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Style Up With Joe Snyder G-String

Joe Snyder G-String | Skiviez

When it comes to sexy underwear style, there is no doubt that Joe Snyder is a pioneer brand to look up to for all the sex appeal, comfort, peppy colors, supportive approach and more. The brand has made its place in the industry as well as in the top drawers of men’s cupboard for all the above reasons. The Joe Snyder G-String is one equally sexy, sensuous, revealing and functional.

Joe Snyder G-String Silver

This men’s g-string underwear features a triangular pouch that is attached to strings on all the three corners. These strings hold the position of the pouch where it should be which includes covering and supporting as well enhancing the male anatomy. The tiny logo on the pouch adds to the good looks of the apparel style. The waistband string might look flimsy but surely holds the product in its place. The rear string is so thin that it diminishes between the butt flaps an leave the back for the show.

Made with the consistent fabric ratio of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex, you can even sport it at the beach. Hence, it is perfect for equal tanning as well. Skiviez has a variety of color options of the exotic underwear style.

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Have Fun With Daniel Alexander G-String Underwear

Dnaiel Alexander G-string | Skiviez

If you take a look at the inventory offered by Daniel Alexander at Skiviez, you’ll find that the sexy men’s underwear brand has moved from the solid colored products to designer underwear styles that feature delectable prints and appealing designs. The sexy underwear styles offered by the brand have one thing in common from the time the label was introduced to the products recently added to the men’s underwear online store.

Daniel Alexander  Fun G-String Yellow/Green

The Daniel Alexander Fun G-String is one such piece that is hot, sexy, supportive, conventionally modern and very comfortable with the masculinity. The g-string underwear features three contrast solid colors on the triangular pouch with a shimmery DA (short for Daniel Alexander) logo in the front, the apparel style looks absolutely worth being flaunted at the beach or poolside. 85% nylon and 15% spandex is what provides the texture, comfort and, flexibility.

The pouch is made to hold the manhood and support it to the best of the ability. The string waistband and rear string are thin yet very functional. Check it out at


Daniel Alexander Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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Keep It Low With Good Devil G-Strings

Good Devil G-Strings | Skiviez

Good Devil G-strings is the bestseller assortment available at Skiviez. If you haven’t thought about slipping into the pair as of lately, you should give it a thought. However, you need a lot of courage and confidence to slip into something so sexy, skimpy and sensual. The Good Devil Sheer Sides G-String is one such exotic men’s underwear style that lifts your mood without making it look obscene. It is sheer hotness when you end up showing it off in your bedroom.

Good Devil G-Strings | SkiviezFeaturing just a pouch in terms of fabric, the rest you can find is a thin string as waistband as well as the one that passes between the butt cheeks and nothing else to cover your assets. The biggest fabric part i.e., the pouch features a solid strap of fabric in the center that covers the top of the shaft while the sheer panels in the sides give ample to the show.

You get ample amount of comfort, breathability, and stretch with the construction and fabric composition of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Well, this sheer underwear has its own beauties that need to be figured out and can only be done once you actually experience it on your manhood.

Check out the various color options at

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Men’s G-String- What Makes It A Sexier Style?

Men’s g-string underwear has been in the industry for quite some time now and has been accepted by people all over the world. Men world over wear it for the variety of reasons and they have their own idea to make it look very appealing on them by wearing them at for different occasions. However, there are very few men who actually know what makes their sexy men’s underwear style very sexy. Confused?

Well, every fashion underwear style has its own charm and uniqueness for which they are popular among men. For example, bikini underwear is loved for its sensuously tempting appeal while, briefs for their snug fit. Likewise, g-string also their USP for which they are loved and considered sexy.

1. Minimal fabric coverage: The very first thing that makes see-through g-strings a lot sexier than the conventional thong underwear is the minimal coverage by the fabric. The construction of g-string requires only a small piece of fabric which is in the front. This minimal coverage serves as the functional (optional) contouring pouch that covers and lifts the manhood and leaves the adjacent area for the show. Lesser the fabric, greater is the sex appeal.

Men's G-string Underwear | Skiviez2. Fabric quality: You’d agree with me on the fact that not all fabrics provide the luxurious appeal to the masculinity. Well, if I was wrong here, why would men opt for leather, silk or satin for the special moments? Got my point? Currently apart from all these mentioned materials, see-through, lace and other few others are trending all for the right reasons. Sheer underwear fabrics can take your sex appeal to a different level, you can know more here. Some fabrics offer visible bulge in the front, giving you a sexier look. Not only in terms of look but also these fabric types offers comfort down below.

