8 No-Fuss Ways to Don a Sexy Underwear

No-Fuss ways to Don a Sexy Underwear Being an underwear fanatic, there are a lot of things that an exotic style of underwear can give you. However, there are certain discomforts and issues that still restricts men from wearing anything that is beyond convention. The write-up has compiled some of the basic tips that can help every man who wants to try something different down there, but aren't sure exactly how to pull it off. Are you trying the sexy skivvies for the first time or planning to go for it in the near future? Listed below are precautions that can help you try them in a fuss-free way. Check them out. Choose the right fit Regardless of the style, choosing the right fit is the key to staying comfortable all day long. Wear anything that makes you feel sensuous, but make sure that you choose the right size. The whole point of wearing the contemporary styles....[Read More]

Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear? 6 Simple Steps

Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear Thong is still accompanied by a lot of stigmas. Even though we have a come a long way from the times when the underwear style was related to the masculinity to the era when it just a matter of personal choice, there is still some hesitations when it comes to trying the sexy apparels for men. Men's thong underwear is one such style that leaves most men wondering. For all those who have decided to drop the stereotype and try the exotic undies, this write up will come handy. The blog has compiled some of the steps that can help you master the art of wearing a thong. Have a look. Step 1 The size is a key factor when it comes to the underneath article for men. Particularly for the skimpy cuts of thongs and men's g-string, it is important to choose the right fit. For the first timers....[Read More]

Can Underwear for Men stylize the personality? 7 reasons

Can Underwear for Men stylize the personality Are you one of those who thinks that the undergarment is just an apparel meant to cover the male genital? Well, you need to reconsider in that case. The definition and the significance the skivvies for men have is changing with time. It is not just the lowest layer of clothing, but an inevitable part of men's fashion. It may sound weird, but the underwear for men can stylize the personality of the wearer. Surprised? Listed below are some of the reasons that will support the fact. Have a look. Reason 1 Confidence and attitude booster The fact cannot be ignored that you need to feel good and order to look dapper. It is not just the attire that affects your look, but your undergarment has equal contribution in defining your personality. Thus, you need to consider what you are wearing down there. If you feel great about your manhood,....[Read More]

Men’s Designer Underwear will stay in Vogue: 6 reasons

Men's Designer Underwear will stay in Vogue The undergarments decked out with enticing prints and patterns are the latest development in the underneath industry for men. With the changing taste and preference of men, these styles have become a staple in every wardrobe. However, the question is whether it's trend or just a fad. Not every fashion statement lasts forever. If the style connoisseurs in this field are to be believed, these undies are here to stay. Wanna know how? Listed below are some of the things every sexy man needs to know about the modern undies. Underneath fashion matters There is no doubt about it that every man was initially a tighty-whitey kid. The underwear style was good at getting the job for the wearer. They would provide the coverage and reasonable amount of underneath support. It made sense then as the undergarments were considered a piece of apparel to cover the genital only. However, with....[Read More]

6 Summer Style taboos debunked

6 Summer Style taboos debunked The best style statement in the world is the one that looks good on you. There is no thumb rule when it comes to styling yourself. It is in fact eternal and a way of saying who you are without even speaking a word. Hence, there should be no boundary or limit to the same. However, there are certain stigmas and taboos prevailing that for sure is a hindrance in projecting the best ever personality. Listed below are some of the Summer style taboos that you need to get over right away. Have a look. Layers are not for Summer This is a common conception that layers are just of Winters and should not be a part of the style quotient during Summers. Do you think the same way? you need to reconsider! Layers, in fact, takes your personal style to the next level, regardless of the season. What really....[Read More]

Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo

Master the Art of wearing Tuxedo In the world full of trends, a tuxedo is an option for men who likes to stay classic. As quoted by Dean Martin, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody”. This is one attire that never fails to complement the personality of a man. At the same time, this is one of the trickiest looks to pull off as even the slightest mistake never goes unnoticed. you must be thinking, "Some white here and some black there", how can anyone go wrong in it? The major mistake committed by men is in the way they carry themselves. Do you find it hard to pull off tux at times? Stick to the thumb rules listed below and you'll be on the right track to looking stirring. Step 1: Get the fitting right The tuxedo is a luxury clothing style and trying to be economical in it....[Read More]

Jockstraps: The journey

Jockstraps: The journey The very word jockstrap is associated with the sportswear and gym gears. The traditional undies have been a staple for every athletic personality for years. The name of the underwear style is a segregation of the words 'jock' and 'strap'. The underneath article features the strappy style that is designed to protect male genital of athletes. However, with time this skivvy style is now being associated with the everyday routine of men. Have you ever wondered how your favorite underwear style originated? The blog provides a run through the details of the undergarment right from the inception to this date. Have a look. Introduction As per Wikipedia, the first ever jockstraps for men was introduced in the year 1874 by a company named 'Bike Web Company'. It was originally designed for the bicycle riders who rode the cobbled streets of Boston. This is the reason why it was known as....[Read More]

5 Common Grooming Mistake every man should Avoid

5 Common Grooming Mistake every man should Avoid Attire for the day? Check! Footwear? Check! Wristwatch? Check! Wait a minute.... what about self-grooming? "The 'Queer Eye' effect, or the Beckham factor, taught men that good grooming and having a fashion sense are an acceptable and important part of a certain kind of lifestyle." - Tom Julian Grooming is one of the most neglected aspects in men. Even the most stylish and fashion oriented guy fails to give it the due importance. Regardless of the reason and occasion, every guy should ensure to take this aspect seriously. Very rightly said, "Good things happens to those who groom." Not only this, some do know the importance of self-grooming, yet there are certain common mistakes that are overlooked. Are you making such mistakes? Check them out yourself. Listed below are some of the grooming blunders that fail to catch your attention. Poorly groomed stubble Beards are for sure the sign of....[Read More]

5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men Introduced as swimwear, the bikinis for men is now one of the sexiest style of underneath article. The intimate apparel is one of the basic staple for building an entire wardrobe. Having the right pair of underwear allows you to stay ready for any and all occasions. While the ladies accepted this quite early, men are catching up. Men are a bit conservative when it comes creating the base layer of clothing. Leave aside the traditional guys even the fashion oriented ones hesitate in ditching the tighty-whiteys and trying something that is less conventional. Men’s bikini underwear is the most practical way of giving your base layer some spotlight to your underneath fashion and aid as a shortcut for everyday confidence. Here’s a compilation of few things that every man needs to know about this contemporary style of men’s underwear. Have a look. #1 Bikinis are sexy, not outrageous The....[Read More]

6 Reasons men’s g-string didn’t work for you

Men's G-string The current era is one the best times for men’s fashion. Going beyond the conventions and trying something new has always been a taboo amongst the male population. Not any more! The modern gentleman is open to embracing all the hots and happenings in the world of fashion with open arm. Despite the fact, there is one aspect that still remains untapped. The intimate apparel category for men has more options these days than it ever had. Yet, men hesitate is trying anything that is new. The men's g-string is one such cuts followed by men’s bikinis and thongs that have gained popularity, but has got a long way to go. Along with the hesitation and stigmas of the society, there are some other factors that restricts men from trying the outrageously sexy g-strings. Most men complain that they tried the skimpy apparel and didn’t like it. For them, here’s a....[Read More]

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