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Is Mesh Underwear practical?

Is Mesh Underwear practical?

If you go on and ask men about their opinion on mens mesh underwear, you’d find a very diversified range of answers popping from them. For some, the men’s underwear fabric comes out be a sultry number while for others it is just a source of air passage or breathability down there. For some it is just sexy whereas; others find it sexy and naughty at the same time.

That’s okay with us!!

However, there are people who find the fabric and the sexy underwear styles designed from them as supportive and functional as well.

Breathable – they are

When you have air breathing on your manhood and the adjacent areas, you always find that happy feeling sneaking in. Whether it is the times when you are out playing your favorite sport or just spending the day as you want to, ventilation makes things so much better down there. Specifically, in summers, you cannot and must not afford to miss out on this feeling that the fabric provides. Ventilation has a lot of benefits including moisture wick, odorless privates and so much more.

It stretches with you

One of the basic features that you (or any other man) would look forward to in their skivvies is the ability to stretch. Hence, if you are looking forward to a pair that serves you the benefit, the mesh is your resort. The fabric, in itself, has some stretch and when blended with spandex or Elastane or even Lycra, you’d surely be the one doing the crazy moves of ballet or stretching on the football field preparing for the big game.

Serves you all – literally

You have different taste buds. You have diversified choices. While some of you like men briefs, others would choose thong underwear for men and some would be into lace underwear. When you cannot settle for one single style, how can the brands not provide you all the styles in the respective fabric? Hence, you have something from the conventional briefs to the unconventional g-string underwear, jockstraps for men and more.

With all these aspects, it surely makes sense that it mesh is functional and practical. But, yeah, we would never lie to you: mesh underwear is sexy.

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What NOT to do this Halloween?

What NOT to do this Halloween

Are you preparing to have the most happening Halloween this year, DO NOT BE A CREEPER.

We all have got our lists ready and the shopping started for the scariest and spookiest holiday of the year. Yes, Halloween is just a few weeks away and hopefully, you’re all busy planning your costumes and buying tickets or doing the preparations of what you all would be doing on the day. It’s sure to be a fun night and to make sure you have the best Halloween possible, here’s What NOT to be done tips from Skiviez that you should be looking at in order to spoil yours or someone else’s mood.

Not be scared

This is the foremost thing that you should not be doing. It is understood that Halloween is more of a holiday now and has changed in the past years but it definitely had a beginning which was based on beliefs about the dead. So, not believing in the supernatural, ghosts, dead, zombies, witches and more would be a fun-spoiler for the holiday. Be scared and look scary to be scared.

Staying in and be boring

Unless you’re staying in because you have to feed the kids with treats, you must NOT stay in. It would an insult to the people dressed in Halloween costumes and their preparations if you don’t admire them…or probably get scared. Don’t be a spoilsport, just go out and have fun.

Make Halloween an excuse to wear the stupidest outfit

We know that comfort raises your bar of happiness, but wearing anything does not make you any less guilty. DO NOT wear what you feel like to a Halloween party. Know what theme party you are going to and dress in accordance with the same. After all, it is about your standard and reputation.

Go looking for absurd sounds or noises if you’re alone

You know how actors are killed in horror movies when they follow the noise that we know they shouldn’t. If you want to stay alive, just stay away from them and ignore them to the best. Staying home will get you all spooked up, so go ahead and get out of the house.

Say no to trick-or-treat

You should NEVER say no to trick-or-treat when kids come knocking your door asking for candies. It’ll be like Uncle Scrooge on Christmas being stingy and cranky. You remember what happened with him?? Do you want it to be with you?? You better be a good lad and offer candies to all who come to your door.

What are you planning to do?? Let us know in the comments.

The changing face of Halloween in the past years

The changing face of Halloween in the past years

There is no American holiday that has changed as much as Halloween. Whether it is the people who participate in the activities, the costumes, the food itinerary, the intention of the holiday to everything else. Everything has been altered ever since the people started to celebrate “Samhain” or what is also called as the “All Hallows Eve”.

Crisp air, fall leaves, and pumpkins everywhere? Halloween is right around the corner and you have all the reasons to be excited about it. You might see kids getting way happier with the holiday getting closer, it was not always like this. Things were way too different in comparison to how they are now, this blog will take you on a walk through history, namely 4 stages – the beginning, the 1800s, the 1900s and finally today.

