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G-String: It is not only about Wearing – Maintenance is also Important

G-String: It is not only about Wearing

We’ve talked a lot about g-string for men. From things that nobody told you about them to get a good fit, from advises that’ll help you through to why weren’t they meant for you, the list is endless. We’ve been trying to help you out on every front to make sure that your experience with the style is absolutely stunning and you don’t have to regret your decision at any point.

However, do you think buying the men’s underwear styles is only what you need to know or there’s something beyond that as well?

If you go on asking common men who have limited information about a specific style and you’ll come to know that later on, they regret knowing some information rather than the whole of it. Hence, we’re here to take you a step further with laying down the maintenance tips that you need to take care of. After all, buying and wearing is not what you do – keeping it surviving for a longer span is another essential aspect.

Wash it after every wear

This has to be the first one because, at a stretch, a man can go on wearing the same exotic underwear style for more than half a week. Hence, washing the g-string after every wear (that means every one-day wear) is necessary.

Give it time to wash itself

Soak it in lukewarm water for about 15-20 minutes so that all the body fluids which have gone dry on the fabric surface will moisten up and it’ll get easier for you to wash it then. Don’t get the water too hot because it will break the threads leading the fabric being harmed. Also, if you use cold water, the dirt would not moisten up and you will have to be hard on rubbing while cleaning.

Use baking soda as an option

Only if you think that the produce on the pouch is too rigid that it won’t come off easily, use baking soda on the area once you’ve soaked the pair for a while and taken it out. Pour it onto the area and rub it gently to get a clean surface.  Use a soft toothbrush to rub on the pouch surface in order to clean the area.

Run under cold water

To let it retain the fit and the thread count, run the pair under cold water. It will give a whitened look to the g-string.

Pat dry on the surface

Say no to machine dryer or direct sunlight. Lay it flat on the surface and let it dry on its own. It will give it an enhanced life and retain its color as well.

Anything that we’ve forgotten? Let us know in the comments below.

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How do you justify a good fit of men’s g-string?

Men's g-string

A pair of good fitting men’s underwear not only makes you look handsome & stylish, it is also very important for your health. The ill-fitting pair can cause your reputation to come down and a source of embarrassment among others.  In severe cases, it can even cause chafing, rashes and other serious issues.

Talking specifically about men’s g-strings, you’d find that many men are still wearing the wrong size even when so much is being said about the same. On the bigger picture, you’d also find men adjusting and involuntarily adopting uncomfortable postures to make their pouch stays in the right place. All you got to remember is – the g-string is meant to make your manhood feel comfortable and be supportive (not always).

There are certain aspects that justify whether the style is a good fit or not. Hence, if you too want your g-string to fit you well, find the below-mentioned aspects.

The back string riding up in the butt crack

This is the commonest problems that men are scared of and would happily give up the style for another one like thong underwear or something with more fabric like men’s bikini underwear. Well, the idea is to buy the right size – neither too tight to let it stick between the butt cheeks nor too loose to ride up. Have a perfect size that slightly moves up and comes down.

The abdomen area shouldn’t bulge out

The sexy underwear style is skimpy in the first place. Then if you have a protruded belly and choose the wrong variant, your abdomen area will bulge out and look ugly. This can be ignored or rectified only by choosing the waistband that is broad and not so low waist fit to keep it up right there.

The coverage of the pouch

A fit of the pouch is not when you bend, jump or do something and your manhood pops out of the pouch. It should still be the one that holds your sanctity where it should be. Choose a fabric coverage that covers to an extent that the masculinity doesn’t pop up and pop out.

Sagging masculinity

Sagging tissues is a sign of fabric incompetency to support the same. If you really want to get that perfect fit, you would have to pick an enhancing underwear with a pouch that makes sure that you stay visible and supported in the right place. There are a variety of options available including the ones with C-rings, contouring pouches and more.

