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Men’s Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

Men's Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

The face of men’s fashion is changing. The wardrobe of the modern male population has gone from the classic grey to the extremely alluring floral patterns. When it comes to wearing the bold and vibrant floral print, the art of pulling off this edgy look is something every man needs to learn. For all the men who are planning to go floral this bikini season, listed below are tips that may come handy for you. Have a look.

Contrast the patterns with solid shade

Men's FashionThe floral appearance from head to toe is a bit tricky to pull off. Not every man can look dapper in the bold and vibrant patterns. Thus, it is advisable to contrast the shade with solid colors. Either wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the sassy print. You can even pair the button down with denim shorts. Nothing can beat the look of a man sporting a dress shirt with the white shorts. Floral printed shirt looks best with black jeans. Other than this, even you are wearing a floral coat, then, make sure that the shirt features solid color. The combination that contrast each other will make you stand out from rest of the mass.

Match the texture

Men's FashionWhile the shade should contrast each other, the texture of the fabrics should match. This doesn’t mean that the material should be exactly the same. It is the look and feel of the clothing that should match. For instance, the shiny bottoms won’t look good when paired with the cotton dress shirt. The trousers teamed up a classic button down will create a simple and aesthetically stylish combination.

Find a match for your personality

Men's FashionNo matter which pattern and shade you choose, the attire should match your personality. There is no limit to fashion, but the attire you wear should match your real self. Moreover, the color selection should complement your skin tone instead of making you feel over-the-top. The attire that you are wearing should add confidence to your personality instead of making you conscious. Along with this, consider the occasion. The floral suit is the boldest statement for guys and should not be worn on formal occasion. You can keep it in reserve for the casual parties and other such occasion.

Accessorize properly

Men's FashionJust making the right choice of attire is not enough. You need to do justice with the floral apparel. Selecting the right ensemble is the apt way to pull it off in style. Sneakers and lace up shoes are ideal footwear to be paired with the casual attire. An aviator glasses can add a flair of attitude to your snazzy appearance. Since the attire is eye-catchy, go for the subtle styles of bracelets, wristwatches, and pendants. Avoid the bedazzling beaded jewelry. A sleek style of the scarf will look exceptionally stylish. Even the pair of men’s underwear matters when it comes this look. Try the seamless patterns of men’s thongs or even men’s brief. Keeping the ensemble subtle is the key.

Layer sensibly

Men's FashionPut on a jeans jacket and it will add a masculine flair to the tender floral patterns. As mentioned above, matching the texture is the key. You can even go for solid colored suits. Conventionally, the color of suit and shirt should be contrasting. However, when the shirt is floral the color of the suit should match. On the other hand, if the coat features the prints, then, the shirt should be of plain color. Just layer up sensibly and you’ll be able to set your own style statement. Even the lowest layer of clothing can be stylish. The designer underwear are in vogue. You can try them designer underwear for men and go floral from head to toe.

Choose the floral pattern according to your body type

Men's FashionEven the print should be according to your body type. For instance, the plus-sized men should not go for the big floral patterns. While men who are very skinny can try the sassy print. In case, the huge options are confusing you, then, it is advisable to try the subtle ones. Keeping it simple is always the best option to don a stylish look when you are baffled.

Ditch the summer style taboos and try the aesthetic dressing styles this season. Were these points helpful? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo

Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo

In the world full of trends, a tuxedo is an option for men who likes to stay classic. As quoted by Dean Martin, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody”. This is one attire that never fails to complement the personality of a man. At the same time, this is one of the trickiest looks to pull off as even the slightest mistake never goes unnoticed. you must be thinking, “Some white here and some black there”, how can anyone go wrong in it? The major mistake committed by men is in the way they carry themselves.

Do you find it hard to pull off tux at times? Stick to the thumb rules listed below and you’ll be on the right track to looking stirring.