Just before you get into the festive mood, let us catch a glimpse of the face of Halloween has changed in the past years.

#The Beginning

Started with Samhain/All Hallows Eve: If you look back in the history, it all started about 2000 years ago, when the Celtic festival was celebrated on the 1st of November. The festival emerged with a belief that the dead returned as souls and in order to keep them from harming or coming close to the mortals, food items were kept outside the front doors.

Men and women wore animal skins and animal heads or scary costumes to fool the ghosts and trick them away. This was done out of a feeling of being scared of the dead.

As a custom, back then, people would also gather around the fire praying for the dead relative’s souls and also about the fortune of the loved ones (the living).


European immigrants came to America and brought with them their own rituals and customs. It was then when the excitement of the festival went to the next level.

The Scottish people went ahead telling ghost stories, introducing fireworks, playing spooky games and making mischief. Most pranks and mischief were the work of naughty children rather than spirits as once believed. This is how the change started to be witnessed among people.

Games like bobbing the apples, dooking, Puicini (an Irish fortune-telling game) and so many others became a part of the festival.


By now, the celebrations of the festival (now called as the holiday) spread all over America and a wide population participated in the activities happening around.

It was in the 19th century when a tradition introduced by the British immigrants called “Trick-or-Treating” started to be practiced. The practice was all about people going to others houses and asking for Trick or Treat. It was in the beginning when people did sometimes opt for the trick but eventually, it became more of a custom where treats were handed to the ones asking for them.

Colors in the costumes were finally introduced because the whole idea of the day was shifting from the religious context to the celebration part. The costumes are one of the many essential aspects of the festival. You would have seen people roleplaying witches, Dracula, ghosts, and so much more. But till this period costumes were worn for the spooky purposes.


Now, you’d find the entire country celebrating Halloween with all the enthusiasm and zest participating in the various activities, parties and other gatherings held.

The costumes have changed from being only scary to funny, naughty and sassy as well. You would find men in men’s costumes like Sailors, Santa, wicked doctor and more whereas; women can be nurses, witches, vampires and more. The twist is that the articles have gone too revealing these days.

You would find Holiday Sales going on everywhere (including Skiviez) from where you can pick your favourites at affordable prices

So, you finally know the Halloween THEN and NOW. Do leave your comments below about the blog as well as suggestions (if any).

4 Myths about Columbus Day

4 Myths about Columbus Day

To give you a heads up – Columbus Day 2017 is just around the corner and you would all enjoy the long weekend coming up. Happy about it?? You should be because the federal holiday falling on the 9th of October this year has a lot of loopholes in it.

There are numerous myths that having gone around for years about the holiday which is believed to be celebrated in the memory of Christopher Columbus arriving and discovering America in the year 1492. Well, this too is a myth!! Did you know that??

Talking about myths, it is important for one to keep the concepts clear, whether it is about their life, profession or even the country. Hence, taking you on the path of Illuminati, it is time for some Columbus Day myths that you need to clear out.

Columbus didn’t make it to the American soil – never

With all teaching falling apart, Columbus was not the first person to land on the soil of America. In fact, Christopher Columbus never made it to the country itself. It was Leif Erickson who came in first, but about Columbus, he never stepped his foot anywhere near America. It was in the Bahamas that he landed and went ahead with his expedition.

Columbus painted the wrong picture of the native people

If you take a look at the excerpts of how Columbus defined the native people or the Native Arawaks in January 1493, you’d hate them for being so hostile and evil. However, in reality, it was the crew of Columbus which treated them as slaves. They made sure that the people were used as dog food to their crew members and were made to do all the hard work for them. They were brutally murdered by them and thrown for their own good.

Columbus day is celebrated only in America – false

You might be thinking that Columbus Day is a federal holiday celebrated only in America on the second Monday of every October. However, Columbus is celebrated by many other countries around the world. The Latin nations observe the same as Dia de la Raza, commemorating the meeting of European and Native American culture. Spain is where you’ll find the “National Day” being celebrated whereas; Columbia gets its name from the same holiday.

