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8 Effective fashion moves that work

8 Effective fashion moves that work

There is no doubt in the fact that a man needs to dress well if he really wants to set across his plan of action, attractiveness and also the charisma. For all the confidence that he needs, dressing spot is what he needs to focus on. Sometimes there are those fashion hacks which every guy needs to see visible results but putting them into action is also what one must consider. It’s all about what you choose and how you wear them.

In an office set up where I work, we did a study that compared both highly fashionable men, average ones and the ones who shifted their entire focus on their work rather than considering how they look as well. The results were quite correct that when you focus on yourself first and then get down to giving your 100% to work, the results are fab. You get both popularity and appreciation for how you dress as well as the way you work.

There are some effective fashion moves that work for you in general and are quite practical by nature.

What are those?

Find them below.

Wearing fitted clothes

Wearing fitted clothesWe’ve gone crazy talking about the correct fit clothes and how important it is to adopt right size clothes in all our blogs. In fact, even with so much awareness about the correct size clothes, men still end up wearing outfits as well as undergarments that do not define their physique or personality on the whole. With this small and easy move, you can transform your life and the way others look at you.

Say no to the same colored undershirt as your shirt

Say no to the same colored undershirtDon’t we all pick the same colored undershirt when we pull out the shirt from the closet? Well, you’re not the only one who does this but there are much more. If you have been doing it, you must stop it right away. The logic behind it is that the same colored undershirt reflects from the shirt. For example, the white vest would be clearly visible in the white shirt. In fact, you can try gray one on the inside that won’t show on the outside. This is a hack as well as a fashion move towards building your fashion quotient.

Rolled up sleeves make you look smarter

Rolled up sleevesWomen seem to have a liking for men who roll up their sleeves while working and focusing on whatever they’re doing. With extensive studies done in other places, it was found that the sleeve-rolling elevates your sexiness and takes it to a whole new level. Make clean folds and do the rolling properly to make sure that there are no creases.

Checks never go out of fashion

Checks never go out of fashionChecks are in trend these days! Well, they were trendy last season as well and before that and before that as well. The bottom line is that checks never go out of fashion and men must have plenty of them in your closet. From bold broad checks to smaller subtle ones that look formal, you can choose the varied color combinations available in the market for you.

Keep a sexy stubble

Keep a sexy stubbleGrooming is the basic of every handsome personality and if you do it right, you’ve kept the primary element perfect. Fashion is all about how you carry yourself and men with the stubble are considered to be a lot sexier than the ones with the clean shave or a full grown beard. Well, the full grown beard is also stunning if you’ve done it well. It is a part of the grooming hacks that every man should take heed on.

Keep your underneath in sync

Keep your underneath in syncJust like we mentioned that the undershirt should be chosen in accordance with your shirt’s color, keeping your underneath in sync with your outfits is also what makes you a fashionable personality. If you are wearing tight pants and the others can see bunched up fabric boxers inside, it won’t do any good to your personality. An ideal way to have the defined fit in tight pants would be having seamless mens underwear styles like male thongs or cheeky underwear. Likewise, there are other situations where you must pay attention to what goes inside complements or not.

Layer your clothes

Layer your clothesLayering is all about having layers of clothes to make your personality look different. The art of layering is generally used in the winter or autumn months because a lot of clothes lead to warmth. However, for summers, you can layer a few pieces to add color combinations and textures to your style quotient. What say?

Say no to tucking casual shirts

Say no to tucking casual shirtsIt is a fashion sin to tuck in your casual shirts and there are a lot of men who are unaware about this. They go on to an extent that they’ll tuck in their Polo shirts as well. If you are doing something like this, stop it now because it is not a fashionable move at all. These are made to fit you perfect on the torso and go on till your hip (if you wear the right size) and are not designed like the formal shirts which can go in your pants.

Do let us know if you have any other fashionable moves in mind.

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Men’s Clothing- Style Resolutions

Though it is March, but it’s never too late to make plans and promises in regard to your style. When it comes to styling yourself and getting the best of everything, this is the right place you’ve come looking for. This blog serves you with the most functional and not shocking tips or in this case resolutions, that’ll be your knight and shining armor to face the world- that too in style.

Whether you are a fashion fanatic or a layperson who seeks to add style without investing his entire month’s salary, this is the blog for you. Go on and read it till the end to acquire the basic sense of dressing.

• Choose basics without spending much

Basics not only refer to the underclothing; it also advises you to opt for the basic men’s clothing articles including shirt, trousers and accessories. Do not spend a lot of money on everything and check for the basics before you end up spending all your money. For example, invest in a white Oxford shirt that is versatile by nature, and can be paired with anything and everything or a black linen trousers for the summer months. They’ll last longer and you can wear them with practically everything. Why classics? Because they’ll last forever!

• Dress for your age

You might look 35 when you’re just 30 or vice versa. That shouldn’t stop you from wearing the proper clothes that are made according to your age. The Sand Pebble prodigy Steve McQueen, is a man who is known for his style and dressing down strategy. Hence, he got the title ‘The King of Cool’. It is advised to dress according to your age and stop running behind the latest trends. Do follow them, but only if it for you.

• Be aware of your potentials and flaws

Potentials and flaws are not only the kind of work you do; it is also about knowing yourself and your physique well. If you know that you have the streamlined physique, that’ll be one of your plus points. Likewise, you must know what suits you and what not. Go for a suit that flatters your physique and opt for men’s underwear style that fits you right. Whether you are the man in thongs or someone who loves mens low rise underwear; select the styles that comfort you and complete your look.

• Accessorize

Marc Jacob once mentioned, “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” Make sure you do not break your look by either wearing the wrong accessories or not wearing any of it.

Aim high and try to complete these resolutions by investing less from your pocket. Dress well and dress to impress. Check out the assortment of new arrivals at


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