Step 1: Get the fitting right

The tuxedo is a luxury clothing style and trying to be economical in it is the biggest mistake. The very thing you need to do is to buy one instead of renting. This way you can get it tailored and customized as per your wish. The formal appearance is all about getting the right fit. Try the entire outfit before the event and get it tailored accordingly. Getting the right fit of suit and trouser will give a finishing touch to the entire appearance. The pads at the shoulder of the suit should not jut out. While the sleeves of the same should end a couple of inches above your wrist. The trouser should stay close to the body, but not very snugly. Moreover, make sure that the length of the pants does not bunch up above the shoes.

Get the fitting right

Step 2: Choose the color combination

The classic black is the standard for all occasion. However, there are other options available as well. While most of the men will be in their black and white, you can make a standout appearance by trying something new. Most fashion connoisseurs are against colored tuxedo. So, if you have the fear of going wrong with your color selection, then, stick to the basic black or midnight blue. Avoid wearing a white tux and there are chances of it getting stained. The other subtle, yet smoking options available are blue, purple, burgundy and others. Choose the one that suits your personal style as well as personality.

Along with this, the trouser should match the color of the tux. Choose the dark-colored suit and light-colored shirt. It should not be the other way round. Moreover, the make sure that the shade of the suit and shirt is not the same.

Step 3: Learn how to wear it

The suit should be single-breasted with only one button. The double-buttoned jackets are very rear. Try both the style and compare them. Choose the one that suits you more and see if you can pull it off.  You need to be very careful about the texture of the clothing. Make sure the texture and fabric of the entire ensemble is same. Along with this, there is a basic thumb rule for making the knot of the bow-tie.

Learn how to wear it

Step 4: Select the right accessory

Once you have got the right attire, it is time for you select the ensemble that you need to pair with it. The very first rule of donning this look is to avoid wearing a belt with it. You can instead use a cummerband for covering your waist. While on other occasions, you accessorize your look, in this stern appearance, you need to accessorize the suit. Here are some of the things that you need to consider.

The pocket square is a must. You can go with subtle patterned once, but the solid shades are the most acceptable choice. The color of the pocket square should contrast tux, so that, the piece is highlighted.

Select the right accessory

The brooch can provide you an added benefit of sophistication, but it is optional. So, you can pair one if you find the right piece. However, make sure that it is not very shiny and snazzy. Keep it as simple as possible.

The cuffs of the shirt will be visible from the suit. So, teaming it up with an elegant pair of cufflinks is advisable.

Along with this, a wristwatch is a must. The timepieces crafted in stainless steel are the most acceptable ones.

Be careful about the lowest layer of your clothing

Step 5: Consider the footwear selection

Lace-up leather shoes are ideal for this attire. You can even go with the Oxford shoes. Keep the selection simple and sleek. Remember, to polish it well. The footwear should be neat and shining as this is the first thing that is noticed in a man. Wear the pair of socks that blends with the color of trouser and shoes.

Step 6: Be careful about the lowest layer of your clothing

The undergarment should not be visible through your shirt. Along with this, ensure that there is no visible underwear line down there. The trousers are fitting and there are chances of visible lines. The seamless style of men’s underwear like men’s thong are ideal options.

Were these points helpful? Share your tips to pull off a suit look in the comments below.

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Wanna look better? – 6 Hacks

Wanna look better? - 6 Hacks

If you really want to know how to look more handsome, you should set ablaze all the fashion magazine now. Well, they are those which ask you to shop numerous kinds of clothes. However, if you really want to look good in what you have, all you need are a few hacks which are both practical and functional.

What you don’t need are those numerous articles that keep you shopping newer articles and all you need is that focus on yourself. With everything that’s there in your closet (and your habits too), and the way you keep yourself is all you need to look just fab.

What are those hacks?

Find the practical way to handsomeness below.

1. Work on your hygiene

The basic of how you look is how you treat yourself. And, that starts from your hygiene! No one likes to sit next to someone who smells of cigarettes or the garlic you had last night. Well, you need to take some practical actions on that end by brushing & flossing your teeth. Moreover, you must clean yourself properly! Being blunt, you need to take a bath every day without failing. From shaving your body hair to changing your outfits, everything counts.

