for this moment when you can show off your chiseled body to your partner. Whether it is sheer panels (from tiny ones to broad panels) or entire mesh construction, sheer doesn’t lose its charm.

Seamless underwear

Going commando isn’t the best option at all and that’s why…man made seamless underpants. Whether you choose sexy seamless briefs as your option or revealing men’s thongs with minimal fabric, the purpose of any seamless pair is to hide those underwear lines which protrude from your tight pants. As an added bonus, they’re much gentler on your skin.

Any other style worth stocking up? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Valentine’s Day- What do the Symbols Mean?

Have you heard about the different symbols of love? Hearts?? Cupid?? Anything else?? Well, love itself is a symbol of your relationship. However, the day of love i.e., Valentine’s Day has a number of symbols with their specific meanings as well.

This blog is more or less a continuation of the blog we wrote about the facts of Valentine’s Day. This one talks about the various symbols of the day of love that’ll enlighten you with the day in a better way.


The very symbol that you’ll see around yourself specifically throughout the Valentine Week is hearts. Whether you head towards the busiest streets of your town or the most remote areas, hearts are visible. Why so? Well, this has a legend attached to it! It was a long time ago when people felt that all the emotions- good, bad, which also includes love. Hence, that’s where the hearts follow.


You might see a lot of lace in the market these days including the men’s underwear industry. However, it all started in the olden days when a Knight rode in the battlefield with a lace handkerchief for the woman he loved. It is believed that woman (years later) dropped the lace handkerchief in the way of the man that she adored. Interesting isn’t it? Now it is more about lace lingerie for women and lace underwear for men.


Now that’s what we all know!! Cupid is a legendary God that is believed to be the love and attraction between a man as well as a woman. If you imagine, you’ll find a young bubbly boy with wings flying with a bow and an arrow in his hands aiming at couples to make them fall in love with each other. You might have seen the figure in movies like Love-Struck, Cupid, and others.


This is probably the inevitable symbol that is part of celebrations that has love in them. The word ROSE if juggled makes EROS which is the name of the God of Love. Followed are the different colors of roses with their meanings.

  1. Red & white: Together means unity
  2. Pink: Grace and gentility
  3. Yellow: Joy
  4. Orange, Coral: Communicate your desire.
  5. Burgundy: A compliment to your sweetheart’s unconscious beauty
  6. A single rose: Signifies simplicity and purity
  7. White: Heavenly, purity, innocence
  8. White rosebuds warn that you’re too young for love


You might have seen it in the old movies that doves are sent with the love message and if the dove returns, it is good news. That’s not it! It is believed doves chose their partner on 14th February and stayed with them throughout their life. Hence, being a symbol of loyalty, and love.

Do you agree with these? Which is your favorite symbol? Do let us know in the comments below.

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4 Things to Know Before Opting for Calvin Klein Underwear

4 Things to Know Before Opting for Calvin Klein Underwear | Skiviez

Formed or established in the year 1968, the pioneer fashion label Calvin Klein has come a long way crossing all the obstacles with a positive attitude and never dying approach. With the aim of reforming the fashion industry, Calvin Klein Underwear was introduced for men. With the sexual and scintillating advertisements, the label caught the notice and since then, there’s no looking back for the high-end designer underwear label.

This blog lays down the 5 things that every man and woman (who shop for their man) must know before opting for Calvin Klein Underwear.

The collection

Calvin Klein apparel style assortment has a wide array of men’s fashion underwear products that are perfect for every type of style and personality. There are pieces which are modern and unique, peppy and sensuous, sexy and stylish, as well as comfortable and functional.

The designer’s venture in the underneath fashion line

CK is one of the most popular names in the fashion industry. With the collection of ready-to-wear, perfumes and other accessories, the label embodies a distinct collection of designer underwear. The brand stepped into the crafting unmentionables in the year 1982 with men’s briefs and boxer brief underwear. Eventually, with the flow of industry and its needs, the brand started off providing boxer shorts, thongs and later g-string underwear.

Aims at being daring and free

Since the beginning, CK has always opted for products that are stylish and very appealing to the eyes. Back then, when other brands indulged in tighty whiteys, it was Calvin Klein offering colorful pieces. With just a single fitted pair, you’ll surely be ready to face the world with a fancy underneath.

Women Love Calvin Klein Underwear

The looks of Calvin Klein apparel styles drives women crazy. Probably the reason is that the defining fit and the contoured manhood is what pleases the eyes as well as the luxurious fabric composition for touch.

Made for grabbing the attention, you must try out CK products from skiviez.com.

