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Does your partner approve of Mens Sexy Underwear?

Skiviez underwear

Well, men love their partners when they surprise them with something absolutely sexy. Why wouldn’t your partner love it when you don mens sexy underwear in order to please and tempt the eyes? Well, when you invest in the sexiest of men’s underwear styles, a lot happens. You have to be very careful of which sexy underwear for men you choose because not all the fashion underwear styles are considered sexy in the first place. Know more about which men’s underwear styles are considered sexy underwear here.

Talking about your partner approving mens sexy underwear, there are a variety of options when it comes to coverage, exposure, color, styles, designs, and others. Your partner might approve of you wearing bikini underwear but not thongs for men or they might like how you wear pouch underwear for men but disapprove sheer underwear for men. So, there are a lot of options out which there’s a possibility that your partner might approve of something and doesn’t approve the other options. Before you even think of what your partner might approve and what not, you should know certain things. They include:

Personal preference matters:

YOUR personal preference matters more than you think. Yes, we are talking about your partner’s preferences here, but in that course, what about yours? Wouldn’t you want to wear mens sexy underwear that you like? There are always options that both you and your partner would like. Don’t let your personal preference go in vain.

Variety is huge –

choose the one that you’ll love: Just as we mentioned above, there’s something that both you and your partner would love, you’d know that the variety of options to choose from. You have sexy underwear for men that are sportingly sexy as well as revealingly sexy and much more. You have endless number of options to choose from.

Support is optional:

When you think mens sexy underwear, you might think that support is something that is not a part of the pairs. Well, this is a normal human tendency. However, this is not true!! When you have your hands on your mens sexy underwear like mens briefs or bikini underwear for men or even male thongs, you would have the option to choose whether you need support below the belt or not.

Pouch options are available in multitudes:

When you think of mens pouch underwear, you’d know that they’re there to make your personality look stunning, raise the bar of your happiness and do a lot more than that. In fact, the pouch is something that is even an essential feature in mens g-strings for that matter. If you want to out and without fabric or hold the manhood high in contouring and pouch enhancing underwear styles, the collection of mens sexy underwear has it all.

With all these attributes, your partner is sure to appreciate your sexy underwear for men. Have something to share? Do let us know in the comments below.

Apart from Mens Underwear what counts for healthy manhood?

Mens underwear

When you talk about healthy manhood, there are so many factors that play an essential role. Mens underwear is one of the major aspects that keep your manhood heart and healthy for any kind of purpose. Healthy and happy male anatomy is also linked to improved physical health and emotional well-being of men. When boys are told not to cry or feel, there are lasting negative effects on their health and relationships. Likewise, when the manhood is not feeling quite well, the entire personality doesn’t feel good too.

When you talk about manhood’s health, it is not only about the underwear for men to take care of the same. There are numerous other things that affect the male anatomy- in a good and bad way.

This blog talks about the various aspects apart from mens underwear that play an important role in keeping the manhood healthy.

Eat healthily


Eat healthy


We have heard that keeping an individual healthy, one has to make sure that they eat healthily. Starting your day with the boiled eggs, orange juice and brown bread toasts, make sure you eat healthy all day long and every day. Eating healthy is more like investing healthy options just like covering your manhood with mens underwear. Make sure you eat healthily.

Booze snooze


You might be a regular drinker or seldom one that sticks to specific occasions to celebrate. Well, in either of the cases, pushing the snooze button on your booze will be the only option for you. These substances can take a toll on the manhood through the arteries With all the harmful substances in these habits, men might not feel it in the beginning, but eventually, they’ll understand that things cannot be undone. The most common problem faced by men is that they might not feel anything while erection down there. Men who have tried quitting these habits have already seen visible differences.

Pamper with male underwear


feel thong

When you clean yourself up and get dressed in a way that you love yourself back, it is very important to dress the manhood as well. Mens underwear is the most basic of your dressing, men should make sure that they put on a sexy underwear style such as men’s thongs or g-strings for men that pamper the skin with a feeling of exposure and confidence. Your manhood’s heath counts for comfort, confidence and supports down there. Without mentioning about underwear for men in manhood’s health.

Your mens underwear makes you look fashionable and also keeps your manhood healthy.

5 Key Pieces of Clothing to Carry on Your Next Vacation

5 Key Pieces of Clothing to Carry on Your Next Vacation | Skiviez

Women are always the ones who are held responsible for packing for the vacations because men face many pitfalls while doing the same. Looking at it from a different perspective, they already have a lot of things to take care of in regard to the trip that they miss out on things while packing.

