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Cover Male Thongs- Different Styles Serving a Single Purpose

Cover Male Thongs

Cover Male has been a sensuous brand which provides a unique range of intimate thongs for men who wish to flaunt their package or assets. Cover Male as a brand excels in showcasing a blend of sexiness and masculinity in each of its collections by providing eye catchy styles of thongs for men. Men’s Thong Underwear by Cover Male are designed for incredible comfort, shape and to comfortably hold your package.

Cover Male thongs are available in variety of styles-


Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong-

Designed for a sexy fit, Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thongs are for those who love to proudly flaunt their bodies. The curved pouch gives your package the boost for attention.

Cover Male Brazilian Skimpy Thong-

The range of Cover Male Brazilian Skimpy Thongs can be worn as a swimwear too. They are skimpy sexy underwear with a Brazilian cut. They look small but are comfortable and give a proper shape and fit. It lies straight below the waistline and has a low rise fit.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer-

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Sheer offers see-through sexiness along with minimal coverage in the back. It gives a peek at your cheeks. The design is completely aimed at offering the desired support to the package.

Cover Male’s range of thongs is sexy, slim cut and offer a low rise fit.  The brand comes out with new colors and styles twice per year. Using a variety of microfiber and cotton blends, the Cover Male range gives you all the elements you need for a comfortable fit: support, stretchiness and durability. In addition to the styles mentioned above, Cover Male has other styles of thongs that are crafted with super soft fabric that is meant to hug you passionately. The fabrics used by the brand are focused on maximum sweat absorption, stretchability, comfort and is sexy/ sensuous at the same time.

Shop for Cover Male Thongs from, where you will get multiple options in style, color, fabric and cuts as per your mood and taste. Know more about Covermale underwear click here.

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Intymen Fill It Thong- For Support and Definition

Intymen Fill It Thong

About the Product-


Intymen Fill It Thong features an extra ordinary pouch design that gently pulls your package up and forward for a stimulating wearing experience and a significant boost to the size of your bulge. This style of men’s thong features a front panel with a C ring that snug up against your lower abdomen. An added seam below the pouch offers extra lift and support. The ultimate fabric combination of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, providing slightly less coverage than a traditional thong but still covering and supporting the package in front.

What do consumers appreciate about the product?



The super soft fabric which is both comfortable and luxuriant to the touch is what consumers actually enjoy wearing the Intymen Fill It Thong. Men generally prefer wearing this thong for a non-sagging fit.

Front Contoured Pouch-

The supporting pouch in the front that allows cradling the entire male package for easy access to your goods. The pouch offers comfort to the manhood.

Snug Fit-

Being super comfortable, Intymen Fill It Thong provides a comfortable experience that is soft feel as well as in fit.

The perfect blend of smoothness and breath-ability makes the underwear style popular amongst modern male generation. Quality, comfort and sexiness is what the style all about.

Great for relaxing and workouts, Intymen Fill It Thong counts to be the best men’s underwear style that combines basic fit with modern intimate design elements. Shop the collection available today at

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Good Devil Thong Underwear

Good Devil Thong | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Based out of Miami, Good Devil is a luxurious brand which is renowned for its men’s sexy underwear designs. Since the establishment, the brand has been delivering sexy styles of briefs, bikinis, thongs and G strings which are crafted for wild fantasies and greater intimacy. All the styles available have one thing in common: sexiness. Good Devil empowers from within and provokes you to feel confident wherever you may be.

Thongs by Good Devil are the skimpiest pair of underwear for men. They are ideal for men who dare to flaunt their assets. They vary in terms of their coverage on the backside. Good Devil thongs with the most minimal coverage have strings. What more? Thongs are lightweight, comfortable and barely there, and leave little to the imagination.

With just the required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the show, Thongs by the brand enhances the suppleness of your buttocks. It makes them look fuller and round. The Cage Thongs by Good Devil are just some strings that keep the manhood upfront to allure her senses and keep her asking for more. Some other styles like Spout, Matrix and more are more of playful and naughty.

Good Devil has been evolving in terms of creativity they put in for designing their range. Good Devil erotic underwear is specially crafted for men who love to flaunt their asset, be it your rear or the package. Thongs being the best seller range of Good Devil, the other styles are also a head turner.

Shop the latest styles of thong underwear at Skiviez to reveal the naughty, playful and sexy side of your personality.

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Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Daniel Alexander is a luxurious brand which offers a great collection of skimpy underwear that includes g strings, thongs, bikinis and other popular styles  for men. The sexy, erotic designs have created a huge fan following of men who love it the skimpy way. The brand designs men’s underwear that are functional, practical and perfect for the special moments.

Daniel Alexander Thong Turquoise

They are designed keeping in mind specific occasions and possibilities for men. Daniel Alexander, being one of the sexiest brands, when it comes to men’s intimate apparels, has an array of styles that suit your taste and likes.

