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New Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has released a new and updated version of their popular Pro Stretch line. This revitalized underwear boasts an improved waistband to emphasize the Coolmax technology. The moisture management capabilities of Calvin Klein’s underwear can’t be beat and will keep you cool and dry all day or night long.

Calvin Klein has also come out with the Pro Stretch Reflex line, which varies from Pro Stretch in its fabric composition. While Pro Stretch is made of a cotton blend, Pro Stretch Reflex has more nylon giving it the softness and athletic stretch of a microfiber blend.

Calvin New Brief/Trunk:

Calvin klein Underwear

Another new line from CK that we are excited about is the Pro Stretch Fun. If you have an appreciation for quality underwear but desire a bit more playfulness in your underwear, the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Glow Hip Brief and Trunk are sure to please. The waistband will glow-in-the-dark and is sure to brighten up a dull night.

Calvin Klein’s Body Boost line has expanded to include a Rear Boosting Trunk. This innovative pair of underwear offers the same comfort, durability, and flexibility you’ve come to expect from CK but with a hidden support for a sexier rear silhouette.

The ever popular Calvin Klein Steel Cotton line is now available in three new, but limited edition colors: Amazon, Harbor, and Wheat.

Make sure you check it all out on our convenient What’s New page!

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Clever Closeout

If you have been holding off on buying your favorite brief, trunk, or thong from Clever, wait no longer! Many of this popular brand’s underwear designs have been discontinued, which means big savings for you. All discontinued Clever items are 25% off!

Clever Underwear

Thankfully Clever is constantly producing hot, new prints to keep up with the ever-changing fashions of the day, so we’ll have plenty of new products in soon. Keep checking back to our What’s New page to stay informed!

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Joe Snyder And Beau Monde

Men's Bikini


Skiviez gets bored looking at the same brands day after day, so we have to keep stocking our shelves with hot, new and exciting underwear. Lucky you! Our newest additions are Joe Snyder and Beau Monde.


Joe Snyder is known for modern designs with an ultra sexy twist. If you desire a minimalistic pair of underwear, then the Bulge Bikini or the Jock Strap is sure to satisfy.


Beau Monde is a hot brand from South America. Their underwear designs are more traditional when compared to Joe Snyder, but they still have a certain sex appeal. The Beau Monde Mesh Trunk and the Mesh Brief are great if you are looking to stay cool and dry all day and night.

We at Skiviez are constantly keeping an eye on the ever evolving underwear fashions so that we can continue to provide you with the hottest styles available! Make sure you keep checking our What’s New page!

Joe Snyder Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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What Was Old Is New Again

2(x)ist  Retro Underwear:

2(x)ist’s Retro line is a blend of newer fabrics and design and older fashion and color combinations. The incorporation of heather grey accents into the four color options (white, charcoal, burgundy, and navy) invokes memories of middle school gym uniforms. At the same time, the use of cotton and azlon, a natural fiber that helps keep you clean and dry, brings this nostalgic fashion to the 21st century.

2xist retro brief

2(x)ist has decided to bring back the ever popular jock strap, which makes the Retro line even more appealing. Since Skiviez is the Male Underwear Authority, we have an underwear style to please everyone. Available in the Retro line are trunks, no show briefs, jocks, and racer back tanks.

While the white and charcoal are available for backorders, burgundy and navy are not. They are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Make sure you’re able to get all of these great styles and colors in your size before it’s too late!
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Out With The Old And In With The New!

Are you getting tired of the same ol’, same ol’ in that undie drawer of yours? Well, we have the perfect cure for you here at Skiviez. We are getting in tons of new products every day, and we want to make sure you keep up with all the new additions.

Calvin Klein Underwear:

Calvin Klein Brief Underwear

Our newest items include the Calvin Klein Organic Cotton hip briefs and trunks. Calvin Klein has made some environmentally friendly and super hot underwear with these bad boys.

Make sure you also check out Bask_i_t’s brand new line, Brawn. These underwear and sleeveless shirts feature muscular men showing off their strength, and we think you’ll be inspired to do the same once you grab a few pairs. With five rough and rugged prints to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect design for you.

Clever Underwear:

Clever Brief Underwear

Another hot brand that just keeps coming out with edgier and sexier designs is Clever. Known for their fun prints and bright colors, Clever has kept up the tradition with designs for the music lovers out there in the Concert trunk and the Flying Guitar Brief. Skiviez has also stocked up on Clever thongs, and a conversation starter – the Stripper brief.

