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5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

Introduced as swimwear, the bikinis for men is now one of the sexiest style of underneath article. The intimate apparel is one of the basic staple for building an entire wardrobe. Having the right pair of underwear allows you to stay ready for any and all occasions. While the ladies accepted this quite early, men are catching up. Men are a bit conservative when it comes creating the base layer of clothing. Leave aside the traditional guys even the fashion oriented ones hesitate in ditching the tighty-whiteys and trying something that is less conventional. Men’s bikini underwear is the most practical way of giving your base layer some spotlight to your underneath fashion and aid as a shortcut for everyday confidence.

Here’s a compilation of few things that every man needs to know about this contemporary style of men’s underwear. Have a look.

#1 Bikinis are sexy, not outrageous

The skimpy apparel features minimal fabric. The barely-there underneath apparel offer at par sex appeal, but makes sure that the basic essentials of the wearer are covered. The bikinis for men, despite their modern approach, are not at all outrageous. People do have a notion that the modern undies are outrageously revealing. However, if you hesitate in trying anything that is way too erotic than expected, then, this is a perfect option for you.

#2 Ample variants

This underwear style comes in a number of variants. So, you can choose the one that suits your style as well as your comfort level. Listed below are some of the options available in this category of bikinis.

Bikini brief

Bikini briefThe perfect mixture of exotic bikinis and subtle briefs is ideal for men who seek sex appeal couple with ample support and comfort. The fabric at the back and front stretches a bit more to cover the assets. The hybrid between the traditional and modern cut is flattering as well as versatile. Right from the workplace to the date night, bikini briefs complete your ensemble for all occasion.

String bikini

String bikiniString bikini is somethings confused with men’s g-string. The skivvy features a tiny pouch in the front supported by a string waistband. It supports your manhood, but allows a lot skin show at the back. The tricky style of the underwear is like ‘business in the front and party at the back’. The sleek waistband adds to the sexiness, but keeps everything supported and in the right place.

Brazilian bikini

Brazilian bikiniThe Brazilian Bikini is a perfect combination of sensuality and functionality. The Brazilian cut showcases at par sex appeal and the fabric at the back stretches a bit more to cover the butt-crack. While the pouch in the front elongates and provides enough space for the manhood to breathe.

Sheer bikini

Sheer bikiniBikinis + Sheer = Electrifying appeal. Some bikinis are crafted in see-through fabric that leaves little to the imagination. The revealing undies cover nothing at all, but still aid support and comfort.

#3 They are not just worn as swimwear

Men’s bikini the very word creates an impression of a guy standing on a beach. However, this is to be noted that this underneath article is not just used as a swimwear. Bikinis are an underwear as well that can be used for any occasion, event or season. Whether you are heading for meeting at the office or for a date with your partner, this underwear style is a staple for you.

#4 Makes laundry cinch

While the jeans and trousers can be used multiple times, undergarments have to be cleaned after every use. This is what annoys men the most. Bikinis solve this problem for you. With minimal fabric, the laundry is easier than it was ever. The tiny and lightweight are easy to wash and dry, regardless of the season. Making laundry a cinch, this underwear makes your life easier.

#5 Supportive approach with minimal coverage

Some of you may think that bikinis may be sexier, but they are not as supportive as it should be. Well, you need to reconsider. Despite the minimal coverage, the underwear offers ample support to the package of the wearer. No matter which type of underwear you choose, you don’t have to compromise your comfort.

Were you aware of these facts about men’s bikini underwear? Share your views in the comments below.

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Men’s Bikini Underwear- Do’s and Dont’s

You might think that choosing bikini underwear is no task, but then it is definitely not a cake walk for first timers. You need to have knowledge about all its aspects and features including how it looks and much more than that. Since it is considered to be the shorter version of men’s brief underwear, men take it too lightly and pick up anything without knowing if it’ll suit them or not.

This blog would lay out the do’s and dont’s every man must take care of while shopping the respective men’s underwear style.


Pick the right variant

With a variety of variants available at skiviez.com, you must choose something that suits your body type. Variants refers to the variety of cuts available in the sexy underwear style. Whether you choose the string bikini or low rise bikinis, is it Brazilian cut right for you or pouch enhancing ones, pay attention while choosing your style.

Think about your physique

While you must have heard a lot about the fact that only the fit men must wear bikinis because of the short construction. Well, it is just a matter of understanding which style suits you. Whether you exercise the entire year to fit in your favorite pair of fashion underwear style or buy something that actually complements your body, both the decisions are respected. After all, you don’t want to look indifferent and weird wearing something that isn’t meant for you.

