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2xist Trunk Underwear

2xist Trunk | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

The quality, level of comfort and sophistication which the brand incorporates in each of its men’s underwear collection has made it a top class brand. The line of 2xist underwear is the one that puts a little contrast in every guy’s life, with bold color options and contrast waistbands and trim. The 2xist underwear collection has the right pair designed for every man based on their style and mood.

Skiviez has a great selection of 2xist Trunk Underwear which is styled with perfect profile enhancement with a classic designer style. From classic cuts to more innovative square-cut trunks featuring racing stripes and original fabrications, 2xist Trunk Underwear is made for every guy who appreciates quality and originality.

Trunk styles of men’s underwear are a lot like the boxer briefs except the leg length is shorter.

Important aspects of 2xist Trunk Underwear :-


Contour Pouch for Supportive Uplift- The perfect pouch for men lifts the package upfront as well as keeps it steady and at comfort throughout the day without the need of adjusting it after intervals. 2xist Trunk Underwear is the dependable and highly supportive. They prevent your masculinity from chafing and rubbing against the thighs.

Comfort- When we’re talking about 2xist Trunks, it is not possible to ignore this aspect. Keeping it comfortable underneath is the most important aspect of any underwear. Let’s face it!! If the apparel looks extremely appealing and does not provide comfort, will we wear it for more often? I don’t think so.

Super Soft Fabric- 2xist Trunk Underwear is crafted with high quality fabrics to keep minimal stretch and making the product smooth, soft and breathable.

Waistband- With low rise and fabric on the front and back, the waistband holds the underwear together with everything in it.

Shop the exclusive assortment of 2xist trunk at Skiviez available in variety of fabric, colors and sizes.

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2xist Jockstrap Underwear

2xist Jockstrap | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Founded in 1991 by Gregory Sovell, 2XIST underwear is one of the leading brands in men’s underwear which is well known for designing advanced fitting underwear, swimwear apparel, and accessories for fashion-forward, confident, and modern men. The brand has a unique collection of styles like briefs, trunks, thongs, jockstraps and boxer briefs for men. To know more about boxer briefs click here.

The 2xist collection of men’s jockstrap is specially crafted for men who seek for comfort, support and protection in their underwear.

Aspects of 2xist Jockstraps are


Many of the other brands manufacture fashion jockstraps for pleasure purposes but 2xist crafts athletic jockstraps for playing or rigorous activity purposes. The Sport Pouch jockstrap is sexy and sporty. Form-fitting underwear keeps everything together for an enhancing profile.


Jockstraps by the brand is made with high quality fabrics for better comfort down there. The pouch has a snug fit that lifts the crotch to an elevated position, keeping it safe from chafing and abrasions.


Made with exceptional quality of fabrics, these jockstraps are highly functional and performance based.


A balanced ratio of comfortable fabric is used to offer maximum support, stretch and flexibility to the privates.

2xist Jockstrap underwear features the trendiest collection that not only appeals to the eye but is also equally supportive, comfortable and practical for an everyday wear.

Shop the exclusive assortment of 2xist Jockstraps at Skiviez.

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2xist Tank Top

2xist Tank Top Mens Shirt - Skiviez

Known for its fashionable and functional styles, 2xist offers stylish apparels for the everyday man. 2xist underwear is well-known for it’s being both stylish and efficient in men’s underwear category. It is been designed up with styles which are combination of advanced technology and fashion forward design. By staying on top with the latest trends, 2xist designs sophisticated and quality proof men’s underwear. The most popular styles which the brand has are jockstraps, brief, trunk, swimwear, tank tops for men, T shirts, Boxer Brief and many others.


All About Tank Top:-


A Tank Top is an indispensable item of clothing which is able to conjure up a relaxed feeling and enables a wearer to truly unwind and relax. Generally men who are fit and well built and tan will look great in tanks.

2xist Square Cut Tanks Black

2xist tank top collections for men are exceptionally light and comfortable. The design comes in a wide array of fabrics and colors to choose from. Usually, made from cotton or cotton blends are more preferred than any other types in knits, terrycloth or nylon. Its features may be smooth, ribbed or a waffle knit. They are also available in a variety of sizes and can be worn by anyone.