I could go on and on about all of the great new underwear that keeps coming through our doors, but the best thing for you to do is to keep an eye on the What’s New page on our site. We’ll keep you updated and won’t let you get behind on today’s undies fashions!

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Ginch Gonch Is Coming Back With A Bang!

We’ve heard some of your concerns over the vitality and availability of the popular Ginch Gonch brand, and we just want to put your fears to rest. Vancouver based apparel company, Ginch Gonch, has been acquired by New Equity Capital in Montreal. With this comes a change in the President/CEO, but the Creative Director will remain the same. The founder of Ginch Gonch, Jason Sutherland, will stay on board as the Creative Director for the brand that he has made so well-known for its daring color combinations and bold prints.

Ginch Gonch Men’s Underwear Collection

What does this mean for you? Our dwindling stock is expected to be replenished this fall so that we can make the new and exciting lines available to you. Ginch Gonch will unveil its fall 2008 men’s underwear collection, Load’n Dump’n, featuring dump trucks, in Las Vegas and Paris this summer. It’s safe to say with such innovative designs as the Monkey Business, Crotch Rocket, and Big Bang that Ginch Gonch will continue to produce fun-to-wear and fun-to-show underwear for years to come. Make sure you check back with Skiviez to be the first to order new styles so that you can keep up with Ginch Gonch’s motto and “Live Like a Kid!”

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Baskit Beauties And Body Art Lines Are On Closeout

Beauties And Body Art Underwear

6130919T-5 Girls-1

Just a quick note to let everybody know that the Baskit Beauties and Body Art lines are on closeout for 25 percent off. The manufacturer isn’t producing any more, so this is your last chance to buy this underwear from Skiviez, one of the leading carriers of Baskit brand products on the Web today.


6131415T-Body Art-1
Baskit Body Art

Grab a pair while you can!

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Skiviez Comes To The Rescue

Not only does Skiviez come to your aid with convenient shopping and shipping for your underwear needs, but we also save Hollywood movie producers.

C-IN2 Tank Top

C-IN2 Tank Top

C-IN2 was asked to provide square neck tanks for a movie being filmed in Canada, but they soon realized they were completely out of stock of this popular tank. They asked us here at Skiviez to help out in this last minute effort to ship our entire stock of these tank tops to the set of Death Race for actor Jason Statham.

Statham, the star of the action-packed thriller, sported the flattering C-IN2 Square Neck Tank throughout the film thanks to the hard work behind the scenes here at Skiviez.

While Death Race will not be in theatres until the end of the summer, we have plenty of C IN2 Square Neck Tanks in, so make sure you place your orders before we get another phone call wiping us out. The tank comes in two different colors: black and white and is 100% cotton.

C-IN2 Underwear

And since you’re already visiting Skiviez, why not get a few pairs of underwear, too? With even more shipping options, your purchase can be shipped however you may prefer.

C-IN2 Underwear

Whether you’re about to shoot a film or just need a comfortable undershirt – no matter what your underwear needs may be, Skiviez wants to help you out.

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Tales From the Search Logs – Part 1

Just like any other online business, our Web site monitors the search keywords and phrases that people typed into their favorite search engine to find us. (Don’t worry about privacy–this information isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information, and it’s just used for statistical purposes.)

Boxer Underwear Search Log

As you might imagine, some of the incoming search phrases can be a bit strange. Others ask genuine questions that we don’t immediately know the answer to. Just today, for example, I saw an incoming search for “what color boxer is most popular” whizz by on the log monitors. I thought that this was an interesting question, so I fired away a few statements at our database.

Men's Boxer Underwear

Since boxers tend to come in lots of different plaid or print patterns, we’ve lumped most of them under a single color based on their dominant color. For example, 2xist’s Black Icicle Boxer shows up in these results as simply “black.” If the pattern or color was unclassifiable, then we lumped it under “multi-colored pattern.”

Drum roll, please:

What Color Boxer is Most Popular? (Based on all Skiviez orders to date since 2003)

Color  and Percentage of Boxers Sales

White = 22.8%
Black = 15.9%
Multi-colored Pattern or Plaid = 15.4%
Blue, Light Blue, and Turquoise = 13.1%
Grey = 8.9%
Green, Sage, and Camo = 6.3%
Navy Blue = 6.2%
Red = 5.6%
Orange = 3.4%
Brown =1.3%
Gold or Yellow = 0.3%
Maroon = 0.3%
Purple = 0.3%

Curious about some statistics that we might be able to run against our database? E-mail us at support@skiviez.com, and we’ll try to answer it in a future blog entry. Until then, stay tuned for the next installment of “Tales From the Search Logs”!