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Why not invest in Mens Jockstraps?

Skiviez -Why not invest in Mens Jockstraps?

What do you think of a guy wearing mens jockstraps? Unlike many other men’s underwear styles, mens jockstrap underwear is one style that reveals as well as protects and supports. Other mens fashion underwear styles including male thongs or briefs and boxer briefs, they either support or reveal. Still, there is not many who would want to accept the respective style as their every day or even sportswear.

Skiviez jockstrap for men

You must have heard the reasons that you must start wearing mens jockstraps. If you are someone who’s new to the different exotic underwear, you must know something about mens jockstrap underwear. But have you ever heard about the reasons that talk about not investing in mens jockstraps?

This blog talks about the various reasons why you shouldn’t invest in mens jockstrap underwear. You must know the times and reasons were investing in mens jockstraps would not be the probable options for you.

When you have no knowledge about mens jockstraps

I would say that without having knowledge about any men’s designer underwear style, you mustn’t wear it. Mens jockstrap underwear started off being the protective gear for the jockeys and have finally landed up being the pouch underwear style meant for fashion purposes. The journey of mens jockstraps has been quite long and interesting. You must know about the mens underwear style before you think of investing in the style.



When you don’t know the difference between athletic supporters and fashionable mens jockstraps

As we mentioned that the journey was way too long in the men’s underwear industry, the change of purpose of the mens jockstraps has been quite a thing. Earlier known as athletic supporters, you must also know the fashionable counterpart of the same. In case you don’t know the purpose for which you’re buying the mens jockstraps, quit attempting. Know more about the two distinct style – one with a plastic cup meant for sports while the other made as mesh underwear for men and tease the eyes of the others.



When you don’t know your correct size

Shopping mens jockstrap underwear without having a clear understanding about your waist size would be more hitting the target in darkness. You must measure your waistline and measure it one more time before you hit that buy button after selecting your exact size. In case you have made your mind shopping mens jockstraps, you must know your correct size or else your time in that fabric would be painful.


Do you know any other reasons for which you should know invest in mens jockstraps? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps

Keep calm and carry on with Intymen Jockstraps

Keep calm and carry on with Intymen Jockstraps

The new range of men’s jockstraps at Skiviez offered by the gamut of mens underwear brands are the ideal way to let your manhood know you care. The fashion underwear style is worth every attention that raises the bar of happiness. Intymen Underwear in specific has been the one brand that sticks through thick & thin for the time when you need something very appealing and equally supportive.

Keep calm and carry on with Intymen Jockstraps | Skiviez

The Intymen Calm Jockstrap is what stands tall when you need the same to be with respect to your intimate health. With the absolute masculine design and the color complementing it, you would want to wear it wherever regardless of the places. The solid pouch that acts as an enhancing underwear feature, your manhood enjoys the comfort of 89% nylon. The waistband is what makes you feel good because of its sturdiness as well as the macho looks, on the other hand, the leg bands are proficient in doing what they should do.

With no coverage on the sides and no obstruction in keeping it comfortable, the designer underwear moves with you as the spandex level is 11%. Check out the pair and the additional combinations available at

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Are you prepped? – Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps

Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps

Do you get fussy when it comes to choosing your underwear for men? If you do, it is a good sign that you care about what goes in your below the belt fashion and what not. Well, if you get irritated with this attitude, there are ways to don sexy underwear without all the fuss and you can find it here. Did you take a look at the fashion underwear styles offered by Daddy Underwear?

Daddy JockstrapThe Daddy Jockstrap Underwear is the minimally covering exotic underwear that is crafted to keep your special nights a lot more romantic as well as passionate. With a waistband that holds the entire thing at the right place, it is all about strings attached to the waistband at one end and keeping the pouch in place on the other. The pouch, on the other hand, is a tiny covering holding and barely covering the manhood. The leg bands of the men’s jockstraps keep the designer underwear from moving around.

