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Add Sensuousness With Good Devil Bikini

How does it feel to put on sheer on the only body part that is best kept hidden? Well, you all might have different answers to that, but what I think is that it enhances the viewer’s temptations. The more you see and you’re not accessible to it; the more tempted you are to have it. With this motive, the Good Devil SheerBalls Bikini was introduced at Skiviez by the erotic men’s underwear brand.

Good Devil Bikini | SkiviezMade in a way to be worn for romantic evenings or even to flaunted at the waterside, the respective men’s bikini underwear features a combination of 92% nylon and 8% spandex that can be worn as men’s swimwear when the idea is to catch the attention of others. Coming down to most interesting part, the sheer underwear style features polka dots pattern all over the fabric for a tantalizing effect that partially shows off what you’re holding down there.

In terms of coverage, you’ll cover properly in the rear whereas; the front has a triangular-shaped coverage. It covers only what needs to be covered to keep up the support in the front. The waistband is one aspect that talks about the brand and also keeps a strong grip on the waistline.

With a variety of color combinations, you can bag in your favorite from

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Hang It Low With Cover Male Bikini

There is no second thought about that Cover Male is a super sexy and functionally very comfortable men’s underwear brand. The label constantly works hard to provide a better feeling to the male anatomy and the overall personality enhancement. The newer fashion underwear styles brought forward at the men’s underwear online store features a luxurious shiny texture and its own functionalities. The Cover Male String Bikini has also changed from the last assortment.

Cover Male Bikini | Skiviez

What has changed? Well, the very first feature that changed is the texture and appeal of the men’s bikini underwear. Now you can find a shimmery texture on the minimal amount of fabric the products have. Thanks to the fabric combination of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex which gives the appeal.

The minimal fabric sexy underwear features a triangular pouch in the front as well as in the back. The second change is that this collection has a longer, more cylindrical-shaped pouch that gives more space to the manhood. It certainly proves that if you liked the earlier products in the collection of men’s bikinis by Cover Male, you’re going to love this one. The rear is more of a Brazilian cut that reveals 3/4th of the butts, covering a little in the rear.

Available in a variety of colors, you can grab these from

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Lay it On the Table With Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini

There’s no doubt in the fact that Good Devil has always been more on the revealing side rather than conforming the assets in the fabric itself. Being sexy and free, the men’s underwear brand has always been there to make you feel confident in the minimal piece of fabric, sexy in open pouches and comfortable in barely there cuts. The Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini is one of the sexiest pairs offered by the brand at Skiviez.Good Devil Sheer Striped Brazilian Bikini | SkiviezThe sheer underwear features complete see-through fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination and lays it all on the table for the show. Well, that’s exactly how you would be able to express better in times of need. The sexy underwear is a superb combination of sheer fabric, high Brazilian cuts and minimal construction that together aim at revealing yourself better.

Featuring a broad funnel-like pouch, this bikini underwear for men lets your manhood feel comfortable and roomy in the big space. The low rise fit on the body lets you ride low and the colored piping that outlines the apparel style adds glamor to the same. With 95% nylon and 5% spandex, you wouldn’t need anything else to feel absolutely stunning down there.

Liked it? Check out the color options at

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Show Off The Bulge With Daniel Alexander Bikini

Daniel Alexander Bikini | SkiviezI remember Daniel Alexander coming in the men’s underwear industry as one of the softest and comfortable brands and quickly gained the popularity because of the protruded pouch options offered by the same. The model is wearing one of the initial assortment that the fashion underwear brand had put forward and believe me, it was surely one worth trying on.

The model in the image is wearing Daniel Alexander Bikini Royal Blue. The sexy underwear is a perfect combination of fabulous fit, appealing solid design, protruding pouch and is totally meant for the underwear fanatics like you. In terms of coverage, the respective men’s bikini underwear covers more than it should (like the tighty whiteys) in the front and has a conventionally sexy seat that reveals your butts.

Daniel Alexander Bikini | Skiviez

Daniel Alexander Bikini:-

Made of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, the biggest benefit of the enhancing underwear style is that the fabric ratio lets you wear it every day as underwear as well as men’s swimwear without causing damage to the same. The center of attraction in the pair is the inbuilt cock ring in the pouch that gives that extra bulge to the manhood. You can know more about cock ring underwear here to know its benefits and types.

Available at, you can get authentic products and great deals. Check it out now!

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Which Men’s Underwear Styles Are Considered Sexy?


The tighty whitey, snug fit briefs are a past now (not literally) because today’s men have realized the worth of their comfortable underwear. Hence, you’ll find that Skiviez provides various men’s underwear styles that are sexy by looks as well as their functionality.

With these sexy apparel styles, you can easily boost your confidence as well as sex appeal with the minimal fabrics. If you are thinking what these styles can be, let’s look at them below.

Men’s bikini underwear:

Considered to be women’s novelty, bikini for men has been around for a very long time. The sexy and sportively stylish underwear is a combination of exposure with added functionality. They are available in such a wide variety of colors, pouch options, fabrics and more. They are sensuous, appealing and very comfortable.

Men’s thong underwear:

Brought to the forefront after many years and worn by men, thongs have been a sexy accessory since the early ages. Back then used for merely covering the privates, the sensual and erotic pieces are way more useful now as the bedroom attires. Thongs for men are sexy, revealing and very appealing. Whether you seek it as a secret confidence enhancer or merely for pleasure purposes; the men’s underwear store has numerous options.

Men’s G-Strings:

Lastly, the next in the queue are the close cousins of thongs, men’s g-string underwear. They are a bit more revealing, skimpier and meant for pleasure purposes. If the motive is to get down and dirty, g-strings of the numerous brands are the perfect match for your taste and likes. They are tempting, tantalizing and a must have for the great bedroom action.