Columbus was arrested on his expedition – and returned to Spain

With all the news being spread how Columbus and his crew behaved and treated the people of Hispaniola, with the mismanagement he spread, Columbus was arrested by the-then Governor in 1500. Columbus was banished from the place and sent back to Spain in chains. What a shame he was.

Well, these being the myths, you should also know the rare facts about the federal holiday. Find them here.

Bling your assets with Joe Snyder G-Strings

Joe Snyder G-Strings

Sometimes, words are not enough when you start to describe something. It takes a lot more than that. However, sometimes, things are better understood when it comes to the actions rather than being preached about. Joe Snyder Underwear is one such male underwear brand that needs no description because the offerings say it all. The collection of men’s g-string underwear at Skiviez by the label is certainly something over the edge and ahead of its own time.

Joe Snyder G-StringsThe Joe Snyder G-String Silver is one of the most popular products at the online store. You might just say that what’s all the hype about, but hey..the pair gives you reasons to replace your underwear for sure. After spending decades in the industry, the label provided men with the respective style (and more) which are considered to be way ahead of their times. Who would have ever thought back then that sexy underwear would have silver color? Likewise, there are other groundbreaking reasons to adopt Joe Snyder.

Joe Snyder G-StringsWith just a pouch that covers your nether region to the best, it is the back that goes completely bare. With the help of strings (you know where they’re placed), the entire piece holds up your male anatomy. To top it off, the signature fabric ratio of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex keeps you feeling in place.

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Slip into the sleek sexiness with Secret Male Bikini

Secret Male Bikini

I don’t know why, but Secret Male Underwear has got me head over heels for its products. Every new entrant that is put forward on Skiviez has a different feeling and better than the last one. The collection of men’s panties by the label has set forth a revolution..a positive transformation that allows men to have the feeling of delicate fabrics and comforting appeal in their nether region. Underwear for men by the label is all about giving you the confidence of wearing sexy underwear without thinking about the sexuality.

Secret Male BikiniThe Secret Male Bikini Blue Petroleum is what has caught my attention these days for its sexy smooth appeal and many other features. Being reviewer, the very first aspect of the men’s bikini underwear that will allure you to the piece is smooth fabric with lace frills on either leg edges. Apart from that, the coverage makes sure that even the guys who prefer fabric loaded pieces would be able to settle with the style. If you take a closer look, there’s an extremely thin frill in place of the waistband that keeps everything quite subtle.

Secret Male BikiniMade with 89% nylon and 11% spandex combination, you’re in for luxury at inexpensive prices. Do check out the other color options available at

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4 reasons to wear a thong before you die

4 reasons to wear a thong

Accepting to wear men’s thongs is not a decision that you take in the gist of the moment. It takes a lot of time to understand the men’s underwear style, reconsider the silly assumptions others have, see which one would be your personal favorite and then go ahead picking your choice. Moreover, it is one of the boldest decisions that you’ll make that every man cannot opt for. You might see men choosing bikini underwear or even men’s jockstraps but thongs are way beyond their safe circle. It gets difficult for them to step out of their comfort zone and try something skimpy.

But if you don’t have the adventure in your life, how will you raise the bar of your happiness?

You should try everything and get addicted to the ones that are good for your personality. Your love for your underwear is something of that sorts. So if you are looking for something that is beyond the ordinary, this blog is meant for you. It lays down the reasons that compel you to try the sexy underwear style once before you die.

A proof that you dared to wear something unconventional

There’ll surely be the time when your hair will turn grey and you’ll have wrinkles on your face. It’ll be then when you will look back to your achievements. Either you’ll feel proud that you did try a pair skimpy intimate article or you’ll regret that you did nothing so happening in your life and grew old. A pair of thong or g-string underwear would be that’ll justify that – you didn’t live your life the boring style and experienced no luxury. You went out of your comfort zone and tried your hand at something that laid everything on the table.

You believe it or not – they’re comfortable

Whether you believe it or not, the respective undergarment is exceptionally comfortable to stay in. You might have heard of failed experiences, but if you do everything right, you’ll surely be jumping around and having a gala time without having oodles of fabric below the belt. Made with ultra comfortable fabric blends, you’re sure to feel amazing. Choosing the right brand with the right size and top it off with the sheer underwear or lace fabric that’ll add on to the oomph level would be a desirable idea.

