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8 Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

8 Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

As the holiday is approaching quite fast, the festive spirit that Thanksgiving brings along includes the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Macy’s parade and so much more.

Are you waiting for these too??

Everyone does!!

However, there’s a lot more than just turkey or the parade. The holiday is about the first harvest celebration as well as other special aspects that you should be thinking about.

Here’s a list of 8 things that you should be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Who doesn’t want to come home to a family that sticks through the thick & thin times? Don’t you love it when you all sit together and eat food, watch movies, talk about small things? You should be thankful for your partner who’s rock strong and always there for you. Thankful for the kids who bring a smile to your face with the tiny things they do for you.

Beginning of the holiday season

Halloween has recently finished and now you’re all set for the upcoming holidays that certainly bring cheer to your face and raise the happiness. There’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and finally New Year. All these have their respective thrill that starts even before the day comes and lasts quite long in our hearts and minds.

Pay day

Sounds off?? It isn’t because nothing brings a broader smile on your face than when you see that text saying – “your salary has been credited to your account”. Do we even need to say anything else than just saying the above? Paydays bring happiness and you should be thankful for the same.


Who doesn’t like gifts? Whether it is your birthday, anniversary or Thanksgiving and Christmas, gifts are always welcomed with open hearts & arms as well as a big smile. No matter what you get in there a toy, showpiece, accessory, shirt, pant, men’s underwear or anything else, a gift is a gift. There’s nothing more exciting about it.

The coming New Year

Aha!! A fresh start. Another year full of resolutions that won’t even last a month, promises to get into the shape where bikini underwear would look appealing to you and so on. But, at least the year is coming and you should be thankful for the same.

Good food

Well, you should be thanking your mothers who cook delicious food for you, but it still is a blessing for which you should be thankful. For all the pizzas, burgers, stuffed turkey, chops and everything that you love o eat – just be thankful that it’s available for you and ask for those who don’t have it.


Whether you’re a coffee & cat person or tea & dog kinds, having a pet is what keeps you happy. Be thankful for pets in your life because if they weren’t there, you would be have been lonelier and incomplete. After all, they are family and complete our lives.

Online shopping with free shipping

Who doesn’t like online shopping? Well, what hurts more is when you have to pay shipping cost. So, when the duo comes in together, it is all about being thankful for and a win-win situation.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Men’s Underwear as Gifts- What to Consider?

If you didn’t know that men’s underwear makes the best of gifts, you’ll know it in this blog. Till then, haven’t you felt the luckiest when you received lingerie as a gift from the person you love? Well, that’s exactly how men feel when you present them with their basic clothing articles.

However, just as men do their homework before buying something for you, you too should figure out certain things before launching the hunt for an ideal gift.

Which style of underwear?

Men have a funny relationship with their fashion underwear. They love how these tiny pieces make them feel but they wouldn’t have the patience to buy new ones for themselves. Men would only spare time on either Christmas or when the old ones have been through all trials and tribulations. In addition, if you buy them a wrong style, for example, a thong underwear person is given conventional briefs or a boxer brief guy is given g-string underwear, then it gets even more chaotic.

Hence, do the homework well!

What is his personality like?

With men from all walks of life, their personalities are equally distinct as their choices. You have to figure out whether he’s an adventurer or he likes to stick-in-the-mud, is he peppy or doesn’t like to jump around a lot, whether he prefers red color or monochromatic shades and much more. Once, you’ve filtered your selection, you can move on to the next step.

Can he feel okay something, not of his regular taste?

Gifts are probably given with a certain mindset and when it comes to designer underwear, it definitely is! See if your man can do with a step further to his regular pieces. For example, bikini underwear for the briefs guy and sheer underwear for the bikini guy. Likewise, you can figure out things for yourself.

With these calculations, you’d be able to get him something that he’ll cherish. If you have something to add on to the list, do let us know.

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What makes Thanksgiving Day Special?

