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Does your partner approve of Mens Sexy Underwear?

Skiviez underwear

Well, men love their partners when they surprise them with something absolutely sexy. Why wouldn’t your partner love it when you don mens sexy underwear in order to please and tempt the eyes? Well, when you invest in the sexiest of men’s underwear styles, a lot happens. You have to be very careful of which sexy underwear for men you choose because not all the fashion underwear styles are considered sexy in the first place. Know more about which men’s underwear styles are considered sexy underwear here.

Talking about your partner approving mens sexy underwear, there are a variety of options when it comes to coverage, exposure, color, styles, designs, and others. Your partner might approve of you wearing bikini underwear but not thongs for men or they might like how you wear pouch underwear for men but disapprove sheer underwear for men. So, there are a lot of options out which there’s a possibility that your partner might approve of something and doesn’t approve the other options. Before you even think of what your partner might approve and what not, you should know certain things. They include:

Personal preference matters:

YOUR personal preference matters more than you think. Yes, we are talking about your partner’s preferences here, but in that course, what about yours? Wouldn’t you want to wear mens sexy underwear that you like? There are always options that both you and your partner would like. Don’t let your personal preference go in vain.

Variety is huge –

choose the one that you’ll love: Just as we mentioned above, there’s something that both you and your partner would love, you’d know that the variety of options to choose from. You have sexy underwear for men that are sportingly sexy as well as revealingly sexy and much more. You have endless number of options to choose from.

Support is optional:

When you think mens sexy underwear, you might think that support is something that is not a part of the pairs. Well, this is a normal human tendency. However, this is not true!! When you have your hands on your mens sexy underwear like mens briefs or bikini underwear for men or even male thongs, you would have the option to choose whether you need support below the belt or not.

Pouch options are available in multitudes:

When you think of mens pouch underwear, you’d know that they’re there to make your personality look stunning, raise the bar of your happiness and do a lot more than that. In fact, the pouch is something that is even an essential feature in mens g-strings for that matter. If you want to out and without fabric or hold the manhood high in contouring and pouch enhancing underwear styles, the collection of mens sexy underwear has it all.

With all these attributes, your partner is sure to appreciate your sexy underwear for men. Have something to share? Do let us know in the comments below.

How Bikinis serve you the best in Winters?

How Bikinis serve you the best in Winters

So, have you started making the necessary preparations for the winter? Have you swapped your wardrobe with the jackets and sweaters and kept the summer things back in the trunk? The winter essentials that you need must be out by now because the sun has started to settle down much earlier making the days shorter.

Talking about the cold coming in, what kind of men’s underwear do you prefer to wear? Would it be the amply covering like boxer brief underwear or you can deal with the hotness of something skimpy like male thongs or g-strings?

When you are not certain of any of the two, you can totally depend on something that provides coverage and is skimpy at the same time. Hence, you can look up to bikini underwear for men. It has all the benefits that you can take advantage of when it comes to battling the cold.

Still confused?

Find out the aspects below if you really want to have a sexy winter this year.

The ever-appealing snug fit

While in summer months, you run away from men’s briefs because of the snug fit, in winters, you should adopt the same. The heat accumulated in the assets will keep you feeling warm when the temperature drips. The snug fit makes sure that it sits close to your manhood as well as adding coverage to the adjoining areas, the heat stays in and keeps you feeling comfortable.

The pampering feeling

Now, if only the snug fit would have been a problem, briefs would also have been the ideal fashion underwear style. However, there are other aspects as well which matter when it comes to being there. The pampering feeling is when your fabric is put right and the ratio of the same is perfect for you. For example, if you choose a sheer underwear made of polyamide and spandex, there are still chances of you feeling warm, but if you choose cotton with spandex in ample coverage, you’ll still be cold. So, choose your fabrics well and get your hands on the luxurious feeling.

The sex appeal

How do you think sex appeal walks into your personality? Is it by stripping off your outfits or getting those moves right? Well, these things definitely count when it comes to having a sex appeal but there are other aspects also. A pair of string bikini or something like the men’s panties that have a silky touch would undoubtedly sexy. You can choose from the variant of bikinis available the one that matches your personality.

The hotness

Just like sex appeal, the hotness is quite needed in the winter months and you can get that when you reveal some skin. With a variety of coverage ranging from the conventional (all covered with sides showing) to the string waistbands and Brazilian cuts, the hotness is how you take things between the sheets. You clearly understood what I meant right?

