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Wear The Brazilian Style With Cover Male Bikini

Bikini | Skiviez

The Cover Male Brazilian Bikini is one of the best offerings by the sexy and sassy men’s underwear brand. Made available at Skiviez, you can find the plethora of colors that are available in the collection. The respective men’s bikini underwear with the Brazilian cuts, you can feel the support while showing off a little more than the conventional.

Cover Male Bikini | SkiviezMade of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, you get to avail the characteristic traits such as moist-wick, comfort, support, luxurious texture and more. In addition, the fabric composition would allow you to wear the designer underwear as underwear as well as men’s swimwear. With a solid colored apparel, the Brazilian cuts allow you to reveal a lot of your skin with the sex appeal. Featuring a sexy enhancing pouch, the sexy underwear has no fabric on the sides as well as the rear has 1/3rd coverage whereas; the masculinity is traditionally covered and elevated.

The no-show elastic waistband holds everything in one place without allowing a lot of movement and the brand logo on the left rear says it all.

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Show Off The Bulge With Cover Male Bikini

Cover Male Bikini | Skiviez

Cover Male has always been the men’s underwear brand which offers the best of comfort, bulge, and luxurious feeling down there with its assortment. Starting from the initial assortment to the new arrivals at Skiviez, every pair is made to enhance what you already have with the best feeling down there. The Cover Male Brazilian Bikini is one such fashion underwear style that provides what’s needed and reveals more than the necessary.

Cover Male Bikini | SkiviezMade with the signature fabric composition of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, you can feel the same luxurious feeling as men’s swimwear as well. This respective men’s bikini underwear features an enhancing pouch that looks temptingly protruded while the hot Brazilian cut broadens the prospects of showing the butts to the people around. The waistband holds the entire pair together with strong and comfortable grip. The butt has a tiny CM logo on the top while the rest is a smooth fit.

The color options available at the men’s underwear store by the designer underwear label goes all the way from basic to vivacious. At skiviez.com, you’ll be able to grab the pairs at affordable prices.

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Hang It Low With Cover Male Bikini

There is no second thought about that Cover Male is a super sexy and functionally very comfortable men’s underwear brand. The label constantly works hard to provide a better feeling to the male anatomy and the overall personality enhancement. The newer fashion underwear styles brought forward at the men’s underwear online store features a luxurious shiny texture and its own functionalities. The Cover Male String Bikini has also changed from the last assortment.

Cover Male Bikini | Skiviez

What has changed? Well, the very first feature that changed is the texture and appeal of the men’s bikini underwear. Now you can find a shimmery texture on the minimal amount of fabric the products have. Thanks to the fabric combination of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex which gives the appeal.

The minimal fabric sexy underwear features a triangular pouch in the front as well as in the back. The second change is that this collection has a longer, more cylindrical-shaped pouch that gives more space to the manhood. It certainly proves that if you liked the earlier products in the collection of men’s bikinis by Cover Male, you’re going to love this one. The rear is more of a Brazilian cut that reveals 3/4th of the butts, covering a little in the rear.

Available in a variety of colors, you can grab these from skiviez.com.

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