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4 Myths about Columbus Day

4 Myths about Columbus Day

To give you a heads up – Columbus Day 2017 is just around the corner and you would all enjoy the long weekend coming up. Happy about it?? You should be because the federal holiday falling on the 9th of October this year has a lot of loopholes in it.

There are numerous myths that having gone around for years about the holiday which is believed to be celebrated in the memory of Christopher Columbus arriving and discovering America in the year 1492. Well, this too is a myth!! Did you know that??

Talking about myths, it is important for one to keep the concepts clear, whether it is about their life, profession or even the country. Hence, taking you on the path of Illuminati, it is time for some Columbus Day myths that you need to clear out.

Columbus didn’t make it to the American soil – never

With all teaching falling apart, Columbus was not the first person to land on the soil of America. In fact, Christopher Columbus never made it to the country itself. It was Leif Erickson who came in first, but about Columbus, he never stepped his foot anywhere near America. It was in the Bahamas that he landed and went ahead with his expedition.

Columbus painted the wrong picture of the native people

If you take a look at the excerpts of how Columbus defined the native people or the Native Arawaks in January 1493, you’d hate them for being so hostile and evil. However, in reality, it was the crew of Columbus which treated them as slaves. They made sure that the people were used as dog food to their crew members and were made to do all the hard work for them. They were brutally murdered by them and thrown for their own good.

Columbus day is celebrated only in America – false

You might be thinking that Columbus Day is a federal holiday celebrated only in America on the second Monday of every October. However, Columbus is celebrated by many other countries around the world. The Latin nations observe the same as Dia de la Raza, commemorating the meeting of European and Native American culture. Spain is where you’ll find the “National Day” being celebrated whereas; Columbia gets its name from the same holiday.

Columbus was arrested on his expedition – and returned to Spain

With all the news being spread how Columbus and his crew behaved and treated the people of Hispaniola, with the mismanagement he spread, Columbus was arrested by the-then Governor in 1500. Columbus was banished from the place and sent back to Spain in chains. What a shame he was.

Well, these being the myths, you should also know the rare facts about the federal holiday. Find them here.

5 Rare Facts about Columbus Day you might Not know

5 Rare Facts about Columbus Day you might Not know

Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas on October 10th, 1492 and this we all are aware of. However, there are some facts that are still not known by the majority of people. Did you know that Christopher Columbus started his sail on August 3rd, 1492? If you do, you are among the 12% of people who are well aware of the history of the world.

How did we reach this conclusion?

Well, a closed study was conducted with 50 learned people were quizzed on how well do they know the history of the world and that’s exactly how we reached this conclusion. Well, without beating around the bush anymore, let us look at the unknown or lesser known facts about Columbus Day.

1. Columbus came as a ray of hope: You might know that in the 19th century more than 3.5 million Italian migrants came to the U.S. for survival, shelter, food, and employment. However, back then, citizens of the country looked down up the Italians as the backward class. It was after the discovery when the communities started to build cordial relations (Italian-American). Hence, it is a remembrance of all the hardships and trials.

2. Names of the ships: Most of you know that Columbus had around 115 men in his crew for the journey, but did you know what were the names of his three ships? Well, if you didn’t know, the names of his ships were the Pinta, Santa Clara, and the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was the biggest and the slowest of them all, Pinta (the Painted One) was about 20 meters in length (about 65 feet) and about 7 meters wide (22 feet) approximately, and Santa Clara (popularly known as Nina) was about 45 feet long.

3. It is not only the U.S.: Well, you might find that the second Monday is always celebrated as the day in the United States but there are other countries also which observe it as a festival. Some parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and some cities in Italy, as well as Spain, are the places that too find the legacy worth celebrating.

4. Columbus was not the first to explore: If you still think that Christopher Columbus was the first man who explored the New World, you need to look again. Africans and Europeans were already inhabiting in some parts of America. Eventually, Vikings from Europe and fishermen from the Iberian peninsula came into the picture. After them, it was Christopher Columbus who finally explored the New World.

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Did you know any of the above-mentioned facts? Do let us know which one or if there’s something that you would want out readers to know about Columbus Day in the comments below.