What’s your idea of a perfect fit? If you have faced any problem in looking fashionable below the belt or are facing right now, throw your doubts at us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Bling your assets with Joe Snyder G-Strings

Joe Snyder G-Strings

Sometimes, words are not enough when you start to describe something. It takes a lot more than that. However, sometimes, things are better understood when it comes to the actions rather than being preached about. Joe Snyder Underwear is one such male underwear brand that needs no description because the offerings say it all. The collection of men’s g-string underwear at Skiviez by the label is certainly something over the edge and ahead of its own time.

Joe Snyder G-StringsThe Joe Snyder G-String Silver is one of the most popular products at the online store. You might just say that what’s all the hype about, but hey..the pair gives you reasons to replace your underwear for sure. After spending decades in the industry, the label provided men with the respective style (and more) which are considered to be way ahead of their times. Who would have ever thought back then that sexy underwear would have silver color? Likewise, there are other groundbreaking reasons to adopt Joe Snyder.

Joe Snyder G-StringsWith just a pouch that covers your nether region to the best, it is the back that goes completely bare. With the help of strings (you know where they’re placed), the entire piece holds up your male anatomy. To top it off, the signature fabric ratio of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex keeps you feeling in place.

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Be the support that you feel within with Cover Male G-Strings

Cover Male G-strings

Cover Male Underwear has always been the go-to men’s underwear brand that offers some alluring colors, eye-catching colors and everything that keeps the below the belt fashion chic. The collection of men’s g-string underwear by the label has been quite intriguing. The one we are going to talk about today is different from the others.

Cover Male G-stringsThe Cover Male G-Strings is a chic number by the brand that keeps your manliness in check without hampering the sex appeal. The front of the pair looks more like a bikini underwear with the manhood under wraps, but the back reveals a lot in a pleasing way. The strings on the sides hold the pair as well as going through the butt crack. The solid fluorescent coral color soothes your eyes and keeps you looking stunning in a crowd.

Cover Male G-stringsMade of 85.29% Polyamide 14.71% Spandex, you always can pick this number as men’s swimwear as well because the fabric is ideal for the same. The pouch contours and gives a subtle lift to the package keeping it front and center. Just do not forget to pick the right size to get the exemplary feeling down there.

Check it out in different sizes as well as colors at

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The 5 below the belt Problems Learned the Hard way

below the belt Problems

Do you know what is more hurting than a breakup? The infections that occur below the belt region. It makes it difficult for any sort of activity throughout the day. You can’t sit, stand, walk, bend or do anything. The usual walk changes into a disgusting one that creates embarrassing moments as well. However, the moment the skin starts to recover, we tend to repeat the same mistakes again. I’ve been a hard learner of such mistakes that I learned the hard way. Below listed are five such infections and the solutions to them.


Everyone assumes that the main reason behind chafing is the sweat on the groin area. However, apart from this problem also lies on the type of underwear that you wear.  I started noticing that wearing a tight undergarment was the main reason behind this because they rarely allow an air circulation down there. This resulted in the sweat to stay back which caused chafing down there.

Solution – One of my friends suggested that fabrics like lace, mesh, and sheer could save me from such mishaps and he was actually right!

Men's g-stringThe materials were very light in weight that allowed a heavenly breath to my assets. They kept them dry and ventilated which avoided chafing problems.  I also tried skimpy attires like men’s g-strings that just had a pouch to envelope the genitals leaving the rest exposed. This provided a good breathability that kept my assets sweat-free down there.

Bladder infections

Why bladder infections? Shapewears are the reason behind the bladder infection. When you wear those tight wears that come with the underwear section, you tend to hold the nature calls as the attire stays too tight on the waist. This can result in serious health conditions.

Solution – Instead, you can opt for Men’s vest body shaper that comes just for the body unlike the other ones. This controls and reduces the abdomen to keep the body in a good posture.

Groin Infections

If breathable underwear is good, is wearing no underwear better? Certainly not, going commando is not appreciated as the privates are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Protecting them with a soft fabric is important as they might get hurt or prone to infections. The natural moisture produced by the manhood has nowhere to go when you’re not wearing underwear which makes the skin sweaty down there. This can also irritate you and the skin which makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Solution – Opt for soft fabrics like lace, mesh and sheer.

