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Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear? 6 Simple Steps

Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear

Thong is still accompanied by a lot of stigmas. Even though we have a come a long way from the times when the underwear style was related to the masculinity to the era when it just a matter of personal choice, there is still some hesitations when it comes to trying the sexy apparels for men. Men’s thong underwear is one such style that leaves most men wondering.

For all those who have decided to drop the stereotype and try the exotic undies, this write up will come handy. The blog has compiled some of the steps that can help you master the art of wearing a thong. Have a look.

Step 1

The size is a key factor when it comes to the underneath article for men. Particularly for the skimpy cuts of thongs and men’s g-string, it is important to choose the right fit. For the first timers and for those who have higher regards for comfort, going for a bigger size than you normally use is advisable. The high cuts of the barely there undies hold on to the manhood snugly. This may give you a wedgie and may even lead to chafing and other issues. So, it’ll be better if you opt for a size larger than you usually order. This will shoot your sex appeal over the roof without the feeling of discomfort.

Step 2

The underwear features minimal fabric, Just a tiny pouch to hold the manhood and the sleek piece that slips right in between the butt-cheeks. Still, the quality of the material matters a lot. The fabric should be airy and moisture resistance. So, if you wanna master the art of thong, then, make sure that you choose the right fabric. The conventional cotton, nylon and other natural fibers are ideal. However, you can even go for the flimsy and airy lace or sheer. The pores of lace underwear allow air flow and keep cozy while you are busy flaunting your sensuality.

Step 3

The pouch option plays a vital role in choosing the perfect style of men’s underwear. The underneath article should feature anatomically constructed pouch. The basic construction of the pouch should bundle the package and keep them in an elevated position. This is a practical option as the fitted undies will keep the manhood close to the body. The internal heat coupled with the temperature of the body leads to overheating of the testicles and low sperm count ultimately. Thus, the junk should be kept together, but away from the body of the wearer. check the pouch option of the undergarment before wearing them.

Step 4

One of the added advantages of wearing a thong is that they are seamless. Thus, it can be paired with skinny jeans as well as with the fitted trouser. At the same time, the waistband popping out of the trouser is one of the problems. Thus, it advisable to go with the low waist underwear that sits below the natural waistline of the wearer. This will even reduce the risk of getting a wedgie and at the same time allow you to slip in your low rise jeans.

Step 5

The traditional undies, that is, boxer shorts and even the tighty-whites stick to the classic shade of white, black and grey. The modern underwear styles of thongs, g-strings and men’s bikinis have introduced some of the lesser used hues in the underwear industry. The wide spectrum of shades allows you to wear choose the shade according to the season as well as your mood. This is scientifically proved that the colors that you wear provide vibration of energy. Thus, the next time you go shopping make sure that you chose the shade according to your mood and you’ll be able to master the art of the erotic style.

Step 6

Shopping for these pairs of underwear may be embarrassing for some. Thus, most men prefer shopping online for it. Make sure that you check the authenticity of the online store that you are choosing and check the reviews of the same. Go for the well-known brands such as Good Devil, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and other such labels. The good quality of the high end brand will rekindle your sex life without taking a toll on the comfort and functionality.

Have you mastered the art of wearing thongs? Which occasion is best for thongs according to you? Share your views in the comments below.

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5 Things only Thong Wearers would Understand

5 Things only Thong Wearers would Understand | Skiviez

If you take a look at the statistics, you’d still find that the majority of men prefer to wear either men’s brief underwear or boxer briefs. However, men’s thong underwear still grab the spot that it doesn’t deserve. While there are numerous men who love to wear thongs, there are those who regret that they wore the fashion underwear style.

Well, this blog is about what men actually feel when they try thongs for the first time as well as in the long run. The below-mentioned things are only felt by the thong wearers.

1. It is the sexiest style- When you take a look at the men’s underwear style for the first time, you are either in awe of the creation or else you’ll be disgusted. The construction features a small piece of fabric in the front called as the pouch that might or might not cover the manhood while the rear is about a thick strap or string that connects the pouch to the waistband by passing through the butts.