It adds to the confidence

You have the physique that you can happily flaunt, you have the right to flaunt it the right way. Why not flaunt it with a thong? This way you would be able to pep up your confidence level along with the assets that are your prized possessions. When you worked hard like a donkey looking how you look now, you should take pleasure in stripping and being in something that is meant for that purposes.

Because you want to

Finally, the reason you need to wear a thong is that deep down your heart you know that it is something that every man cannot dare to have and slip into and you should do it. That feeling of tempting your partner and getting the feel of your skin is all you want right there. The feeling of comfort and the sexiness that the revealing style provides is what your manhood deserves. You’ve come this far. Why not go further?

You’re just a few steps away from feeling that feeling of being barely-there with comfort and breathability down there. Do let us know what you feel about the conventionally sexy style in the comments below.

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What does it take to be an underwear model?

Underwear model

Are you the sexy beast that loves himself being just in the skivvies? Have you subscribed to men’s underwear models on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms where you can be inspired and find your interests at? You might just think that clicking your snapshots and sending across to the various agencies that would further help you find the right spot and give your career a big break with a modeling project. However, it is not a bed of roses to land up in your dream job. It is dark clouds, struggles and a lot of continuous hard work to get where you want to be.

Talking about male underwear in specific, you have to do a lot apart from just shedding your clothes and posing in front of the shutterbugs. Are you still up for it? If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to do all it takes to be a men’s underwear model, this blog is just meant for you.

Take all the possibilities into concern

You aren’t heading for a profession where you can be shy (the first thing). You have to be the daring one who finds it quite easy to strip off to any extent. After all it is not a cake walk being an underwear model. Where you would be heading for shoots in lounge pants, conventional boxer briefs and more whereas; you would also strip everything to men’s g-strings or not even that. You should have this in mind. Moreover, the criticism will be the most difficult part to handle.

Stay in shape

Stay in Shape

When you are planning for the skimpiest situations, you need to make sure that you look stunning with everything as well as nothing at all. Hitting the gym would be your best bet with a personal trainer who knows you well in terms of what you should have, what kind of exercises you should work upon and more. Don’t miss out on these or give excuses of not heading to the gym.

Eat right foods

Staying in shape might make you a stronger person with all kinds of exercises, but having the right food will fulfill the gaps that are left because of them. Strictly following the diet provided by the dietitian/instructor will not only help you stay in shape but will also make your skin glow, brighten your eyes and other such minute details.

Be confident

You need A LOT..of confidence when it comes to posing half-naked or naked in a room full of strangers or the technical team. When you confident on the inside, it will certainly help you get into your tighty whitey briefs or even male thongs which can make you feel uncomfortable. After all, this is all new to you and all you did before was to stand in your sexy underwear style in front of the mirror. But, this is different. Build up your confidence, it will help you raise the bar of your happiness.


Comfortability is certainly not the easy part to achieve when it comes to having nothing or minimal down there. When you feel uncomfortable, think how appealing you are in own skin, how in love you are with your underwear and everything that good is happening around you. The level of comfort will step in without any doubt.

Reach out in the right places

Once you’re done focusing on yourself, you need to start working on looking for agencies that will get you in the right place. Start looking for contacts (it’s always better to have contacts) and people who can get you through. A little struggle will also be beneficial for your experience.

Do you want to be an underwear model? What do you think they need which is not mentioned on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 clarifications about mesh underwear

6 clarifications about mesh underwear

Who needs clarifications you might say, but when it comes to something as basic as your underwear for men, you certainly need the best. With all the new kinds of apparel styles being introduced in the market suiting the needs and purposes of the various occasions that men come across. With umpteen of options available, it is not mandatory that the male population knows the ins and the outs of every individual style.

Hence, when it comes to a style that men aren’t aware of (on the larger scale), they should read a lot about the same and then hit the buy button. In this blog, we’ll be talking about one of the most hyped and charming exotic underwear style – men’s mesh underwear.

What clarifications do you think men would have about the respective style? See if we could compile the ones that you thought below.