Men's g-stringThey are so light in weight that you almost forget that you are wearing something down there.

Yeast infection

Wearing the same pair of jock strap for more than two days or dirty habits as such can be the root cause for yeast infection. It causes unwanted pain and rashes near the shaft that makes it difficult for day to day activities.

Solution – Frequent change of underwear is recommended in such cases.

Internal injuries

This happens when you wear a flat front underwear. Such undergarment are just like a blanket over the assets that does not provide any support or comfort down there. They are prone to injuries or damages when you are at the gym or any kind of sports activities. Genitals need an appropriate attire that can protect them from injuries.

Solution – Some of the examples can be men’s jockstraps that are specially crafted for athletic purposes, Pouch underwear for men that presents a separate pouch to envelope the shape of genitals. This keeps the anatomy protected as the construction keeps things in place. This also avoids chafing as they keep the intimates away from the body which provides space for breathability.

Above are some of the problems and the solutions to them that I learned the hard away. If you are also one of the crowd who is facing similar problems please, follow the tips mentioned in them. Hope it helps you too.

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G-string Underwear: 7 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

G-string Underwear

Have you ever tried the outrageously revealing men’s g-string underwear? The barely-there underwear took some time to take off in the industry. However, it is now gearing up and is causing a treat to the ever-green boxers and briefs. Despite the growing popularity, men complain that the g-strings didn’t work well for them. Have you ever faced the same issue? Did you try to find out the reason? The write up has compiled some of the factors that skip the attention of the wearer leading to uneasiness and other problems.

Listed below are such factors that you need to consider before you try it the next time. Have a look.

Choose the first pair carefully

Men's g-string underwearDropping the conventions and trying something different and aesthetically modern is always fun. However, the comfort factor should not be hampered in the process. The g-strings for men are very pleasing down there, but they are not very comforting in the beginning. Hence, if you are new to this style, then,  the very first piece with extra care. Do not get carried away by the intriguing skin show and sex appeal that it offer. Go for the subtle ones in the beginning that are easier to pull off. Remember, to check the fabric, size and the occasion where you are wearing it.

Order a size larger than usual

The skimpy underwear style holds on the package snugly. The string at the back slips in between the butt-cheeks that may give a wedgie. So, the size chart should be referred properly before placing the order. Go for a size larger than your usual size. The pouch should offer enough space for the manhood to breathe freely. This style of men’s underwear will be tighter than the others. However, do not go for a very baggy size. Otherwise, it may lead to chafing and other related issues.

Check the pouch construction

Men's g-string underwearThe pouch construction has a direct impact on the comfort down there. Choose the g-strings crafted by the reputed brands only, so that, the pouch construction is not an issue. It is should be anatomically-constructed to hold the junk together and keep it away from the body. Do not go for the undies that squash the genital or keeps the package anywhere in between the thighs. It may lead to health issues such as low sperm count and infertility as well as internal injuries.

Wear it at the right place

The erotic apparel is meant to spice up your intimate affairs. Hence, it should be kept for the special nights. G-strings should not be worn as a night wear. The ample skin show may lead to fungal and bacterial infection. Moreover, it should not be worn all day long. Avoid wearing them at your workplace or while you are traveling. While you must be looking forward to flaunting your chiseled physique at the beach, wearing this underwear style is not a good idea. The swim briefs should be your first choice for the rigorous activities of water adventures.

You are not giving it time to adjust

Men's g-string underwearHow often have you tried g-string and changed into your boxers after 10 minutes? Well, as mentioned above, these undies are very comfortable, but not in the beginning. So, let your manhood get used to the skimpy cut and the sexy appeal. Designed for the pleasure purpose, the underwear offers everything that you and your partner looks for in an undergarment. Hence, you need to be a bit patient to feel the sensuality down there. Give your genital some time to adjust to the erotic piece. Put them on for a few minutes and try them on regular intervals. You’ll gradually get used to the sexy style.