3. A variety of pouch options: With just the pouch as the coverage and highly important aspect, brands available at Skiviez offers numerous kinds of pouches. The range starts from functional, practical and goes all the way to pleasurable as well as pampering. Though the basic function of the pouch is an enhancement and intimacy; there are other roles that the pouch plays. Hence, the pouch is one feature of the designer underwear style that makes it exemplary and very pleasing to the eyes.

So, if you are a guy who seeks sexy and naughty modifications in your underneath fashion, seductive g-strings for men are the answer to your prayers. Do feel free to share your comments in the box below and check out the new assortment available at

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Which Men’s Underwear Styles Are Considered Sexy?

The tighty whitey, snug fit briefs are a past now (not literally) because today’s men have realized the worth of their comfortable underwear. Hence, you’ll find that Skiviez provides various men’s underwear styles that are sexy by looks as well as their functionality.

With these sexy apparel styles, you can easily boost your confidence as well as sex appeal with the minimal fabrics. If you are thinking what these styles can be, let’s look at them below.

Men’s bikini underwear:

Considered to be women’s novelty, bikini for men has been around for a very long time. The sexy and sportively stylish underwear is a combination of exposure with added functionality. They are available in such a wide variety of colors, pouch options, fabrics and more. They are sensuous, appealing and very comfortable.

Men’s thong underwear:

Brought to the forefront after many years and worn by men, thongs have been a sexy accessory since the early ages. Back then used for merely covering the privates, the sensual and erotic pieces are way more useful now as the bedroom attires. Thongs for men are sexy, revealing and very appealing. Whether you seek it as a secret confidence enhancer or merely for pleasure purposes; the men’s underwear store has numerous options.

Men’s G-Strings:

Lastly, the next in the queue are the close cousins of thongs, men’s g-string underwear. They are a bit more revealing, skimpier and meant for pleasure purposes. If the motive is to get down and dirty, g-strings of the numerous brands are the perfect match for your taste and likes. They are tempting, tantalizing and a must have for the great bedroom action.

To know more about the brands that offer these exotic underwear styles, click here. So, which of the above do you own? Do you think any other style can also be considered sexy? Do let us know in the space below.

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Best Selling Good Devil G Strings Underwear Available At Skiviez

Good Devil g string

Being an outrageous brand, Good Devil has set a new trend by designing underwear styles which are aimed at steaming up the bedroom action. The collection designed by the brand has compelled men to switch from their normal classic briefs to a pair of sexy G string.  G strings for men designed by the brand are comfortable, barely there and stylish. They are the sexy underwear style for the modern men.

The ranges of G strings offered by the brand is not only sexy and stylish but also acts as a confidence booster for all those men who do not hesitate in dropping off their pants so as to show their manhood. The assortment of Gooddevil g-string is crafted using sheer, mesh, leather like fabric so as to allow men raise their sex appeal to a new level. The inventory is filled with G string underwear styles that leave you and your partner in awe of designs, patterns and cuts. The collection is for all those guys who are adventurous, bold and daring.

Listed below are some of the top selling G string underwear styles by the brand-

  • Good Devil Sheer Side G Strings

The sheer side G string is outrageous, hot and bold. With a drop like pouch, the sexy underwear style is crafted for wild fantasies. The thin elastic waistband lifts the crotch upfront. When exploring, you will be able to explore the style in numerous bright colors.

  • Good Devil Hose Mesh G String

The Hose Mesh g-string is a see through mesh underwear with skimpy pouch that holds just the necessary and leaves nothing to the imagination. Sexy low rise fit with erotic g-string rear.

  • Good Devil Lace G String

Lace G string by the brand is designed to bring out the feminine side of your personality. Sexy, smooth, semi see-through lace fabric falls soft on the privates and pampers the skin with love. The sexy classic G String rear is surely for the show.

  • Good Devil Net Split Back G String

The Net Split Back G string by Good Devil is tiny, smooth and extremely sexy. The contoured pouch with mesh panels covers just the needful on the front and provides a snug fit. The elastic waistband rests below the waistline.

  • Good Devil Pouch Wrap G-String

When the idea is to unwrap something exotic, Pouch Wrap g-string is the best, one can have. Opaque underwear with a sheer, gift wrap pouch for ultimate passion.

  • Good Devil Preview G-string Black/ Metallic Pouch

The preview G string by the brand is crafted for a wild action. Black metallic semi open pouches make it hard to ignore. Straps on the pouch reveal the manhood partially. Erotic rear leaves everything for the show.

