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Reinvent your conventions with Pistol Pete Briefs

Reinvent your conventions with Pistol Pete Briefs

What do you expect from your men’s brief underwear? Would you want that tighty whitey support that the same provides but still manages to suffocate the manhood? Or would like to experiment with the fashion underwear style and pick something more pleasing? The Pistol Pete Underwear is what lets you experience the good of the tighty whiteys and also gives you an opportunity to breathe better.

Pistol Pete MONACO Brief White

The Pistol Pete Monaco Brief sounds like the ideal way to make your happiness bar raise up a level. With a conventional color, the design is not-so-conventional. The 80% nylon covers everything in the back as well as the front. However, it is the pouch of the pair that has some innovative work on it. To enhance the breathability, the pouch features an opening or you can say it is an overlap design to keep the sides open for air passage.

The 20% spandex is what keeps you going and on the move as there’s a lot of elasticity to go on with. You can reinvent your conventional style with these and much more by the brand at

Add Pep down there with Intymen Brief

Add Pep down there with Intymen Brief | Skiviez

Did you just check out the Intymen Rocket Brief at It surely came across as a delightful male underwear that is pleasing by looks and functional by nature. Intymen being one of the sportiest labels in the men’s fashion industry provides ample options for guys who love to keep their junk solid and smart. This is yet another product by the brand that makes you a sensible wearer who knows his needs and wants.

76.95% Cotton 11.62% Polyester 3.88% Nylon and 7.55% Spandex is the delectable combination that provides you with everything. When I say everything, it means comfort, breathability, support, moisture wick, stretch, and durability. Comfort and airy features are the highest because of cotton as the base fabric. You’re surely going to love how the sexy underwear will make you feel.

Coming down to the construction, you’d find the conventional coverage of men’s brief underwear and I really wish it was available in different styles too, like men’s bikini underwear or any other too. The solid fabric covers all but the mesh panels on the sides of the pouch let air free flow and keep you sweat free. The bold piping has always been an integral part of the products. You’d find it on the legs as well as around the pouch. Talking about the pouch, you’re sure to get a feeling of a rocket preparing to launch because of the construction that lifts the manhood.

Bold colors, subtle appeal and comfortable approach are the factors you must adopt this piece and other styles by the label at Skiviez.

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Cover More With Calvin Klein Briefs

Cover More with Calvin Klein Briefs | Skiviez

Calvin Klein recently added a new collection of men’s underwear at Skiviez. The entire range is about handsome cuts, body conforming construction and luxurious fabric compositions for the male anatomy. The fashion underwear that we’ll be talking about on this blog called the Calvin Klein One Hip Brief. Well, it took me some time to understand what the name actually means, you might too feel it. I think it is about treating the butts as one or a single layer of fabric covers the rear and that’s why it is called as one brief. If you have any other interpretation, do let us know in the comments below.

Calvin Klein Briefs | SkiviezComing down to the construction, you’d find that the appeal and texture would strike you first while the fit would take you down the moment you step into it. Featuring a solid color all over, the contrast color on this men’s brief underwear is what adds to the appeal. You’ll find other shade on the legs, pouch sides as well as on the edge of the waistband. It surely looks amazing to look at. Covering conventionally, the pair has a lot to offer other than the looks.

Made of 91% nylon and 9% elastane, Calvin Klein has made sure that you feel comfortable down there. The contoured pouch is made in a way that it allows ample space for the comfort of the masculinity. Talking about the stretch, you get what’s needed and what makes the piece durable too. Available in 3 solid colors, you can go on and check it out at

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Show Off The Masculinity With Pistol Pete Brief

Pistol Pete Brief | Skiviez

Skiviez recently introduced a brand new collection of the popular men’s underwear brand Pistol Pete. The offerings available at the online store by the label are chic, fashionable and very trendy. From the basic briefs to bikini briefs, trunks and slings, Pistol Pete has nailed it. The Pistol Pete Carribean Brief is one such designer underwear that fulfills your desire to support, show off and keep the masculinity as the top priority.

Pistol Pete Brief | SkiviezFeaturing a unique and repetitive brand name broad elastic waistband, that keeps a sturdy grip on the waistline, it also adds to the fashion quotient of the overall underwear. The rest of the fabric that you’ll find makes it the perfect sheer underwear which reveals you bit by bit. Offering ample coverage in the front as well as in the rear, see-through materials makes it apt for the fashion-conscious personalities.

Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, you’re sure to get the needed comfort, sweat-free feeling, flexibility (because the sides feature minimal fabric), breathability (sheer effect) and much more. The solid leg bands outline the edges of the men’s brief underwear and keep it from riding up.

Check it out at Skiviez.

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Tempt and Tease With 2xist Brief

The first look of the pair itself reveals a lot about the men’s underwear style and the personality who desires to slip into it. The 2xist Cotton Mesh Brief Formula One is one of the fashion underwear styles that defines the interests and fashion quotient of the personality who seeks to slip into the pair. With a pleasing design that incorporates advanced sex appeal as well as increased comfort, the respective men’s brief underwear is a sheer luxury for the masculinity.

2xist Brief | Skiviez

2xist Boxer Brief:-

The temptation starts when you find the front covered to the best of the ability and nothing is quite visible. However, leaving the pouch, everything else is kept for the show including the sides and the butts. The open-mesh makes up for the irresistible style quotient and for the breathability factor down there. The icing on the cake is the fabric composition acts which keeps the manhood, the adjacent area and the stylish appeal in check. With 92% cotton and 8% spandex, you’re sure to have a super comfy feeling below the belt.

