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What All You Should Expect From Agacio Boxer Shorts

Agacio Boxer Shorts

Great companion for sports, everyday or even lounging at home, Agacio Boxer Shorts are for men who prefer quality, comfort and fit. The designing of Agacio Boxer Shorts comprises the following-

Inseam- Agacio incorporates the inseam for more comfort and improved fit. The seam design on legs and on the pouch offers room for movement.

Leg Openings- Active men look for freedom of movement without the feeling of discomfort and constant adjustments down under. Agacio manufactures boxer shorts that are form- fitting yet comfortable for everyday wear.

Waistband- The elastic waistbands on the Agacio Boxer Shorts are stitched inside the waistband and the elastic is exposed. It does not leave the imprint marks on the body. It feels very comfortable on the body and leaves no marks on the skin. It also holds the underwear at the correct position for a better grip.

Sack Lifting Technology- The sack lifting technology incorporated by the brand makes it so unique. This technology works by lifting the package up and in the front for a bigger, better bulge and protruded look under the pants. The perfect fitting pouch for men has a center seam for more comfort.

The Fly- The Fly option in Boxer Shorts is meant to keep the front smooth and finished.

Low Cut Fit- Agacio Boxer Shorts are designed to rest low below the waistline for a sexier look. The stylish underwear can be worn with any kind of clothing.

Fabric- Cotton, Nylon, Polyester and Polyamide are the perfect options available in fabric which offer the right amount of stretch and flexibility.

Utilizing the latest technology available in the market, Agacio Underwear is manufactured to put all your family jewels snugly in place, reducing the constant need to tug at your crotch at inopportune times. Their diligence in design is the reason why they are one of the most beloved brands in the industry, introducing a range of jockstraps, thongs, briefs, and boxers that range the gamut in color and design.

Another great advantage to Agacio Men’s Underwear is the affordability. The collection of Agacio Boxer Shorts at Skiviez is available at pocket friendly rates and is meant to offer practicality, comfort to lift and accentuate your package.

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Agacio Boxer Underwear

Agacio Boxer Underwear | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Agacio, the modern brand is known for providing comfortable yet sophisticated underwear styles for the modern men. With a label name “designed by men for men”, the brand offers styles which are functional, stylish and designed with a unique sack lifting technology. For guys who seek a subtle yet visible lift, Agacio comes to be a designer brand. Their stylish collection includes men’s brief, boxer brief, bikini, boxer shorts, thongs and jockstraps.

Men’s Boxer Shorts:


Agacio Wonderful Boxer Navy/Turquoise

Men’s Boxer Shorts have always been referred to the loose, full-cut shorts with an elastic waistband and fly on the front. The only form of underwear that can still be made to measure, many versions have openings on their sides to allow for ease of motion and to avoid obstruction beneath a suit. Gradually, men felt the need for the tight fitted boxer shorts. Agacio is one brand that crafts masterpieces of men’s boxer shorts.

Agacio Boxer shorts are featured with length up to the knees, form fitting and are a great choice for everyday as well as sportswear. The features given below make Agacio Boxer underwear a unique style among other brands-

Sack-Lifting Technology: The sack-lifting technology by Agacio makes the underwear unique. It lifts the package up and front for the bigger, better bulge and protruded look under the pants.

Stripes: The barely see-through stripes enhance the overall look of the apparel. They also give out a statement, there’s a lot under that needs to be discovered.

Elastic Waistband: The Agacio Boxer Shorts have a black elastic waistband with a brand logo on the front. The logo gives out a bold statement of style and comfort. The waistband keeps a soft yet steady hold of the underwear on the body.

Fabric- The amazing fabric combination of 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex gives a smooth and shiny finish to the undergarment.

Shop the complete range of Agacio Boxer Underwear at Skiviez available in numerous colors, design, patterns and stripes to give a dynamic look to your personality.

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