Daddy JockstrapThe color combination of grey/blue look stupendous on the outside. If you really want to show off what you have down there, you can satisfy your sexy fetish with this pair at

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Jockstraps: The journey

Jockstraps: The journey

The very word jockstrap is associated with the sportswear and gym gears. The traditional undies have been a staple for every athletic personality for years. The name of the underwear style is a segregation of the words ‘jock’ and ‘strap’. The underneath article features the strappy style that is designed to protect male genital of athletes. However, with time this skivvy style is now being associated with the everyday routine of men.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite underwear style originated? The blog provides a run through the details of the undergarment right from the inception to this date. Have a look.


As per Wikipedia, the first ever jockstraps for men was introduced in the year 1874 by a company named ‘Bike Web Company’. It was originally designed for the bicycle riders who rode the cobbled streets of Boston. This is the reason why it was known as Jockey Strap and later became popular as jockstraps.

1The basic design of this style of men’s underwear included a wide waistband and pouch to cover the genital. In addition, the underneath article has a couple of straps that hugs the buttocks and support to the pouch. A certain range of this undergarment style known as Windproof jockstraps had a special layer of fabric to protect the privates of the wearer from wind.

PouchSome of the jockstraps even offered additional protection in the form of a protective cup that has embedded in the pouch. The cup was made of hard plastic or steel. Some of the wearers complained that the cup was hard and inconvenient. As a result of which, it was later made more flexible. The hard exterior was molded into the soft lining. The cups were made perforated to aid ventilation.

Issues with Jockstraps

Along with the much-needed comfort, support, as well as sex appeal, the revealing style of underneath article, has some disadvantages as well.

The very first issue raised by athletes was that of the jock itch. According to them, the crotch and the rear are sweaty while undergoing physical activity. The straps at the back added to the troubles by giving rashes, itchiness and other skin issues. As a result of which, the modern designers of men’s underwear were made with softer elastic.

Other than this, the revealing buttocks were embarrassing for some. Few wearers complained that changing clothes in the locker room becomes difficult if you have your jockstraps on. If you are facing the same issue, then, boxer briefs is an alternate for you.

Various types of jockstraps

The traditional jockstraps have gone all the way from the athletic to a fashion piece. The erotic piece is not restricted to the wardrobe of sports personality only. Every body-conscious man who have higher regards for sex appeal and sensuality can try it. Here are basically two types of this underwear style.

Athletic jockstrap

Athletic jockstrapThe sporty jocks are specifically designed for workouts or undergoing any sort of strenuous activities. These undies are designed taking into account the basic need of the wearer. The pouch of these underneath articles offers supports and keeps the entire package bundled in the safe position. The waistband and straps at the back are soft enough facilitate the sweaty crotch. In some cases, these skivvies even come with the protective cups that acts as a shield to keep your manhood safe.

Fashion jockstrap

Fashion jockstrapThe fashion jocks are aimed at making your intimacy even more fun. From the track to the bedroom of the style-savvy male population, the underwear is a big hit in the underneath fashion industry. The sportswear has now even hit the big time by gracing the ramp walk. Jockstraps come in various fabrics, shapes, and personalities. Here are few options that you would find in this category of intimate apparel.

Sheer jockstrap

Sheer jockstrapThese jockstraps definitely embody the functionality of the basic skivvy but add a flair of sensuality. The traditional undies are made up of see-through sheer fabric that covers nothing at all down there. Revealing a bit more than expected, the already exotic pair for men is definitely for them whose emphasis is more on.. well.. covering up. Despite the fact that it leaves little to the imagination, the underwear supports the basic essentials of the wearer.

Lace jockstrap

Lace jockstrapThe ultra-masculine jock cut paired with the tender touch of lace is a deadly combination. Why should men be restricted to few conventional undies when you women can walk into any department store and pick up the titillating lingerie? The lace underwear are for all those who do not restrict their style statement in the name of manliness.

Do you wear jockstraps? What are view on the underwear style? Share your comments below.

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Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps

Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps | Skiviez

You might not be a big fan of men’s jockstrap underwear and probably think that these should have been long gone. But, that’s what not happened and we’re glad about it! Men worldwide have been looking up to the men’s underwear style in order to find support, protection and sex appeal below the belt.