It should fit you right

My blogs have talked about it innumerable time and have stressed upon the fact that fit is very important. If you don’t buy the right size, the fit is not within your reach. However, if you really want to have the right proportion of support and sex appeal below the belt, choose the right size.

Clean the intimate area before stepping out

If your intention is no to scare the hell out of others in disgust, make sure you take a good amount of time cleaning your bare essentials. Get rid of the hair down there cause the jungle is not what others want to see. It is always more pleasing to see a clean, shaven intimate area than not to see anything at all.


Don’t lack confident

If you think that the designer underwear doesn’t suit you or you are confident about how you’re gonna carry the look, avoid wearing it. Make sure you wear it at home before you end up feeling all worried when you step out. Gain the confidence first by wearing it home and feeling comfortable in it and then sport it wherever you want.

Don’t forget to apply SPF to avoid sunburns

Yes! SPF is an essential item on the list if you are planning to sport bikini on the beach. Short fabric can cause your delicate skin to burn but if you want tanning that doesn’t harm your body, apply SPF.

So, are you ready for the sexy apparel to be sported? What else must be done or avoided? Do let us know in the section below.

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Show Off The Bulge With Daniel Alexander Bikini

Daniel Alexander Bikini | SkiviezI remember Daniel Alexander coming in the men’s underwear industry as one of the softest and comfortable brands and quickly gained the popularity because of the protruded pouch options offered by the same. The model is wearing one of the initial assortment that the fashion underwear brand had put forward and believe me, it was surely one worth trying on.

The model in the image is wearing Daniel Alexander Bikini Royal Blue. The sexy underwear is a perfect combination of fabulous fit, appealing solid design, protruding pouch and is totally meant for the underwear fanatics like you. In terms of coverage, the respective men’s bikini underwear covers more than it should (like the tighty whiteys) in the front and has a conventionally sexy seat that reveals your butts.

Daniel Alexander Bikini | Skiviez

Daniel Alexander Bikini:-

Made of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, the biggest benefit of the enhancing underwear style is that the fabric ratio lets you wear it every day as underwear as well as men’s swimwear without causing damage to the same. The center of attraction in the pair is the inbuilt cock ring in the pouch that gives that extra bulge to the manhood. You can know more about cock ring underwear here to know its benefits and types.

Available at skiviez.com, you can get authentic products and great deals. Check it out now!

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Good Devil Thong Underwear

Good Devil Thong | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Based out of Miami, Good Devil is a luxurious brand which is renowned for its men’s sexy underwear designs. Since the establishment, the brand has been delivering sexy styles of briefs, bikinis, thongs and G strings which are crafted for wild fantasies and greater intimacy. All the styles available have one thing in common: sexiness. Good Devil empowers from within and provokes you to feel confident wherever you may be.

Thongs by Good Devil are the skimpiest pair of underwear for men. They are ideal for men who dare to flaunt their assets. They vary in terms of their coverage on the backside. Good Devil thongs with the most minimal coverage have strings. What more? Thongs are lightweight, comfortable and barely there, and leave little to the imagination.

With just the required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the show, Thongs by the brand enhances the suppleness of your buttocks. It makes them look fuller and round. The Cage Thongs by Good Devil are just some strings that keep the manhood upfront to allure her senses and keep her asking for more. Some other styles like Spout, Matrix and more are more of playful and naughty.

Good Devil has been evolving in terms of creativity they put in for designing their range. Good Devil erotic underwear is specially crafted for men who love to flaunt their asset, be it your rear or the package. Thongs being the best seller range of Good Devil, the other styles are also a head turner.

Shop the latest styles of thong underwear at Skiviez to reveal the naughty, playful and sexy side of your personality.

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Good Devil Jockstrap Underwear

Good Devil Jockstraps | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Good Devil is the sexiest brand when we talk of men’s underwear. The brand has an extensive collection of products that provoke the feeling of sexiness. Our wide range of underwear includes briefs, bikinis, boxer briefs, thongs and Jockstraps which bring out the kinky side of your personality. Underwear crafted by Good Devil focus on the wildest fantasies of men.

Good Devil Jockstraps are designed for both fashion as well as functional purpose. The brand features Jockstrap styles in different colors to achieve the desired looks but there is one thing common in all: skimpiness and see-through pouch. The pouch has been designed in order to leave nothing or just something to the imagination.

