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What NOT to do this Halloween?

What NOT to do this Halloween

Are you preparing to have the most happening Halloween this year, DO NOT BE A CREEPER.

We all have got our lists ready and the shopping started for the scariest and spookiest holiday of the year. Yes, Halloween is just a few weeks away and hopefully, you’re all busy planning your costumes and buying tickets or doing the preparations of what you all would be doing on the day. It’s sure to be a fun night and to make sure you have the best Halloween possible, here’s What NOT to be done tips from Skiviez that you should be looking at in order to spoil yours or someone else’s mood.

Not be scared

This is the foremost thing that you should not be doing. It is understood that Halloween is more of a holiday now and has changed in the past years but it definitely had a beginning which was based on beliefs about the dead. So, not believing in the supernatural, ghosts, dead, zombies, witches and more would be a fun-spoiler for the holiday. Be scared and look scary to be scared.

Staying in and be boring

Unless you’re staying in because you have to feed the kids with treats, you must NOT stay in. It would an insult to the people dressed in Halloween costumes and their preparations if you don’t admire them…or probably get scared. Don’t be a spoilsport, just go out and have fun.

Make Halloween an excuse to wear the stupidest outfit

We know that comfort raises your bar of happiness, but wearing anything does not make you any less guilty. DO NOT wear what you feel like to a Halloween party. Know what theme party you are going to and dress in accordance with the same. After all, it is about your standard and reputation.

Go looking for absurd sounds or noises if you’re alone

You know how actors are killed in horror movies when they follow the noise that we know they shouldn’t. If you want to stay alive, just stay away from them and ignore them to the best. Staying home will get you all spooked up, so go ahead and get out of the house.

Say no to trick-or-treat

You should NEVER say no to trick-or-treat when kids come knocking your door asking for candies. It’ll be like Uncle Scrooge on Christmas being stingy and cranky. You remember what happened with him?? Do you want it to be with you?? You better be a good lad and offer candies to all who come to your door.

What are you planning to do?? Let us know in the comments.

The changing face of Halloween in the past years

The changing face of Halloween in the past years

There is no American holiday that has changed as much as Halloween. Whether it is the people who participate in the activities, the costumes, the food itinerary, the intention of the holiday to everything else. Everything has been altered ever since the people started to celebrate “Samhain” or what is also called as the “All Hallows Eve”.

Crisp air, fall leaves, and pumpkins everywhere? Halloween is right around the corner and you have all the reasons to be excited about it. You might see kids getting way happier with the holiday getting closer, it was not always like this. Things were way too different in comparison to how they are now, this blog will take you on a walk through history, namely 4 stages – the beginning, the 1800s, the 1900s and finally today.

Just before you get into the festive mood, let us catch a glimpse of the face of Halloween has changed in the past years.

#The Beginning

Started with Samhain/All Hallows Eve: If you look back in the history, it all started about 2000 years ago, when the Celtic festival was celebrated on the 1st of November. The festival emerged with a belief that the dead returned as souls and in order to keep them from harming or coming close to the mortals, food items were kept outside the front doors.

Men and women wore animal skins and animal heads or scary costumes to fool the ghosts and trick them away. This was done out of a feeling of being scared of the dead.

As a custom, back then, people would also gather around the fire praying for the dead relative’s souls and also about the fortune of the loved ones (the living).


European immigrants came to America and brought with them their own rituals and customs. It was then when the excitement of the festival went to the next level.

The Scottish people went ahead telling ghost stories, introducing fireworks, playing spooky games and making mischief. Most pranks and mischief were the work of naughty children rather than spirits as once believed. This is how the change started to be witnessed among people.

Games like bobbing the apples, dooking, Puicini (an Irish fortune-telling game) and so many others became a part of the festival.


By now, the celebrations of the festival (now called as the holiday) spread all over America and a wide population participated in the activities happening around.

It was in the 19th century when a tradition introduced by the British immigrants called “Trick-or-Treating” started to be practiced. The practice was all about people going to others houses and asking for Trick or Treat. It was in the beginning when people did sometimes opt for the trick but eventually, it became more of a custom where treats were handed to the ones asking for them.

Colors in the costumes were finally introduced because the whole idea of the day was shifting from the religious context to the celebration part. The costumes are one of the many essential aspects of the festival. You would have seen people roleplaying witches, Dracula, ghosts, and so much more. But till this period costumes were worn for the spooky purposes.


Now, you’d find the entire country celebrating Halloween with all the enthusiasm and zest participating in the various activities, parties and other gatherings held.

The costumes have changed from being only scary to funny, naughty and sassy as well. You would find men in men’s costumes like Sailors, Santa, wicked doctor and more whereas; women can be nurses, witches, vampires and more. The twist is that the articles have gone too revealing these days.

You would find Holiday Sales going on everywhere (including Skiviez) from where you can pick your favourites at affordable prices

So, you finally know the Halloween THEN and NOW. Do leave your comments below about the blog as well as suggestions (if any).