The athletic men’s underwear style was introduced in the industry for its supportive and protective functions but eventually lost its charm because of the compression shorts. Well, that’s a long story and in short – when men found out that jockstraps for men are quite a revealing option and compression shorts provide the same support and protection with loads of fabric as well as coverage. However, the fashionable counterpart of the mens jockstraps is back with a bang and making men crave for it.

If you haven’t been the jockstrap underwear for men kind of a person, you should start considering it as an option now. This blog would lay out a few great reasons why the exotic underwear is making a comeback, and you should get on the bandwagon.

Exceptional Support offered in mens jockstraps

The very first reason for which one can consider adopting the jockstrap underwear for men, respective style is for their undying support below the belt. The first pair was made in the late 1800s for bicycle delivery boys for the sole reason- to keep their manhood in its place! Movement is not what they desired while they moved around delivering their best. This required a pair of designer underwear that everything stayed where it should be without causing a lot of problems (chafing or bouncing) down there. So, when you are indulging in a field trip or running a marathon, you can look up to the support of a jockstrap underwear.

Undying Comfort in mens jockstraps

When your junk is set in a place where it should be without letting a lot of movement, no fabric in the back or sides, how do you expect someone to feel? It is but obvious that comfort will be the key underneath. Do you remember having a pair of boxer brief underwear for men that rode up when you walked for a while? Probably because of the seams and wrong fabric composition. However, mens jockstraps are better anytime in situations like this. Comfort comes in from a lot of factors that include fabrics (you can go ahead and find options like cotton, nylon and others), the cuts (you can go from the completely covered front, conventional leg bands to multiple bands in the back, and a lot more) and a lot more other options. If you seek comfort in your mens jockstraps, you got to consider these aspects.

Spaciousness or exposure in mens jockstraps

What can be worse than a hot summer day and a sticky back with the constantly irritating layer of fabric? Well, I even hate it when a strand of hair sticks on my face when I sweat, having that irritating feeling is what I try to avoid. In fact, when are wondering what to do on a summer? Well, you can enjoy yourself wearing jockstraps for men because the butts are bare and that leaves room for you to breathe well. Hence, jockstraps come handy here as well.

Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps


It comes on very hard in a man’s pocket when he steps out spending for his basic clothing. With highly expensive pieces available at brick and mortar shops, it visibly comes down when you check for online options. At Skiviez, you have prices that’ll blow your mind in happiness and contentment because of the inexpensive prices and luxurious designs.

Reasons to Start Wearing Jockstraps

Less is more when it comes to the coverage offered in mens jockstraps

You surely must have heard this before that nowadays less is more in terms of coverage. So, if you think that less fabric appeals more and tantalizes more; fashion jockstraps for men are just for you.

If you have another to start wearing jockstraps, do let our readers know.

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Fancy Yourself With Kyle Jockstrap

Kyle Jockstrap

The popular men’s underwear brand Kyle is the right choice for me who have been looking for comfort in their men’s underneath fashion with subtle appeal added to them. The Kyle Jock Strap is one of the most popular items at Skiviez when one looks for an athletic approach without failing on the subtle side.

Kyle Jockstrap | SkiviezThis men’s jockstrap underwear features an athletic mesh pouch that holds the manhood at comfort while it can be seen easily from the tiny holes. The sheer underwear lets your manhood breathe better while it is made in a way that you wouldn’t have to adjust the place every now and then. The shiny waistband holds a strong grip on the waistline and the leg bands do what they must do- they keep everything where it should be.

The microfiber blend allows you feel comfortable inside the pants or the compression shorts too. You wouldn’t have to worry about the stuck feeling even in the form fitted clothes. The leg bands are made to enhance the visibility of the butts for a rounder appeal.

So whether you want to wear it for sporty purposes or everyday ones, you can find it at affordable prices at

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Add Coverage With Intymen Jockstrap

Add Coverage with Intymen Jockstrap

When you think about men’s jockstraps, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the exposure it provides or the usefulness of the fashion underwear? Usefulness is about the support, thrust and protection the style provides whereas; exposure is because of what it has been worn by men on romantic occasions as well. The aspect that we’ll be talking about in this blog is the coverage.

