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How to Look Sexy at Mesh Underwear Party?

How to Look Sexy at Mesh Underwear Party | Skiviez

With the holiday season at its peak and Christmas around the corner, there’ll be celebrations, food and lot of parties to be a part of. Are you going to a party this year or hosting one? Whether the men’s mesh underwear party is in a club or at your home (which is more fun), this blog is for you. Well, if you are on the hosting end, this is, even more, fun for you because the host needs to look the best and with men’s underwear being the central theme of the party.

The key to having an enjoyable sexy underwear party is to look sexy and not nasty at all. Whether you are comfortable in your skin or need ample fabric to look fab in the party, you can choose from the options available at the online store. This blog, on the other hand talks about the ways that’ll make you look sexy at the mesh apparel party.

1.Choose your style

With a variety of apparel styles available online, mesh or sheer underwear is the making the quite the news in the industry. With its partial see-through properties, men are adopting the various styles available as their underneath fashion. What does your style call for? Is it the traditional men’s briefs or erotic men’s thong underwear? You can choose from the gamut of styles that match your physique and taste buds.

2.Match your shoes

Where the scope of clothes is negligible, you need to focus on the other accessories like shoes. Your shoes might perfectly match your outfit but it does not mean that it’ll go well with the pair of men’s bikini underwear you are wearing. Hence, make sure that they go well with your underneath fashion. You might want to consider the Cowboy look (sans clothes) that has desert boots with a funky pair and a hat or something else. Just make sure that your shoes complement your look.

3.Accessorize well

Like the above aspect mentioned that you can wear a Cowboy hat, accessories play an essential role in completing your look. Accessories can include anything from a simple leather bracelet to a funky chain around the neck or even finger rings that go well with your costume.

4.Make sure you’re comfortable

Whatever you wear and however you look, always remember to keep it comfortable down there. Like all my blogs talk about giving the priority to the comfort, it is in actual the best you can do to have a great time while partying your heart out and stay on the dance floor for a longer span of time.

5.More is sexy and less is sexier

We don’t say that only a pair of g-string is what you must go for, even the fully covering boxer brief underwear can be extremely sexy. However, when you are getting an opportunity to show off your boy among your closest friends, it can be skimpy and sultry.

Go on and party hard this holiday season with this theme. Do let us know if there’s anything you would like to ask in the comments below.

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Men’s Fashion tips for clubwear this Christmas

While it is considered that men take no time in getting ready for partying purposes, the irony is that they still find it difficult to choose the right pieces. With the Christmas season in full swing, looking ordinary is not the option because it is the time when you must look absolutely stunning in order to make a lasting impression.

This blog would lay out the different tips that won’t your fashion quotient but will surely brush it up and prevent you from making mistakes this year and the coming ones.

1.Don’t overdress:

The very first thing that you must understand to keep it minimal and less on your body. Not literally less! The context talks about dressing well but not overdoing it. When undressed is easily noticed, overdressed people are noticed better and is surely not good for your personality. Keep it basic and subtle with whatever you like to wear when partying. Don’t go with formals or completely casuals, make sure you sport a style that is comfortable for you to dance around and acceptable to people around you.

2.Avoid sunglasses in the club:

Sunglasses surely a must have for the rich fashion statement but avoid wearing them inside the club. You might end up tripping on the other person because it is already too dark and you’d be dancing your lungs out. If you are planning to hit a place which will be visibly illuminated, you can sport a color that is different from the conventional black or brown. It depends on the venue you choose as well as the activities you’re going to indulge in.

3.Wear the right shoes:

The other day I went to a club where the rules and regulations were mentioned outside the club. One of the rules mentioned that formal shoes are not allowed inside the premises. Why would a club do something like that? Well, the popular clubs want their visitors to dress according to the standard of the club. No sports shoes or formal shoes are allowed inside, what is, is the styles like loafers, desert boots and more.

4.Consider the right underwear:

Wearing the right men’s underwear is definitely not mentioned anywhere in the rules. This is a personal suggestion from my side because you never know you might meet someone special and have the chances to take it to the next level. Make sure you are prepared to show her the sexy aspect of you with something like men’s thong or g-string underwear.