Rock this Halloween with 4 Different Themed Parties

Rock this Halloween with 4 Different Themed Parties | Skiviez

Hope you’re all set with the preparations for the upcoming Halloween on 31st October? Have you finalized your Halloween costume and the kind of makeup you’d want to sport on the spooky festival? Well, if you are still looking forward to having a party at your place and invite your friends and family members to same, what would be your kind of theme party?

This blog would specifically help you out with the theme of your party and lay out the what would you need to get the party rocking this Halloween.

  • Monster theme

Well, Halloween is all about monsters and witches after all. So, this would be the perfect theme for your party. Who all will you be expecting at your door? You’ll have Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, goblins, mummies, Dracula and all the other. Send out the invitation in a cranky, wicked voice asking all the monsters to join you. Switch off the lights and set up monster statues in different corners. Serve monster fingers, mummy eyeballs, and other delicacies for your guests. Being the host sport the sexy Dracula costume that is perfect for the occasion. The short men’s underwear costume would make others know where the attention must be.

  • Haunted House theme

Let your guests dress as they want and you do your part of the hard work. Darkness is the essential aspect when it comes to Halloween. So, diminish the lights, fill the house with fog, place goblets, UV lighting , skeletons, zombies and other statues where they should be. Decorate your house with spider hangings, cobwebs, peeping ghosts and more to add to the effect. Be the Dark Lord as the host and let your guests be the dead people.

  • Carnival theme

Traditionally, a carnival is a place where you’ll find swings, food, and fun. Let your carnival theme be the place where zombies reside and the creepy crawling ghosts that are waiting to attack the people coming closer to the games. Let the monsters lurk all over to attack their prey. You know the Zombie Apocalypse? Something of that sorts with appropriate decorations and the right food. Games is an essential aspect because the carnival is incomplete without games. Face painting, escape hunt, count the candies in the jar, tossing beanbags in the zombies are some of the fun games. Be the zombie hunter if you want to be different from your guests.

  • Superhero theme

Well, Halloween is not only about the scary and the spooky; it is also about the dressing up in the best way and having fun. Superheroes is another theme that your guests would love. Send out the invites in a way that your house is under attack by the alien force and you gotta come save it. Let them be Superman, Batman, Thor, or even a super villain like Joker, Two-Face or even Ultron and Loki. You be Hulk and be the mighty one but keep your physique in check.

There are other themes as well that branch out of these ones. For example, Graveyard, Mummy’s curse, and even Harry Potter or Star Wars. You can choose the one that you’d be able to handle. If you’re not thinking of hosting the Halloween party, see what the festivals actually talks about here.

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4 Essential Aspects of Halloween 2016

4 Essential Aspects of Halloween 2016 | Skiviez

Who doesn’t like Halloween? We all do and there’s no doubt about it! You give us men who don’t like the idea of celebrating the spooky festival and we’ll drop the idea of tricking you. Just kidding! Well, talking about the celebrations that take place during the fun time that we spend during the entire day, a lot of preparations are needed for all that.

Don’t you think so?

You couldn’t have agreed more with what has said above. Just to make sure that everything is done in a flawless manner and to avoid the bumps, we’ll look at the essential aspects of the festival.

What are they? Well, let’s take a look at them below.

1. Pumpkins: The very first thing that people start working on for days is carving their pumpkins. Also called as the Jack-O’-Lanterns, the history holds the traces of the practice done by the Irish people for the occasion. Started with the idea of shooing off the evil spirits, the practice is more of a customary tradition nowadays. Whether you want a happy face or an angry one, the decision is all yours. You can even throw in some artwork if you’re good at it by carving out monsters, minions, and other superficial characters.

2. Halloween feast: Well, this is one important one for all the age groups because the celebration is incomplete without savory and desserts. I was checking out what to keep on the menu for this year’s party and came across some great ideas here. You guys can check out the various easy and perfect delicacies that can be improvised into Halloween food items with just some touches. This will help you save time and prepare lip smacking treats for your guests.

3. Halloween Costumes: What would your Halloween be without dressing up for the occasion? Just like every festival is incomplete without their respective costumes, Halloween is no different. In fact, the theme parties, trick-or-treat celebrations or any other activity that’s on your mind would not be able to give to the oomph feeling with regular clothes. From dressing like the Mighty Hulk and painting yourself green to being the prisoner of Azkaban, you must be prepared to wear your style well in time. If you want to spend the night being with your partner and seek to do something crazy, the variety of men’s costume underwear styles at Skiviez is just right. Not only this, painting your face in accordance to your men’s underwear.

4. Halloween activities: When it comes to the kind of activities that men can do this Halloween, there are a plethora of options. All the way from decorating your homes like haunted houses, cemeteries or spooky spots to organizing theme parties, making handicrafts (in order to decorate your house) and much more, the options are never ending.

Halloween was never such a hullabaloo. It is the enthusiasm and zest of the people that have made this festival a great time for fun. Happy Halloween guys!!

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