If you are looking for the perfect slimming tank top, shop from the exclusive collection of 2xist. Not only in terms of style, but the brand also showcases practicality in each of its styles. Whether your goal is slimming, additional back support, or to improve sports performance, 2xist Tank tops are designed keeping in mind the varied requirement of men. What allows them to make this claim is the use of built-in physiotherapy technology for ergonomic results. Their tank tops have been available for purchase for quite a few years now and they receive top marks from customers who have tried them out. It is partially through improving posture that these undergarments work by forcing you to sit and stand completely upright rather than slouch. The end result is a leaner midsection and visibly slimming effect.

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2xist Boxer Underwear

2xist Boxer | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Being an American iconic brand for men’s designer underwear, 2xist has been delivering functional underwear styles for men featuring great styles, material, cuts and fit. The brand constantly evolves to produce men’s underwear styles (briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, trunks and jockstraps) made from innovative fabric and technological functionalities.

Men’s Boxer Underwear :-


Boxers are loose fitting intimate apparel with less support, thrust and more breathe ability. Boxers are an excellent companion for guys looking for space and comfort. Men’s boxer underwear is one of the most widely worn intimate apparel.

The line of men’s boxer underwear by the brand is designed with latest technologies for enhanced comfort and stretch for the perfect and superior fit. One of the biggest reasons of their popularity: their full coverage and lots of comfort. Earlier this style was extremely loose but gradually as men became fashion-conscious, designers at 2xist started crafting body hugging and tight boxers.

Some of the characteristics of men’s boxer underwear by the brand are highly breathe-able, quick drying, highly absorbent and is super soft on the skin. They are crafted to grab attention wherever you go. The most common fabric combination used is cotton-spandex. Sophisticated, sexy and offer a little extra enhancement where you need it the most, 2xist Boxers give everything you desire.

When it comes to choices, the brand has got versatility in patterns, colors and styles. At Skiviez, we have plethora of options to choose. So, try it and see a difference.

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Calvin Klein Trunk Underwear

Calvin Klein is a revolutionary brand that launched its first set of men’s underwear in the 1980s and since then, it has been highly popular for their apparels. The designer label is the iconic brand that can be credited with popularizing the entire idea that underwear can also be a fashion statement.

Calvin Klein

The line of men’s trunk underwear by the label is unique, stylish and efficient. Some of the features that make the label unique and worth buying are:

  • Calvin Klein: The brand launched itself as a unique fashion statement and this is why guys love it. Calvin Klein offers a delectable assortment of trunks for the modern male population.
  • Fabrics: The materials incorporated by the luxury brand are kept constant with a small amount of spandex for the right stretch and comfort.
  • Colors: The line of trunks for men of the brand at Skiviez range from subtle and manly to vibrant and appealing such as black, white, green, purple, red and more. So, however your mood be, wear it.

Calvin Klein offers a unique assortment of country colored trunks that are exclusive to the brand. Some of the examples are London, France, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, and England. They feature a small flag tag on the on the left hip and the rear right below the waistband.

Shop the exclusive collection of men’s trunk underwear by Calvin Klein at best prices only at Skiviez.

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Diesel Trunk Underwear

Established in the year 1978 by an Italian entrepreneur Renzo Rosso, Diesel is an iconic brand. The designer extended its fashion house to incorporate men’s underwear in 2007. Diesel provides fashion-forward styles, such  as funky prints on the men’s brief underwear and jock straps, cool swimwear like trunks and comfortable cotton loungewear.

Men’s Trunk Underwear:-


Diesel Trunk Underwear


Trunk underwear features a square design with shorter legs. There are basically three forms of trunks that are available to Men’s – Hipster, Classic trunk, and Midi. They can be differentiated depending upon where they are positioned on the hip or waist of a man. Like other forms of underwear, trunks offer great deal of support and comfort levels.

Diesel’s trunk underwear features eye catchy designs being highly comfortable and stylish. Some of the most important features of Diesel’s trunk are as follows-


Trunks offer a seem free look and because of their close fit they also offer very good support and control in the pouch, which is possibly why they are so popular with men.


