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Go Retro Down There With Bumgear Retro Circles Briefs

How many times have you ever thought of rewinding time and go back to a time of your own choice? Well, I think of it a lot of times and want to experience the retro styles of clothing, living and more. However, it is not possible in every field for which Bumgear introduced their classic assortment of men’s underwear that features retro prints and classic coverage.

Bumgear Retro Circles Briefs | SkiviezOne product that I chose to talk about today is the Bumgear Retro Circles Briefs. With retro patterned circles in yellow color not only looks bright and colorful to the eyes; it takes you back in the disco era where men wore colorful printed shirts and danced to the grooviest numbers. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the ratio itself is extremely conventional and believes in keeping you feeling comfortable, lightweight and very airy down there.

Men’s brief underwear features a low-rise fit to keep it comfortable in the pants. The black colored waistband and leg piping looks outstanding on the vibrant yellow fashion underwear. While the retro circles cover both front and rear, the pouch of the sexy underwear is designed to enhance as well as put the manhood front, and forward.

Available in all size at, the men’s underwear style is a complete package of looks and function.

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Put Forward Your Manhood In The Best Way With C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief

There is no doubt in the fact that C-IN2 is one of the most popular men’s underwear brand because of its luxurious fabrics, stylish appeal and designer approach in the assortment. The brand has been setting benchmarks ever since its introduction in the industry. One of the most appealing pieces that the C-IN2 offers according to many is the H+A+R+D Hustle Brief.

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief Black

The sexy cum stylish men’s brief underwear by the label is an extraordinary piece that hugs you where you need it the most and also leaves some skin for the show. The innovative strappy design on the waist makes it look like men’s jockstrap underwear that offers more coverage in the rear. Made for the lightweight sports activities, the snug fit and enhancing pouch does what’s needed.

C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief:-

Made of 96% polyester and 4% elastane, the pouch also has perforated cotton to provide comfort to the package. The elastic bands with bold C-IN2 logos make the entire enhancing underwear a very stylish and bold.

If you are looking for something that is equally stylish by the looks and has unmatched support down there; C-IN2 H+A+R+D Hustle Brief is what you must opt for. The pair is available at the men’s underwear store at discounted prices.

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Keep It Traditionally Supported With Agacio Basics Brief



If you look at the model in the images, you’d barely look past his killer smile and his chiseled body. However, the contrasting colored men’s briefs underwear on his super hot body leaves no reason for you to ignore that. By the way, he’s wearing one of the most comfortable and sophisticated pairs of Agacio Basics Brief Grey.

The lightweight and soft fashion underwear is made of 96% modal and 4% spandex that gives you no reason to avoid the pair. With the ample amount of comfort, you get to have the best of sweat absorption, breathability, and support to the manhood. Well, with Agacio, even the sexy underwear thongs are equally supportive. You can check more supportive yet sensuous thongs for men here.

Coming to the construction, the apparel style provides traditional coverage both in the front and rear. The perfect pouch for the man with the Sack Lifting technique makes your package look protruded, enhanced and appealingly visible in the pants. Check out this visually pleasing and functionally rich pair and more men’s underwear at

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Dress to Undress Your Underneath Fashion With Otzi Brief Print

Otzi Brief Print | SkiviezWhat better is to feel at home when you’re home and wearing the most comfortable pair of men’s underwear? It is a feeling that cannot be described but definitely felt when down there on a summer day relaxing at home just like the model in the image is doing. Wearing nothing but a pair of Otzi Brief Print that looks and I hope it feels amazing on the body.

Look wise, the construction of the sexy men’s brief underwear is appealing and modern while the hold on the manhood is quite comfortable. The zigzag print with multiple colors makes the fashion underwear worth flaunting. Though the brief word has been literally taken and the minimal fabric is incorporated, the functionality and fashion are not compromised here. click here to know about Otzi thong underwear.