The comfort

Bikinis are comfortable. There is no doubt about the fact that they are the skimpier version of the briefs, but they are absolutely comfortable when it comes to moving around or even when you’re not doing anything as such. Just choose the fabric and size right and it won’t let you down.

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Sensualize your assets with Secret Male Bikinis

Secret Male Bikinis

Secret Male Underwear has been there in the men’s underwear industry for all those men who have their sexuality and choices in check. The fashion underwear brand is what makes you feel that men’s bikini underwear is not meant only for the regular wear. In fact, the offerings available at is what will bring forth the love the fabric and the caressing feeling the support provides.

Secret Male BikinisThe Secret Male Bikini is what is one of the examples that you’ll be in love with. The soft and supple looks of the solid fabric with the naughty lace as the trimmings on the edges are the first few things that would come to your notice. The center seam on the front with pouch that gives subtle visibility to your personality, things brighten up. The seamless back gives you comfort that lasts very long. In addition, the fabric composition keeps up the good spirit.

Perfect for times when you really want to make the best of those moments when you are all by yourself and in the mood to pamper yourself, this sexy underwear serves you the best of every purpose.

Find the brand and all the products by the brand at

Slip into the sleek sexiness with Secret Male Bikini

Secret Male Bikini

I don’t know why, but Secret Male Underwear has got me head over heels for its products. Every new entrant that is put forward on Skiviez has a different feeling and better than the last one. The collection of men’s panties by the label has set forth a revolution..a positive transformation that allows men to have the feeling of delicate fabrics and comforting appeal in their nether region. Underwear for men by the label is all about giving you the confidence of wearing sexy underwear without thinking about the sexuality.

Secret Male BikiniThe Secret Male Bikini Blue Petroleum is what has caught my attention these days for its sexy smooth appeal and many other features. Being reviewer, the very first aspect of the men’s bikini underwear that will allure you to the piece is smooth fabric with lace frills on either leg edges. Apart from that, the coverage makes sure that even the guys who prefer fabric loaded pieces would be able to settle with the style. If you take a closer look, there’s an extremely thin frill in place of the waistband that keeps everything quite subtle.

Secret Male BikiniMade with 89% nylon and 11% spandex combination, you’re in for luxury at inexpensive prices. Do check out the other color options available at

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Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear

Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear

Have you ever wanted something that would tantalize your taste buds yet keep the coverage to the basic? When you wished for something like this, bikini briefs for men were introduced in the men’s underwear industry. If you go by the reviews, Otzi Underwear is one of the most supportive and fashionable apparel brands available at Skiviez. The brand invests both good looks and exceptional functionalities to keep things in check below the belt.

Otzi UnderwearThe Otzi Tall Tradition Bikini Brief Black/Green is what one of the new collections (not extremely new) has to offer. The fashion underwear brand looks absolutely stunning with the masculine appeal that showcases how supported your assets are. The very first thing that you’d notice is the fancy cut and covering whereas; the feeling steps in later when you slip into the pair. The low waist fit with the shiny waistband holding its place, the rest is a combination of masculine colors. Though there are other bright and peppy ones as well, this is the macho one in the lot. The back reveals some skin which gives you an opportunity to show off your toned legs.

Otzi UnderwearMade with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, all your dreams and wishes come true when it comes to comforting the manhood and everywhere the fabric touches.

Find these and much more at

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5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

5 things every sexy man should know about Bikinis for Men

Introduced as swimwear, the bikinis for men is now one of the sexiest style of underneath article. The intimate apparel is one of the basic staple for building an entire wardrobe. Having the right pair of underwear allows you to stay ready for any and all occasions. While the ladies accepted this quite early, men are catching up. Men are a bit conservative when it comes creating the base layer of clothing. Leave aside the traditional guys even the fashion oriented ones hesitate in ditching the tighty-whiteys and trying something that is less conventional. Men’s bikini underwear is the most practical way of giving your base layer some spotlight to your underneath fashion and aid as a shortcut for everyday confidence.

Here’s a compilation of few things that every man needs to know about this contemporary style of men’s underwear. Have a look.

#1 Bikinis are sexy, not outrageous

The skimpy apparel features minimal fabric. The barely-there underneath apparel offer at par sex appeal, but makes sure that the basic essentials of the wearer are covered. The bikinis for men, despite their modern approach, are not at all outrageous. People do have a notion that the modern undies are outrageously revealing. However, if you hesitate in trying anything that is way too erotic than expected, then, this is a perfect option for you.

