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Slip In A Thong And Feel Like A Bikini With Cover Male Curious Slip Thong

The model looks equally curious as the name of the men’s underwear he’s wearing is Cover Male Curious Slip Thong. With a masculine body like his, the sexy underwear looks even more sensuous than any other regular pair. The sexy and sensuous Cover Male thong underwear looks and feels absolutely stupendous when you slip into the luxurious fabric.

Cover Male Curious Slip Thong Black

Made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, you’d sign up for the lavishly shimmery texture that makes you feel like you’re all set for the party while keeping you feeling sweat-free, comfortable and quite flexible down there. A lot of spandex means a lot of stretch which again means you can indulge in all kinds of activities that require something more than just looks.

With a functional pouch in the front that covers what needs to be covered while keeping manhood’s comfort, support and functionality in check. The center of attraction is in the rear where you’ll find more than the necessary fabric that makes it look like men’s bikini underwear.

Interested? Well, check out more men’s fashion underwear styles by the brand here.

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Make Your Underneath Fashion Peppy With Joe Snyder Pride Frame Tanga

Joe Snyder Underwear has always been complimented by the array of colors the brand offers in its fashionable cum functional assortment. Starting from the monochromatic black, the range goes all the way to bright sunny yellows, pretty pastel pink, purple and so many more. The one shown in the image is Joe Snyder Pride Frame Tanga Yellow which is obviously not very commonly found in other labels. Tanga is a variant of men’s thong underwear which offers more coverage than the g-string underwear, but lesser than the conventional style. So, now you know what Tanga is in particular.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Tanga Yellow | Skiviez

Made of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, the sexy underwear provides the best of comfort, support, and stretch the legs as well as to the manhood itself. In terms of coverage, the pair offers enough fabric in the front to get the shaft and balls in the pouch for the constant support whereas; the minimal coverage shows off your round butts.

Made to tempt and tease, this designer underwear is playful, naughty and very appealing to the eyes. Without compromising on the sex appeal and functionality, the pair provides the best with every aspect at skiviez.com.

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