Go for conventional fabrics

Every erotic piece right from men’s thongs to g-string are made from a range of materials. You can even find sheer and lace underwear. However, it is better to stick to the conventions in the beginning. Go for the materials such as cotton, nylon and other natural fibers. Make sure that the fabric composition has spandex in the right proportion. This would make the undergarment flexible and allow easy leg movement. Check the waistband of the apparel. Even though they are sleek and thin, it may leads to blisters if not made of high end fabric.

Change into your gears before hitting the gym

You liked the style and now you don’t want to wear anything other than the g-strings. However, the gym is the right place to don a sensual look. As mentioned above, the erotic piece is made for the special occasions. There are undies specifically designed for workouts and other such as jockstrap underwear and boxer brief. So, make sure that leave the enticing piece aside and change into your gym gears.

Share your g-string experience with us in the comment below.

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6 Reasons men’s g-string didn’t work for you

Men's G-string

The current era is one the best times for men’s fashion. Going beyond the conventions and trying something new has always been a taboo amongst the male population. Not any more! The modern gentleman is open to embracing all the hots and happenings in the world of fashion with open arm. Despite the fact, there is one aspect that still remains untapped. The intimate apparel category for men has more options these days than it ever had. Yet, men hesitate is trying anything that is new. The men’s g-string is one such cuts followed by men’s bikinis and thongs that have gained popularity, but has got a long way to go.

Along with the hesitation and stigmas of the society, there are some other factors that restricts men from trying the outrageously sexy g-strings. Most men complain that they tried the skimpy apparel and didn’t like it. For them, here’s a compilation of the reasons that may be the reason why it didn’t work for you.

Reason 1

Ordered the wrong size

Size matters a lot when it comes to something as sleek and skimpy as men’s g-string. Choosing the wrong fit may lead to chafing, rashes and other inconvenience. The size for different brand and varied shopping site differ. This is one reason why we end up choosing the wrong fit. So, the next time to shop online make sure that your check the size chart and order a perfect pair.

Reason 2

Wrong occasion

These undies offer ample support and comfort to the wearer. Yet, there are certain occasions when choosing it as your undergarment is not a perfect options. G-strings is kind-of novelty underwear. Hence, it should be kept in reserve for the special occasions such as date nights, romantic evenings and other such events. The outrageous garment will adorn your intimate affairs.

Reason 3

Paired with wrong outfit

G-strings are perfect to be teamed up with skinny jeans and trousers as they do not have any underwear line. However, there are certain precautions that you need to take while pairing it with your apparel. It should not be worn with running shorts and swim shorts. The rear of the underwear covers nothing at all. Hence, it may lead to embarrassing situation when you bend down. Moreover, there are chances of you getting a wedgies in the undergarment. So, be very particular about the clothes that you wear with the sexy apparel.

Reason 4

Used as daily wear

As mentioned above, this is a novelty underwear and should be treated like one. Considering it as a daily wear is one reason why it fails the first-time users. You just can’t wear this style while working out or undergoing any sort of strenuous activities. Most men use them as nightwear. This is one of the biggest mistake committed by them. The barely-there apparel is breezy and as good as going commandos. Yet, it should not be worn while sleeping as it increases the risk of fungal and bacterial infection.

Reason 5

Fabric matters

The undergarment is crafted in various fabrics that includes cotton, nylon, polyester and even lace, sheer as well as mesh. Only go for the materials that are airy and comfy. The see-through fabric are cozy and perfect for all occasion and season. However, there are some erotic pieces that are made from fabrics like leather and others. When you are new to this erotic piece, sticking to the conventional fabrics like cotton, nylon and others are advisable. You can later explore the options when you get used to it.

Reason 6

The duration of wearing it was too long

Avoid wearing anything of this sort in the beginning. The g-strings are very comfortable, but not in the starting. Hence, wearing it for long time duration is not a recommended thing. The minimal fabric allows air circulation and keeps your crotch dry. Still, wearing it all-day long and during long office hour should be avoided initially. Try to get used to the skimpy styles initially and then you can wear it whenever and wherever you want to.

