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6 Summer Style taboos debunked

6 Summer Style taboos debunked

The best style statement in the world is the one that looks good on you. There is no thumb rule when it comes to styling yourself. It is in fact eternal and a way of saying who you are without even speaking a word. Hence, there should be no boundary or limit to the same. However, there are certain stigmas and taboos prevailing that for sure is a hindrance in projecting the best ever personality. Listed below are some of the Summer style taboos that you need to get over right away. Have a look.

Layers are not for Summer

Layers are not for SummerThis is a common conception that layers are just of Winters and should not be a part of the style quotient during Summers. Do you think the same way? you need to reconsider! Layers, in fact, takes your personal style to the next level, regardless of the season. What really matters is how you pull off the same. You obviously can’t wear bomber jackets in the heat of Summer, but there are better options available. Pair your t-shirt with a sleek cardigan or lightweight hoodies and it’ll keep you on trends as well as cozy all day long. Choosing the right fabric is the key to strike a right balance between style and comfort during this season.

Flip flops are not for men

Flip flops are not for menUndoubtedly, footwear is a statement-making piece in the personality of a man. However, taking it casually is acceptable at times. You just can’t compromise on the style when it comes to strict formal look, but there is nothing wrong is exploring the options for casual occasions. There is a common perception that flip-flops are not for men and should not be worn even during the hottest day of the year. However, shorts paired with slippers and sandals will look very cool. Even some of the offices allow their employee to wear it work. Ditch the unnecessary stigma and push the boundaries of your style.

Floral print isn’t masculine

Floral print isn’t masculineWho says floral prints are not masculine? Have you ever tried the Hawaiian t-shirts and dress shirts, they are stylish as can be. The fact is masculinity lies in your personality and attitude. A real man can pull off any attire with grace and machismo. The floral prints when accessorized with the right style of hat, sunglasses, footwear and other such items can leave everyone amazed. The dark and subdued prints with the splash of sassy shades can add a flair of style every man. Make sure that you pair it with the contrasting shorts, chinos, and trousers.

Tighty-whiteys are the only underwear for the season

underwear for the seasonAre you still obsessed with the tighty-whiteys, when it comes to underneath articles? Then, your wardrobe needs a revamp. There is a wide variety of men’s underwear available that are better options for the hot and humid season. Not only the briefs, you can even find men’s bikinis and thongs for men. The high cuts of these undies are airy and comfy options for your manhood. Other than this, even in the swimwear section, you can find swim bikinis, briefs and many other styles. So, raise your bar of sex appeal and try the contemporary cuts of skivvies.

Deep v-neck is acceptable

Deep v-neck is acceptableThe thin and lightweight t-shirts are the only options for the casual wear during this season. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear anything and everything. There are certain thumb-rule of laid back look that you need to consider. Tees with deep v-shaped neckline are not at all accepted. Even if you are going with the v-necks, then, the neckline should end right at the collar bone. The ones going deep down to your chest gives a very tacky and immature look.

Any bright color is perfect

While the sunny season is a perfect time to experiment with the options available in the fashion industry, ensure that you are not going over-the-top. This is the time to try the bright shades. However, not every color will suit your personality. The shade that you are choosing should complement your personality and the skin tone. Make your choice sensibly instead of going with the trend blindly.

Have you been following any of these taboos? If yes, then, it is time for you change. Leave us a comment in the section below.

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6 Swimwear facts every fashion-savvy man needs to know

6 Swimwear facts

It seems as if fall has just gone and it is already time to set out for a fun-filled beach outing. The best thing about the scorching heat of Summers is the water adventures and exotic trips that follow it with. Are you planning to lounge along one of the coasts at some point in the next few months? No matter what you’re planning, you’ll definitely end up getting wet. So, get your closet ready if you don’t wanna get into the hitch of the last minute preparation. Whether you have the right shirt and pair of shoes or not, but the perfect swimwear is a must.

So boys, is the wide array of men’s swimwear is confusing you? Take a look at the checklist of the features that your swimwear must have.

On the go style

The choice of your underneath article is by far the most important aspect of the trip. The swimwear is probably the only apparel that you’ll end up with. So, whether you’re planning to go to an exotic beach or to an exotic destination make sure that you select a good looking beach attire. Pick the style that matches your taste, personality as well as the purpose. Your days of basking the sun should be relaxing. So, do not choose a swimwear style that you’re not comfortable with.

