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Add Pep down there with Intymen Brief

Add Pep down there with Intymen Brief | Skiviez

Did you just check out the Intymen Rocket Brief at skiviez.com? It surely came across as a delightful male underwear that is pleasing by looks and functional by nature. Intymen being one of the sportiest labels in the men’s fashion industry provides ample options for guys who love to keep their junk solid and smart. This is yet another product by the brand that makes you a sensible wearer who knows his needs and wants.

76.95% Cotton 11.62% Polyester 3.88% Nylon and 7.55% Spandex is the delectable combination that provides you with everything. When I say everything, it means comfort, breathability, support, moisture wick, stretch, and durability. Comfort and airy features are the highest because of cotton as the base fabric. You’re surely going to love how the sexy underwear will make you feel.

Coming down to the construction, you’d find the conventional coverage of men’s brief underwear and I really wish it was available in different styles too, like men’s bikini underwear or any other too. The solid fabric covers all but the mesh panels on the sides of the pouch let air free flow and keep you sweat free. The bold piping has always been an integral part of the products. You’d find it on the legs as well as around the pouch. Talking about the pouch, you’re sure to get a feeling of a rocket preparing to launch because of the construction that lifts the manhood.

Bold colors, subtle appeal and comfortable approach are the factors you must adopt this piece and other styles by the label at Skiviez.

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What takes to Pull off a Suit Look?

What takes to Pull off a Suit Look | Skiviez

The possibility of margin errors counts big ones for you when it comes to a well-fitted suit. It takes a lot of effort to sport the right fit of a suit when it the festival time or your best friend’s wedding. Few of us are blessed to have a physique that resembles models but what about the others? What does it take to get the suit look right and spot on for various occasions?

There are numerous factors that build or break the formal look and that’s what we’ll be looking forward to in this blog.

1.The fit of the suit: The very first aspect and the most delicate one too is getting the fit of the suit right. Getting it tailored is the key because ready-made suits can be faulty in several places sometimes. Hence, get it tailored! Tailoring too can be tricky sometimes if the tailor doesn’t take the measurement too seriously. Everything counts when it comes to the fit. From the shoulders to the chest, body, collar to the legs, waist, and the seat, every part of your body is essential. One mistake can spoil the entire look. So, be wise and get it done from a well-known place.

2.Underneath fashion: What you wear on the outside is defined by what you put on inside. For example, if you wear men’s boxers shorts (conventional style) and suit one that, you’d find the bunching effect from your pants which is definitely a no-no for your personality. Hence, if you seek a perfect look with the pleasing outcome, go for a men’s underwear style that defines your legs and shows no lines on the outside. Any fashion underwear style would do for you.

3.Right accessories: Right accessories would embody everything from the tie to cuff links and pocket square and even the belt. Go about searching the different online stores that would be able to provide you the look that you desire. Choose the right footwear style to complete the gentleman look.

4.The hair style: Suit with a Mohawk is what would not go hand in hand unless you’re on the experimenting spree and a runway model. Go for a haircut that suits your face cut and personality, and trust me, you wouldn’t go wrong with the suit. Go for a slicker style that keeps your hair down or sometimes wavy but perfect for the suit look.

With these tips, you wouldn’t have to look back while trying to figure out the suit look ever. Do leave in your comments in the space below.

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Go Feminine With Intymen Brief

Intymen has always been the masculine name in the men’s underwear industry that offers sporty and absolutely macho pairs of enhancing underwear styles that aim at providing a better visibility to your junk even in the worst times. However, the newly presented collection by the label at Skiviez is all about handsome prints, pretty colors and feminine prints (not literally).

Intymen Brief | SkiviezMy wife saw the pair that came to me for the review was stunned by the sexy appeal. She even went to the extent of saying that if it didn’t feature this pouch, I would have loved to slip into it. Well, she genuinely loved it. The Intymen Pinky Brief is one of the recent fashion underwear styles that features conventional coverage, vivacious appeal, supportive functionalities and ample comfort.

Offering a combination of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, this men’s brief underwear offers minimal stretch and high moisture-wick as well as luxurious texture to the look below the belt. Featuring a pretty pink colored shiny waistband, the same colored thick piping contours the manhood and enhances the visibility. Keeping the base design subtle with contrast splashes of colors it, the Pinky design just makes you fall in love with your underneath fashion.

Check it out at skiviez.com.

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Take Underneath Fashion To New Level With Intymen Stellar Brief

With the passage of time, Intymen has finally reached the point where the men’s underwear brand has achieved to look at the aspect of perfect balance between the fashionable appeal and support in every pair of it offerings. The current assortments by the label have a delectable combination of sex appeal and functionalities in full portions in order to make you look and feel absolutely stunning.

Intymen Stellar Brief | SkiviezThe Intymen Stellar Brief is one of the products from the category that the brand introduced a few months back. The entire collection featured products that showcased universe and related designs such as the galaxy, planets and more. With a fabric composition of 78% nylon and 22% spandex, you get to have a lot of stretch down there. Well, with this ratio, you can use it for all kinds of physical activities.

The mesh design all over the respective men’s brief underwear focuses on the sporty appeal and breathability of the pair while the shiny stellar-print waistband looks absolutely amazing on the masculine fashion underwear. The piping around the pouch and the legs is more functional than it looks. It lifts the manhood in the best way while on the legs it adds glamor.

Ample coverage, fully functional and the undying support is what makes the best aspect. Check it out at skiviez.com.

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