Have you committed any such blunder in the first try? Share your experience with g-strings in the comments below.

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Things nobody told you about g-string

Things nobody told you about g-string

I remember the first time I saw a pair of g-string when one of my female friends dropped open her suitcase while we were traveling together. It was the discovery moment for me because I had never seen something like this before.

They looked absolutely stunning at first!

I never saw them again until when I was looking forward to buying a pair of men’s underwear for myself. I was awestruck for a moment and kept on thinking- when did they start designing g-string underwear for men?

I stood there waiting for 13 flat minutes and was too tempted to have one for myself. Since then, I am a changed person who can wear any fashion underwear style without thinking a lot about it.

From my personal experience and some others which have been shared with me, let me share with you some things that no one told you about.

They all aren’t comfortable

I have been wearing the respective sexy underwear style for almost 3 years down the line and have realized that every g-string isn’t comfortable to be worn. You might consider it to the fault of the fabric or the coverage (or anything else), but you cannot judge them all by experiencing one.

They’re available for every body type

Being with this for a while now, I have seen a lot of men wearing the exotic style. You must have a lot about “only skinny men wear it or the ones with a chiseled body must own it”, the fact is if you have the guts, you are free to sport it. All you got to do is choose the one that complements your body.

They might or might be able to hold your package

The conventional men’s thong underwear are designed to cover and support your manhood but some of the brands that manufacture g-strings design the style to be so flimsy as well as fragile that a lot of movement can cause you trouble. For example, with a huge package below the belt, you need something that can carry you off well rather than letting your manhood loose.

They make you look sexier

Who said anything about looking weird, I find myself looking absolutely sexy when I slip into these pairs. I take a moment and stand in front of the mirror to see myself in order to feel good for the rest of the day. If you are single and looking for an option to love yourself, this is it!

You can wear the style wherever you want

Men's UnderwearThe time I started wearing them, I made it a point to restrict them for times like dates and parties. However, later I felt the need of having something sexy down there for work and I adopted them for that time as well. Now, you have so many options that you can sport them day-in-day-out.

You have to check what outfit you’ll wear with them

You just can’t wear everything with g-strings! You have to understand that when you wear (anything) your butts tend to swing a lot than they do in jockstraps or the conventional briefs. In order to make them look round without the bounce, pull up body hug trousers.

They provide you the “fit it and forget it” feeling

Once you’re tucked into the skimpy pieces, you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re good to go. The entire day would pass with the feeling of having nothing down there because of the luxurious fabrics and barely there construction.

They can cause infection

Once you start wearing it on a regular basis, you start to feel regular in them and it is hard to get rid of them. Simply put, just like your conventional pieces, you don’t your sheer underwear pieces which lead to infection. The body fluid constantly getting accumulated on the tiny patch of fabric, you’d find the constant connection with the manhood gets prone to bacterial infection. Hence, keep changing them every day.

Do you relate to any of these aspects? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality?

Is G-String Underwear Advantageous for your Personality | Skiviez

Did you ever think that something so skimpy and minimal like g-string would be available for men? Earlier this week we (me and my friends) headed to the city to shop something for our Valentines. Not specifically for that, but he had to do shopping for our basic needs as well. Hence, we went hunting for clothes as well. What caught our attention at the store was that men were opting for a slinky, skimpy and barely there men’s underwear style.

When my curiosity grew more, I went closer to take a better view of what exactly some of them were opting for. Hence, they were considering whether they should buy thong underwear or g-strings. Looks like the world is catching up trends quite fast.

Though it time for men to consider these minimal fabric sexy underwear styles, but finally things are changing, priorities are changing. But the question is- are g-strings advantageous for your personality?

Men's G-string Underwear | SkiviezLet us look at the probabilities below.