2. Scared to bend over?- This is what the first timers feel while wearing a thong underneath. The majority of the first timers find it difficult to get the right size of the apparel style. Hence, every time they bend over, the rear string rides up the butt crack and needs adjustment once you come back to the original position. Well, the right size doesn’t do that.

3. They’re the best-suited option- When you know that you’re up for a party that calls for your retro tight denim jeans, thongs or men’s g-string underwear are the only saviors. The plus point of wearing these under tight pants is to safeguard yourself from getting embarrassed when the underwear lines of boxer briefs or brief underwear pop up.

4. Butt savers when you run out of other styles – You all must have experienced those days when you run out of underneath articles probably because there’s a lot of work or some other reason. Well, this, in turn, delights you because you’d be able to wear something like lace underwear or sheer underwear down there to make the monotonous days exciting.

5. Infection is the worst with thongs- Some studies show that thongs worn regularly can give you an infection. Some also say that if you are not well, thongs must not be worn because they worsen it. Well, thongs being a minimal structure, the string that goes from the pouch to the butts is thin and also is said to increase infection. This is one aspect that scares men because they don’t clean their privates every day as well as don’t even change underclothing articles that promote infection.

And despite all the shower and sunshine, you can’t enough of thongs for men.

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Seek Maximum Comfort With Edipous Polynices Steamy Thong

When the comfort of the manhood becomes more important than the shape and style, it is that time when you’ve actually realized the true worth of your masculinity. Keeping this in mind, the popular men’s underwear brand Edipous launched its first collection that offers anatomical pouches which intend to love the privates back by allowing them to stay as they want to in the fabric.

Edipous Polynices Steamy Thong Grey

The image shown above is one of the best seller products by the label named Edipous Polynices Steamy Thong. Now, what exactly makes the respective men’s thong underwear so steamy? Well, if you take a closer look of the product, you’d find sexy high cuts, minimal coverage and semi-sheer fabric that reveal more than just the ordinary. Made of 96% modal and 4% spandex, what more can you ask in terms of comfort as well as pamper for your little treasure?

The sensually contoured center pouch is made in order to let the package breathe freely in the large space. It does not focus on shaping or contouring the shaft and leaves it to feel comfortable down there even in extreme climatic conditions.

Check out the fashion underwear and many more at skiviez.com.

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Step Up Your Sex Appeal With PPU Vale Thong

One of a unique aspect about PPU Men’s Underwear is that it offers cutting edge designs for the modern male population with the variety of cuts to reveal your skin. The product shown in the image above is one of the most loved men’s thong underwear by PPU. Well, all PPU Thongs are worth slipping into because of the oozing sex appeal and enhancing pouch options.

PPU Vale Thong | SkiviezThe PPU Vale Thong has a sleek and stylish design with the combination of the monochromatic colors. The colors definitely are loved more because of the masculine design and when the strappy design meets sporty look; it makes a delectable combination worth trying. Coming to the basic of the pair, the fabric ratio comprises of 85% nylon and 15% spandex which stretches exceptionally well keeping the support and enhancement in check.

The waistband is a combination of two strings instead of an elastic band that go all the way in the rear and combines with the rear string that passes through the butts. The low rise fit makes it wearable with any kind of outfits.

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Feel Sensual With Good Devil Lace Thong

If you have ever experienced the sexiest men’s underwear brand Good Devil feels on the body, you’d know what I am talking about. The feeling of being in something so minimal makes you feel yourself and skin more than the fabric that you’re wearing. That’s exactly what Good Devil does- it lets you feel the sensuality of your skin and raises your sex appeal. The lace underwear in the image does exactly what it should do for you.  The Good Devil Lace Thong is one of the most intricately designed and sexually vibrant pair by the label. While some call it feminine, I call it being in touch with your feminism while showing off your masculinity in the see-through pair. You can know more about-about sheer underwear here to see what it actually does.