The functional pouch features a solid colored fabric covering the manhood and also has white colored piping for the enhanced appeal. The cuts and coverage are kept conventional, and the product is available at at affordable prices.

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Feel Like A Million Bucks With Calvin Klein Brief

With Calvin Klein, I doubt that you would anything lesser than million bucks down there. The brand has made its place among the male population for the luxurious feeling and the stylish men’s underwear styles it offers for the modern needs of men. One of the most loved pairs is the Calvin Klein Concept Micro Hip Brief. Available at discounted prices at the men’s underwear online store, the pair is surely up for a grab.

Calvin Klein Brief | SkiviezThe fashion underwear style is made with 92% nylon and 8% elastane to make sure everything is the correct place without a lot of effort. The pair boasts about the comfortable and smooth waistband that features the brand name. The microfiber blend keeps your assets dry and comfortable even in the worst situations and the credit goes to the seamless design throughout the pair.

Super comfy, super cool, the basic design and coverage keep it easy on the manhood. Made for all kinds of personalities, this pair is perfect for every day as well as for those where you need to feel confident from within. Find it at the men’s underwear online store and more products by Calvin Klein.

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Go Feminine With Intymen Brief

Intymen has always been the masculine name in the men’s underwear industry that offers sporty and absolutely macho pairs of enhancing underwear styles that aim at providing a better visibility to your junk even in the worst times. However, the newly presented collection by the label at Skiviez is all about handsome prints, pretty colors and feminine prints (not literally).

Intymen Brief | SkiviezMy wife saw the pair that came to me for the review was stunned by the sexy appeal. She even went to the extent of saying that if it didn’t feature this pouch, I would have loved to slip into it. Well, she genuinely loved it. The Intymen Pinky Brief is one of the recent fashion underwear styles that features conventional coverage, vivacious appeal, supportive functionalities and ample comfort.

Offering a combination of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, this men’s brief underwear offers minimal stretch and high moisture-wick as well as luxurious texture to the look below the belt. Featuring a pretty pink colored shiny waistband, the same colored thick piping contours the manhood and enhances the visibility. Keeping the base design subtle with contrast splashes of colors it, the Pinky design just makes you fall in love with your underneath fashion.

Check it out at

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Keep Men’s Underwear A Secret With 2xist Brief

When it comes to men’s underwear brands, we all are very choosy and would instantly opt for the ones that are all time favorites. Moreover, anything from the particular names would be acceptable to us and one of the labels is 2xist. The product in the image is the 2xist Speed 2.0 No Show Brief and is one of the most loved pieces by the wearers of the brand.2xist Speed 2.0 No Show Brief | Skiviez

Men’s Brief Underwear:-

Best described as a supportive pair of men’s brief underwear, the respective piece features an original contour pouch that shapes up according to the shape of the manhood and keeps it away from the thighs in order to prevent chafing. The low rise fit on the body makes it ride low even in low waist clothes. This pair is a perfect for guys who have a desk job and do a lot of bending, stretching or other physical activities that increase the chances of the waistband showing.

Featuring dual color waistband with the brand name in the front, the trust factor automatically builds up while 89% nylon and 11% spandex gives you the benefit of moisture wicking functionalities. In addition, you can even wear it as men’s swimwear. You’ll also find mesh inserts on the sides for enhanced breathability.

Go on and check it out at

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Take Underneath Fashion To New Level With Intymen Stellar Brief

With the passage of time, Intymen has finally reached the point where the men’s underwear brand has achieved to look at the aspect of perfect balance between the fashionable appeal and support in every pair of it offerings. The current assortments by the label have a delectable combination of sex appeal and functionalities in full portions in order to make you look and feel absolutely stunning.

Intymen Stellar Brief | SkiviezThe Intymen Stellar Brief is one of the products from the category that the brand introduced a few months back. The entire collection featured products that showcased universe and related designs such as the galaxy, planets and more. With a fabric composition of 78% nylon and 22% spandex, you get to have a lot of stretch down there. Well, with this ratio, you can use it for all kinds of physical activities.

The mesh design all over the respective men’s brief underwear focuses on the sporty appeal and breathability of the pair while the shiny stellar-print waistband looks absolutely amazing on the masculine fashion underwear. The piping around the pouch and the legs is more functional than it looks. It lifts the manhood in the best way while on the legs it adds glamor.

Ample coverage, fully functional and the undying support is what makes the best aspect. Check it out at

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Show Off Your Wealth With DMK RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief

In today’s time, who doesn’t want to be wealthy and show off his money? Well, everyone does and just make your manhood look exactly like that, DMK designed RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief. The brand has always been very clever and innovative in designing sexy underwear styles that are functional, stylish and over the edge. Perfect to be worn on romantic evenings or confident mornings (office), the Retro collection is the best.

DMK RMF Money Retro Mesh Brief | Skiviez

The very first aspect that strikes your eyes is the part sheer part solid combination. Leaving the pouch solid, the sides are for the show whereas; a wide horizontal strip of sheer in the back and rest is covered with the fabric. While there are many more sheer underwear pieces at Skiviez, click here to find out more. The next big attraction is the U.S. Dollars print of various amounts in the front as well as the rear. I wish I could spend them all!

Made in Los Angeles, the respective men’s brief underwear comprises fabric composition of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Well, with this ratio you can wear it as fashion underwear as well as men’s swimwear. Know more about it at

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