To know more about the brands that offer these exotic underwear styles, click here. So, which of the above do you own? Do you think any other style can also be considered sexy? Do let us know in the space below.

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Good Devil Bikini Underwear

Good Devil Bikini | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Good Devil is popular brand when we talk about the sexiest and skimpiest kind of men’s underwear. The brand has an array of products that reveal your assets in the best possible way. The assortment of men’s bikini underwear with the brand is hot, innovative and very comfortable.

Good Devil Mesh Pouch Bikini Royal Blue/White


Men’s Bikini Underwear Features:-


Let’s look at some of the important aspects of Bikini underwear designed by the brand-

Fabrics: The brand focuses on the fabric selection and composition for the sensitive privates. Good Devil believes that keeping it comfortable and functional on the front is one of their priorities. Materials like nylon, polyester and spandex are combined in different ratios to keep it breathable and comfortable underneath.

Supportive Pouches- The brand incorporates the use of varied pouches to compliment the different needs and personalities of men. For example, The Ballz-Out Bikinis have a unique pouch that covers only the upper portion of the male anatomy and leaves the balls to breathe free; on the other hand, the Zoom Bikini has a center seam that provides more room to the manhood yet covers everything.

Strings to Straps: The elastic waistband of Good Devil Bikinis range from the thinnest strings to a proper wide fabric belt that sits comfortably on the waist. As an add on feature some bikinis have clip-ons for the ‘X’ moment when you just want to get rid of the underwear as soon as possible.

Multiple designs: Good Devil is an innovative brand that constantly works on delivering better or probably sexier men’s underwear to their customers. The entire range of men’s bikinis at the brand is so varied that it matches every taste and like possible. From sexy horizontal lines to sheer fabrics, open sides to semi open rear, and so many more that appeals to eyes.

Check out the inventory at Skiviez and choose your favorite from the multiple options and brighten up your drawer with men’s bikini underwear.

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Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear

Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Daniel Alexander is a stylish underwear brand which offers men’s bikini underwear in great styles, cuts, colors and fabrics. Daniel Alexander Bikini Underwear comes in bold colors, super soft fabric and unique cuts for a sexy and revealing look.

Being small in size, these erotic underwear styles is popular as a swimwear too. But they are restricted to guys who have perfectly toned muscles that compliment the look of the bikini on the body. Men’s bikini underwear by the brand is tiny, sexy and very supportive. This style is apt for guys who are shy, sophisticated and seek something less revealing yet appealing to the partner’s eye.

Listed below are some most tempting features of Daniel Alexander Bikinis offered at Skiviez-

Fit- The men’s bikini underwear styles offered by the brand has a snug fit on the front with high cuts around the pouch for a lot of skin show. The no fabric on the sides allows full exposure of the well made muscles with full seat coverage.

Pouch- The anatomically-contoured pouch gives extra support to the package and also boosts up confidence from within.

Fabric- Daniel Alexander Bikini is crafted with high quality fabrics like Nylon and a little proportion of Spandex to keep minimal stretch. It makes the product smooth, soft and breathable.

Explore the collection of Daniel Alexander Bikini at Skiviez which feature comfort, style and profile enhancement feature for a well toned physique.

Daniel Alexander Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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Cover Male Bikini Underwear

Cover Male Bikini Underwear

Cover Male has been a faithful brand since its establishment in 2011. In such a small span of time, the brand has gained huge popularity for the range of offerings in men’s underwear. Cover Male masters, in delivering underwear for men that are a stylish combination of sexiness, comfort and vibrancy.

Cover Male Sheer Pouch Bikini Royal Blue

The catalog at Skiviez is filled with men’s bikini underwear by Cover Male. The men’s underwear online store carries an assortment from elastic waistbands to mere strings. They provide the maximum exposure without compromising with its functionality.

Some of the best rated products are:

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikinis:

This range of bikinis has high cuts on the legs for revealing skin. The exotic contoured pouch enhances the crotch and gives required support and thrust. They are meant for men who love minimal coverage with a little more fabric on the rear.

Cover Male Tear Drop Bikinis:

As the name indicates, this range has a tear drop looking pouch. It covers the bare essentials on the front and gives full coverage on the back. Logo waistband compliments the entire product. It is surely going to be your favorite.

Cover Male Passion Bikinis:

This new arrival is surely a head turner for the perfect combination of sheer and smooth solid fabrics. The high cuts are tempting and the perfect pouch has an enhanced snug fit.

Cover Male Bikinis are merely not sexy; they are equally functional in terms of providing a comfortable pouch to the manhood, enhancement techniques vary from subtle to extreme and they are, durable as well. The vast range of colors available suits every personality. Do check out the stock at

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Joe Snyder And Beau Monde

Men's Bikini


Skiviez gets bored looking at the same brands day after day, so we have to keep stocking our shelves with hot, new and exciting underwear. Lucky you! Our newest additions are Joe Snyder and Beau Monde.


Joe Snyder is known for modern designs with an ultra sexy twist. If you desire a minimalistic pair of underwear, then the Bulge Bikini or the Jock Strap is sure to satisfy.


Beau Monde is a hot brand from South America. Their underwear designs are more traditional when compared to Joe Snyder, but they still have a certain sex appeal. The Beau Monde Mesh Trunk and the Mesh Brief are great if you are looking to stay cool and dry all day and night.

We at Skiviez are constantly keeping an eye on the ever evolving underwear fashions so that we can continue to provide you with the hottest styles available! Make sure you keep checking our What’s New page!

Joe Snyder Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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