Good Devil Lace Thong Grey | Skiviez.com

Made of 95.58% nylon and 4.42% spandex, you get the right amount of visibility (because of lace), comfort, breathability with a restricted amount of stretch. However, with no fabric on the sides, you wouldn’t be needing a lot of stretches. Coming to the design, you’d find the exquisitely designed intricate details all over the exotic underwear style.

Available in a variety of colors, the soft and subtle lace thongs are available at discount prices at skiviez.com.

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Men’s Thongs – Facts You Must Know

What can be the facts related to sensually and visually appealing thong underwear? Well, every men’s underwear or swimwear style has their own facts and so does this respective style. In this age, it is very important to look and feel sexy about yourself because gone are the days when love came naturally. It is about keeping an appealing personality and looking attractive in today’s time.

Why am I talking about thongs in specific? Well, it is practically the most revolutionary as well as sexy underwear style that offers a lot more than coverage (in the front), sexiness and function.

Let us now look at the various that you must know about the respective exotic underwear that you all might or might not have known.

a) The introduction of thongs in the industry seems to be a few decades ago, but in reality, thongs have been an integral part of the life from the ancient times. It is supposedly called as the successor of loincloth and was worn by men back then. So, practically they’ve been here for quite some time now.

b) Thongs are not for men who judge it by the first impression. Well, if you are new to the designer style and have just heard a lot it, you should not judge it on the first wear. You might not feel comfortable on the very first day because of the rear string that keeps riding up in the butt crack. You just have to let the feeling sink in for a few days and that’s when you’ll be able to decide whether it is meant for you or not.

c) Thongs are very manly and appealing. This might sound like a statement or an opinion, but if you do some research online, you’d find that majority of the population believed that thongs are feminine and made specifically for women. However, the very first fact made it very clear. On the other hand, the designs and styles of thongs available at Skiviez are authentically masculine and very visually appealing. Though they are not considered as masculine as men’s boxer briefs or men’s bikinis, but it still has the capability to make a man’s body look exceptionally hot.

d) It has numerous advantages out of which the prevention of nasty lines is the most practical one. On the other hand, if you team them up something that is low waist; it prevents the chances of the waistband running up from the pants; unlike boxer briefs or briefs.

e) Thongs are by nature, really revealing, they’re in addition, much cooler and truly feel freer than alternative forms of underwear. This is the reason why they are notably acceptable while in the warmer months of summertime.

These facts are not so common facts about one of the sexiest and most revealing men’s underwear styles. Do let us know in the comments if you have any other facts to tell our readers.

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Keep It Comfortable and Classy With Otzi Cotton Thong

Otzi cotton thong

It is always a delight to be in a pair of men’s underwear that is equally comfortable as sexy. Otzi introduced its classy assortment of men’s thong underwear from which Otzi Cotton Thong was loved by the wearers the most. Crafted from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, the style has all the qualities of a deserving product necessary for your underwear wardrobe.



1. Enhancement:

When you see it on the site, it won’t make much of a difference, but when I actually slipped into the pair; I could actually see the bulge in the pants as well. The ultra comfortable pouch is made with a visible center seam that provides more space for the manhood to stretch. The triangular shaped pouch with the thick piping lifts and prevents the package to get harmed between the thighs.

2. Coverage:

Unlike the other brands, this sexy underwear has a little more coverage on the top rear which covers the starting of the butt crack but hides nothing less than the conventional pairs. Butt cheeks are left for the show.

3. Fabric composition:

Cotton is always loved by the wearers and when it has a huge chunk of spandex with it; it provides ample stretch to the legs. This fabric composition makes the style appropriate for every day.

4. Designs:

Though the assortment is available in solid colors, but the solid designs (color combinations) are worth the mention. The combinations available are: red/grey (pouch/waistband), jasper/white, yellow/white, turquoise/white and royal blue/orange.

The sexy thong is available in all the sizes to fit perfectly on the different sized male anatomy. If you want the best of this tiny, exotic underwear style, make sure you purchase the right size (to prevent adjusting and hold on the pouch). These pairs can be worn every day to work, gym, and anywhere else as well as for special occasions.