Fabric matters

It is not just the style that matters at the beach. The fabric is a very important aspect for such outings. The fabric of your swimsuit should be soft and durable. The material should be water and chlorine resistant. Water retention in your privates can lead to painful chafing and rashes. Moreover, the chlorinated water has other harmful effects in your crotch area. Properties like quick-drying, abrasion resistant and UV protection is a must. Polyester has dominated the swimwear industry for long. Even nylon and blended synthetic fibers qualify as perfect material for swimsuits.


Mens' SwimwearThe beach attire that restricts you from undergoing the beach adventures is the last thing that you would want. So, flexibility and stretch is another important factor that your underneath apparel should have. The flexibility of polyester and nylon is another reason that makes it an ideal option as a swimsuit fabric. Check the material blend before ordering your piece. The fabric should have a pinch of spandex, elastane or LYCRA, in order to ensure stretchiness all day long.


The broad shorts are a versatile option for the beach season, but this style doesn’t provide the much-needed support to the manhood. The dangling junk is prone to sticking and internal injuries. Thus, the pouch option of your swimwear should bundle the package and keep them in place while you enjoy the water adventures. Swim briefs and bikinis are ideal for such occasion. Moreover, the pouch should keep the manhood away from the body, otherwise, it would lead to sticking and squashing.

Perfect fit

Conventionally it is believed that your swimwear should end few inches above the knees. However, it is not necessary. You can even go for the skimpy styles of men’s bikinis swimwear if you dare to go bold. At the same time, the fabric of the apparel should sit snugly on your skin. This would prevent riding or bunching up. Very loose bottoms may become heavy and uncomfortable after getting wet. So, ensure that you choose the right fit. The waistband of the swimwear should have an internal drawstring that can be adjusted to keep everything in the right place.

Splashy colors and prints

Gone are the days when the fashion for men was confined to some hand-picked shades. The classic shades are a safe option, but it won’t trigger the taste bud of fashion-savvy generation. The market these days are flooded with the suits that have striking patterns and colors. Your piece should be versatile enough to stay on fleek with the trend as well as it should go with personality at the same time. You can even go for the splashy prints and patterns, in order to deck out your beach look.

Is there any other feature that was missed out in the write-up? Share with us in the comment below.

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No Shirt, No Shoes! But Swimwear?

No Shirt, No Shoes! But Swimwear

All excited about heading to the beach for the summer vacations this year? Well, beaches are the equally popular destinations where people head to with mountains being the counterpart.

Why do you head to these spots?

Well, there are numerous reasons for which you opt for beaches over other spots. Water, calmness, and composure that you lack in the cities are what you’ll get near the water.

No Shirt, No Shoes! But Swimwear?Have you prepared the list of you’re going to carry to the destination? Well, if you haven’t, you should read blogs on what to carry on a beach holiday.

What’s most the important thing to carry at the beach?

Is it your shirt? Or your shoes?

I would say- the most important item you should have on your list are the pairs of men’s swimwear you doing to be wearing there.

Now, you might say, why is the swimwear the most important item?

There are many reasons for which your choice of bikinis or swim trunks is considered to be the essentials. If you don’t believe me, go on reading and believe it for yourself.

That’s what others see

Men's SwimwearMaking a beach appearance, the very thing that others see on your is your beach wear or swimwear. After all, you wouldn’t be spending your days or even evenings staying beside the water in your shirts and shoes. Hence, what choices you carry is exactly how you’ll be perceived by the spectators there.

Your men’s underwear won’t be the ideal style for the destination

I was reading an article the other day about a man who spontaneously got an opportunity to hit the beach when he was on an official tour. He picked up his towel and slippers while he completely forgot his swim pairs. Once he dared to strip in his men’s underwear, the majority of the population at the beach turned towards him with a question on their faces. Funny isn’t it? Well, it was equally embarrassing for that guy as it was somebody who read his story. You can run around at the beach with your skivvies. Hence, they don’t the ideal style!

You don’t want to harm your assets with the water

We all know how unclean and harmful the beach water can be for the assets. Being the most fragile and sensitive organ of the male body, the male anatomy is prone to getting an infection. That’s exactly where the swim styles step in. Made with specially engineered fabrics, the styles don’t let the water stay in there for a longer while and lets you feel dry. Designed in a way, the pairs can help you stay safe from the infections caused by the water.

