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Feeling stressed? – These are the ways with Mens Thongs can help you

Feeling stressed? - These are the ways with Mens Thongs can help you

Ever had a feeling of taking a break from everything and staying in seclusion? The boisterous work routine and too unsurprising life clear the way for fatigue. This weariness is joined by and dullness and stress. It happens when we neglect to monitor personal and working life. It won’t be right to express that no person on this planet is happy with whatever he/she has. The well-known motion picture Harry Potter included an extremely delightful scene where youthful Harry is standing before the mirror of erised and Dumbledore says, “The happiest person in the world will look into the mirror and will see nothing”. We should confront reality, such a person don’t exist. It is for all intents and purposes difficult to remain cheerful constantly, however, at any rate, you can fend off the worry from your life.

I believe that there are many ways that you can raise the bar of your happiness and one of them is specifically mens thongs. All you got to do is master the art of thongs for men. And how do you let mens thongs help you in the times when you’re feeling stressed? This blog does the job for you. You would be able to feel more positive with thongs for men for sure and following are the ways that would.

Thongs for men can motivate

I have already talked about the ways with which mens thongs can motivate you and your personality. You could either just read the blog and be clear about how do the thongs for men motivate your personality and make you a happier person. Starting from comforting you inside out, mens thongs can actually be doing the job of talking on behalf of you to your partner, the collection does a lot more than that.

Feeling stressed? - These are the ways with Mens Thongs can help you

Mens thongs are loved by women too

Now you might think that how does this count to be beneficial for your stress level? Well, when it comes to wooing or gaining those bonus points from their women, they make sure they like your choices. That’s exactly why mens thongs relieve your stress because wearing them is not a problem for women.

Feeling stressed? - These are the ways with Mens Thongs can help you

So, the next time you’re feeling stressed, make sure mens thongs are on your list.

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What are the Golden rules of wearing Mens Sexy Underwear?

What are the Golden rules of wearing Mens Sexy Underwear?

Okay, guys, be very truthful to yourselves and think when did you last clear out your men’s underwear drawer? Do you even buy yourself some really nice mens sexy underwear? If till now you haven’t, this is the right time to invest in sexy underwear for men. After all, the respective underwear for men makes you feel good.There are so many no-fuzz ways to don mens sexy underwear and that is why you must know the golden rules of having the respective mens fashion underwear style.

I will list some of the golden rules that apply to every man and their apparel collection of sexy underwear for men.

Go through the collection of mens sexy underwear

Yep! You might have a plethora of them, but are they even functional? Go through your ages old collection and see what fits, what doesn’t, which outdated and which you still can keep? Sexy underwear for men is supposed to be appealing to your eyes as well as your partner’s eyes (if you have any). If it doesn’t appeal to you just show them the way to the dustbin because they are no more alive.

Colors should be in-focus

If you have white, then it should like white. But that’s not where the list of colors end. White might the stunning color option but that’s not where the list of options in colors for mens sexy underwear ends. You can invest in pinks, yellows, greens, blues, reds and so many others. Do you know that every color has a specific meaning? For example, red means love, white is for peace and so on. Try to stock every possible color. They are not only sexy but they’ll also make your wardrobe look vibrant and classy.

All styles are available in sexy underwear for men

Every style can be mens sexy underwear; be it men’s bikini underwear, men’s boxer briefs, briefs for men, male thongs, g-strings for men or men’s c-string underwear. Show some respect to all the styles. They have been there for you at every specific occasion. If you actually want your top drawer to be sexy, own them all.

Size must always be the right one

Don’t think that if the underwear is started sticking to the body, it will look sexy. It will not look good as well as you’ll feel uncomfortable throughout the experience. It will also lead to rashes and red marks on the body. So, be careful while deciphering between the correct size and sexiness. That applies to loose apparels also.

Skiviez offers numerous brands and a plethora of products in mens sexy underwear that will suit your taste and style at the most affordable prices. So go on and check out the inventory to make your wardrobe vibrant and lively.

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Apart from Mens Underwear what counts for healthy manhood?

Mens underwear

When you talk about healthy manhood, there are so many factors that play an essential role. Mens underwear is one of the major aspects that keep your manhood heart and healthy for any kind of purpose. Healthy and happy male anatomy is also linked to improved physical health and emotional well-being of men. When boys are told not to cry or feel, there are lasting negative effects on their health and relationships. Likewise, when the manhood is not feeling quite well, the entire personality doesn’t feel good too.

When you talk about manhood’s health, it is not only about the underwear for men to take care of the same. There are numerous other things that affect the male anatomy- in a good and bad way.