5.Be confident:

This might be the last point here, but surely is needed throughout the time when you seek to make a lasting impression. Be confident in whatever you wear and surely be joyous because it is Christmas. Greet others and dance to the best of your ability this year.

With these tips, you’ll rock your Christmas party this year. What else can you do? Take a look at the other things you can indulge in this Christmas here.

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Best Traditions of Christmas

Best Traditions of Christmas | Skiviez

Christmas might be celebrated in a different way in every family with their own unique customs and traditions but there are some traditions that are an integral part of the holiday. It can be a trip to the nearest holiday destination or hosting a buffet supper for all the near and dear ones, these activities bring people together in the spirit of Christmas. The ones celebrated by one and all is what lights up the holiday spirit.

What are those Christmas traditions?

Decorating Christmas tree

Decorating the evergreen trees has been a tradition for a very long time and is done by every family. Some say decorating them is welcoming the winters and others relate it with Christmas, but what matters is that you’d find the same in every family around this time. Whether you cut down a fir/pine tree and bring it home to decorate it or buy the fake/artificial ones available in the market, decorating it with your family and friends is indeed a joyful task.

The properties used to decorate the tree can include miniatures of Santa Clause, stars, candy canes, pinballs, gift boxes, snowflake hangings and a lot more.

Christmas Carols

“Felis Navidad”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “Away in the Manger” are some of the many carols sung by families all over the world on Christmas. Once done with Thanksgiving, you’d find the decorations changing to that of Christmas and you’d hear carols being sung at every nook and corner as well as on retail stores to put you in the Christmas mood.

Once December starts, every family would brush up on their singing talents and spend days singing the songs for the birth of Jesus Christ. Church choirs go out for carol rounds at night proclaiming the good news.

Which is your favorite Christmas carol?

Gifts exchange

Oh, that’s the best part of the entire holiday season. Kids, youngsters and even adults patiently wait for the time to come when they get gifts from their loved ones. Christmas being the center of gifts and sharing, this is a customary practice that you’ll find in every family. Where kids get games from their parents, oldies get something that they can use, wives get beauty kits or jewelry pieces and men get male underwear or something that they fetish, it is a fun day for one and all.

Have you decided the gifts that you’ll give your loved ones this Christmas?

These traditions are followed worldwide and surely bring you in the festive mood. What are your plans this year? Add excitement to your preparations by reading this post.

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5 Ways to Create Christmas Excitement

5 Ways to Create Christmas Excitement | Skiviez

It is the time that we start gearing up for the big event coming on the 25th of December. Yes! By the date, I meant that Christmas is arriving and we should start preparing ourselves for what to do and how to do, to avoid stress. With so many things to do, there are times when you might get upset and tired because of so little time and so much to do. However, Christmas is all about joy, happiness, sharing and lots of fun.

Just to make the holiday more fun and frolic for you and your family, we’ve assembled 5 ways with which you can cheer yourselves up for the celebrations and festivities.

  • Start decorating now:

It is mid-November and if you start decorating your house now, you’d be done by the end of next week. With all the decorations including Christmas Tree, wreaths, lighting, bells, stockings, candy canes and whatever you wish to put up to make your home look the best.

  • Start making a list of gifts:

By this time, you’d notice that the festive spirit has started to pump inside you and it’s a beautiful feeling. Now you can sit with your family to figure out the list of gifts that you’d give all the family and friends. You might some things secret (like your husband’s gift as well as your kids), share all the others to make a budget for the same.

  • Shop the gifts:

Now plan a weekend or even Black Friday is the day when you can buy all the gifts for your family and friends at exceptionally affordable prices. Buy the things according to your list and the secret ones too for your kids (that you’d give as the secret Santa) and your for your husband (men’s underwear to make your Christmas night hot) and start wrapping them up.

  • It is time to bake:

We’re almost in the second week of December when you must start chopping the dry fruits and soaking them in rum. Plum cakes are the most delicious part of Christmas. Though they take a lot of patience, the outcome is mouthwatering and sumptuous. In addition to the plum cakes, you’d want to start figuring out the sides that you’d serve to all the guests coming to wish you.

  • Make a wish:

It’s finally the 24th when you go to sleep singing carols and making your wishes to Santa and hoping they’ll be fulfilled too.

With these five ways, you got the job done in time without feeling the stress at all. Happy holiday season to you from Skiviez!!

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