#2 Ample variants

This underwear style comes in a number of variants. So, you can choose the one that suits your style as well as your comfort level. Listed below are some of the options available in this category of bikinis.

Bikini brief

Bikini briefThe perfect mixture of exotic bikinis and subtle briefs is ideal for men who seek sex appeal couple with ample support and comfort. The fabric at the back and front stretches a bit more to cover the assets. The hybrid between the traditional and modern cut is flattering as well as versatile. Right from the workplace to the date night, bikini briefs complete your ensemble for all occasion.

String bikini

String bikiniString bikini is somethings confused with men’s g-string. The skivvy features a tiny pouch in the front supported by a string waistband. It supports your manhood, but allows a lot skin show at the back. The tricky style of the underwear is like ‘business in the front and party at the back’. The sleek waistband adds to the sexiness, but keeps everything supported and in the right place.

Brazilian bikini

Brazilian bikiniThe Brazilian Bikini is a perfect combination of sensuality and functionality. The Brazilian cut showcases at par sex appeal and the fabric at the back stretches a bit more to cover the butt-crack. While the pouch in the front elongates and provides enough space for the manhood to breathe.

Sheer bikini

Sheer bikiniBikinis + Sheer = Electrifying appeal. Some bikinis are crafted in see-through fabric that leaves little to the imagination. The revealing undies cover nothing at all, but still aid support and comfort.

#3 They are not just worn as swimwear

Men’s bikini the very word creates an impression of a guy standing on a beach. However, this is to be noted that this underneath article is not just used as a swimwear. Bikinis are an underwear as well that can be used for any occasion, event or season. Whether you are heading for meeting at the office or for a date with your partner, this underwear style is a staple for you.

#4 Makes laundry cinch

While the jeans and trousers can be used multiple times, undergarments have to be cleaned after every use. This is what annoys men the most. Bikinis solve this problem for you. With minimal fabric, the laundry is easier than it was ever. The tiny and lightweight are easy to wash and dry, regardless of the season. Making laundry a cinch, this underwear makes your life easier.

#5 Supportive approach with minimal coverage

Some of you may think that bikinis may be sexier, but they are not as supportive as it should be. Well, you need to reconsider. Despite the minimal coverage, the underwear offers ample support to the package of the wearer. No matter which type of underwear you choose, you don’t have to compromise your comfort.

Were you aware of these facts about men’s bikini underwear? Share your views in the comments below.

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Aspects of Bikini Underwear Store

Aspects of Bikini Underwear Store | Skiviez

What are the aspects that make you feel comfortable with any online shopping store? Is it the reputation of the store or any other characteristic trait? Talking specifically about male underwear stores, there are numerous available claiming that they’re the best. However, once you shop from them, then only you’ll realize that was it worth shopping there or not.

With so many fashion underwear styles, which apparel styles are considered sexy? Is it male thongs or g-string? Well, considered to be a part of the sexy underwear category, bikini underwear also stands a fair chance to be there in the same category.

Men's Bikini Underwear | SkiviezThis blog will lay out the aspects of a faithful mens bikini underwear store for that you must consider and start shopping.

Stock size

The very first thing that would catch your attention is the number of products available at the store. The site must have a plethora of products from which you can have what you’re looking for depending on your need and taste buds. Make sure that you are satisfied for even a single dollar that you spend on the product you have bought.


Next in queue is the quality of the products that are visible to you. The moment you see the designer underwear, you must feel that it is the one that you’re going to buy. In addition, don’t just get flattered by the looks, make sure you check the proportion and fabric composition to find the best one for yourself. Quality is the top rated feature that attracts the visitors to a shopping store. Whether it is a bikini store or a thong store, what matters is the quality of the services it provides.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the main motives of any store is to please the shopper. Whether it is through the deals or by the complete shopping experience, if your customer is happy, he’ll definitely come back for more. Skiviez has built a reputation that keeps men coming back for more every time.


Another factor that the majority of shoppers look out for is how the store has priced its products. Whether they are immensely high or there’s something fishy if the prices are low, the customers can be very picky. It is feasible for the store to moderately price the erotic underwear styles that suit men’s pockets.

