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Arguments for and against G-Strings for Men

G-Strings For Men

Aah, g-strings for men. A concept that you might love or hate, but then this is a concept that’s here to stay. There are many times when you’d think – “why would someone wear something so skimpy as mens g-string underwear?”. On the other hand, you might just slip into the respective men’s underwear style and give yourself the pleasure that you need. That is because the idea of g-strings for men just tends to evoke something deep inside, good or bad. Usually, you love it or absolutely hate it.

Well, in case you are on either side, you definitely have something to say and when we had a conversation with both the parties, this is what we had in front of us.


Mens G-strings


This blog would lay down the points in favor of g-strings for men and against the sexy underwear style.


Against g-strings for men


Men thongs or mens g-string underwear are special men’s underwear that is considered for women and not. Some men agree to this while others don’t. The respective men’s undergarment style is revealing, they leave a man’s buttocks totally exposed. While some think this is absolutely stunning, others just don’t view it as manly. For them, manly or masculine is limited to men’s briefs or boxer brief underwear for men.

Wearing mens g-strings or thongs for men is a gay thing. The people against the style think it demonstrates effeminate tendencies or that it labels men. Well, some men don’t think that way but some do and that’s where the assumptions start and men have to curb their choices in men’s underwear styles.


Daniel Alexander G-string


Men’s g-string underwear is NOT for men. With the respective apparel style being the one that is meant for women, there are people out there who think the style is not meant for men. Well, having a closer look would certainly detail you whether the mens g-string underwear supports or not, holds the pouch as it should or not and many other clarifications. You’d also find that there are sporty options, pleasurable ones and much more.


For mens g-string underwear


G-strings for men are for men. Why would women have all the fun when it comes to revealing men’s underwear styles? Thongs were first seen on men rather than women and by that, the g-strings for men sound absolutely the best thing. They are designed for men and with a wide variety, as we mentioned above, they are masculine as well.


Mens G-string silver


Wearing thongs/g-strings has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Many straight guys wear these men’s sexy underwear style. Indeed in some cases, it is their girlfriends or wives who introduced them to the idea of wearing the style.


Many men actually think that thongs fit men better than briefs or boxers which bunch and create discomfort. Many men’s thongs are well designed and hold men’s organs well, giving support as well as appropriate coverage. Further male thong wearers argue that once you get accustomed to the feel of a thong it is very comfortable due to the absence of too much material.


Male G-string


Ideally, thong or g-string underwear have a string waistband or a flimsy one to make sure that they ride low in the pants. This is because men don’t like waistbands popping of out the pants. When you wear tight low waist jeans, this sheer underwear style would keep a low profile.

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Clever Tank Top

Clever Tank Top | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Whenever you think that wardrobe needs a makeover, consider going for Clever men’s tank tops. Tank-tops by the luxury label are mainly cotton, and designed with small active features that make them versatile and functional.

Clever is a popular men’s underwear brand that offers the most stylish apparel styles such as men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, men’s thongs, tangas, men’s jockstraps and more. The unique assortment of tank tops is no less unique like the men’s fashion underwear offerings.

Tank-tops by the brand are popular for the following aspects:


Latin appeal:

The Colombian brand is inspired by the South American fashion trend and has a unique Latin appeal in every product.

Delivers what is in demand:

The brand believes in delivering what the guys want to wear. Clever keeps it very clever when they deliver what is desired by the modern men.

Sexy and functional:

Tank Tops at Skiviez are bright and colorful; on the other hand are made from an athletic-inspired microfiber knit fabric that feels smooth and slick against your skin, yet remains breathable.

At Skiviez, you’ll find the sporty assortment of tank tops by Clever at best prices. Stock them up.

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Piss And Vinegar Underwear

Piss and Vinegar Underwear is a new brand of underwear from a new company founded by the guy who started Ginch Gonch Underwear. This edgy underwear is designed to be youthful and daring with designs such as “I love Jesus”. Have no mistake about it, this underwear is sure to cause a stir.Men's Underwear

All About Vinegar Underwear:

You may ask yourself why would Skiviez carry such a line of underwear that may offend some people. Well the answer is – just about any product on our web site could be seen as offensive by someone.  Is wearing “I love Jesus” underwear meant to make fun of Jesus? We think not, and we hope you can see this brand in the same light.

Just like youngsters wear Superman underwear, they aren’t wearing it to poke fun of Superman they are wearing to show they love Superman. This is the same for the “I Love Jesus” underwear.  People aren’t wearing them because they don’t like Jesus, they are wearing it to say they do love Jesus.

Besides, if you can’t express yourself and have fun with a great brief or trunk, then where can you have fun?

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