There’s something for every situation

With so many activities that you plan for the beach from relaxing and getting tanned in the sun to diving, surfing, swimming and other water sports, there’s one swimwear style for every activity. While you can don a pair of Good Devil Caribbean Swim Thong for tanning purpose with its bare back to Vuthy Navy with Red Waist Swim Board Shorts, the inventory of Skiviez is full. You can choose from the plethora of trunks, shorts and swim briefs for your easy selection.

Would you now forget your swim style at home?

Are there any other reasons for which you think these pairs shouldn’t be forgotten? Do let us know in the comments below.
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What to Pack for Your Beach Holiday?

What to Pack for Your Beach Holiday | Skiviez

Finally, summers are arriving and so is the chance to hit the beaches for your vacation. If we’re on the same track, you must have made all the bookings and the excitement would be soaring high. Have you prepared the checklist of what you’ll be carrying? Packing is probably the tackiest thing and the most crucial as well because the dreaded tasks need a lot of attention. You miss out on something and you’ll regret it throughout the holiday as well as after coming back from there.

Turning the spotlight on the packing tips for your next beach holiday in this blog, we don’t want your vacation to go in hunting for the substitutes that you’ve forgotten at home.


This is your best friend for the entire time to stay out in the sun. Getting tan would definitely be up on your list but tanning overdone would lead to a lot of skin problems and you wouldn’t want that for sure. An SPF 50+ would be an ideal option or you can also consult a dermatologist in order to be sure of what to choose.

Comfortable outfits

Beaches are all about relaxing and getting the best of time. Wearing comfortable clothes that are breathable and loose would surely be an ideal choice. Lightweight fabrics are advantageous because they’ll keep you feeling comfortable as well as will be helpful in avoiding excessive baggage.

Men’s swimwear

You cannot do without having men’s swimwear heading for a beach vacation. Unless you’ll be just sitting on the laid back chairs and sipping on the beer as well as getting tanned in your g-string underwear, your swimwear styles are quite important. Choose from the various styles that match your taste of coverage and support. Make sure you keep in mind the ways to prevent chafing from happening because it’ll turn your holiday sour.


My brother went for a vacation last year and wasn’t carrying a hat with him. With so much of heat and sun rays, he had to buy it there. Choose a Fedora hat that looks exceptionally good on you and includes it in the bag. Choose light shades!


DO NOT go for the cheaper options that are only showy but aren’t good for UV protection. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that’ll be your savior from harsh rays as well as prevent your eyes from going red because of the heat. Hence, spend wisely on shades.

First-aid kit

A must have for every trip you take, the first-aid kit is beneficial for the time when you hurt yourself while playing volleyball or indulging in any water activity.

Flip flops

Do not opt for formal shoes or sports shoes when the beach calls. Instead, you must carry lightweight flip flops that’ll be comfortable and easy for you to walk in longer distances at the beach.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your experiences in the section below.

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Keep It Sleek And Stylish At The Beach With 2eros Tab Swim Square Cut

If you are looking for something that is tiny as bikini underwear and functional as men’s trunks, but for sporting it at the beach; 2eros V06.12 Tab Swim Square Cut Aqua is what makes to be the perfect men’s swimwear. Available at Skiviez, the brand offers its delectable assortment that not only pleases the eyes; they are functional by nature.

2eros Tab Swim Square Cut Aqua | SkiviezMade in Australia, the respective men’s swim square cut features a minimal design with a white colored waistband and leg piping that defines the legs. The black drawstring on the waist gives you an adjustable fit while the pouch area looks as well as feels roomy for the manhood to settle down with a lot of comforts. The designer underwear features a low-rise fit to ride low on the waistline.

Made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, you will feel lightweight, sexy, dry and a lot more flexible than imagined with the fashionable piece. In terms of coverage, you’ll find that the fabric hugs you in the right places and covers more than just what needs to be covered. You can see the pair for yourself at the men’s underwear store.

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Feel Like You’re Wearing Nothing With 2xist Pro Sliq Brief Zebra Cobalt

There is no doubt about the fact that 2xist is one of the most popular men’s underwear brands that offers a class, style, and functionality in their offerings. The basic aim of the fashion underwear brand has always been the comfort and style of the modern man and have made all the efforts in getting the best for the same.