Intymen Jockstrap | SkiviezThe Intymen Skip Jockstrap is something more than just conventional coverage available at This men’s underwear by the sexy as well as the sporty brand has a lot to offer other than just the exposure. Talking about the construction, you’d find that the pair looks more like trunk underwear or short boxer brief underwear. With full coverage in the front as well as on the sides, the back has a cut-out in a way that it reveals not a lot. You’ll find solid fabric in the front with a thick piping on the edges while the sides look more like inserts with contrast shade. The same color (of the insert) is shimmered as the waistband.

Made of 96% cotton and 4% spandex fabric composition, I needn’t tell you about how you’re going to feel the same. The undying comfort, support and the breathability with the apt stretch are what you’ll get.

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Boost The Support With 2xist Jockstraps

2xist Jockstraps | Skiviez

2xist has ever been the supportive, stylish and comforting men’s underwear brand. The assortment available at Skiviez offers a delectable combination of all the characteristics mentioned above in proportionate ratio to maintain the intimate health down there. The 2xist Speed 2.0 Jock Strap is one such example when it comes to being what you need below the belt.

2xist Speed 2.0 Jock Strap | SkiviezThe sleek and streamlined construction of the men’s jockstrap underwear holds the package in place without being too complicated in terms of the design. The checkered waistband is the only aspect that looks extraordinary because of the checks, but the rest is subtle, sophisticated and very functional. The outstanding stitch of the same color of the waistband on the pouch makes it look modern. The leg bands are thin but do not compromise on the sturdiness and grip on the legs. If you notice the grip in the rear, you’d find that butts are lifted from the actual position for a better visibility (roundness) in the pants.

Made of 89% nylon and 11% spandex, you’re sure to get the comfort, stretch and hold down there. The micro-perforated mesh inserts on the pouch sides allow air to pass through and makes the experience even more comfortable.

Find the product at and reinvent your underneath fashion.

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Pop Some Color Underneath With C-IN2 Jockstrap

C-IN2 Jockstrap | Skiviez

Have you been looking for men’s underwear styles that are unique and peppy? At Skiviez, you’ll find numerous pieces that fulfill your need. However, if you are looking for fashion underwear style that is peppy as well as functional on the male anatomy, you need a designer underwear brand that offers both the features in appropriate quantities. One such recommendation is the C-IN2 Pop Color Street Jock.

C-IN2 Pop Color Street Jock Blaze RedThe sexy underwear features a unique and innovative way of splashing colors on the pouch. Well, talking about men’s jockstrap underwear, the pouch is the only broad piece of fabric that can be designed because of the waistband, as well as the leg bands, are kept conventionally supportive. The pouch features part monochromatic shade part vibrant one in order to add to the glamor below the belt. You can even flaunt the pep in your walk while working out or just relaxing at home in this exotic underwear.

Made of microfiber blend, you get the right stretch, comfort, support and protection to the male anatomy. The waistband features repetitive brand name for the assurance. Available in different colors at, you must check it out.

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Sexify Your Manhood With Good Devil Jockstrap

The new arrivals by the various men’s underwear and swimwear brands at Skiviez have created quite a buzz. The collections are about the fashionable appeal, comfortable approach, and luxurious feeling. Good Devil being from the revolutionary lot has a lot to offer apart from the temptation and sex appeal. One such product at the men’s underwear online store is the Good Devil Complice Sensuality Jockstrap.

Good Devil Jockstrap | SkiviezThe sexy cum erotic underwear features two-tone contrast design that has a unique strappy structure. With the idea of being used by men for the fashionable purposes, the center of attraction is kept in the pouch. What’s it? Well, the pouch has a front opening that gives it a cradle look that shows off the upper part of the shaft leaving the rest under covers.

With the composition of 60.83% Nylon, 24.90% Polyester, and 14.27% Spandex, you’re sure to have a luxurious feeling down there. You get the right comfort and stretch down there all for the good reasons. Where the front covers what needs to be covered (not literally), the rear is for the show. In addition, the waistband and leg bands are more fragile than men’s jockstrap underwear used for athletic purposes.

Check it out at

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