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All you must Know about Thanksgiving Day

All you must Know about Thanksgiving Day | Skiviez

In the last blog, we laid down the ideas of how you can celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2016. However, having ample knowledge of the day is what is important before celebrating it. Hence, that’s exactly we’ll be talking about here.

Looking forward to the actual meaning of Thanksgiving Day, this blog would lay out its basic meaning.

Being celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November (falling on 24th this year), it marks the official start of the holiday season of the year. The holiday is celebrated by the young and the old with full enthusiasm and zest in many ways, this day is about being together with your family and friends.

If you look back in the history, you’d find that it all started when the Pilgrims celebrated after their first harvest in the New World, which is America at the present time. If you didn’t know, this being an American-centric holiday, even Canadians celebrate it on a different day.

Turkey is the center of attraction
If you didn’t know, one of the theory states that Queen Elizabeth was having Goose for dinner when the news came that the fleet of Spanish ships sunk while they were coming to attack England. Hence, she ordered for another goose in order to celebrate the defeat. There are other stories too but this is the most prominent one among them.

Hence, if you are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day, make sure you have a cooked (roasted, grilled or fried) Turkey on the table for the family and friends. In addition, other dishes are also important because the only turkey won’t do.

Other food items necessary at the table
Without turkey, your Thanksgiving Day would not be Thanksgiving  but without the other dishes, the celebration would be incomplete. Some of the must-haves on the table are- cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and apple pie with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it all off and an all-time favorite Pumpkin Pie.

Christmas songs are an integral part
As it was mentioned above, Thanksgiving is the official start of the festivities that finishes on Christmas, you’d find families playing Christmas carols and hymns when they sit together to share food with each other.

Sharing is an essential
Once the food is done, you can spend time being grateful for your blessings and all that you have. You exchange gifts with your loved ones and make sure that the sharing is extended outside as well. You can check out ways to share your love with the others, find out how here. Be happy and thankful for everything you have including your family, friends, and other blessings.

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Facts About The Veterans Day

Facts About The Veterans DayFacts About The Veterans Day | Skiviez

We have been celebrating Veterans Day without any fail for the so many years now paying homage to all the living and nonliving Americans who have served the nation with their hard work. For all the security and safety the citizens of the nation feel are a great contribution of these heroes.

We have compiled some facts about the day celebrated in order to pay a tribute to men as well as women both dead and alive serving the armed forces. Let us look at them below and discover the true meaning of the day in our lives.

a)The very first fact that few people know is that the name Veterans Day was not the same always. It was called ARMISTICE Day to pay a tribute to the treaty signed between nations in order to end the World War I. Not only this, the truce was made on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Since then, it has always been celebrated on the designated date*.

b)The first Armistice Day was celebrated in the U.S. on 11th November 1919, just a year later to the treaty being signed as well as mark it as the end of the World War.

c)The name was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in the year 1954 where all the veterans were commemorated including the ones that served in the World War I as well as those who are currently serving in the armed forces.

d)When Congress was ruling in the year 1968, it changed the date of celebration from 11th November to the 4th Monday of October. However, there was a change of events when President Gerald Ford in 1975 changed it back to the original date to keep the significance intact.

e)To keep up with traditions, the day also marks a ceremony upheld every year at 11am in the Arlington National Cemetery which is called the wreath-laying ceremony at the Tombs of the Unknown.

f)Well, it is not only the U.S. celebrating the day in remembrance of the veterans, countries like France, Canada, Britain and Australia also honor the veterans of the World War I and II on or somewhere near November 11th.

We hope you now know a lot more than just the celebrations taking place on a patriotic day for men and women who made this day possible for both you as well as me. Take pride in who you are and because of whom you have made it here. Happy Veterans Day you all!!

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