This blog talks about the various aspects apart from mens underwear that play an important role in keeping the manhood healthy.

Eat healthily


Eat healthy


We have heard that keeping an individual healthy, one has to make sure that they eat healthily. Starting your day with the boiled eggs, orange juice and brown bread toasts, make sure you eat healthy all day long and every day. Eating healthy is more like investing healthy options just like covering your manhood with mens underwear. Make sure you eat healthily.

Booze snooze


You might be a regular drinker or seldom one that sticks to specific occasions to celebrate. Well, in either of the cases, pushing the snooze button on your booze will be the only option for you. These substances can take a toll on the manhood through the arteries With all the harmful substances in these habits, men might not feel it in the beginning, but eventually, they’ll understand that things cannot be undone. The most common problem faced by men is that they might not feel anything while erection down there. Men who have tried quitting these habits have already seen visible differences.

Pamper with male underwear


feel thong

When you clean yourself up and get dressed in a way that you love yourself back, it is very important to dress the manhood as well. Mens underwear is the most basic of your dressing, men should make sure that they put on a sexy underwear style such as men’s thongs or g-strings for men that pamper the skin with a feeling of exposure and confidence. Your manhood’s heath counts for comfort, confidence and supports down there. Without mentioning about underwear for men in manhood’s health.

Your mens underwear makes you look fashionable and also keeps your manhood healthy.

Does your Mens Underwear count when you want to look fashionable?

Underwear for men

When you talk about your personality, I believe – every single article that you slip into or put on your body plays an equally fashionable part for your personality. Starting from your outfits, the list goes all the way mens underwear that is the most basic of every clothing. Every man wants to look better and in order to do that, you go ahead and do anything as well as everything that matters. Looking fashionable raises your bar of happiness for sure.

I believe that your underwear for men certainly counts when it comes to looking fashionable. How, you might ask?

Well, this blog talks about the aspects that make your mens underwear an integral part when it comes to looking fashionable.


Your Mens underwear deciphers whether you’re comfortable or not


Comfortable Mens Underwear


The very first thing that one needs to know to look fashionable is – fashionable is always comfortable. If you aren’t feeling very comfortable with what you’re wearing, you aren’t looking fashionable. Comfort is the key to start with and your underwear for men plays an integral part in making you feel comfortable below the belt for the entire day. Did you get the point right?


Your mens underwear adds motivation to go ahead and sport different styles


mens underwear adds motivation


When you say – fashionable, you obviously don’t stick to a single style of outfit and wear it day-in-day-out. Do you? Well, your mens underwear is quite a motivation-booster. Well, mens thongs can motivate you. Want to know how? Read here. When you are motivated from within, you can go ahead and sport any kind of style without worrying too much.

Talking personally about myself, the collection of mens underwear offered at Skiviez has actually made me open up to a lot of opportunities. From being a wear-whatever-you-can-grab-from-the-closet to whoa-wow-so-good-looking, the underwear for men like mens bikinis, briefs for men, G-string underwear and more have done a lot for me and my personality.


Do you love the different styles of mens underwear? Which one’s your favourite?

How do Thongs for men motivate?

Mens Thong Underwear

Do you want to have sexy things for yourself? Well, it is only women are blamed for being the ones who are on a constant lookout for sexy underwear but nobody talks about men. Well, men crave for all the good things just like the opposite sex. One of all the good things is certainly a pair of functional and fashionable men’s underwear. With the transformation that the underwear for men have gone through and also with the awareness that has made men more perceptible to sexier fashion styles, thongs for men has grabbed all the desired attention. From making the silliest of assumptions to making sure that women love men in thongs, the fashion industry has come a long way. With everything being modern, men showed their interest in adorning something that builds up that secret motivation from within. Hence they asked and men’s fashion underwear designers gave them mens thong underwear.

Mens Micro Thong


Now let’s put down the ways with which thongs for men motivate the male populace.


The comfort that mens thong underwear provides than the ordinary pairs


You may concur with the way that thongs for men are more agreeable than men’s brief underwear. While some probably won’t consent to it however the easygoing thong wearers would without a doubt get my point here. Simultaneously, however, a few men get snared on the comfort of the noteworthy matches in thong underwear for men and swear by wearing the equivalent all the time. Well, I like that too.

Thongs for men makes a special connection


Thong for men

A lot of men wear mens brief underwear. Eventually, they made a shift to mens bikinis because they’re sexier and finally men have welcomed thongs for men with open arms. They all are popular for being the supportive enhancing underwear that they are and thong underwear for men are no different. The inclination of thongs for men to the feminine side can get as nostalgic and passionate as ever but that’s half truth. Your choices decipher whether your mens thongs are masculine or elegant.