Thongs by the brand are designed to give your personality a “wow” factor. The brand further incorporates the use of innovative pouch for the balls to roam free. The fabrics incorporated by the brand in their range of underwear are handpicked and are of high quality. From cotton to microfiber, the extremely soft fabrics, used for the various styles hugs and move with your every curve. The ratio of spandex mixed with other materials is tried and tested for the perfect level of comfort and stretch.

Daniel Alexander thong underwear is available in numerous cuts, style and colors, some also have enhancing features which prevent chafing and rashes. While at the gym, long workouts might cause irritation and chafing in the groin.

Men’s thongs by Daniel Alexander are designed keeping in mind your busy schedule and rigorous activities that prevent skin problems like: heat generation, rubbing, rashes, sweating, chafing and body odor.

Shop the wide array of Daniel Alexander thong underwear at Skiviez for a luxuriant feel.

Daniel Alexander Thong Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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Clever Thong Underwear

Clever Mens Thong Underwear

If you seek Latin appeal in your wardrobe, Clever men’s underwear is your one stop destination. The Latin sexy brand has a lot of passion and a lot of zest which is clearly visible in the array of products available at Skiviez. The assortment consists of men’s briefs, boxers, thongs, jockstraps and more.

Men’s Thong Underwear:


The line of men’s thong underwear by the designer brand Clever is sensuous, appealing and very enticing. While Clever is by no means an erotic brand, they know how to make erotic looks from sporty thongs to sensual sheer ones. Because when it comes to Clever, nothing trumps a sexy Latin style.

Some of the highest rated pieces by the sexy brand are:

Standford Sporty Thong:


You don’t need to know its name to see it’s one of the more athletically styled pair. Contrasting blue stripes accent the white pouch and waistband, and that all you see is that the thong style leaves all of the sides and hips exposed.

The Jasper Thong:


The style is wildly hot with contrasting panels of sheer that are semi see-through and very see-through. You can see everything the sexy thong doesn’t cover.

There are plenty more pairs which you can check out at at affordable prices.

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Cover Male Thong Underwear

Cover Male Thongs Underwear

Cover Male offers its best selling range of men’s thong underwear at Male thongs are the bare minimum of basic clothing and are exceptionally sexy. The designer brand offers a wide assortment of men’s exotic underwear style in numerous color options suitable for every taste bud.

A thong for men is a minimal piece of clothing that covers the privates on the front and leaves nothing to the imagination on the rear. The covering on the front is attached to a string that goes all the way through your butt cheeks and clings to the waistband. The coverage, width of the straps is designed according to the style of thong. Thongs vary in terms of coverage on the rear and style of contoured pouch on the front.

Some of the aspects of thongs by Cover Male are:
• Pouch enhancement: The luxury brand designs thongs with in-built enhancement techniques that provide a visible lift in the pants.
• Color Palette: Cover Male is very popular for the array of colors it offers in every category of men’s designer underwear. It goes all the way from navy blue, royal blue, orange, black, white, red, turquoise, yellow and pink as well as sheer white, sheer black, purple and camouflage.

Cover Male keeps it basic, considering the level of comfort uses fabrics such as Polyester, Spandex, Cotton and more are of high quality keeping in mind the sensitive area.

Some of the popular styles available in this men’s underwear category are:

• Cover Male Brazilian Skimpy Thongs: This range of erotic thongs can be worn as a swim wear too. They are skimpy sexy underwear with a Brazilian cut. They look small but are comfortable and give a proper shape and fit. It lies straight below the waistline and has a low rise fit.

• Cover Male Cotton Blend Thongs: With a broad elastic logo waistband, these thongs provide the strong grip of the underwear on the body. The modern design makes it a must have for every man. The V-shaped contoured pouch keeps the package steady and firm in its correct position. No coverage, on the rear means no-line show off in tight clothes.

Shop the exclusive assortment of Cover Male thongs at Skiviez at best prices.

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What Was Old Is New Again

2(x)ist  Retro Underwear:

2(x)ist’s Retro line is a blend of newer fabrics and design and older fashion and color combinations. The incorporation of heather grey accents into the four color options (white, charcoal, burgundy, and navy) invokes memories of middle school gym uniforms. At the same time, the use of cotton and azlon, a natural fiber that helps keep you clean and dry, brings this nostalgic fashion to the 21st century.

2xist retro brief

2(x)ist has decided to bring back the ever popular jock strap, which makes the Retro line even more appealing. Since Skiviez is the Male Underwear Authority, we have an underwear style to please everyone. Available in the Retro line are trunks, no show briefs, jocks, and racer back tanks.

While the white and charcoal are available for backorders, burgundy and navy are not. They are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Make sure you’re able to get all of these great styles and colors in your size before it’s too late!
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