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The colors are changing—new lines for fall

There’s no contest: fall is by far my most favorite season of the year. Here in Virginia, the air cools until crisp; the leaves explode into gorgeous oranges, browns, and reds; and we snuggle under cozy blankets during the colder nights. And with the change in season, designers are introducing new colors and styles for fall. Here’s a quick run down of the latest styles and selections to land in our warehouse.

C-IN2 Pop Colors: Muted, tasteful, natural, autumnal


C-IN2 UnderwearWe’ll start with the ever-popular C-IN2 Pop Colors line. We have the first wave of colors in stock today: Dark Spruce, a lovely dark green; Winter Wheat, an earthy tone; and Jester Red, a slow-burning sanguine. This collection also includes a long-sleeved version of the popular henley to keep you warm on the cool nights of the fall.

As always, the products in this line are all made of 100% cotton, giving that comfortable, reassuring, natural feel that you’ve grown up with, and when you combine it with C-IN2′s legendary cut, you’ll find the items in this line to be among the most comfortable underwear that you’ve ever worn.

The colors in this wave are only here for a limited time. We’re not able to accept backorders for these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t let the season pass you by without a pair of your own!
Check out New C-IN2 Bamboo colors Underwear here.

Calvin Klein cranks it up to 11


Calvin Klein UnderwearCalvin Klein, on the other hand, gives us a different take with the new Calvin Klein Neon Trunk. The colors in these trunks remind me of the old neon signs of a bar that I like to meet friends at on these cool Friday nights.

When I say “neon,” trust me—these trunks are very neon. When we were checking these items into inventory in the warehouse, it seemed as if we didn’t even need to turn the lights on!

These items are mostly nylon with some spandex in them, so they’re very snug and form-fitting with the smooth, sensual feel that synthetic fibers bring. Like the C-IN2 Pop Colors, though, this trunk is only available for the season. Once we ship the last unit out of our warehouse, that’s a wrap. Be sure to grab a pair for yourself today.


Skiviez throws some color in the mix


Skiviez Men's UnderwearSkiviez has been at this business for a little over eleven years now, and there was once a time when our in-house brand was known for its dazzling array of inspired color choices. As we worked on expanding the business and making further improvements to our legendary same-day shipping and lauded customer service, this brand fell a little by the wayside.

But not any more—we introduced Skiviez Boast to customer acclaim, and we’ve introduced limited edition, unique colors for the fall season: Spearmint, Bubble Gum, and Wedgewood Blue. You won’t find pairs of underwear quite like these anywhere else; if we put our name on it, you know it has to be good. And since we designed it and we ship it, you can grab a pair at a fantastically affordable price.

We’ll be rolling out additional colors for the spring, so be sure to grab a few of these colors before everyone else gets their hands on them.

That’s not all

Many manufacturers ship fall colors out in “waves,” with the next wave of colors expected to appear in about a month or so. But don’t wait! If you see a color here that spots your fancy, be sure to buy it soon—we’re likely to be running out by the time the next wave arrives.

At Skiviez, we can’t wait to see what else this beautiful season has in store for us. Check back here or on Facebook often for the latest product updates, or subscribe to our new products RSS feed.


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C-IN2 Bamboo is now C-IN2 Zen and is now in stock

Remember C-IN2 Bamboo? Of course you do! C-IN2 Bamboo was one of the most popular C-IN2 lines that Skiviez has ever carried. After a few months of delays, we’re proud to finally announce that Skiviez has C-IN2 Bamboo back in stock—it’s just been renamed to C-IN2 Zen.

SS10-CIN2-3167-Vanilla-F-234x600Same great product with a new name


C-IN2 Zen is the same fabric composition, cut, and style that you may remember from the C-IN2 Bamboo line circa 2009.

Made from a blend of 69% rayon (using materials sourced from bamboo), 29% cotton, and 2% spandex, the fabric used in the C-IN2 Zen line is a perfect blend of silky synthetics and comfortable cotton. When combined with C-IN2′s legendary cuts that follow your body’s contours in all the right ways and in all of the right places, the C-IN2 Zen line is simply unstoppable.