The feeling of progressive enticement


Mens Thong underwear

When you think about getting cozy under sheets, this cozy exotic underwear style has an imperative impact. Regardless of whether you choose to go subtle with the designer appeal or something that puts across your intention, the ones that make you feel hot about yourself are the ones that need to put on while the thought is to turn on the other individual’s feelings. Each man starts the initial move towards getting private; so as to do as such, they themselves should feel the drive inside. Subsequently, they wear something that makes them feel provocative. You could choose to go all subtle or choose sheer underwear for men that could get you lucky.

How to deal with this? In case you’re the accomplice of the man who has a fixation about men’s thongs; treat them well. Be develop and be certain of his decisions and goals. It is his life, his decisions and his sort of way of life. If it is about motivation You have to comprehend his prosperity and acknowledge him for his choices and decisions.

So, whatever your style be; get what you like and be what you want to be by wearing thong underwear for men.

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Feel yourself with Feel Thongs

Feel yourself with Feel Thongs

Feel Underwear was launched at Skiviez a few months back with the aim of making men feel their skin even in the men’s underwear. In fact, the aim was also that the comfort level would be so high that men would love to stay in their skivvies rather than go commando. Well, the label has proved itself quite right by this far and has been working quite hard to stay on track and get better with every new collection.

Feel Thongs

The Feel Thong might just be a thong for men by looks, but when you take a closer look at the pair, you’ll understand how comfortable the same is. The fashion underwear features a solid design with a bulky coverage in the front whereas; the back has a cheeky underwear coverage. The contrast stitch on the pouch with the same colored piping on the waistband stand out on the entire pair.

Feel Thongs

93% viscose and 7% spandex is certainly the fabric blend that you should be looking up to for all your comfort, breathability and stretch down there.

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4 reasons to wear a thong

Accepting to wear men’s thongs is not a decision that you take in the gist of the moment. It takes a lot of time to understand the men’s underwear style, reconsider the silly assumptions others have, see which one would be your personal favorite and then go ahead picking your choice. Moreover, it is one of the boldest decisions that you’ll make that every man cannot opt for. You might see men choosing bikini underwear or even men’s jockstraps but thongs are way beyond their safe circle. It gets difficult for them to step out of their comfort zone and try something skimpy.

But if you don’t have the adventure in your life, how will you raise the bar of your happiness?

You should try everything and get addicted to the ones that are good for your personality. Your love for your underwear is something of that sorts. So if you are looking for something that is beyond the ordinary, this blog is meant for you. It lays down the reasons that compel you to try the sexy underwear style once before you die.

A proof that you dared to wear something unconventional

There’ll surely be the time when your hair will turn grey and you’ll have wrinkles on your face. It’ll be then when you will look back to your achievements. Either you’ll feel proud that you did try a pair skimpy intimate article or you’ll regret that you did nothing so happening in your life and grew old. A pair of thong or g-string underwear would be that’ll justify that – you didn’t live your life the boring style and experienced no luxury. You went out of your comfort zone and tried your hand at something that laid everything on the table.

You believe it or not – they’re comfortable

Whether you believe it or not, the respective undergarment is exceptionally comfortable to stay in. You might have heard of failed experiences, but if you do everything right, you’ll surely be jumping around and having a gala time without having oodles of fabric below the belt. Made with ultra comfortable fabric blends, you’re sure to feel amazing. Choosing the right brand with the right size and top it off with the sheer underwear or lace fabric that’ll add on to the oomph level would be a desirable idea.

It adds to the confidence

You have the physique that you can happily flaunt, you have the right to flaunt it the right way. Why not flaunt it with a thong? This way you would be able to pep up your confidence level along with the assets that are your prized possessions. When you worked hard like a donkey looking how you look now, you should take pleasure in stripping and being in something that is meant for that purposes.

Because you want to

Finally, the reason you need to wear a thong is that deep down your heart you know that it is something that every man cannot dare to have and slip into and you should do it. That feeling of tempting your partner and getting the feel of your skin is all you want right there. The feeling of comfort and the sexiness that the revealing style provides is what your manhood deserves. You’ve come this far. Why not go further?

You’re just a few steps away from feeling that feeling of being barely-there with comfort and breathability down there. Do let us know what you feel about the conventionally sexy style in the comments below.

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5 silly assumptions men make for thongs

5 silly assumptions men make for thongs

We judge.