What makes Thanksgiving Day Special | Skiviez

We certainly enjoy the holiday season and every bit of it. However, in the midst of all the celebrations and partying, few things are left out or are not accounted for. We might use them or participate in them, but we’re too busy so we don’t consider them as important. These aspects make the holidays a very special feeling and we’re going to lay them out so that you don’t miss out on any of it this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Parade

This has a lot to do with my childhood memories. Dad and I would sit in front of the television watching the entire parade as the various floats, bands, march, balloons and Santa Claus as the climax. We would be so excited to the creativity on TV and be glad about it. Even today, sometimes we either stay home and watch it on the television or go and watch it live.

The Tradition

The tradition calls for a lot of things out of which we practice some and have forgotten the others. It is more of a chaotic holiday now because the females stay up all night preparing for the buffet hosted by the family the next day and more of it. The tradition calls for a relaxed morning breakfast, watching the parade, start preparing for the glazed stuffed turkey and the other delicacies, greet the guests, sit down to say grace, have supper and share gifts. With these traditions, I love the dinner part, sharing memories together and the gifts exchange. My wife bought me a pair of male underwear, that too a sexy men’s bikini underwear. I hope she gets something spicier this time.


Without the love and presence of the family, no holiday or celebration is complete. It is with their love and care that even the ordinary days are made special. I remember one year my sister was not able to come back home her college (hostel) for the vacation. It was like there was no celebration at home at all and on the other hand, my sister felt lonely because the rest of us were together. So, keeping the family in the center of the celebrations is essential.


Like it was mentioned above that I love gifts, Thanksgiving is all about sharing gifts with each other. Being a popular tradition, it is also a time when you have to spend time thinking of what to give the other. With all sorts of options available on the internet, you can also choose what can you buy for your family members, relatives, and friends.

These are the aspects that make the holiday a lot special than it is. Remember them when you involve with your guests and make sure that you be thankful for all you have. You can know more about Thanksgiving here.

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What To Do On Veterans Day?

Veterans Day

In my last blog on Veterans Day, I had talked about the facts that every individual must know about the day and its history. This blog is going to be special because it would list out the ways that you can celebrate the patriotic day without losing its actual charm and true meaning.

Without wasting a lot of time, let me get forward to the ways you can actually celebrate Veterans Day in true spirit.

  • Attend the celebrations:

Celebrations are not restricted to family and friends, in fact on an occasion like Veterans Day, you must celebrate with the place you live in. Attend the parades and other social gatherings which revolve around the actual theme. Participate (if you get an opportunity) in the happenings taking place around you.

  • Visit the Veterans:

This is another way of showing respect to them by visiting them and spending quality time with them. Do you remember when our parents took us to old age homes and made us talk to the people there? You wouldn’t have understood the true meaning of spending time with someone whom you didn’t know back then, but they loved your presence. Likewise, when you visit these people and talk about their war stories, they’ll be delighted to have you.

  • Gift them:

If you go through the internet, you’ll find the true state of the Veterans today. Their families have abandoned them and some don’t even have food to eat or clothes to wear. You can be the ray of hope for them. Gift them something that your budget allows. Whether something that they need every day to the basic needs like men’s underwear or other clothing articles. Give them food to eat and spend some quality time with them.

  • Donate:

Gifting is not the only idea here! You can even donate your old wearable clothes, things of use and anything that could be of some worth to the organization who take care of the Veterans. You can even donate your support, services and appreciation to the organizations if you cannot support them financially.

  • Go out on a Veterans trip:

You can catch up your family and friends who are from the army background and plan a day-trip to a nearby place where you can relax, talk and share the war stories with your Veteran friends.

Now you can start planning your celebration because 11th November is not that far.

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Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year again already. Time for crowded department stores, grumpy and over-worked sales clerks, and worrying about picking the perfect gift. May we suggest that you avoid all of the holiday madness by grabbing some gifts online. At Skiviez, we’re trying to make your life easier by putting together some of our best sellers on one easy to access Holiday Gift Ideas page.

G-String Underwear

Whether you’re shopping for your dad or your boyfriend, you’re sure to find something that they’ll love and will look great! Don’t forget – we offer a gift wrapping. Also, if you’re a bit of a procrastinator, Skiviez offers expedited FedEx shipping options for both domestic and international shoppers to make sure your gifts arrive on time.