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Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear

Keep the traditional appeal high with Otzi Underwear

Have you ever wanted something that would tantalize your taste buds yet keep the coverage to the basic? When you wished for something like this, bikini briefs for men were introduced in the men’s underwear industry. If you go by the reviews, Otzi Underwear is one of the most supportive and fashionable apparel brands available at Skiviez. The brand invests both good looks and exceptional functionalities to keep things in check below the belt.

Otzi UnderwearThe Otzi Tall Tradition Bikini Brief Black/Green is what one of the new collections (not extremely new) has to offer. The fashion underwear brand looks absolutely stunning with the masculine appeal that showcases how supported your assets are. The very first thing that you’d notice is the fancy cut and covering whereas; the feeling steps in later when you slip into the pair. The low waist fit with the shiny waistband holding its place, the rest is a combination of masculine colors. Though there are other bright and peppy ones as well, this is the macho one in the lot. The back reveals some skin which gives you an opportunity to show off your toned legs.

Otzi UnderwearMade with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, all your dreams and wishes come true when it comes to comforting the manhood and everywhere the fabric touches.

Find these and much more at

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5 silly assumptions men make for thongs

5 silly assumptions men make for thongs

We judge.

We make assumptions.

There’s nothing new about the fact that we have a habit of making a point of view for anything and everything that comes forth to us.

Recently, I was in a conversation with one of the acquaintances of mine about my profession and switch to another field and more. It was then when he realized that I write about men’s underwear. He was quite amazed by that fact and what he suddenly came up with was – do you write about thongs as well? I said yes! The next question tossed at me was – don’t you find it too weird and flimsy? Likewise, I kept on answering all the assumptions that he had about the respective style.

When I came back home, I was wondering that he was only one man, and out in the world, there are so many of them who have their own concepts about male thongs and are clueless about how to go about them. So I decided to compile a list of 5 silly assumptions men make about the sexy underwear for men.

They’re feminine

This is like lingerie is to women, thongs are feminine. The majority of the male population believed the respective exotic underwear to be the novelty for women, but they are wrong. Thongs date back to the ancient times and the facts keep it clear that they were meant for men. You can find out the facts here to keep your concepts clear of any assumptions.

With so many brands coming up with absolutely masculine and macho by the looks as well as the functions.

Effects the sperm count

This made me go LOL!! Where fashion underwear styles like men’s brief underwear as well as boxer briefs are considered to be the constrictive ones resulting in lower sperm count, men assume that thongs or g-string underwear increase the production of the sperms. This is absolutely NOT TRUE!!

Neither do the other styles lower the count nor these ones enhance the same. The logic is – if the pouch fits too stiff on the manhood, it will make your manhood to heat up and that will lower the semen count and that can happen with any style.

Not supportive

For men who believe that what they’ve seen are the only thongs available for men, they should go online and check out the array of variants put forward for men. From something like cheeky thongs that look more like Brazilian bikini underwear (oodles of support) to sports thongs that are specifically meant for your workouts and sporty activities.

Limited for date nights

Oh yes, when thongs made a comeback, they were certainly meant for the pleasing times, but that didn’t keep the brands back from experimenting designs that would be apt for the regular days. Now, if you go ahead and ask a regular thong-wearer, you’d find that he has a pair for every possible occasion. From the ones who have a desk job/field job to swimwear, parties, sleepwear and finally romantic dates.

You name the occasion, there’ll be something by a popular brand offering the respective need.

Too sexy to handle

They are sexy. Not something out-of-the-world. The definition of sexy depends from person to person. From some sheer underwear crafted as bikinis would be the sexiest while others would take it to be the lacy jocks. So, you can definitely call them sexy, but they are too sexy that 5 silly assumptions men make for thongs they can’t be handled by anyone. People would notice it, raise the eyebrows, look again and get back to do whatever they were doing.

Mastering the art of thongs isn’t the most difficult task. Youjust have to find the right pair by getting the right knowledge. Did you make any of the assumptions? Do let us know in the comments below if you still have questions in your mind.

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Are you prepped? – Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps

Feel preppy with Daddy Jockstraps

Do you get fussy when it comes to choosing your underwear for men? If you do, it is a good sign that you care about what goes in your below the belt fashion and what not. Well, if you get irritated with this attitude, there are ways to don sexy underwear without all the fuss and you can find it here. Did you take a look at the fashion underwear styles offered by Daddy Underwear?