Be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Punt. It’s a Brazilian-inspired style that sits right on your hips. It’s a style that sits somewhere between the slider and the army trunk; it has a larger outseam than the slider, but it’s still a bit smaller than that of the army trunk.

And for those who are fans of classic boxer briefs, be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Rider, which features ultra long legs that provide stability and comfort for cycling or other athletic activities.

Introducing “curacao,” a beautiful blue


With this shipment of C-IN2 Zen, we’ve got the usual core black and white (“Vanilla Ice”) colors in stock, but C-IN2 has also introduced a hot new color for Spring/Summer 2011: curacao. Like the traditionally blue liqueur or the waters surrounding the island of the same name in the Caribbean, the C-IN2 Zen line in curacao is a dreamy bright blue that’s sure to get the attention of anyone who can see you.

Buy your C-IN2 Zen today!


C-IN2 Zen (formerly C-IN2 Bamboo) has a tendency to sell out very quickly. Be sure to grab your pair before it’s too late.

Send us your feedback

We’re constantly working to improve our Web site and our selection to better serve the interests of our customers. Got an idea for a brand or a product that you’d like us to carry? Just tweet it to @skiviez, e-mail it, or submit it via our feedback form. You can trust us to keep listening to our customers, or else we wouldn’t be the men’s underwear authority!

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C-IN2 Pop Color Patterns 50% OFF

We’re clearing out C-IN2 Pop Color Patterns at 50% off while supplies last. New fall colors are arriving soon so we need to make room for new selections. We have plenty of stock available but they are going fast. Act now for best selection. Once these are gone they are gone forever.

C-IN2 Men's Underwear

Click here for C-IN2 Pop Color Patterns.

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Get Six Pairs Of Underwear On The Cheap With Our Pop Color 6-Pack

We’re offering up great end-of-summer savings at Skiviez with the C-IN2 Pop Color Patterns Low No Show 6-Pack, which is six pairs of underwear for just 75 bucks. That’s over 25% off buying each of the six items individually.

C-IN2 Color Pop Underwear

It’s a limited-time offer, though, so once these 6-packs are gone, that’s all she wrote. Grab your pop color fun pack today!

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End Of The C-IN2 Sale Reminder!

The final days are wrapping up on the C-IN2 sale here at Skiviez. If you want to take advantage of 25% off the great C-IN2 fashions, you need to act fast! C-IN2’s Pop Colors ’09 have been extremely popular, and since they’re seasonal, we will not be receiving any more in stock. The same thing is true for C-IN2’s Patterns and Kinetic.

C-IN2 Brief Underwear

Make sure you don’t miss out on this great C-IN2 sale (excluding Bamboo & Core) that is going on until this Friday – July 18th! There are also plenty of other great sales and closeouts at Skiviez, so make sure you check out our Sale Items and Last Chance Closeouts!

New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear Coming Soon

New C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

Starting around the first of June, C-IN2 will re-launch Bamboo, their wildly popular line of men’s underwear. This new bamboo underwear features an updated logo waistband that prominently displays the C-IN2 logo. It’s also designed to wash and wear better.

C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

The updated fabric now features a blend of 30% cotton and 70% bamboo. This combination adds more structure to the fabric and makes it last longer and feel better. Not to be outdone by the new fabric, the updated “trophy shelf design” enhances the look and shape of your package making it noticeably fuller.

C-IN2 Bamboo Underwear

The new bamboo will have an updated slider brief, a new slim cut trunk called the “punt,” an army trunk, and a new jock strap. All styles are updated and better than ever. Be sure to sign up for our email list–as soon as the new Bamboo lands in our warehouse, we’ll send out an e-mail notification. For now you can check our recently arrived 2xist Fusion underwear at Skiviez.

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How To Wear C-IN2 Sling Support Underwear

If you had told me several years ago that I would one day be writing an article about how to properly wear C-IN2 sling support underwear, then I would have immediately asked you three questions:

Are you out of your mind?
Why would I ever do such a thing?
What in blue tarnations is “sling support underwear” and why and how would I wear it?

