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Mensuas Men's Thongs

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# 1 Top Rated
Most recent review
I never thought I'll be able to pull off such a skimpy underwear. These are nothing more than base layer, however, they are sexy as hell at reasonable price. I recommend these however they are extremely thin and extremely revealing at the back.
Most recent review
They fit so well that you will not notice them, and the barely-there piece is just a beauty. They look great too, and I am fearlessly stripping down to my undies on special occasion, when the opportunity calls. They are also built to last. My wife just loves it and says that it sexier that the lingerie she has in her collection. I'll order some more thongs soon.
Most recent review
These are the best attires for summers. The revealing fabric fans the sweat formed down there. Apart from that, my boyfriend loves to see me in them. It also adds spice to or intimate moments. They are a must add on to my list now.
Most recent review
This is one of the best products by Good Devil. They just fit like a glove. The fabric blend provides comfort and the flexibility down there. The pouch gives an impressive front profile. It also provides ample coverage unlike the other underwear brands.
Most recent review
There is nothing new or excitingabout this thong, but the underneath article is good reliable option for everyday use. The pouch hold up as anything does anymore. The package bundled in the front enhances the visibility of th front profile. The fit is comfortable, though the material is thinner then they used to make them but everything seems to be that way now days.
# 6 Top Rated
Most recent review
This is the best thong ever. It holds everything in place and has great contour. The fabric is what I love about the attire. The mesh fans down the sweat down there and stays soft on my skin.This is highly recommended for all those who prefer a soft fabric down there.
Most recent review
This mesh thong is truly worth purchasing. I initially thought it to be a fancy product But this is definitely more than that. This product turned out to be useful for gym. It provided a good support down there. The fabric is also very soft and stretchable and breathable. The only problem was the delivery as I received the product late. Otherwise no complaints.
Most recent review
This slip thong is one of the most comfortable undergarment I have brought so far. The fabric stays soft on the skin which is what I love about the product. I love to flaunt these in front of my wife. The only problem I had was the delivery. Hope you guys can look into it.
Most recent review
I didn't pay much attention while ordering, but the pouch of the underwear is see-through. I though of returning the product when I received it, but my partner loved it, so, I kept it. Despite the revealing pattern, the underwear is not uncomfortable. I thought I would keep it for the date nights, but I'm even wearing it to the office. They are extremely cozy and sexy. But I think sheer is not a perfect option for a shy guy like me.
Most recent review
I have never bought an underwear with a flag print. I saw an image of these and I thought they looked kind of sexy so I ordered just one pair to see how much I would like them. They fit and feel so comfortable, very soft material and hold everything up really well. I never figured I would spend this much on a pair of underwear as erotic as this one. Now I think I have been missing out on what really comfortable underwear feels like. It is not just the thong cut, but the flag print makes it even more sexy.