We make assumptions.

There’s nothing new about the fact that we have a habit of making a point of view for anything and everything that comes forth to us.

Recently, I was in a conversation with one of the acquaintances of mine about my profession and switch to another field and more. It was then when he realized that I write about men’s underwear. He was quite amazed by that fact and what he suddenly came up with was – do you write about thongs as well? I said yes! The next question tossed at me was – don’t you find it too weird and flimsy? Likewise, I kept on answering all the assumptions that he had about the respective style.

When I came back home, I was wondering that he was only one man, and out in the world, there are so many of them who have their own concepts about male thongs and are clueless about how to go about them. So I decided to compile a list of 5 silly assumptions men make about the sexy underwear for men.

They’re feminine

This is like lingerie is to women, thongs are feminine. The majority of the male population believed the respective exotic underwear to be the novelty for women, but they are wrong. Thongs date back to the ancient times and the facts keep it clear that they were meant for men. You can find out the facts here to keep your concepts clear of any assumptions.

With so many brands coming up with absolutely masculine and macho by the looks as well as the functions.

Effects the sperm count

This made me go LOL!! Where fashion underwear styles like men’s brief underwear as well as boxer briefs are considered to be the constrictive ones resulting in lower sperm count, men assume that thongs or g-string underwear increase the production of the sperms. This is absolutely NOT TRUE!!

Neither do the other styles lower the count nor these ones enhance the same. The logic is – if the pouch fits too stiff on the manhood, it will make your manhood to heat up and that will lower the semen count and that can happen with any style.

Not supportive

For men who believe that what they’ve seen are the only thongs available for men, they should go online and check out the array of variants put forward for men. From something like cheeky thongs that look more like Brazilian bikini underwear (oodles of support) to sports thongs that are specifically meant for your workouts and sporty activities.

Limited for date nights

Oh yes, when thongs made a comeback, they were certainly meant for the pleasing times, but that didn’t keep the brands back from experimenting designs that would be apt for the regular days. Now, if you go ahead and ask a regular thong-wearer, you’d find that he has a pair for every possible occasion. From the ones who have a desk job/field job to swimwear, parties, sleepwear and finally romantic dates.

You name the occasion, there’ll be something by a popular brand offering the respective need.

Too sexy to handle

They are sexy. Not something out-of-the-world. The definition of sexy depends from person to person. From some sheer underwear crafted as bikinis would be the sexiest while others would take it to be the lacy jocks. So, you can definitely call them sexy, but they are too sexy that 5 silly assumptions men make for thongs they can’t be handled by anyone. People would notice it, raise the eyebrows, look again and get back to do whatever they were doing.

Mastering the art of thongs isn’t the most difficult task. Youjust have to find the right pair by getting the right knowledge. Did you make any of the assumptions? Do let us know in the comments below if you still have questions in your mind.

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kyle fly jock

Make sure you don’t miss out on the great Kyle Sale going on at Skiviez! All Basic Jocks and Thongs (black, white, and contrast) are only $5!! The rest of Kyle has been discounted to $9, and they are flying off the shelf so grab them while you can!

Kyle Underwear is a hot brand of men’s underwear that offers classic men’s underwear with a stylish edge. These underwear feature the look and masculinity of fly front underwear mixed with exclusive pouch technology to give you the comfort you need and the style you require.

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Clever Jockstrap Underwear

Clever Jockstrap | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Clever is a popular men’s underwear brand that manufactures South American inspired apparels for modern men. The fashion brand offers various men’s fashion underwear styles such as briefs, boxers, thongs, jockstraps and more.

Clever has a unique assortment of men’s jockstrap underwear for the modern male anatomy that can be used as a fashion jockstrap or athletic jockstrap. A jockstrap is an underwear worn under shorts or trousers for any athletic purpose. The classic design of a jockstrap has a contoured pouch to protect and support the manhood. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs (below the butts) to keep everything in place.

Sports jockstraps are functional and practically made with unique characteristics. It offers maximum utility to those indulging in high risk games and sports. Fashion Jockstraps on the other hand are designed for the fashion-conscious men. They are crafted to take the fun and playfulness to the next level.

Some of the aspects of Clever jockstraps are:



The contoured pouch of Clever jockstraps are made to keep the masculinity at comfort with the added support and protection.


The names of the different styles are Latin inspired; some of them at Skiviez are: Jade, Deox and more.


Jockstraps by the brand range from subtle to vibrant and colorful. The brand has something for every taste.

You can check out the catalog at Skiviez and stock your wardrobe with Clever jockstrap underwear.

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