2. Spray perfume- bathing in it won’t help

Oh, my-my!! I have seen so many men doing this and they smell as if they’re carrying the entire perfume store with them. Going from psss..psss.. to psssssss…ssssssssss….sssssss the fragrance goes from subtle to something that burns the nostrils. Why? Why would you do something like this? You can always take a bath with a fragrant body and add to that with an appropriate amount of perfume that’ll stay throughout the day. Use as much as is needed is what you need to do.

3. Taking care of your hair and having a great hairstyle are two distinct things

Are you happy that your hair is healthy? What do you do to keep them healthy? Does your hairstyle look good on you? Well, there are many men out there who don’t know the difference between having healthy hair and a good hairstyle. You must take proper car of your hair and in order to top off the look, the hairstyle is what matters. So, keep in mind how you style your hair in accordance your face cut and hair.

4. Age- gracefully!!

You might have seen the multitudes of anti-aging products available in the industry. Well, they definitely work in slowing down your aging process but like always, they too have their side-effects. Let yourself age naturally but make sure you take care of your skin. Use sunscreen lotions and other products that have an intention to safeguard your skin from harmful sun rays as well as other factors like pollution.

5. Dress in fitted clothes

Ill fit clothes are not what you should promote. We all know how comfortable loose clothes are but do they always look good on you? No, they don’t!! Hence, it is feasible to have formed fitted clothes that aren’t too loose or too tight but just perfect for your body. A tip to note here would be- every article from your underneath fashion to your outfits must be the same fit to keep you looking in sync. After all, you wouldn’t want your boxers to keep bunching in your chino pants. Right??

6. Experiment with exotic accessories sometimes

If you really want to look handsome, you need to feel handsome for that. In order to do that, opt for some exotic accessories that can make you feel on top of the world effortlessly. A fancy wristwatch, a cufflink or even a secretive pair of men’s mesh underwear would be ideal for you.

Do let us know your experiences with them in the comments below.
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Men’s Fashion tips for clubwear this Christmas

While it is considered that men take no time in getting ready for partying purposes, the irony is that they still find it difficult to choose the right pieces. With the Christmas season in full swing, looking ordinary is not the option because it is the time when you must look absolutely stunning in order to make a lasting impression.

This blog would lay out the different tips that won’t your fashion quotient but will surely brush it up and prevent you from making mistakes this year and the coming ones.

1.Don’t overdress:

The very first thing that you must understand to keep it minimal and less on your body. Not literally less! The context talks about dressing well but not overdoing it. When undressed is easily noticed, overdressed people are noticed better and is surely not good for your personality. Keep it basic and subtle with whatever you like to wear when partying. Don’t go with formals or completely casuals, make sure you sport a style that is comfortable for you to dance around and acceptable to people around you.

2.Avoid sunglasses in the club:

Sunglasses surely a must have for the rich fashion statement but avoid wearing them inside the club. You might end up tripping on the other person because it is already too dark and you’d be dancing your lungs out. If you are planning to hit a place which will be visibly illuminated, you can sport a color that is different from the conventional black or brown. It depends on the venue you choose as well as the activities you’re going to indulge in.

3.Wear the right shoes:

The other day I went to a club where the rules and regulations were mentioned outside the club. One of the rules mentioned that formal shoes are not allowed inside the premises. Why would a club do something like that? Well, the popular clubs want their visitors to dress according to the standard of the club. No sports shoes or formal shoes are allowed inside, what is, is the styles like loafers, desert boots and more.

4.Consider the right underwear:

Wearing the right men’s underwear is definitely not mentioned anywhere in the rules. This is a personal suggestion from my side because you never know you might meet someone special and have the chances to take it to the next level. Make sure you are prepared to show her the sexy aspect of you with something like men’s thong or g-string underwear.

5.Be confident:

This might be the last point here, but surely is needed throughout the time when you seek to make a lasting impression. Be confident in whatever you wear and surely be joyous because it is Christmas. Greet others and dance to the best of your ability this year.

With these tips, you’ll rock your Christmas party this year. What else can you do? Take a look at the other things you can indulge in this Christmas here.

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