86% polyester and 14% spandex makes it eligible to be worn for the support, stretch and comfortable feeling. The high cuts on the legs with a little skin showing in the back, you surely going to get the feeling that you’re wearing men’s bikini underwear. The contrast leg bands prevent a lot of riding up of the fabric and bunching at one place. If you wanna shop more briefs, check out

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Agacio Brief Underwear

Agacio Brief | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Agacio has been a popular men’s underwear ever since its establishment. Since then, the guys have known the brand to be the most comfortable brand. Designers at Agacio are constantly working on designing briefs which are appealing and provocative on the look and serve their true purpose. They are available in multiple designs, patterns, cuts and rise.

Traditional briefs were designed to cover everything till the upper part of the thigh on one end and till the navel on the other. Those were called as ‘full rise’ or ‘full cut’. Agacio has some of the most functional and tasteful assortment of modern men’s brief underwear that are made for the modern male population. The brand’s range incorporates a delightful combination of classic style (support and fit) with modern enhancing techniques.

Agacio men’s briefs have some unique aspects, such as:

Sack Lifting Technology:

The briefs by the designer brand imbibe a unique sack lifting technique that provides a subtle yet visible lift to the manhood for more impact.


The briefs by the brand are equally functional as they look. Handsome stripes and manly solids complement the forming fit on the body.

These men’s designer underwear by Agacio are great for every day wear as well as when the idea is to show off what’s inside. They bring out the best of you while putting the abs to the display.

At Skiviez, you’ll find the most exotic and vibrant collection of men’s briefs by Agacio at best prices. Stock them up to keep it comfortable and stylish down there.

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2xist Brief Underwear

2xist Brief | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Combined with advanced technology, 2xist as a renowned brand focuses on designing style focused underwear styles which are a mixture of comfort, function and style. With collections that include all of the main underwear styles from boxers and briefs to trunks, jocks and thongs, 2xist has taken the world of men’s underwearto a whole new dimension of stylishness.

2xist Men’s Brief Underwear :-


2xist Men’s Brief underwear is meant to provide a snug fit to the manhood as well ample amount of comfort. The small construction defines the profile and enhances what they have. Some men chose this because it is the traditional underwear. It is said to be sexy and it is unique in its own way. They are more formal in fitting. It provides more athletic support. It highlight’s the well toned physique of men.

The brand not only involves the use of latest pouch enhancement technology, but also uses high quality fabrics like nylon, polyester, cotton, polyamide and a pinch of spandex makes for fabulous blends that are extremely comfortable on the skin, provides just the right stretch and holds everything at the right place.

At Skiviez, we carry an extensive range of 2xist Brief underwear in variety of styles and sizes. Shop from the exclusive options available matching your taste and personality.

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Good Devil Brief Underwear

Good Devil Brief | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Known for its sexiest and skimpy men’s underwear collection, Good Devil presents numerous collection of men’s erotic underwear which varies in terms of coverage, cut and styles. Now, Good Devil gives a numerous reasons to get into a pair of briefs they offer. They are not like the classic and contemporary design anymore, but have an erotic plus modern touch to it. The assortment of briefs by the brand range from full coverage to classic cut.

Good Devil Rotica Sheer Brief Black/Red

Men’s Brief Underwear:-


Good Devil Brief underwear not only offers a form fitting but also allows you to show off your assets in the best possible way. Some of the most popular men’s briefs by the brand are:

A. The Rotica Sheer brief with a mesh panel all over for little exposure with hidden pouch. It makes the foreplay more enticing.

B. The Passion brief is cut out in U-formations with contrast color biases, supported by small metal O-rings attached to a wide elastic low-rise waistband.

There are many other styles for you to explore in that build up the support and confidence within one’s personality.

Keeping the fashion aspect in mind, the designers at Good Devil designs brief with a sexier and provocative appeal

Some of the designs are made out of vibrant colors for the different moods of man. Some have bright bursts of color and others keep things subtle and classy. Many are downright sexy and see-through, making the best uses of mesh, fishnet, or sheer.

Soft and high quality fabrics like nylon, spandex, polyester and cotton are fused to make the best combination for the right amount of flexibility and comfort for the crotch.

The fabrics allow easy leg movement in every situation.