Daddy JockstrapThe Daddy Jockstrap Underwear is the minimally covering exotic underwear that is crafted to keep your special nights a lot more romantic as well as passionate. With a waistband that holds the entire thing at the right place, it is all about strings attached to the waistband at one end and keeping the pouch in place on the other. The pouch, on the other hand, is a tiny covering holding and barely covering the manhood. The leg bands of the men’s jockstraps keep the designer underwear from moving around.

Daddy JockstrapThe color combination of grey/blue look stupendous on the outside. If you really want to show off what you have down there, you can satisfy your sexy fetish with this pair at

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5 reasons why cock rings are not underrated

Men's Cock Rings

What calls to be an ideal men’s underwear style for you that is not too ordinary? Would it be something like sheer bikini underwear with an open pouch or a comfortable sexy underwear for men? Have you ever thought about men’s cock ring underwear to be your best companion when you need that oomph level?

If you haven’t thought about it ever, you should start considering this pouch enhancing underwear style that has a lot more than elevating feature.

Dong decoration

If you’d love your manhood more than anything, you would certainly think of dressing it up to make sure it looks pleasing. You can dress it up with bright shiny silver colors or keep it subtle with the monochrome shades. With such a wide variety available at men’s underwear online stores, you’d be pleased to find the number of options laid down for you. Slip into something a little more comfortable like a stretchy fabric ring that goes around your manhood and sits there like a crown to your manhood.

Keeps you longer, stronger and harder

You know what we mean right?? It serves as a great alternative to all those pills and sprays available in the market in keeping your erection stay longer, stronger and harder. As a result, you’d be able to see the difference in the shape and size of your penis that would get enlarged by the effects of the same. This is all made possible because of the light pressure a cock ring places around the base of the penis.

It has no side effects if used sensibly

Another perk of having a cock ring than investing in the pills or any other kind of medication is that it has no side effects. This is wrong, some of you might say. However, the fact is, if you wear it the right way for a particular span of time, you get to have a comfortable experience of having the same in the pants. No dizzy feeling, fatigue or even stomach cramps that pills have as their side effects would be there when you use something like this. All you got to do is – wear it for THE specific occasion and for a SPECIFIC time duration.

It is a handy way to spice up your love life

How do you plan to make your romantic nights ever more beautiful, memorable and spicier? The obvious answer would be by taking time doing things and staying longer in the actions. Additionally going again and again without feeling the need of stopping or playing with your partner. Cock rings allow you to make things way sexier than they are by taking its own time.

A wide variety

Cotton, nylon, and polyamide with a certain amount of spandex or elastane make it a perfect blend that falls comfortably on the manhood. Moreover, the varied styles available in the respective apparel style makes it perfect to be chosen by diversified personalities. Whether you choose the accessory-like bands or brief underwear with cock-ring inbuilt in the pouch and other styles as well.

With so many other enhancing underwear styles, you can choose cock ring for the time when you need maximum impact.

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The 5 below the belt Problems Learned the Hard way

below the belt Problems

Do you know what is more hurting than a breakup? The infections that occur below the belt region. It makes it difficult for any sort of activity throughout the day. You can’t sit, stand, walk, bend or do anything. The usual walk changes into a disgusting one that creates embarrassing moments as well. However, the moment the skin starts to recover, we tend to repeat the same mistakes again. I’ve been a hard learner of such mistakes that I learned the hard way. Below listed are five such infections and the solutions to them.


Everyone assumes that the main reason behind chafing is the sweat on the groin area. However, apart from this problem also lies on the type of underwear that you wear.  I started noticing that wearing a tight undergarment was the main reason behind this because they rarely allow an air circulation down there. This resulted in the sweat to stay back which caused chafing down there.

Solution – One of my friends suggested that fabrics like lace, mesh, and sheer could save me from such mishaps and he was actually right!

Men's g-stringThe materials were very light in weight that allowed a heavenly breath to my assets. They kept them dry and ventilated which avoided chafing problems.  I also tried skimpy attires like men’s g-strings that just had a pouch to envelope the genitals leaving the rest exposed. This provided a good breathability that kept my assets sweat-free down there.

Bladder infections

Why bladder infections? Shapewears are the reason behind the bladder infection. When you wear those tight wears that come with the underwear section, you tend to hold the nature calls as the attire stays too tight on the waist. This can result in serious health conditions.

Solution – Instead, you can opt for Men’s vest body shaper that comes just for the body unlike the other ones. This controls and reduces the abdomen to keep the body in a good posture.