Otzi Cotton Thong is available at affordable prices at skiviez.com.

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Intymen Fill It Thong- For Support and Definition

Intymen Fill It Thong

About the Product-


Intymen Fill It Thong features an extra ordinary pouch design that gently pulls your package up and forward for a stimulating wearing experience and a significant boost to the size of your bulge. This style of men’s thong features a front panel with a C ring that snug up against your lower abdomen. An added seam below the pouch offers extra lift and support. The ultimate fabric combination of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, providing slightly less coverage than a traditional thong but still covering and supporting the package in front.

What do consumers appreciate about the product?



The super soft fabric which is both comfortable and luxuriant to the touch is what consumers actually enjoy wearing the Intymen Fill It Thong. Men generally prefer wearing this thong for a non-sagging fit.

Front Contoured Pouch-

The supporting pouch in the front that allows cradling the entire male package for easy access to your goods. The pouch offers comfort to the manhood.

Snug Fit-

Being super comfortable, Intymen Fill It Thong provides a comfortable experience that is soft feel as well as in fit.

The perfect blend of smoothness and breath-ability makes the underwear style popular amongst modern male generation. Quality, comfort and sexiness is what the style all about.

Great for relaxing and workouts, Intymen Fill It Thong counts to be the best men’s underwear style that combines basic fit with modern intimate design elements. Shop the collection available today at skiviez.com.

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2xist Brief Underwear

2xist Brief | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Combined with advanced technology, 2xist as a renowned brand focuses on designing style focused underwear styles which are a mixture of comfort, function and style. With collections that include all of the main underwear styles from boxers and briefs to trunks, jocks and thongs, 2xist has taken the world of men’s underwearto a whole new dimension of stylishness.

2xist Men’s Brief Underwear :-


2xist Men’s Brief underwear is meant to provide a snug fit to the manhood as well ample amount of comfort. The small construction defines the profile and enhances what they have. Some men chose this because it is the traditional underwear. It is said to be sexy and it is unique in its own way. They are more formal in fitting. It provides more athletic support. It highlight’s the well toned physique of men.

The brand not only involves the use of latest pouch enhancement technology, but also uses high quality fabrics like nylon, polyester, cotton, polyamide and a pinch of spandex makes for fabulous blends that are extremely comfortable on the skin, provides just the right stretch and holds everything at the right place.

At Skiviez, we carry an extensive range of 2xist Brief underwear in variety of styles and sizes. Shop from the exclusive options available matching your taste and personality.

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2xist Jockstrap Underwear

2xist Jockstrap | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Founded in 1991 by Gregory Sovell, 2XIST underwear is one of the leading brands in men’s underwear which is well known for designing advanced fitting underwear, swimwear apparel, and accessories for fashion-forward, confident, and modern men. The brand has a unique collection of styles like briefs, trunks, thongs, jockstraps and boxer briefs for men. To know more about boxer briefs click here.

The 2xist collection of men’s jockstrap is specially crafted for men who seek for comfort, support and protection in their underwear.

Aspects of 2xist Jockstraps are


Many of the other brands manufacture fashion jockstraps for pleasure purposes but 2xist crafts athletic jockstraps for playing or rigorous activity purposes. The Sport Pouch jockstrap is sexy and sporty. Form-fitting underwear keeps everything together for an enhancing profile.


Jockstraps by the brand is made with high quality fabrics for better comfort down there. The pouch has a snug fit that lifts the crotch to an elevated position, keeping it safe from chafing and abrasions.


Made with exceptional quality of fabrics, these jockstraps are highly functional and performance based.


A balanced ratio of comfortable fabric is used to offer maximum support, stretch and flexibility to the privates.

2xist Jockstrap underwear features the trendiest collection that not only appeals to the eye but is also equally supportive, comfortable and practical for an everyday wear.

Shop the exclusive assortment of 2xist Jockstraps at Skiviez.

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