At Good Devil, the range of fabrics used are Nylon, Lace, Polyamide and Cotton in combination with Spandex. The highest rated among the range is the Net Jockstrap. With a sexy net pouch the rest is a matter of strings. It is not one of the stereotypical underwear and has strings attached in a way they hold the thighs leaving everything in the open.

The Lace Jock is more of a feminine touch to the underwear. The motive is to let men get in touch with the feminine side of their personality. The semi-sheer lace arouses the hidden passion and brings forth the sexy personality of men.

Explore the stylish collection of Good Devil Jockstraps at Skiviez which are least in terms of coverage, yet worth of being functional.

Good Devil G String Underwear

Good Devil G String | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Good Devil is a leading brand when it comes to design sexy intimate apparels for men. Their assortment of G string underwear ranges from full frontal coverage to nothing at all. They motivate you feel sexy in your own skin, putting your treasure out there front and center.

Good Devil Sheer Side G-String Pink

The range of Good Devil G string underwear is tempting and seductive. G-Strings for men are comfortable, barely there and stylish all the way. They are one of the most revealing men’s underwear and not meant for the fainthearted. Some of the most popular G-String underwear at Good Devil are Tri-Lace G-strings, Preview G-strings, Sheer Side G-strings and many more.


Good Devil Men’s G-string Features:-


The assortment at Skiviez is tempting, hot, daring and extremely devilish. Some important aspects have been described below-

Maximum bulge- Good Devil G strings features an open pouch that puts the manhood up and straight for maximum show. The design is crafted for men who seek for a visible lift and can manage with the least amount of fabric.

Comfort- The exotic g-string by the brand features three elastic bar cock holders with a contoured ball holder that holds the assets in the best, innovative possible way.

Sexy- The ultra minimal coverage on the front, as well as the seat makes it highly irresistible and sexy. At first glance itself you tend to fall for something like this.

Colors- Though the entire range of men’s g-string erotic underwear at Good Devil is playful and provocative; these new bees are exceptionally erotic.

So if the intention is to rock the night with something pleases both you and your partner, Good Devil G-strings are the best options for you.

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Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Daniel Alexander is a luxurious brand which offers a great collection of skimpy underwear that includes g strings, thongs, bikinis and other popular styles  for men. The sexy, erotic designs have created a huge fan following of men who love it the skimpy way. The brand designs men’s underwear that are functional, practical and perfect for the special moments.

Daniel Alexander Thong Turquoise

They are designed keeping in mind specific occasions and possibilities for men. Daniel Alexander, being one of the sexiest brands, when it comes to men’s intimate apparels, has an array of styles that suit your taste and likes.

Thongs by the brand are designed to give your personality a “wow” factor. The brand further incorporates the use of innovative pouch for the balls to roam free. The fabrics incorporated by the brand in their range of underwear are handpicked and are of high quality. From cotton to microfiber, the extremely soft fabrics, used for the various styles hugs and move with your every curve. The ratio of spandex mixed with other materials is tried and tested for the perfect level of comfort and stretch.

Daniel Alexander thong underwear is available in numerous cuts, style and colors, some also have enhancing features which prevent chafing and rashes. While at the gym, long workouts might cause irritation and chafing in the groin.

Men’s thongs by Daniel Alexander are designed keeping in mind your busy schedule and rigorous activities that prevent skin problems like: heat generation, rubbing, rashes, sweating, chafing and body odor.

Shop the wide array of Daniel Alexander thong underwear at Skiviez for a luxuriant feel.

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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Daniel Alexander G string Underwear

Daniel Alexander G string | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

When it comes to designer men’s underwear styles with sexy cuts, luxurious fabrics and full on exposure, Daniel Alexander stands out to be a world class brand. Popularly known for its bold and devilish creation, the brand puts in great effort to offer styles that make you look impressive down there with a sizeable lift.

The brand has a huge assortment of men’s sexy underwear styles including bikinis, thongs and G Strings which feature a lot of skin show along with being comfortable. The luxury brand introduces a great collection of men’s g string underwear which will definitely drive you wild and crazy.

Men’s G-string Underwear :-


G strings for men designed by the brand are comfortable, stylish and skimpy. They are designed for a lot of skin show with the right amount of comfort to the package. The pouch of the entire assortment is made to raise your manhood to a correct position and prevents it from chafing. Another advantage of the contoured pouch by the brand is that it keeps you away from adjusting the position all day. The entire collection is designed from super soft fabric, featuring practical advantages that make it popular among guys.

Reveal off your naughty side with the exotic collection of Daniel Alexander G strings available at Skiviez.

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