Other options would be discreet packaging and timely delivery as well. A good store keeps in mind these aspects as well. What else would you look for? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Men’s Bikini Underwear- Do’s and Dont’s

You might think that choosing bikini underwear is no task, but then it is definitely not a cake walk for first timers. You need to have knowledge about all its aspects and features including how it looks and much more than that. Since it is considered to be the shorter version of men’s brief underwear, men take it too lightly and pick up anything without knowing if it’ll suit them or not.

This blog would lay out the do’s and dont’s every man must take care of while shopping the respective men’s underwear style.


Pick the right variant

With a variety of variants available at, you must choose something that suits your body type. Variants refers to the variety of cuts available in the sexy underwear style. Whether you choose the string bikini or low rise bikinis, is it Brazilian cut right for you or pouch enhancing ones, pay attention while choosing your style.

Think about your physique

While you must have heard a lot about the fact that only the fit men must wear bikinis because of the short construction. Well, it is just a matter of understanding which style suits you. Whether you exercise the entire year to fit in your favorite pair of fashion underwear style or buy something that actually complements your body, both the decisions are respected. After all, you don’t want to look indifferent and weird wearing something that isn’t meant for you.

It should fit you right

My blogs have talked about it innumerable time and have stressed upon the fact that fit is very important. If you don’t buy the right size, the fit is not within your reach. However, if you really want to have the right proportion of support and sex appeal below the belt, choose the right size.

Clean the intimate area before stepping out

If your intention is no to scare the hell out of others in disgust, make sure you take a good amount of time cleaning your bare essentials. Get rid of the hair down there cause the jungle is not what others want to see. It is always more pleasing to see a clean, shaven intimate area than not to see anything at all.


Don’t lack confident

If you think that the designer underwear doesn’t suit you or you are confident about how you’re gonna carry the look, avoid wearing it. Make sure you wear it at home before you end up feeling all worried when you step out. Gain the confidence first by wearing it home and feeling comfortable in it and then sport it wherever you want.

Don’t forget to apply SPF to avoid sunburns

Yes! SPF is an essential item on the list if you are planning to sport bikini on the beach. Short fabric can cause your delicate skin to burn but if you want tanning that doesn’t harm your body, apply SPF.

So, are you ready for the sexy apparel to be sported? What else must be done or avoided? Do let us know in the section below.

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Wear The Brazilian Style With Cover Male Bikini

Bikini | Skiviez

The Cover Male Brazilian Bikini is one of the best offerings by the sexy and sassy men’s underwear brand. Made available at Skiviez, you can find the plethora of colors that are available in the collection. The respective men’s bikini underwear with the Brazilian cuts, you can feel the support while showing off a little more than the conventional.

Cover Male Bikini | SkiviezMade of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex, you get to avail the characteristic traits such as moist-wick, comfort, support, luxurious texture and more. In addition, the fabric composition would allow you to wear the designer underwear as underwear as well as men’s swimwear. With a solid colored apparel, the Brazilian cuts allow you to reveal a lot of your skin with the sex appeal. Featuring a sexy enhancing pouch, the sexy underwear has no fabric on the sides as well as the rear has 1/3rd coverage whereas; the masculinity is traditionally covered and elevated.

The no-show elastic waistband holds everything in one place without allowing a lot of movement and the brand logo on the left rear says it all.

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Tempt Your Partner With Good Devil Bikini

Good Devil Bikini

Have you ever found something very sophisticated by the looks but eventually has a crazy twist to it? Well, if you’re looking for something that in your men’s underwear, the Good Devil Grab Ass Bikini is one of the most tempting, fun fashion and playful product available at by the sexiest exotic underwear brand. If you first take a look at the pair, you’d find that the sheer fabric covers almost everything in the front but the actual naughtiness is when you get to take a closer look.

Good Devil Bikini | SkiviezIn terms of construction and size, you’d find the respective men’s bikini underwear to feature cuts looking more like men’s brief underwear but the closer you come to the piece, you’ll realize the cuts in a better way. While the front is solid colored sheer, the rear is where the fun begins. The back features a solid strap that covers the lower portion of the butts while the sheer handles the upper part. In addition, the cut-out or the passage left open in the center of both the fabric is what calls for your attention. It leaves the butts and the butt crack for the show.

The unique combination of 44% polyester, 43% nylon and 13% spandex gives the right feeling down there with the comfort, support, breathability and more.

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