They aren’t always comfortable

When it comes to intimate wear, it is all about comfort at the end of the day. You might withstand the adjusting pouches for a day or any other problem, but when it comes to the hindrance of comfort, you wouldn’t go back to the style again. Mesh is not always comfortable at first, you have to give it time to settle down. Majority of the times the cause of the discomfort is the rough fabric. After a few washes, you would be able to get that soft feeling down there. In order to raise the bar of the happiness, comfort matters and for that, you have to make certain efforts.

They aren’t always revealing

Mesh does not intend to reveal – always. When you find a brand like Intymen, you’d find that the majority of pieces have the double layer of fabric that makes sure that support is there and it does not reveal anything. However, when it comes to revealing, there are a variety of brands which offer single layered pairs that reveal something to everything down there. So, you can choose the one that impresses you more.

They aren’t always meant for machine wash

Yes, you cannot always depend on your washing machine to clean your outfits as well as your intimate wear. Just like lace underwear, the mesh is not very strong fabric like polyester or polyamide. It needs special attention and specifically when it comes to cleaning the fabric styles. Hence, it would be better if you choose to wash them with your hands rather than watch them ruin.

They aren’t always exotic

Mesh is considered to the supportive fabric when it comes to the dual layer incorporation. When you find the double layer, you’d know that it is not the exotic type meant for pleasure purposes. In fact, they are the sporty ones. However, when it reveals, it has to be the one that pleases someone else’s eyes and taste buds.

They don’t always come with solid panel

Not all pieces have a solid panel accompanying the mesh fabric. If you think that mesh means mesh throughout, you should go ahead and check out the inventory of the men’s underwear online store that would give you a clearer idea of what kind of pairs you have access to when it comes to revealing or being sporty.

They are different from sheer

Mesh and sheer are two different fabrics. You might see the products from both the fabrics in the same category, but they aren’t same. They are similar because they both reveal, but sheer reveals more than the mesh products do.

Do you have any doubts that we can clarify? Do let us know in the comments below.

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5 Signs you’re in love with your underwear

Love with Underwear

Some men love cars, bikes while others are obsessed with shoes. You love underwear for men. It does not matter whether you choose the conventional men’s briefs or the modern cock ring underwear, you will be happy to spend money on your below the belt fashion rather than investing in any other things – lavishly. You would gladly pick more than two every time you sit down to shop and at least one pair when you just scroll the men’s underwear online store in your free time to raise your happiness.

If you just said yes to the above signs, there’s no doubt that you aren’t all about sexy underwear, but the following are the signs that will declare your love for your underwear more clearly.

You would go crazy if you had to wear the same pair two days in a row
You don’t buy the fact that someone wears the same pair of fashion underwear every single day. Where is the fun in that? You can’t imagine yourself in that spot where you have to wear the same tighty whitey Monday to Sunday. It would be like the end of the world for you that way. Your top drawer is filled with every style, color, and fabric imaginable.

You have enough pieces to go on without repeating for six months

You must have heard about the people who turn their underwear inside out to make sure that the dirty side goes outside and the clean one on the inside. But, you aren’t the one who stands in this category because you don’t repeat what you wear. It is no exaggeration to say that you could go for months without having to wash a pair because you own so many different styles.

You plan your outfits around your underwear

You might have seen other men choosing their skivvies depending on what they’ll be wearing their outfits. But you, on the other hand, are the one who’ll pick out your exotic underwear and then plan what you can wear as your outfit. For example, you would pick your thong underwear for men and then see whether the tight pants would be better for you or the leather trousers.

You almost get a heartache when your underwear gets wrecked

Even the thought of a hole in your trunk underwear would give you shivers down your spine. Likewise, there are so many other problems that give you heartaches when you know that your intimate wear is facing wear and tear. And, it breaks your heart when you have to throw something out and you cannot buy the exact replacement. Hence, this proves that you know the importance of your underwear.

You even get excited when there’s a sale online

When you get notified that there’ll be a sale from this to a respective date, you’ll plan your day accordingly so that you have enough time to pick all your undergarments and serve your fetish for the same. That probably will be your best day when you’ll be able to choose your favorite style.

Do you see these signs in yourself? Do let us know how crazy you are for your men’s underwear.

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