The tastefully formed pouch lifts up the genitals to an abrasion-free position, providing the desired shape and look to the crotch.

Check out the entire collection of Good Devil Brief at Skiviez which are colorful, vibrant yet comfortable.

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Clever Brief Underwear

Clever Men's Brief Underwear

Popular for its bold and handsome designs, Clever has made its place in the men’s underwear industry. Their assortment of men’s briefs underwear is no less than the other styles available at The style offering by Clever are men’s briefs, boxers, thongs, tangas, jockstraps and more with the South American inspired designs and prints.

Men’s Brief Underwear:


Clever Spezia Latin Brief Blue


Men’s brief underwear is the most conventional style known to man and is widely worn all over the world by guys; for all the good reasons. It provides a snug fit to the manhood and keeps everything together, at comfort. Guys even prefer them for the reason as it covers a maximum of the skin while leaving the sides for the show.

Clever briefs are unique in a way that the brand imbibes the classic style with South American designs that are bold and handsome. The combination of the two delivers some authentic, appealing and comfortable men’s designer underwear.

Some of the best sellers at Skiviez are:

• Clever Desert Classic Brief
• Clever Banana Monkey Briefs
• Clever Indigo Jean Latin Briefs; and more.

At Skiviez, you’ll find something from subtle to playful prints and designs that will appeal to your eye and enhance your profile. Shop Clever briefs at the best prices.

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Intymen Men’s Brief Underwear

Intymen Men's Brief Underwear

Intymen has been a well known men’s underwear brand which perfectly balances out classiness and sexiness in their assortment. The classy brand offers a gamut of men’s apparels like men’s briefs, bikinis, jockstraps thongs and more. The aspect that makes the label unique is the sporty appeal it imbibes in every piece.

The Intymen men’s brief underwear category carries an assortment that starts from conventional style and goes all the way to extreme sexy designs, sheer fabrics and more. The stylish men’s fashion underwear range of the label has many secrets that are functional and at the same time raise sex appeal.Some of them are:
• Hidden C-Ring Contraption: The brand specializes in in-built c-rings in their assortment to provide a visible bulge in the pants. The aim of the ring is to keep the manhood lifted to the right position.

• Pouch enhancement hammocks: It is again a fun way to enhance what you already have, for a better profile.
• Minimal coverage: Intymen briefs are tailored for guys who love to keep it short and trendy. They cover what should be covered, leaving the rest for the show; and providing comfort to the body.

The catalog is full of pieces that are vibrant, sexy and very functional. The color palette used by Intymen covers all the moods of a male personality. It goes all the way from the basic black/ white; to violet, turquoise, yellow, fuchsia and lime. You can choose according to your mood and likes.

Add the pep in your walk and confidence in your talk with Intymen briefs underwear. They are desirable, comfortable, functional and inexpensive. Lastly, it is available at

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Brief Underwear

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Briefs Underwear Skiviez

Established by American designer Tommy Hilfiger in 1984, the label turned out to be one of the leading fashion houses in the world. The brand started off by making loose fashion apparels and got highly acclaimed for them. Eventually Tommy Hilfiger expanded its line to men’s underwear and till date ranks among the top international brands. The line of men’s brief underwear by the luxury brand is classy, sexy and very unique.

The conventional briefs design covered an extensive coverage on the front as well as rear with different cuts on the sides depending on the brands. The ones that extended till the navel are called “full cut” or “full rise” whereas; the low rise briefs sit low on the waistline showing off the toned abs. This style is designed for an enhancing crotch on the pouch. Mid rise briefs sit on the natural waistline for better comfort and are apt for regular pants and trousers whereas; the low rise briefs sit low below the waistline.

Tommy Hilfiger uses the classic style of men’s briefs and incorporates luxury fabrics like cotton and cotton jersey with high cuts and enough stretch for the perfect and superior fit. Available in classic colors or with stripes and graphic prints, our underwear features the signature Tommy Hilfiger logo and flag on the waistband.

At Skiviez, shop the exclusive assortment men’s brief underwear of the designer brand Tommy Hilfiger at best prices.

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