Groin Infections

If breathable underwear is good, is wearing no underwear better? Certainly not, going commando is not appreciated as the privates are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Protecting them with a soft fabric is important as they might get hurt or prone to infections. The natural moisture produced by the manhood has nowhere to go when you’re not wearing underwear which makes the skin sweaty down there. This can also irritate you and the skin which makes you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Solution – Opt for soft fabrics like lace, mesh and sheer.

Men's g-stringThey are so light in weight that you almost forget that you are wearing something down there.

Yeast infection

Wearing the same pair of jock strap for more than two days or dirty habits as such can be the root cause for yeast infection. It causes unwanted pain and rashes near the shaft that makes it difficult for day to day activities.

Solution – Frequent change of underwear is recommended in such cases.

Internal injuries

This happens when you wear a flat front underwear. Such undergarment are just like a blanket over the assets that does not provide any support or comfort down there. They are prone to injuries or damages when you are at the gym or any kind of sports activities. Genitals need an appropriate attire that can protect them from injuries.

Solution – Some of the examples can be men’s jockstraps that are specially crafted for athletic purposes, Pouch underwear for men that presents a separate pouch to envelope the shape of genitals. This keeps the anatomy protected as the construction keeps things in place. This also avoids chafing as they keep the intimates away from the body which provides space for breathability.

Above are some of the problems and the solutions to them that I learned the hard away. If you are also one of the crowd who is facing similar problems please, follow the tips mentioned in them. Hope it helps you too.

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Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Attention! Here’s When you need to Replace your Underwear

Underwear is an essential part of the day to day life. It protects us from the various problems like infections, dangling feeling, awkward moments and much more. So, when we say that, an underwear is important, it doesn’t mean that you should buy a branded one and preserve them for three to four years. The inner wear should be replaced regularly with new ones to avoid unwanted health problems or infections. It’s true that they do not come with an expiration date, but according to a scientific study, the undergarments are to be replaced at least once in a year. Additionally, if you are not good at counting or remembering the time period then below listed are some of the signs and reasons that indicates a change. Read on to find out.

1.When you start seeing underwear holes.

underwear holesContinuous usage and washes makes the material very soft. Each time you stretch yourself, the fabric gets damaged down there which are prone to tiny holes in the garment. This indicates that it’s time to visit the local store or online shopping websites for new bunches.

2.When the waistbands starts to ride down the butt crack line.

waistbands starts to ride down the buttUsually, you do not face this problem in a branded underwear for men because they use quality waistbands. However, some of them which are not up to the mark tends to lose its life after some six to seven months. They become sloppy which can cause embarrassments like pulling up the pants in public. This is the second sign of change.

3.You start developing infections on your groin area.

infections on your groin areaNo one can deny the fact that the old underwear gives the best comfort as it becomes soft after repeated washes but it has equal side effects as well. Many experts have proved the fact that the usage of the same underwear for years are prone to fungal infections. So, with the comfort, you are inviting problems as well. Dr. Lisa Ackerley, professor of environmental health at the University of Salford, stated that underwear should be changed every day while replacing them every year as well. She also suggested similar items that should be updated on regular basis.

4.The underwear is filled with dirty stains.

dirty stainsUndergarment stains are very common but, they can be embarrassing when you wear the same for hot date nights. Obviously, you won’t! What if you partner drops in suddenly while you are relaxing at your home? I don’t think that she’ll love to see the stains when you guys will be getting naughty.

Apart from this, the discolorations are disgusting as they give a dirty look to the overall attire. Clean attires keep your intimate area protected, clean while making you feel fresh as well.

5.Upgrade to new styles

Now, this a valid point right? With the enormous development of men’s underwear styles, it is fun to switch to new fashionable styles rather than sticking to the same tighty-whities. Though, they don’t look the same as your old briefs but, none of them compromise on the comfort and support. Hence, you can refresh your closet to new varieties and get the best of men’s fashion.

Above are some of the signs which indicates that it’s the right time to change the undergarments. Keep it as a rule to change the articles at least once in a year. You can gift yourself a pair on regular intervals to keep yourself updated with the fashion and yes, to avoid embarrassments as well.

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Men’s Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

Men's Fashion: 6 Tips on how to wear Floral

The face of men’s fashion is changing. The wardrobe of the modern male population has gone from the classic grey to the extremely alluring floral patterns. When it comes to wearing the bold and vibrant floral print, the art of pulling off this edgy look is something every man needs to learn. For all the men who are planning to go floral this bikini season, listed below are tips that may come handy for you. Have a look.