Well, not anymore! I have compiled a list of 5 key clothing pieces that will complete your travel bag without proving any hindrance in your fashion quotient while you travel.


Oh yes! You should carry a couple of t-shirts (according to the number of days you’ll be spending) that is vibrant, summery and very comfortable. Practically, it is the most indispensable article of clothing for the summer months. The only aspect you need to look up to is buying the correct ones for yourself. A white or a neutral shade is what calls for the summer days because the dark ones to capture heat.

Lightweight trousers:

Another versatile piece that goes with anything is a lightweight trouser. Made of linen or cotton and cotton blends would just be what you need to feel heavenly at your favorite destination. These fabrics make you feel comfortable are equally made for the heavy-duty (durability) you’ll be experiencing at the vacation. Beige, Off-white or any light shade would be the right one to choose.

Chino shorts:

You must be thinking that I am obsessed with Chino shorts or Chino trousers. Well, I am and you also should be. A versatile piece by nature, it has been tried and tested for its good looks, versatility, and comfort. Whenever you wanna feel free, get into these shorts and hang out with the ones whom you want to.

Cuban Collar Shirt:

The one that is a must have for the year 2016 and also be featured in fashion shows, the Cuban Collar shirts are definitely a part of the key collection. A seasonal piece available at every high-end designer, these shirts are good to invest in.

Right men’s underwear:

Not forgetting the base of every outfit, guys underwear is as essential as the other options mentioned above. You must make sure that whatever you pack for traveling should be lightweight, easy to carry and should have quick drying features. Anything like sheer, lace, cotton blends would be suitable to be carried. Know more about sheer underwear here. When it comes to styles, you can choose your favorite as well as in accordance to what you’d be doing at your destination. The designer underwear styles would include briefs, bikinis, or even thongs and g-string.

With these traveling essentials, you won’t have to compromise with your looks and fashion quotient. From the outfits to the basic men’s underwear, make sure everything is fashionable.

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What’s So Special about Skiviez?

Have you ever shopped at Skiviez before? Well if you haven’t, then this is the right to explore, know more and shop at the leading men’s underwear and swimwear store. The store was introduced to the male population in the year 2000 and has ever since been providing them with authentic and fashionable apparel styles. Skiviez has built a reputation on authentic products, remarkable customer support, fast shipping and easy search options.

Let us look at the few aspects that bring the fashion underwear store to the limelight.

1. Variety:

Do you know that Skiviez carries more than 5000 products? The amazingly huge inventory carries categories include men’s underwear, men’s swimwear, shapewear, costumes, sportswear, shirts, pants and socks. Well, these categories are further classified into the different styles, brands, cuts and more.

2. Men’s underwear:

With more than 2800 products available in the category of men’s underwear, Skiviez covers the gamut of styles including men’s brief underwear, boxer briefs, boxers, bikinis, thongs, jockstraps, g-strings, c-string and more like crotch lifters, enhancers, singlets, costumes, harnesses, etc. I seriously have not worn these many kinds that the online store serves its wearers. Which style is your favorite out of these?

3. Men’s Swimwear:

Talking about men’s swimwear, summer is here and it is time when you start planning your vacation destinations. So you can take a quick swim or just get tanned or even indulge yourself in some water sports with the assortment available at Skiviez. You can choose from styles such as bikinis, trunks, boardshorts, boxer briefs, squarecuts, briefs and boxers made to be flaunted. So whether you want to get tanned or just cover it all up; there’s something for your respective choices.

4. Brands:

Skiviez has a compilation of more than 60 popular brands brought under one roof that are unique in terms of styles, designs, cuts, fabrics, pouch options and even the target wearers. Some of the must-haves are Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Good Devil, Candyman, Cover Male, Mensuas, Intymen, Agacio, Clever, Joe Snyder, Marcuse, Otzi, Miami Jock, Daniel Alexander, Gregg Homme and many more. They have their own ideologies and goals for the need of the male anatomy.

5. Value Added Services:

Skiviez doesn’t only provide weekly discounts that boost up the energy in the customers; it also has a value added service that allows all the shoppers to save money on every purchase they make. Skiviez Points is an attractive offer that allows shoppers to save $1 for every $20 that is spent on items purchased at Skiviez. The offer does not have any cash value and gets automatically credited to your account for the next purchase.

You have to get online at in order to believe what I just mentioned up there. With so many brands and an extra large inventory, why wouldn’t someone shop from this popular store? Do let us know your reviews about the online store in the comments below.

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