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Stylize Below The Belt With Intymen Boxer Shorts

Intymen Boxer Shorts

Lay your masculinity in the comfort and support of the Intymen Abstract Boxer Print. The respective men’s underwear styles by the reputed apparel brand Intymen is a functional and fashionable product that holds the manhood in place and covers conventionally. The brand’s popularity among the modern male population is for the enhancing underwear properties it offers in every pair. One such product is from the new arrival category and is known as the Intymen Abstract Boxer Print.

Intymen Abstract Boxer Print

Men’s Boxer Shorts-

The respective men’s boxer shorts by the label features an outstandingly unique abstract print all over the sexy underwear. The monochromatic shades make the apparel style way too masculine whereas; the shimmery waistband with a vivacious color adds glamour to the entire fashionable appeal. The print on the boxer features a combination of grey and black.

Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, you very well know how it’s gonna make you feel down there the entire day. Coming down to the pouch, how would you want an Intymen pouch to be like? Enhanced? Protruded? Supported? Comfortable? Well, the answer is a yes to all the characteristics mentioned. The enhancing underwear features a bold stitch around the package gets the attention where it should be. Know more about itymen underwear click here.

Check it out at skiviez.com.

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Which Men’s Underwear Styles Are Considered Sexy?

The tighty whitey, snug fit briefs are a past now (not literally) because today’s men have realized the worth of their comfortable underwear. Hence, you’ll find that Skiviez provides various men’s underwear styles that are sexy by looks as well as their functionality.

With these sexy apparel styles, you can easily boost your confidence as well as sex appeal with the minimal fabrics. If you are thinking what these styles can be, let’s look at them below.

Men’s bikini underwear:

Considered to be women’s novelty, bikini for men has been around for a very long time. The sexy and sportively stylish underwear is a combination of exposure with added functionality. They are available in such a wide variety of colors, pouch options, fabrics and more. They are sensuous, appealing and very comfortable.

Men’s thong underwear:

Brought to the forefront after many years and worn by men, thongs have been a sexy accessory since the early ages. Back then used for merely covering the privates, the sensual and erotic pieces are way more useful now as the bedroom attires. Thongs for men are sexy, revealing and very appealing. Whether you seek it as a secret confidence enhancer or merely for pleasure purposes; the men’s underwear store has numerous options.

Men’s G-Strings:

Lastly, the next in the queue are the close cousins of thongs, men’s g-string underwear. They are a bit more revealing, skimpier and meant for pleasure purposes. If the motive is to get down and dirty, g-strings of the numerous brands are the perfect match for your taste and likes. They are tempting, tantalizing and a must have for the great bedroom action.

To know more about the brands that offer these exotic underwear styles, click here. So, which of the above do you own? Do you think any other style can also be considered sexy? Do let us know in the space below.

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Style Combinations that are Classics

Style Combinations

It is a big truth that there are some styles that never go out of fashion. Some of the examples are the leather bike jacket or the versatile white Oxford shirt and more. These articles are pure classic and you can wear them anytime and still look handsome and stylish. This blog talks about the style combinations for men that are evergreen as well as gives lays down the suggestions for the kind of men’s underwear style you can team them up with.

Simple, stylish and easy to wear, these iconic looks never get old. Let us look at the styles below.

1. Sweatshirt and Chinos

Sweatshirts have been around for quite some time now and both men and women have acquired it to be a style statement that can be worn casually on the field. Another classic is the pair of chinos (quite popular these days).  What is it about this combination that works so well? It’s essentially a case of ‘opposites attract’. Chino trousers – while less formal than tailored trousers – have an air of vague formality. Conversely, the sweatshirt lends its wearer an unfussy, relaxed edge. (Men’s underwear styles like male bikinis or mens low rise underwear would be apt for the style combination).

2. White shirt and white trousers

Have you ever tried the classic combination of white t-shirt with a pair of white denims or trousers? Well if you haven’t as of now, this is the right time. It’s a fast track to summer-ready style in two pared-back steps. You just have to take a look at the variety of ‘whites’ available at brands like Mango, McQueen and more, and choose the ones that go well with your complexion. (Fashion underwear styles like mens microfiber thong or g-string underwear would diminish the visible fabric or underwear lines in the rear)

3. The roll neck and double-breasted blazer

Roll necks have been there since I was kid or probably even before that time. Worn mostly in the winter months to cover the neck, the roll necks were also called as high necks in some places of the world. Add to this the double breasted blazer’s dexterity for cutting a sharp and powerful silhouette. Hence, you’ll have sophistication in collaboration with warmth of the roll necks. (You have the right decide your kind of apparel style here- be it boxer briefs or briefs in accordance to the kind of pants you choose to wear)

These are some classic and handsome pairs of clothing articles that have been sported by celebrities in the past and have been repeated by us today. Check them out now from various online stores and for men’s underwear, look out for the collection at skiviez.com.

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