Contrast the patterns with solid shade

Men's FashionThe floral appearance from head to toe is a bit tricky to pull off. Not every man can look dapper in the bold and vibrant patterns. Thus, it is advisable to contrast the shade with solid colors. Either wear a floral dress shirt or a bottom featuring the sassy print. You can even pair the button down with denim shorts. Nothing can beat the look of a man sporting a dress shirt with the white shorts. Floral printed shirt looks best with black jeans. Other than this, even you are wearing a floral coat, then, make sure that the shirt features solid color. The combination that contrast each other will make you stand out from rest of the mass.

Match the texture

Men's FashionWhile the shade should contrast each other, the texture of the fabrics should match. This doesn’t mean that the material should be exactly the same. It is the look and feel of the clothing that should match. For instance, the shiny bottoms won’t look good when paired with the cotton dress shirt. The trousers teamed up a classic button down will create a simple and aesthetically stylish combination.

Find a match for your personality

Men's FashionNo matter which pattern and shade you choose, the attire should match your personality. There is no limit to fashion, but the attire you wear should match your real self. Moreover, the color selection should complement your skin tone instead of making you feel over-the-top. The attire that you are wearing should add confidence to your personality instead of making you conscious. Along with this, consider the occasion. The floral suit is the boldest statement for guys and should not be worn on formal occasion. You can keep it in reserve for the casual parties and other such occasion.

Accessorize properly

Men's FashionJust making the right choice of attire is not enough. You need to do justice with the floral apparel. Selecting the right ensemble is the apt way to pull it off in style. Sneakers and lace up shoes are ideal footwear to be paired with the casual attire. An aviator glasses can add a flair of attitude to your snazzy appearance. Since the attire is eye-catchy, go for the subtle styles of bracelets, wristwatches, and pendants. Avoid the bedazzling beaded jewelry. A sleek style of the scarf will look exceptionally stylish. Even the pair of men’s underwear matters when it comes this look. Try the seamless patterns of men’s thongs or even men’s brief. Keeping the ensemble subtle is the key.

Layer sensibly

Men's FashionPut on a jeans jacket and it will add a masculine flair to the tender floral patterns. As mentioned above, matching the texture is the key. You can even go for solid colored suits. Conventionally, the color of suit and shirt should be contrasting. However, when the shirt is floral the color of the suit should match. On the other hand, if the coat features the prints, then, the shirt should be of plain color. Just layer up sensibly and you’ll be able to set your own style statement. Even the lowest layer of clothing can be stylish. The designer underwear are in vogue. You can try them designer underwear for men and go floral from head to toe.

Choose the floral pattern according to your body type

Men's FashionEven the print should be according to your body type. For instance, the plus-sized men should not go for the big floral patterns. While men who are very skinny can try the sassy print. In case, the huge options are confusing you, then, it is advisable to try the subtle ones. Keeping it simple is always the best option to don a stylish look when you are baffled.

Ditch the summer style taboos and try the aesthetic dressing styles this season. Were these points helpful? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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G-string Underwear: 7 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

G-string Underwear

Have you ever tried the outrageously revealing men’s g-string underwear? The barely-there underwear took some time to take off in the industry. However, it is now gearing up and is causing a treat to the ever-green boxers and briefs. Despite the growing popularity, men complain that the g-strings didn’t work well for them. Have you ever faced the same issue? Did you try to find out the reason? The write up has compiled some of the factors that skip the attention of the wearer leading to uneasiness and other problems.

Listed below are such factors that you need to consider before you try it the next time. Have a look.

Choose the first pair carefully

Men's g-string underwearDropping the conventions and trying something different and aesthetically modern is always fun. However, the comfort factor should not be hampered in the process. The g-strings for men are very pleasing down there, but they are not very comforting in the beginning. Hence, if you are new to this style, then,  the very first piece with extra care. Do not get carried away by the intriguing skin show and sex appeal that it offer. Go for the subtle ones in the beginning that are easier to pull off. Remember, to check the fabric, size and the occasion where you are wearing it.

Order a size larger than usual

The skimpy underwear style holds on the package snugly. The string at the back slips in between the butt-cheeks that may give a wedgie. So, the size chart should be referred properly before placing the order. Go for a size larger than your usual size. The pouch should offer enough space for the manhood to breathe freely. This style of men’s underwear will be tighter than the others. However, do not go for a very baggy size. Otherwise, it may lead to chafing and other related issues.

