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Father’s Day gift guide 2017

Father's Day gift guide 2017

Mark the calenders people because it’s June and Father’s Day is the best part of it. Falling on the 19th of June this year, you must start early to make the preparations for the same. Don’t we all (as their kids) see this day as an opportunity to spoil our fathers and the father figures in our lives?

Have you ever tried asking your dad what he wants for this day and their quick reply would be that has everything or your love is enough? It’s all too common for our dads to refuse a gift and hence, we’ve created a list of practical, diversified and lovable things that your dad would not only love you back for (he loves you otherwise as well) but will cherish it every time he’ll use it.

Father's DayWe intend to make this even better by helping you gift your dad something that his personality complements. So as a token of love for all he does for us day and night, these are the personalities and the gift options to raise their bar of happiness.

The well-groomed father

The well-groomed fatherThis comes across too easy because your father is someone who’s quite careful about himself and his grooming hacks. You have the opportunity to gift him a grooming kit that will help him style his beard the way he wants to, or chop off his nails and so much more. You can choose the kit that matches your budget and the number of items it offers.

The corporate father

The corporate fatherThe corporate father would be someone who indulges in a lots of official meetings, desk job and is very systematic as well as organized in whatever he does. He would appreciate if you buy him something a file/document organizer or a digital clock for his desk. You can also have gift him a smartwatch which is quite trendy these days and it will help him keep feeling fit.

The golfer father

The golfer fatherDoes your father love to play golf? Why not think to give him a golf fit to make sure that he golfs all the 18 holes every time he plays? It’ll be his favorite companion while playing his favorite sport.

The camping/adventurer father

The camping/adventurer fatherThere’ll always be fathers who’ll go on road trips or camping after every few months. They don’t need any reason to step foot outside and if someone says “trip”, they’re ever ready for the same. For a father like him, hiking boots or camping tents or rucksacks would be ideal options for them.

The tech-savvy father

The tech-savvy fatherDoes your father spend more time surfing the internet and does all his tech-savvy stuff himself? He surely is ahead of your time and knows how to learn and adapt to things quickly. Bluetooth speakers, noise-canceling earphones or some other techy gadget would be an ideal gift.

The in-love-with-himself father

The in-love-with-himself fatherIf your father is the loving person and makes sure to himself in the love list before anyone else, this goes out to him. You can gift him a pair of men’s underwear. As gifts, the briefs or the male thongs can do a lot more than any other gift for this personality. It’ll make him fall in love with his masculinity and that’s why investing in the same is a feasible idea.

What’s you dad’s personality? Do let us know if it isn’t mentioned in the list.

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