No lines

Some of the benefits the fashion underwear style are enjoyed by both the sexes. One of them is no underwear lines to show. Featuring a g-shaped construction and guitar’s string-like thinness, how can be there lines that’ll protrude from the tight fabric. It is in styles like boxer brief underwear or men’s briefs that are bulky and have so much of fabric that it oozes out of tight pants. Hence, the style comes as a savior for you.

Rides low

You might have heard that bikini underwear rides low but this style masters the art of riding low on the waistline. Hence makes it apt for low waist jeans or trousers. The string-like waistband is designed in a way that it holds the manhood where it should be and hanging low. The best part is, if you buy the right size, you get to have the benefit of having a pair that doesn’t irritate in the back and stays comfortable where it is.

Perfect for romantic purposes

Like I mentioned about the incidence that happened with me, many men around the globe are adopting the style. It is just like that when women adorn lacy lingerie to woo their men, men too sport something like sheer underwear or lace apparels for the same. Hence, if you really want to build up your courtship, try g-strings for once.

Perfect for tanning

Another benefit that women also share is that when the idea is to have your body tanned, only a pair of g-string is enough. With nothing in terms of fabric, all is exposed to the sunlight and hence, you get what you were looking for from the pair. This is like hitting the bull’s eye- the exotic underwear style does its work of supporting as well as the minimal fabric tans for the better.

Hence, it surely matters a lot for your personality to look appealing and the style does it for you. All you got to do is to buy the size and understand what makes it to worthy of being called sexy. Are we missing out on any advantage that you believe should be up here?

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Men’s G-String Underwear- Top 5 of 2016

The year 2016 has been quite a fashionable year talking about style, trends and options. Talking specifically about underneath fashion, Skiviez has been providing men some really sexy, exotic and functional pieces that worked quite well for the male anatomy as well as the overall personality. The collection of men’s g-string underwear too had been loved by men worldwide and hence, we were compelled to reveal the top 5 products of 2016 that created a buzz among the male population.

This blog will be a guide for you to reach the top 5 sexy underwear products available at the men’s underwear online store.

Good Devil G-String

One of the most erotic and popular piece that comes across as the most outrageous thing is the Good Devil G-String that features a cylindrical pouch that holds the manhood vertically upwards for an erected position. While the front gets covered, the lower part of the manhood has cock holder straps that reveal it. The rear is a typical g-string rear. Can you ask for more??

Good Devil G-String | Skiviez

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String

Coming down to fashion underwear that is perfect for men who seek undeniable support, style and sex appeal in their below the belt, the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz g-string is worth the try. The triangular pouch with a geometrical print in the front and everything else for the show, this is an absolutely stunning piece. Thin string waistband and the same width rear string leaves nothing to the imagination while the pouch does hide everything under covers.

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String | Skiviez

Cover Male Power G-String

Talking about Cover Male, the style has to be unique with the undying support to the assets. With a front that has a lot of fabric as inserts held together with thick piping all over the edges as well as the cut-outs on the pouch sides feature outlining. The contouring pouch hangs low but provides the support needed support to the shaft. On the first look you might get confused it to be a thong underwear but the rear reveals that to you in detail. The thin width of the back strings make sure it is a g-string.

Cover Male Power G-String | Skiviez

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String

The name itself says a lot about the purpose and design of the erotic underwear. With the name Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String, who wouldn’t love to sport an erotic piece when romance and teasing is on the mind. With a shiny waistband, a couple of strings hold the pouch leaving the top of the manhood for the visibility. The shiny pouch lifts but it is all till the time the pair doesn’t come off.

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String | Skiviez

Intymen Pea Cock G-String

Entering in the field of g-strings, Intymen has finally reached the point where men would be able to wear sporty cum sultry g-strings. With complete wrapped front (not forgetting the support and enhancement), the thong-like rear features a broad waistband with an additional layer of fabric below it and conventional g-string back that passes through the butts.

Intymen Pea Cock G-String | SkiviezIf you think your favorite is not mentioned here, please inbox its name in the comments below.

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