Check the pouch construction

Men's g-string underwearThe pouch construction has a direct impact on the comfort down there. Choose the g-strings crafted by the reputed brands only, so that, the pouch construction is not an issue. It is should be anatomically-constructed to hold the junk together and keep it away from the body. Do not go for the undies that squash the genital or keeps the package anywhere in between the thighs. It may lead to health issues such as low sperm count and infertility as well as internal injuries.

Wear it at the right place

The erotic apparel is meant to spice up your intimate affairs. Hence, it should be kept for the special nights. G-strings should not be worn as a night wear. The ample skin show may lead to fungal and bacterial infection. Moreover, it should not be worn all day long. Avoid wearing them at your workplace or while you are traveling. While you must be looking forward to flaunting your chiseled physique at the beach, wearing this underwear style is not a good idea. The swim briefs should be your first choice for the rigorous activities of water adventures.

You are not giving it time to adjust

Men's g-string underwearHow often have you tried g-string and changed into your boxers after 10 minutes? Well, as mentioned above, these undies are very comfortable, but not in the beginning. So, let your manhood get used to the skimpy cut and the sexy appeal. Designed for the pleasure purpose, the underwear offers everything that you and your partner looks for in an undergarment. Hence, you need to be a bit patient to feel the sensuality down there. Give your genital some time to adjust to the erotic piece. Put them on for a few minutes and try them on regular intervals. You’ll gradually get used to the sexy style.

Go for conventional fabrics

Every erotic piece right from men’s thongs to g-string are made from a range of materials. You can even find sheer and lace underwear. However, it is better to stick to the conventions in the beginning. Go for the materials such as cotton, nylon and other natural fibers. Make sure that the fabric composition has spandex in the right proportion. This would make the undergarment flexible and allow easy leg movement. Check the waistband of the apparel. Even though they are sleek and thin, it may leads to blisters if not made of high end fabric.

Change into your gears before hitting the gym

You liked the style and now you don’t want to wear anything other than the g-strings. However, the gym is the right place to don a sensual look. As mentioned above, the erotic piece is made for the special occasions. There are undies specifically designed for workouts and other such as jockstrap underwear and boxer brief. So, make sure that leave the enticing piece aside and change into your gym gears.

Share your g-string experience with us in the comment below.

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8 No-Fuss Ways to Don a Sexy Underwear

No-Fuss ways to Don a Sexy Underwear

Being an underwear fanatic, there are a lot of things that an exotic style of underwear can give you. However, there are certain discomforts and issues that still restricts men from wearing anything that is beyond convention.

The write-up has compiled some of the basic tips that can help every man who wants to try something different down there, but aren’t sure exactly how to pull it off. Are you trying the sexy skivvies for the first time or planning to go for it in the near future? Listed below are precautions that can help you try them in a fuss-free way. Check them out.

Choose the right fit

Regardless of the style, choosing the right fit is the key to staying comfortable all day long. Wear anything that makes you feel sensuous, but make sure that you choose the right size. The whole point of wearing the contemporary styles is to have a good time at work or pleasure. So, make sure that you choose the right fit. The baggy undies lack the support that you need for your package. It should not be very tight as it may give you a wedgie and lead to some below the belt problems.

Stick to the conventional fabric

The cotton underwear was the most used undies earlier. However, with time the industry has introduced a lot of options in this regards, right from leather to sheer and mesh. However, if you are uncomfortable wearing anything of this sort, then, stay with the fabrics that you have been using all these days. The entire act of discovery is a turn on. You can surprise your partner with a bit of skin show in the skimpy styles of bikinis for men crafted in the airy and high-end fabric, such as cotton, nylon, polyamide, rayon and others. This will erotic for your partner and cozy for you at the same time.

Select the right style

There are a plethora of sexy undies available in the industry. The assortment has a piece for every man around. However, choosing the right style is important. It is okay to step out of your comfort zone at times. So, you can try the outrageously revealing men’s lingerie on special occasions. But it is essential that you choose the style that keeps your junk together that can foster your wild fantasies without compromising support.

Go for solid panel with see-through fabric

The lace underwear for men as well as sheer undies is accused of revealing a lot of skin. Yes, the accusations are right, but it still depends on the style that you choose. You can go for the undies that are made up of see-through fabric that have a blend of the solid panel. This will provide a teasing glimpse of your skin without revealing the entire asset.

Get used to it

Not every sexy style of men’s underwear is comfortable in the initial phase. So, you need to get used to the erotic cuts and the revealing styles. Just start with something that is subtle such as men’s bikini. Once you start getting used to the new underneath article, you can go for men’s thongs and other erotic cuts.

