Be the support that you feel within with Cover Male G-Strings

Cover Male G-strings Cover Male Underwear has always been the go-to men’s underwear brand that offers some alluring colors, eye-catching colors and everything that keeps the below the belt fashion chic. The collection of men’s g-string underwear by the label has been quite intriguing. The one we are going to talk about today is different from the others. The Cover Male G-Strings is a chic number by the brand that keeps your manliness in check without hampering the sex appeal. The front of the pair looks more like a bikini underwear with the manhood under wraps, but the back reveals a lot in a pleasing way. The strings on the sides hold the pair as well as going through the butt crack. The solid fluorescent coral color soothes your eyes and keeps you looking stunning in a crowd. Made of 85.29% Polyamide 14.71% Spandex, you always can pick this number as men’s swimwear....[Read More]

Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear

Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear Have you ever wanted something that would tantalize your taste buds yet keep the coverage to the basic? When you wished for something like this, bikini briefs for men were introduced in the men’s underwear industry. If you go by the reviews, Otzi Underwear is one of the most supportive and fashionable apparel brands available at Skiviez. The brand invests both good looks and exceptional functionalities to keep things in check below the belt. The Otzi Tall Tradition Bikini Brief Black/Green is what one of the new collections (not extremely new) has to offer. The fashion underwear brand looks absolutely stunning with the masculine appeal that showcases how supported your assets are. The very first thing that you’d notice is the fancy cut and covering whereas; the feeling steps in later when you slip into the pair. The low waist fit with the shiny waistband holding its place, the rest....[Read More]

5 silly assumptions men make for thongs

5 silly assumptions men make for thongs We judge. We make assumptions. There’s nothing new about the fact that we have a habit of making a point of view for anything and everything that comes forth to us. Recently, I was in a conversation with one of the acquaintances of mine about my profession and switch to another field and more. It was then when he realized that I write about men’s underwear. He was quite amazed by that fact and what he suddenly came up with was - do you write about thongs as well? I said yes! The next question tossed at me was - don’t you find it too weird and flimsy? Likewise, I kept on answering all the assumptions that he had about the respective style. When I came back home, I was wondering that he was only one man, and out in the world, there are so many of them who have....[Read More]

Are you prepped? – Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps

Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps Do you get fussy when it comes to choosing your underwear for men? If you do, it is a good sign that you care about what goes in your below the belt fashion and what not. Well, if you get irritated with this attitude, there are ways to don sexy underwear without all the fuss and you can find it here. Did you take a look at the fashion underwear styles offered by Daddy Underwear? The Daddy Jockstrap Underwear is the minimally covering exotic underwear that is crafted to keep your special nights a lot more romantic as well as passionate. With a waistband that holds the entire thing at the right place, it is all about strings attached to the waistband at one end and keeping the pouch in place on the other. The pouch, on the other hand, is a tiny covering holding and barely covering the manhood.....[Read More]

5 reasons why cock rings are not underrated

Men's Cock Rings What calls to be an ideal men’s underwear style for you that is not too ordinary? Would it be something like sheer bikini underwear with an open pouch or a comfortable sexy underwear for men? Have you ever thought about men’s cock ring underwear to be your best companion when you need that oomph level? If you haven’t thought about it ever, you should start considering this pouch enhancing underwear style that has a lot more than elevating feature. Dong decoration If you’d love your manhood more than anything, you would certainly think of dressing it up to make sure it looks pleasing. You can dress it up with bright shiny silver colors or keep it subtle with the monochrome shades. With such a wide variety available at men’s underwear online stores, you’d be pleased to find the number of options laid down for you. Slip into something a little....[Read More]

The 5 below the belt Problems Learned the Hard way

below the belt Problems Do you know what is more hurting than a breakup? The infections that occur below the belt region. It makes it difficult for any sort of activity throughout the day. You can’t sit, stand, walk, bend or do anything. The usual walk changes into a disgusting one that creates embarrassing moments as well. However, the moment the skin starts to recover, we tend to repeat the same mistakes again. I've been a hard learner of such mistakes that I learned the hard way. Below listed are five such infections and the solutions to them. Chafing Everyone assumes that the main reason behind chafing is the sweat on the groin area. However, apart from this problem also lies on the type of underwear that you wear.  I started noticing that wearing a tight undergarment was the main reason behind this because they rarely allow an air circulation down there. This resulted....[Read More]

Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear Underwear is an essential part of the day to day life. It protects us from the various problems like infections, dangling feeling, awkward moments and much more. So, when we say that, an underwear is important, it doesn't mean that you should buy a branded one and preserve them for three to four years. The inner wear should be replaced regularly with new ones to avoid unwanted health problems or infections. It’s true that they do not come with an expiration date, but according to a scientific study, the undergarments are to be replaced at least once in a year. Additionally, if you are not good at counting or remembering the time period then below listed are some of the signs and reasons that indicates a change. Read on to find out. 1.When you start seeing underwear holes. Continuous usage and washes makes the material very soft. Each time you....[Read More]

Men’s Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

Men's Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral The face of men's fashion is changing. The wardrobe of the modern male population has gone from the classic grey to the extremely alluring floral patterns. When it comes to wearing the bold and vibrant floral print, the art of pulling off this edgy look is something every man needs to learn. For all the men who are planning to go floral this bikini season, listed below are tips that may come handy for you. Have a look. Contrast the patterns with solid shade The floral appearance from head to toe is a bit tricky to pull off. Not every man can look dapper in the bold and vibrant patterns. Thus, it is advisable to contrast the shade with solid colors. Either wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the sassy print. You can even pair the button down with denim shorts. Nothing can beat the look of....[Read More]

G-string Underwear: 7 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

G-string Underwear Have you ever tried the outrageously revealing men's g-string underwear? The barely-there underwear took some time to take off in the industry. However, it is now gearing up and is causing a treat to the ever-green boxers and briefs. Despite the growing popularity, men complain that the g-strings didn't work well for them. Have you ever faced the same issue? Did you try to find out the reason? The write up has compiled some of the factors that skip the attention of the wearer leading to uneasiness and other problems. Listed below are such factors that you need to consider before you try it the next time. Have a look. Choose the first pair carefully Dropping the conventions and trying something different and aesthetically modern is always fun. However, the comfort factor should not be hampered in the process. The g-strings for men are very pleasing down there, but they....[Read More]

8 No-Fuss Ways to Don a Sexy Underwear

No-Fuss ways to Don a Sexy Underwear Being an underwear fanatic, there are a lot of things that an exotic style of underwear can give you. However, there are certain discomforts and issues that still restricts men from wearing anything that is beyond convention. The write-up has compiled some of the basic tips that can help every man who wants to try something different down there, but aren't sure exactly how to pull it off. Are you trying the sexy skivvies for the first time or planning to go for it in the near future? Listed below are precautions that can help you try them in a fuss-free way. Check them out. Choose the right fit Regardless of the style, choosing the right fit is the key to staying comfortable all day long. Wear anything that makes you feel sensuous, but make sure that you choose the right size. The whole point of wearing the contemporary styles....[Read More]

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