While the answer to the first two questions still eludes me, I’ll be answering one of Skiviez’s most top-asked questions today: how to actually put on and wear C-IN2′s sling support underwear. Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that the usually quite simple act of wearing underwear has now defeated you–quite a few of our customers are positively mystified by the intimidating strap.

But first, let’s talk a bit about the sling support line in general and what it’s meant to do.

Wherefore “Sling Support”?

sling support Underwear

The esoteric diagram to your right is the same diagram that is printed within every box of the C-IN2 sling support line. The idea is that the adjustable strap will pull your package up and out, giving you that Wonderbra-like “Huzzah!” needed to make your naughty bits comfortably noticeable without being absurd nor obscene.

You just wrap the strap around your scrotum and the base of your penis and adjust the strap, much like one would adjust a belt buckle. Tightening the strap pulls your entire sexual array to higher elevations, much like how Popeye hoists the piano via a rope and pulley in the old cartoons.

But, considering how attached you probably are to these parts of your body and your general unwillingness to experiment, and given that the strap apparatus is deceptively complex, that strap adjustment is easier said than done. You might be tempted to just snip out the strap, shove a banana down your pants, and call it a day. But perhaps a how-to guide will help.

How to Wear C-IN2 Sling Support Underwear

C-IN2 Sling UnderwearI’m in the boat with you–prior to this morning, I had never actually tried wearing any of C-IN2′s sling support line.

One of the first things that will strike you when you inspect the underwear is that the strap isn’t adjustable in the sense of adjusting a lap belt in your car; that is, the adjuster doesn’t slide back and forth. Instead, the strap loops around and is secured by a plastic button. The strap has several slits that you can choose from.

1. First, put on the underwear like you normally would. I’m assuming that you can handle this: put your legs through the leg holes and pull up.

C-IN2 Sling Underwear2. The underwear comes with the button already secured to the strap in a middle-of-the-road position. Grab the strap and stretch it so that you can shove your bits through the loop created by the button.

3. “That tingling feeling means it’s working.” No, wait, this isn’t Icy Hot–that tingling feeling means that it’s too tight, and you’ve created a cock ring instead of sling support. If you’re into that, that’s fine, but let’s try loosening it up a smidge.

4. To loosen the strap, remove the plastic button by stretching the strap’s slits around the edge of the button. (The fabric might “crunch” as you do this, but don’t worry; it’s pretty hard to tear.) To move up or down a size, cross the corresponding slits on each side of the strap and then re-insert the button. For example, to use the smallest size, then you’d make sure that the sixth slit on the left side crosses the sixth slit on the right side and then you’d insert the button. Check the “default position” diagram above. Which slit you choose is entirely up to your comfort level and preferences.

C-IN2 Sling UnderwearIf you ever get tangled and confused about how the strap should lay, place the underwear front-side down on a table. The strap should look like an inverted “Support Our Troops” ribbon; finished side up, crossed in the middle, folded underneath at the bottom.

And there you have it. I hope that I’ve managed to answer your questions about how to properly wear the sling support underwear. Why not give a pair a try today? In the best case, you’ll enhance your appearance. And in the worst, it’ll build character, and you can always snip out the strap with scissors and enjoy the larger-than-normal pouch size.  You can also check out 2xist Fusion underwear at Skiviez . Good luck!

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C-IN2 Spring 2008 Prints Are Here, Stay Tuned For Pop Colors

C-IN2 Spring 2008 Underwear

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the C-IN2 Spring 2008 prints have arrived! We’ve worked double-time to check them into inventory quickly so that you all can get them before anybody else over the weekend.

C-IN2 Trunk Underwear

We’ve got the “cubed” pattern and the “hatch” pattern, each of which comes in three unique colors. They’re a bit more subdued if you’re used to the bright colors of last fall’s honeycomb and brazuca patterns, but they still look great. Check out the C-IN2 collection now! We think that the cubed trunk is going to be an especially great seller.

All of the C-IN2 Bamboo line is still on a 30% clearance sale, by the way. We’ve got to clear out inventory at these great discounts because the line’s being totally re-done this summer.

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