Stay in your comfort zone

Sometimes getting out of the comfort zone is important to create the mood and spice up the intimacy. However, as mentioned above, some of the contemporary styles, especially the novelty underwear are not perfect for all day use. It is better to stick to the conventions when it comes to choosing a piece for your workplace. Check whether you are comfortable with the underwear that you have chosen. Be mindful of the amount of skin it reveals. See if you can it pull off or not. Wear it once you are sure about it.

Get dressed for the occasion

Every occasion calls for different underwear styles. It is better to dress according to the event. Do not hit the gym in men’s g-string. Moreover, make sure that you don’t spoil the mood in an ugly pair of undies on the date nights. Wear a cozy brief at the workplace and the sexy undies in reserve for the special occasions.

Check the functionality

It is not just the sex appeal that matters. You need to take care of your manhood properly. No matter which style you choose, the pouch of the undergarment should be designed to support and keeps the package in the right place. The anatomical construction of the pouch should keep the manhood abrasion free and in a safe position. So, the next time you go shopping for an erotic cut, make sure that you check the W’s of underwear.

Have you geared yourself up to try the sexy undies, yet? Share your experience of the erotic styles in the comment below.

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Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear? 6 Simple Steps

Wanna Master the Art of Thong Underwear

Thong is still accompanied by a lot of stigmas. Even though we have a come a long way from the times when the underwear style was related to the masculinity to the era when it just a matter of personal choice, there is still some hesitations when it comes to trying the sexy apparels for men. Men’s thong underwear is one such style that leaves most men wondering.

For all those who have decided to drop the stereotype and try the exotic undies, this write up will come handy. The blog has compiled some of the steps that can help you master the art of wearing a thong. Have a look.

Step 1

The size is a key factor when it comes to the underneath article for men. Particularly for the skimpy cuts of thongs and men’s g-string, it is important to choose the right fit. For the first timers and for those who have higher regards for comfort, going for a bigger size than you normally use is advisable. The high cuts of the barely there undies hold on to the manhood snugly. This may give you a wedgie and may even lead to chafing and other issues. So, it’ll be better if you opt for a size larger than you usually order. This will shoot your sex appeal over the roof without the feeling of discomfort.

Step 2

The underwear features minimal fabric, Just a tiny pouch to hold the manhood and the sleek piece that slips right in between the butt-cheeks. Still, the quality of the material matters a lot. The fabric should be airy and moisture resistance. So, if you wanna master the art of thong, then, make sure that you choose the right fabric. The conventional cotton, nylon and other natural fibers are ideal. However, you can even go for the flimsy and airy lace or sheer. The pores of lace underwear allow air flow and keep cozy while you are busy flaunting your sensuality.

Step 3

The pouch option plays a vital role in choosing the perfect style of men’s underwear. The underneath article should feature anatomically constructed pouch. The basic construction of the pouch should bundle the package and keep them in an elevated position. This is a practical option as the fitted undies will keep the manhood close to the body. The internal heat coupled with the temperature of the body leads to overheating of the testicles and low sperm count ultimately. Thus, the junk should be kept together, but away from the body of the wearer. check the pouch option of the undergarment before wearing them.

Step 4

One of the added advantages of wearing a thong is that they are seamless. Thus, it can be paired with skinny jeans as well as with the fitted trouser. At the same time, the waistband popping out of the trouser is one of the problems. Thus, it advisable to go with the low waist underwear that sits below the natural waistline of the wearer. This will even reduce the risk of getting a wedgie and at the same time allow you to slip in your low rise jeans.

Step 5

The traditional undies, that is, boxer shorts and even the tighty-whites stick to the classic shade of white, black and grey. The modern underwear styles of thongs, g-strings and men’s bikinis have introduced some of the lesser used hues in the underwear industry. The wide spectrum of shades allows you to wear choose the shade according to the season as well as your mood. This is scientifically proved that the colors that you wear provide vibration of energy. Thus, the next time you go shopping make sure that you chose the shade according to your mood and you’ll be able to master the art of the erotic style.

Step 6

Shopping for these pairs of underwear may be embarrassing for some. Thus, most men prefer shopping online for it. Make sure that you check the authenticity of the online store that you are choosing and check the reviews of the same. Go for the well-known brands such as Good Devil, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander and other such labels. The good quality of the high end brand will rekindle your sex life without taking a toll on the comfort and functionality.

Have you mastered the art of wearing thongs? Which occasion is best for thongs according to you? Share your views in the comments below.

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