Skiviez, the popular men’s underwear store online offers the right pair to let you show off your masculinity with men’s g string underwear. The inventory is full of products that will spice up your bedroom. The styles vary in terms of sensuous prints, colors and cuts that take your sex appeal to the next level. The range of fabric and colors available with brand Good Devil matches every personality and mood. They are vibrant, appealing and tasteful.

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Good Devil G String Underwear

Good Devil G String | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Good Devil is a leading brand when it comes to design sexy intimate apparels for men. Their assortment of G string underwear ranges from full frontal coverage to nothing at all. They motivate you feel sexy in your own skin, putting your treasure out there front and center.

Good Devil Sheer Side G-String Pink

The range of Good Devil G string underwear is tempting and seductive. G-Strings for men are comfortable, barely there and stylish all the way. They are one of the most revealing men’s underwear and not meant for the fainthearted. Some of the most popular G-String underwear at Good Devil are Tri-Lace G-strings, Preview G-strings, Sheer Side G-strings and many more.


Good Devil Men’s G-string Features:-


The assortment at Skiviez is tempting, hot, daring and extremely devilish. Some important aspects have been described below-

Maximum bulge- Good Devil G strings features an open pouch that puts the manhood up and straight for maximum show. The design is crafted for men who seek for a visible lift and can manage with the least amount of fabric.

Comfort- The exotic g-string by the brand features three elastic bar cock holders with a contoured ball holder that holds the assets in the best, innovative possible way.

Sexy- The ultra minimal coverage on the front, as well as the seat makes it highly irresistible and sexy. At first glance itself you tend to fall for something like this.

Colors- Though the entire range of men’s g-string erotic underwear at Good Devil is playful and provocative; these new bees are exceptionally erotic.

So if the intention is to rock the night with something pleases both you and your partner, Good Devil G-strings are the best options for you.

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Daniel Alexander G string Underwear

Daniel Alexander G string | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

When it comes to designer men’s underwear styles with sexy cuts, luxurious fabrics and full on exposure, Daniel Alexander stands out to be a world class brand. Popularly known for its bold and devilish creation, the brand puts in great effort to offer styles that make you look impressive down there with a sizeable lift.

The brand has a huge assortment of men’s sexy underwear styles including bikinis, thongs and G Strings which feature a lot of skin show along with being comfortable. The luxury brand introduces a great collection of men’s g string underwear which will definitely drive you wild and crazy.

Men’s G-string Underwear :-


G strings for men designed by the brand are comfortable, stylish and skimpy. They are designed for a lot of skin show with the right amount of comfort to the package. The pouch of the entire assortment is made to raise your manhood to a correct position and prevents it from chafing. Another advantage of the contoured pouch by the brand is that it keeps you away from adjusting the position all day. The entire collection is designed from super soft fabric, featuring practical advantages that make it popular among guys.

Reveal off your naughty side with the exotic collection of Daniel Alexander G strings available at Skiviez.

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Cover Male G-String Underwear

Cover Male G-String Underwear

Cover Male since its inception has been delivering the most authentic, sexy and functional men’s underwear to the modern male population. The assortment of men’s g-string underwear by the sexy brand is eye-popping, sensuous and comfortable.

G-strings for men are barely there underwear, covering just the needful on the front; the back remains open for the show. It is one of the smallest and most revealing underwear worn by men who love to flaunt. G-strings are one of our best selling styles by Cover Male and are available at

Covermale G-string Underwear:-


Cover Male G-String Turquoise

Men’s g-strings is more or less like a thong but has lesser fabric. The pouch has a tiny piece of fabric that keeps everything together on the front. It has a string waistband that goes all the way between your butt cheeks to the front where the fabric covers the package. They are the apt way to flaunt your well toned body.

When the idea is to look good and feel equally exceptional; Cover Male g-strings are just right. The line has some of the most vibrant colors that work as mood enhancers. Some of them are: navy blue, royal blue, orange, black, white, red, turquoise, yellow and pink as well as sheer white, sheer black, purple and camouflage. The coverage is only where you need it. The soft thin elastic waistband keeps a strong yet comfortable grip on your body.

The uniqueness of the Cover Male g-strings is the triangular shaped consistent contoured pouch for a better fit and enhanced profile. The high quality fabric used is made generally of Polyamide and Spandex. The material is lightweight, breathable and has quick drying traits. The proportion of fabric incorporated gives an apt amount of stretch and comfort.

So guys, if you seek exposure in combination with functionality; men’s g-strings by Cover Male at Skiviez is your one stop destination.

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