A balanced ratio of fabric combination is used to keep everything safe and secure down. Fashioned using ultra comfortable fabrics, these trunks will keep you relaxed throughout the day.


Superb comfort is what the brand promises to deliver you with its designer trunk underwear collection. Keep yourself relaxed from inside by wearing these trunks designed from high performance fabrics which not only keeps you sweat free but also offers a snug fit.


The vibrant collection of trunk underwear at Skiviez offers numerous options in colors which can be chosen as per the mood.

Shop the exclusive collection of Diesel trunk underwear at Skiviez which are available at reasonable price rates. Know more about Diesel jockstrap underwear here.

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Piss And Vinegar Underwear

Piss and Vinegar Underwear is a new brand of underwear from a new company founded by the guy who started Ginch Gonch Underwear. This edgy underwear is designed to be youthful and daring with designs such as “I love Jesus”. Have no mistake about it, this underwear is sure to cause a stir.Men's Underwear

All About Vinegar Underwear:

You may ask yourself why would Skiviez carry such a line of underwear that may offend some people. Well the answer is – just about any product on our web site could be seen as offensive by someone.  Is wearing “I love Jesus” underwear meant to make fun of Jesus? We think not, and we hope you can see this brand in the same light.

Just like youngsters wear Superman underwear, they aren’t wearing it to poke fun of Superman they are wearing to show they love Superman. This is the same for the “I Love Jesus” underwear.  People aren’t wearing them because they don’t like Jesus, they are wearing it to say they do love Jesus.

Besides, if you can’t express yourself and have fun with a great brief or trunk, then where can you have fun?

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2xist Semi-Annual Sale

Calvin Klein UnderwearThe 2xist Semi-Annual Sale is going on until December 13th so make sure you take advantage of the 25% off prices now!

In addition to the 2xist sale, all of our swimwear is a staggering 75% off! So whether you’re planning on visiting an exotic island during the holidays or you just can’t pass up such a great deal, you’re sure to find the perfect swim trunk or brief!

Giulio’s entire inventory is 50% off, so we’re practically giving them away. C-IN2, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger are also on sale, so make sure you check out the entire Skiviez site for all of the great deals we are offering.

These sales are perfect for the early holiday shopper or an even better indulgence for the self-shoppers out there. And remember – 2xist’s sale ends December 13th and all other sales end November 29th, so happy shopping!

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Levi Johnston Wearing Baskit For Playgirl

Whether you care about Sarah Palin going rogue or prefer she would just go away, you’ve probably admired the bane of her existence – Levi Johnston. His much anticipated Playgirl photo spread has drawn a lot of media attention – will he bare it all or will he not?

Basket Trunk

Well, his pictures were leaked this weekend, and if you were looking for a full frontal, you’re going to be disappointed. For anyone who takes the time to look at the clothed pictures of Mr. Johnston, they will notice that he has a pair of Baskit underwear peeking out above the waistband of his jeans. Yes, we realize that you probably skipped over the pictures with clothes on, but take a look – you’ll see Baskit’s Action Cool Pouch Mesh Low-Rise Trunk.

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Candyman Is Here Just In Time For Halloween!

6239020T-Red-1So summer is officially over. That means cooler weather and that one of my favorite holidays is fast approaching – Halloween. Skiviez is venturing into a new style of men’s underwear just in time for Halloween this year – costumes.

Candyman is a new brand just out on the market from the makers of Clever, PPU, and Pikante. If you’re not familiar with these great brands, they’re from South America and characterized by minimalistic cuts as well as unique patterns and prints. Candyman has its fair share of hot design esthetics (check out the Zip It Up Low Rise Brief), but what is so unique about Candyman is its selection of costumes.

Candymen Costume:

Whether you’re looking to get all dressed up for Halloween or you just enjoy your own dress up sessions at home, Candyman has what you’re looking for! They have taken a traditional clown costume and sexed it up in this Heartbreak Clown Costume complete with a big bow tie and clown face… on your crotch.

Another super hot costume is the Candyman Midnight Devil Costume complete with a cape and horns. The mesh paneled trunk completes the costume, but it could also be worn simply as another pair of underwear if you’re looking to keep your inner devil under wraps. Make sure to check out this great new brand at Skiviez!

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