2xist Pro Sliq Brief Zebra Cobalt

As another benchmark, the comfort providing label put forward the 2xist Pro Sliq Brief Zebra Cobalt that is made of nylon and spandex combination that allows you to feel like you’re wearing nothing down there. You can wear it as men’s swimwear as well because of its fabric characteristics.

However, the aspect that steals the show by being the most appealing feature is the Zebra print in cobalt color. The front has a solid pouch and the print starts from the sides of the pouch and covers the entire rear. The fun attraction is the orange colored thin piping on the waistline that looks appealing to the eyes and doesn’t dig into the skin. The center seam pouch makes sure that the package is at comfort and well lifted to prevent chafing.

Explore more at

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Dive In Style With Arrecife Swimsuit Neptuno Multi-colored

I today’s the world, who doesn’t want to make a bold impression at any place where they get an opportunity? Well, there’ll be very few who wouldn’t want to look good or want others to appreciate your style. For those who want to leave a long lasting impression at the beach, there are numerous options in men’s swimwear available at from which you can choose from.

Arrecife Swimsuit Neptuno Multi-colored |

Arrecife is one of the most exotic labels at the men’s underwear store that features colorful and vivacious assortment that includes vibrant prints made especially for the beach. One of the authentic pieces from Arrecife is Swimsuit Neptuno Multi-colored. The respective men’s swim trunks by the label will surely make you stand out in the crowd with its multi-colored design.

The construction features an elastic waistband covered in fabric with a complimentary drawstring for adjustment. The print being the center of attraction in the pair features the underwater life with the variety of aquatic species. Coverage provided is conventional and it is a must have if you seek to keep yourself comfortable and stylish. Wear it at the beach or at the poolside to flaunt your sex appeal and get it from

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Clever Tank Top

Clever Tank Top | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

Whenever you think that wardrobe needs a makeover, consider going for Clever men’s tank tops. Tank-tops by the luxury label are mainly cotton, and designed with small active features that make them versatile and functional.

Clever is a popular men’s underwear brand that offers the most stylish apparel styles such as men’s briefs, men’s boxer briefs, men’s thongs, tangas, men’s jockstraps and more. The unique assortment of tank tops is no less unique like the men’s fashion underwear offerings.

Tank-tops by the brand are popular for the following aspects:


Latin appeal:

The Colombian brand is inspired by the South American fashion trend and has a unique Latin appeal in every product.

Delivers what is in demand:

The brand believes in delivering what the guys want to wear. Clever keeps it very clever when they deliver what is desired by the modern men.

Sexy and functional:

Tank Tops at Skiviez are bright and colorful; on the other hand are made from an athletic-inspired microfiber knit fabric that feels smooth and slick against your skin, yet remains breathable.

At Skiviez, you’ll find the sporty assortment of tank tops by Clever at best prices. Stock them up.

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Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear

Calvin Klein Square Cut | Mens Underwear - Skiviez

The collection of Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear at Skiviez is featured with lots of classic styles to choose from the briefs, boxers and bikinis under the square cut category. The different styles of Square Cut Underwear at Skiviez are featured with quality control fabrics which are moisture wicking and offer an extreme level of comfort. Each and every style has been designed keeping in mind the comfort level.

Featured with a square cut, Calvin Klein men’s underwear styles are designed to offer the required amount of coverage. Skiviez has an extensive range of square cut underwear styles in different colors, sizes, patterns and fabrics to suit the personality of different individuals.

Features of Calvin Klein Square Cut Underwear :-


Some of the important features of Calvin Klein Square cut underwear are-


If you are a guy who needs little more coverage with classy looks, then try Calvin Klein Square cut underwear which are available in bold colors and offer a sexy taste on this sporty classy men’s underwear style.


Square cut underwear by Calvin Klein works for everyday wear because of its being extremely comfortable in the legs. With full rise on the waist and high quality fabrics, they act as highly functional and comfortable styles.


Created from high elastic waistband, they offer a snug fit and tend to be very supportive.

With so many features combined under a single category, Skiviez offers a great array of Calvin Klein square cut underwear, featuring style with comfort.

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In the Swim – 2011 Swimwear Guide

Men's Swimwear

With Memorial Day around the corner,  pools will begin to open and vacations will be beach bound.  It’s time to get ready for Summer and Skiviez has you covered with some of the hottest new swimwear.

If you would like to see all the swimwear, Skiviez has to offer click here.

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